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Love Tag

July 21st 2007 3:35 pm
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Hiya pups!

I was love tagged by my super duper sweet pal Jelly!! As far as I can tell, you tag 3 pups that you want to send lots of lovin to!! I have so many it is hard to choose just 3 but here goes!! Keep in mind I am gonna leave a few of our bestest pals for my bro Richter in case he gets tagged too!

First I tag Kuzco. Kuzco is Aunt Brooke's pup, and we have had a few play dates. At first I was very stuck-up to him, and I feel real bad about that. I am pesterin mommy to get with Aunt Brooke to make us a new play date so I can show him how sorry I am and that I can be a nice girl!!

Second I tag Miss Bella. She is a super cool Cali Chi!!! Her and I share a lot of opinions on the topics that are important in our doggy dog world!

Third, I tag Sir Tucker Peebody Freckles. Careful, if you check out his page you might think it's me!!! We look so much alike it's crazy!! Tucker is a great little pal who knows all about the importance of his family!!! He sure takes good care of his, especially his human sister Kim!!

Well thanks for playin guys!!!! Love to all my great dogster pals!!!!!!!
Thanks to Jelly for sendin lovins my way!!!!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Lady And The Tramp

July 20th 2007 6:04 pm
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Guess what pups??? Last night we watched a movie that mommy says I should see. It was called Lady And The Tramp, by Walt Disney. Why should I see it, you ask?? Well, the heroine in the film is the one who made us cocker spaniels famous!!! Lady is a spoiled little cocker (just like me!) who lives with her mommy and daddy. Then one day a baby comes. Which isn't so bad, but when the evil Aunt Sara and her mean kitties come to visit, well, then it gets gritty!!! It was such a great doggy film, I recommend it to all dogs, especially cocker spaniels! After the movie was over, we looked at some of the stuff on the DVD about when they were makin the movie, way back in the 1950's!!! They showed the pretty little girl that was the model for Lady. She was so sweet and beautiful!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Our Daddy Is Home!

July 17th 2007 4:05 am
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Finally finally finally our daddy has come home!!!!! Yesterday morning mommy left and said that she was gonna bring him home with her this time! We sat at the window and waited and waited. Finally, mommy's car pulled in the driveway. Mommy came in and put us outside, and we waited some more. Finally mommy opened the door and we bolted inside to see daddy sitting on the chair!!! I ran in first and I ran to him as fast as I could with my hiney shakin and shakin!!! I threw myself at daddy and he petted me and loved me!! I put my feet up on his legs and gave him lots of kisses on the chin!! The I ran to grab some of my toys to bring to him!

Daddy is doin really good, he still hurts a little, and has lots of booboos, so we have to be very careful and gentle so we don't hurt him! But that is ok we are just so so so so happy to have him home! We think that when he wakes up he will feel the bestest he's felt yet, because he wan't gettin too much rest at the hospital!

Well, gotta go check on the patient!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


A Much Better Day!

July 13th 2007 9:33 pm
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Hi pups!

Well, mommy came home with really good news! Daddy had the last of his tubes removed today. Mommy said once they removed them, daddy started to feel a lot better real fast!!! She said that he seems just like his old self again!!! This was the first time mommy came home not worried! Hooray for daddy!!! I hope he keeps up the good work so that he can come home real soon!

Mommy said that the dok-ters think that daddy will be able to come home on Monday! Hooray!!!! We just can not wait for him to come home!! We have lots of stored up puppy kisses for him!!

Oh and here is the bestest part! Mommy says that daddy got a paper today on what kind of exercisin he will need to do to get better quicker. One thing that the paper said is that daddy should take walks everyday!! At first he can only go on 10 minute ones, which will be a little short for us, we usually go for at least 1/2 an hour. But he has to do 10 minutes 2 times a day!!! Mommy has off all next week, so we can go with daddy, and cheer him on! Wow, next week will be so cool, mommy and daddy both home all day everyday with us!! Sure will be nice after not seein daddy at all and not seein mommy hardly at all this week!!!

Again, thanks for all your support!!! We just know all the prayers and well wishes helped!!!!

Love, Macy and Richter


"Surj-erry" A Success!!!!

July 11th 2007 8:30 pm
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Hi to everyone!!

This is Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia and Jada's mommy here to give a short update on their daddy!! His surgery went very well!! The valve was repaired and appears to be working fine! He was placed into ICU at 2:00 this afternoon after the surgery, and was awake and responding to the staff by 3:15. When I left at 8:30pm, he was off the respirator, coherent, and able to speak. Vitals were all stable. As long as everything goes as planned, he will be moved from ICU to a regular room by tomorrow afternoon. They are currently estimating him to go home Sunday or Monday.

Thanks to all for the support, it means so much to us!!!! We are so grateful for all your prayers and I will let the babies take over their diaries again to keep you updated!!!!

Thank you again!!

Stephanie and the crew!


Surj-erry (surgery) Time

July 9th 2007 6:42 pm
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Well pups and kitties, we are on the official countdown now until our daddy's surj-erry. It is Monday evening, and at 5:00 am on Wednesday morning our mommy and daddy will be leavin for the hospital. This is our last entry before the op-ur-a-shion, so we all just wanted to send out a GREAT BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all of our wonderful pals here!!!!!! You support for us and our family has meant so much to us!!! We will be sure to forward all the love from you guys to our daddy and we just know that it will help him get better faster than ever!!!!!!

Just to lighten the mood and try to have a little fun, (daddy thinks its pretty funny when we spell stuff!!) we are goin to give you our list and mommy's list of surj-erry words and definitions so no one gets confused (by mommy, not us of course!!).


Surj-erry and/or op-ur-a-shion-*Surgery or operation

Uni-ver-city of Pens-sil-vana- *University of Pennsylvania, where our daddy's operation will be.

Hart- *Heart- what our daddy is having surj-erry on!

My-tril- valfe-pro-lapse- *Mitral Valve Prolapse- what our daddy has!

Diz-eeze- *Disease

Cat-the-dur- *Catheter- a test to see if daddy had hart diz-eeze! (which he doesn't!!)

Dok-ter- *Doctor- Vets for people

Card-e-oll-o-just- *Cardiologist- daddy's hart dokter

Luv- *Love- what we are sendin to our daddy for a speedy recovery!!!!

Thanks for polishin up on our surj-erry words!!! Mommy says that either Wednesday night or Thursday mornin she will post an entry for us to let everyone know how daddy made out!

Thanks again for all the rosettes, stars, and p-mails of love and support!!! It means so much to us!!!!

The Hustons,
Patrick, Stephanie, Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia, and Jada


What A Week!

July 4th 2007 7:06 am
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Wow pups I have so much to tell!!! First of all, Sunday mommy and daddy wanted to go do something fun outside. The weather was beautiful!!! At first they were going to go to the beach/boardwalk, but then they felt too bad about leavin us home on such a nice day. Mommy has a book about places that you can take your doggies in NJ, so they found a park, and we went to drive there!!! Well you pups won't even believe it, but the directions in the book were all wrong!! The exit that they said to get off on doesn't even exist!!!!! So guess what??? We got to go to the shore with mommy and daddy!! Now, we really hate this because doggies are not allowed on the beach or boardwalk here during peak season, which is totally ridiculous!! But we walked through town, and went shoppin in a doggy boutique!!! It turned out to be a good fun day!!

Monday was daddy's pre-surgery appointments at the hospital. Everything went ok, except that daddy was supposed to get a cat-the-dur (see my cat siblings diaries!!) done the day before the surgery, and his doctor told him and mommy that he changed his mind and he wanted daddy to have it done this week!!!!!!!!! So mommy and daddy had to run around, change work schedules, and everything and daddy went yesterday to get it done!!! He did real good, and he is home now, but we have to be real careful not to hop on our daddy, or climb on him!! Me and Richter did real good with that, we took turns carefully sitting on daddy last night!!!! We take very good care of him!!!

Well got to go get ready for our BBQ at Bailey's house!!! I will post a pic, we all have matching 4th of July shirts!!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Hooray For Cockers!!

June 25th 2007 6:04 pm
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Cocker Spaniels are featured this week on Dogster!!!! Hooray!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


A Daddy Update!

June 22nd 2007 11:02 am
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We just wanted to update everyone on our daddy. For any cat or dog that doesn't know, our daddy has to have one of his heart valves fixed with an operation. His surgery is very close now, and him and mommy are runnin all over to get stuff done before he goes in. Here is what we know so far.....

This Thursday he has to go donate blood to himself for the operation. (Sounds icky doesn't it?)

On July 2nd daddy and mommy are going to the hospital for all the pre-admission stuff.

Daddy goes into the hospital on July 10th, and his operation is on July 11th.

Mommy says that she thinks that when they go on July 2nd we will get more details. For now we are being big helpers with stuff around the house!!! We have a couple of fun things planned to do with daddy before he goes into the hospital!! And for daddy's day we bought him lots of books to read and stuff like that to do during his stay!! We are already taking good care of him!

We'll give another update when we know more stuff!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the prayers that you guys are barking or purring for us!!! It is so nice to have such great friends like the ones we have here on Catster and Dogster!!!

Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia, and Jada


Ice Cream!

June 20th 2007 4:09 pm
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Today we had a great surprise!! Mommy gets done work early on Wednesdays, and when she got home, she asked us if we wanted to go bye-bye. Of course we did!!!! We got in the car and took a short ride. It was nice, mommy opened all the windows, the breeze blowing through our ears! Then we stopped at a corner ice cream store and they had PUPPY CUPS!!!! We each got a small cup of vanilla ice cream with 2 bonies on the top!!! Yum!!!! We ate it out on the deck!

Summer is turnin out to be great so far!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston

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