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International Travelling Pit Bull

Im a Texas Canadian!!!

September 18th 2006 10:19 am
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Hey, y'all. My name is Carmella and Im from Houston, Texas. My daddy moved to British Columbia a few months ago, and left me with my grandma, in Texas. I thought Id never see my daddy again. Then, one day, my grandma and my aunt took me to this place with lots of loud roaring noises and put me inside a brand new crate. I was really scared when they left me there with total strangers. One of the people at this new place I was at, took me, placed me on a cart thingy, and rolled me into an even bigger box type thing that made lots of noise and even felt like it was moving every once in awhile. A few hours later, I was pulled out of that big loud thing and taken to a nice lil place where a few other dogs were also. Some person, that I had never seen before, took me out of my crate and walked me, fed me, and gave me some water, before puttin' me back in my lil house for the night. I was really nervous and scared, and had no clue where I was, or if Id ever see my family again....I was so sad.....The next morning, I was awaken by someone that opened my crate and let me go outside and do my thing again. Then, I was fed and watered again before being put back in my house and taken to that loud place again with all these people frantically runnin around, as if they had to be somewhere, quick. I paid them no mind, but shortly was being placed into the big loud thing again. Again, it felt as though we were moving again, and I still have no clue what that was all about. Anyway, a few hours later, some guy came and took me from the big loud object, kept me inside my lil house, but placed me onto a cart thing that moved and into a giant building of somekind. I was so scared and still had no clue as to what was going on...I thought maybe I had been given away and that my family didnt want me anymore....What did I do? Im a good girl, for the most part...Why would they want to give me away to someone else? I loved my family just fine and dont even want a new one....Whats happening????? Wait, moving again....Im gettin tired of this box. I need to go pee....Ahh, whos this person coming this way? I dont recognize her, but she looks friendly. YAYY!!! Shes taking me out of my house!!!! But, I dont know.....this looks kinda weird....I dont know any of these people....Oh! Wait! DADDY? OH MY GOD DADDYS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont care who these new people are that he brought with him, but my daddy's here!!!!! Wait, this doesnt look like Texas anymore, doesnt feel like it either.....Were where? Canada? Whats that? Oh well, Im with my daddy now, who cares....Im a happy doggy now!!!!! WOOF, EH? Oops, Im talkin like a Canadian already....


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