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June 5th 2011 8:24 pm
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I can't believe it! I have been a daily diary pick twice recently!! On May 17th and then today! Thank you, Thank you!!
Today didn't start out so good for me. I woke mommy and daddy up by barfing on the floor at the foot of their bed. Sometimes that happens to me when I get hungry. But once I ate I was fine! We started getting the spot for our pool ready, hopefully it will go up tomorrow. When mommy fed us our supper, she noticed that our bruther had a couple veggie straws left in his snack dish, so mommy put one on the top of each of our suppers. Mommy cooked a chicken on the grill tonight and boy was it delicious!! Richter and I each got to taste a couple pieces! But the best part was that after dinner we all got in the car and went to get ice cream! Mmmm Mmmmm!! A super yummy day!


White Cheddar Popcorn

May 29th 2011 11:49 am
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The other night when I was on my way downstairs to curl up on my blankie on the couch and go to sleep for the night, I smelled something yummy. Upon further investigation I found an almost full bag of white cheddar popcorn in Cole's diaper bag!! That is like jackpot!! So I carefully tried to get it out of his bag, but I got it stuck on the banister for the stairs. So then I quietly tried to stick my tongue in the bag to eat some, but it made a rustlin noise, and mommy and daddy heard it, and mommy came down to see what was goin on. Mommy was super cool about my finding the popcorn, when she picked up the bag some fell out so mommy let me eat the ones that fell out and she even stayed there and left the light on til I finished!! What a nice mommy!


To The Park

May 9th 2011 8:19 pm
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Tonight after supper me, Richter, mommy, daddy, and Cole all went for a walk and stopped at the playground on our way home. The playground is fun, we run on the basketball courts, and Richter slides down the slides. We both climb up on the playground equiptment, Richter goes through the tunnels and down the slides with Cole, but I don't like those things I just climb up and run back and forth over the bridge. But it's all fun! Cole thinks it's hilarious when we climb up there with him! We played til it started to get dark, then walked home and looked for bunnies on the way. Now I'm a'snooze on the couch!


Beware of the Snack Cups

March 9th 2011 12:51 pm
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So the other day mommy got our baby human brother Cole some new cups to put his snacks in. They have these super weird lids that are rubbery with little slits in them. If Cole drops the cup the lid keeps the snacks from falling out, but Cole can stick his hand in the lid to get the snacks (apparently mommy is tired of having to clean up Cole's snacks off the floor in stores and out of the car). Well last night I decided to stick my snout in the lid to get some cheerios, but guess what?! I couldn't get it back out! Mommy heard all this commotion and when she came to see what it was she found me running around in circles trying to get the snack cup off my nose!! Now a good nice mommy would have come over right away and got the cup off my nose and then let me have the treats that were inside for all my troubles. But my mommy??? First she laughed really really hard, then she went to get her phone to try to take a video, but luckily I got it off before she could. But here is the worst part of all. She then took the cup up into the kitchen, opened it, dumped what was left of the cheerios in the trash, and that was that!!! Then she said "well did you learn your lesson Macy??". How rude!


Tomorrow Is My Birthday!

October 22nd 2010 1:01 pm
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Tomorrow, October 23 is my birthday! I will be 7 years old!! Today when mommy and Cole came home from the store they had a package that mommy put right up on the table. Hmmmmm, I bet it is a pawresent for me!! I also bet I get some good treats too!!

I had a sick belly last night. Dixie had one from Wednesday afternoon til yesterday morning. At first mommy thought Dixie was just sick, but then I threw up too, so now we are thinking that maybe it is the food we are eating, cause since we started just getting chicky and rice we have been fine. Could maybe be a little doggie flu too I guess. But Dixie is going to the vet later anyway to get checked out. She has some "old lady" issues, and she threw up way more than me, I only did once. Richter has been fine, but mommy just started giving him chicky rice too! We are gonna throw out the food we have and start fresh as long as the vet says that is ok.

By the way, my walks have been getting more regular now, and they are great! I love walking in the cool, crisp, Fall air, smelling the good Fall smells, watching the squirrels hunt and gather acorns. And we also like looking at all the Howloween decorations out! I love this time of year!


Sweltering Summer and Baby Brother

July 21st 2010 1:31 pm
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I have been down in the dumps lately. It has been an horribly hot Summer here in New Jersey, actually in a lot of spots in the US. We have had like 30 days of 90 degrees or greater since June. And most of the time that heat is accompanied by high humidity levels, which makes for some sweltering days!! Most of the days the heat index is 100 Degrees or greater(this weekend I think they said heat index's of 105)!! It is so hot that my walks have been few and far between. What really stinks is that mommy's work schedule has been all screwed up this month, so she hasn't even been off on her usual days, so we can't even sneak one in before it gets really hot!
I would really try to walk anyway, even in the heat, but mommy said it is not a good idea. She is worried I will get a heat stroke or dehydrate or something, and she is also worried that the pavement might just be a little too hot for my paws. So I lay in the AC, try to chase my ball when I can, and just be bored for now. Fall where are you???

Ok, one other matter I need to discuss. Cole. He is a nice baby and all, but now he does this thing called crawling. I hate it! For some reason I really don't like when he crawls towards me. So I try to get out of his way, but somtimes it makes me mad. I also get mad when he tries to play ball with me. I wouldn't mind so much but he doesn't do it right! He picks it up, and reaches way over his head like he is gonna throw it, but then just ends of dropping it on his head, or bouncing it a few inches in front of him. Now that is not the way I like to play, but I am a nice patient girl with him. I let him try to play, then when I am tired of it I take my ball and move to where he can't get me. What a life!!


The Aftermath

June 28th 2010 7:15 pm
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Hi every pup! Just wanted to let you all know that we are home now!! We got our power back Saturday night so we were able to come home!! Not that it wasn't fun having a sleepover at Grandama's, but it sure was nice to be back in our house!
So now, we just have to start getting everything fixed. From what I can hear from mommy and daddy on the phone, it sounds like nothing but a pain in the hiney!
We were all so exhausetd that we didn't get up til 9:00 am on Sunday morning!! Mommy and daddy woke up at 9 and couldn't believe that none of us were awake, not us, not Cole, no one!!


A Very Scary Time

June 25th 2010 9:10 pm
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We are having a pretty bad time here!! Very severe storms literally tore apart our neighborhood on Thursday, and caused some serious damage and destruction. It was really scary, daddy and Cole were home with us, and even daddy admitted he was getting pretty afraid! Mommy was at work at the time. All of a sudden the sky just got pitch dark. It started to pour and I mean POUR down rain. The rain was pounding so hard, you couldn't hear a thing, it was all the way up to the curb in the street, rushing down it like a river. Daddy said at one point you could barely see the tree in our front yard through the rain. Lightening streaked the sky, thunder shook the house. Hail slammed the roofs and windows so hard, it sounded like it was gonna smash through. But then came the scariest part of all. Hurricaine force winds that gusted 75-80 mph COMPLETELY TORE up our neighborhood. Humungous oak trees were completely uprooted, smashed through roofs, cars, ripped up sidewalks and tossed them here and there. The siding got torn off our house, our fence was completely destroyed. Power went out about 4:00 pm Thursday afternoon, and we still don't have it back. Power lines are down everywhere, trees, patio furniture, trash cans, you name it, it is strewn everywhere around our neighborhood. Sirens went off, police, ambulances and fire trucks were coming through to help. It was one of the scariest days of our doggy lives!!!! Poor daddy had us freaking out, Cole hysterical, and himself freaking out!! Finally grandma was able to get in our neighborhood to get Cole and take him out of there!! Our whole area got pounded, but our neighborhood took one of the worst beatings. Mommy said it was like one of those scary "where the world ends movies" driving home. She was lucky to be able to get home, so many roads were closed because giganitc trees were down.
We have been staying at grandmas since last night ( she is very nicely letting me use her computer to type my entry). The latest word from the electric company is that we may not get our power back until late Sunday/early Monday.
It is a good thing we were here last night too, cuz we stopped home for awhile today and our neighbors told us that at 4:00 am this morning, a transformer blew up right accross the street and set some trees on fire!! Once again, the whole neighborhood was out in the street, sirens, firetrucks, police you name it. Mommy and daddy sure were glad we weren't there, cuz that surely would have had us and Cole hysterical again!!
So yeah, for now we are furchunate enough to be able to stay at grandma and grandpas' house. Mommy and daddy are just too afraid to have us in the heat, especially Cole and Dixie. It is in the high 90's and very humid here during the days. YUCK!! I'll let you know when we are finally back in our house!! We are keeping our paws crossed that it is tomorrow!!!!

PS- We just realized this! How ironic is it that my last entry was about one of this past Winter's blizzards and now we are writing about a wicked Summer storm!! Too weird!!


Sharin Cheerios In A Blizzard

February 10th 2010 12:33 pm
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Today I discovered a new thing I like to do with the baby. Share cheerios!! He really isn't eating real food yet, but mommy was having some earlier, and Cole saw her and started making a chewing motion with his mouth! So mommy took a teeny tiny piece of a cheerio and let him have it! He really seemed to like it, so he had a few more. And then mommy started playing a fun game! Me and Richter sat real nice in front of Cole, and mommy said "Cheerio for mommy" and ate one, then "cheerio for Cole" and she gave him a piece, and then "cheerio for Macy" and gave me one, and then "cheerio for Richter" and he had one!! It was a really fun and tasty game!! Dixie didn't want to play, she was asleep on her bed, I don't even think she knew we were playing, cause she isn't one to turn down a good snack!
So right now, I am laying on my blanket on the back of the couch, watching the 3rd huge snowstrom of this season, and second blizzard in 4 days roar about outside! The news is on, everything is shut down, no bus services, trains, the Philadelphia International airport is at a dead halt, 3 major roadways in Philly are closed, most businesses are closed (mommy and daddy both home today! Yay!) and Delaware even declared a state of emergency! We live in a spot where we are within 20 minutes of Philadelphia, and within 1-2 hours of New York, Baltimore and Delaware, so we see what is going on everywhere! Big concerns now are roof collapses, and power outages because there was already 1-2 feet of snow before this storm even started, and we are expecting another 1-2 feet! Some poor people that live down the shore in the Wildwood area have not had power since FRIDAY!!! I am tellin ya pups, it is bad here! By the way, this winter broke the record for most snowfall in a winter ever!!!! Mommy and daddy joke around that our baby bruther is really Jack Frost in disguise, cause we have never had snow like this before he came!! BOL!!
Stay warm, my furiends!!! OH! PS-mommy took video of us sharin our cheerios! We hope to have it on our pages today!!


The Role of Big Sister

January 28th 2010 11:41 pm
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So tonight mommy finally got on here to change our pages so they don't have Fall stuff on them (finally!! so embarrassing!!) but when she tried to change my background it didn't change! So am I doomed to have a Fall leafy background forever??!! I hope not! Mommy says maybe it is just being slow to change, we will see what happens .

It warmed up a little here earlier this week, but now Jack Frost is back and up to his old tricks!! It is in the teens right now, and VERY windy. This is bad news in the walk department, cause it is too cold for our baby bruther. But tomorrow both mommy and daddy are home, so maybe one of them will take us and one can stay home with the baby.

Speaking of the baby, he sure is interesting! He makes all kinds of noise now, and he likes me a lot. He always smiles and giggles at me. I like to get right up close to him and sniff him real good. He always smells so good, like formula and cereal!! Mommy and daddy let him put his little hands on me so he can get used to petting us nice! So far he does a pretty good job! Mommy or daddy usually tell him to pet Macy nice and they pet me nice so he can see, then they take his little hand and help him pet me. So far, having him around is pretty cool! I am not too sure about our little cousin Madison though! She is crawling and can pull herself up and stand. She was over last Friday for a bit, and I am not sure if I like the fact that she can come after me on her own!! Like I was sitting in the chair, and she crawled over, pulled herself up on it, and started making little screechy noises at me! I wasn't quite sure what do with this situation, so I hopped down and went downstairs! Mommy just laughed at me and said, oh boy Macy, just wait til Cole gets to that point. I am choosing to ignore that statement for now!!

He thought I was really funny the other week. He was in one of his little chairs on the floor, and mommy was sitting next to him. I came over to mommy, and she kissed my head and then made a raspberry noise on it. Cole thought that was the funniest thing, he laughed and laughed! Then I brought my ball over and mommy was bouncing it and I was hopping up on my back legs and catching it. He thought my trick was the bestest, because he laughed and giggled at me! He looks up to me I guess!

Being a big sister is hard work, but I think I like it!

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