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Memoirs of A Bwat Tewwior

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Why Yefs , Wooks , Me Be Fagged Agaims !

January 8th 2009 7:57 pm
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Heys Ebewypups me deah fwends Duffy McDuff am Sassy
habs fagged me foo pway dis meat widdle gwame. Whads me habs foo do be fell 7 fings 'bouds mesef am den me fags 7 fwends am habs dem do da fame fings !

Hewe gwos!

1. Me wuffs me fweats !

2. Miffy be me guwlpups !

3. Me wikes foo eads papah! *bwush*

4. Me habs a fwiwts powe!

5. Me cwys a wods fow affemtion!

6. Me be waised om Dogsta.

7. Me be me famwys pwack weaders .

Me fags dese deah fwends :

1. Widdle Wibers

2. Widdle Wucy WU


4. Feddi Fue

5. Ewwie


7. Wucy

Hewe be da fwends me be faggin' ! Habs fun am pway if yoo wikes!


Fagged me be fagged agaims !

November 9th 2008 8:41 pm
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Me be fagged by fome ob da Fweetest pups dat eber be oms D0gstah.
Dey be Caffie, Chuppy, Anzy Daisy am Widdle Ammie .:)

Dis be howze fagged wowks: Me(yoo) puds dowms seben fings me weawwy wikes .. dis be fings me (yoo)wikes am wuffs am howze me wolls .:)

1. Me wuffs me fwends fo bewy mumch.
2. Me wikes foo dwaws.
3. Me wike foo weds poots.
4. Me wuffs da waser wights.
5. Me wuff foo gwaze im da gwass.
6. Me wikes foo pofes im da Giwls cwub ..dey fampers me.
7. Me fumfimes gwumts am smowts. *bwush*

Da pups me be faggim' be:

1. Jemmy
2. Duffy
3. Waha
4. Smuzzy
5 . Widdle Wibers
6. Baiwey


My Fecond Bewfday

May 31st 2008 8:59 pm
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Wass might May Fiwtiweth , my gwoup da Befowe am Affer Hours Cwub fwow me.. my Pwimcess Miffy am.. am my deah fwend Finker Bewwe da bess Bewfsday pawty ebers! My Anzy Daisy her mekes soup , fawads am sammichs , dessewts am Bewfday cake! Her gibs me my bewy owm wighter am ebewyfings ! Sassy her owdered my fabowites"Bimg Bomg Pizza Be Heah " pizza am her gibs me a fwawbewwy feese cakes ! Scooders am Twudy dey gibs me awt suppwies ! Bwuti , Shiwohs Damon, Gibby , Dumcams , Duffy, Jacksoms ,Webby ,Wusty, Dawwas, Wingo , Finky Petes , Awty am ebewy boy pup ..we be da guys ! Dere be pwenty pweddy guwls pups dere .. wike Jezzie, Sassy, My Anzy Daisy, widdle Ammie, Geowgie,Wucy, Bommie , Baiwey , Finker, Scooder, Twudy, Sassy Guwl, widdle Mia, Wavams am ob couwes my adowable pweddy Pwimcess Miffy ( aka my guwl)! am so bewy sowwy if I fowgets amy pweddy guwl , pwease fowgibs me I fill be om cwouds mine ! I fwow damce wiff my Pwimcess Miffy .. I be weawwy mewvous buds fwilled to howds my pweddy Miffy cwose to my heawt. Fanks Ebewypup fo da bess fecond Bewfday ebers!

Fanks Woo Cwew , Muffims , Geowgie Guwl , Fisters Fwee.. fo me Bewfsday pwessies ..weawwy miff am hopes we pways togedders soom ! Wuvs you ebewypup so bewy mumch !


I be fagged

January 27th 2008 7:48 pm
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I be Bawenfime Day fagged by Anzy Daisy am Sassy
Dis be howze it wowks
"I be gowing to fell you 5 Bawmefimes wishes, and den fag 5 fwends wiff pmails or wosettes.
I will dens wites da diawy entwy amd mame da pals I fagged. Dose fwends dey fag 5 new fwends, amd fo om…"

1. I wish dat my fwends be bewy happy!
2. I wish dere neber be amimal aboose !
3. I wish my fwends dweams comes twue!
4. I wish ebewypup be heaffy!
5. I wish Daddy nods bwames him poots om me!

I be fagging da fowwowim' pups to fwead da Bawenfime wove...

1. Mickey
2. Dawfoms
3. Finky Petes
4. Bwumo


Dear Diawy

August 5th 2007 6:20 pm
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Dis be a bewy bwight day in my wife ! I wakes up to wotsa emails .. I finks hmmm... dat be stwange ..den I see mosf be fwom Dogsta ! I fimes ouds I be da Dogsta Dog Ob Da Day !!! Dere I be wight dere on da homepage ! I be so e'cited ! ( finks mebbe I eben piddle a widdle) *bwushes* I wants to fanks ebewypup so much fo dere tweet wowds , da tweats, pup pal wequests, pwesents. Da best pwesent be my womderful fwends an da womderful pups dat wights up Dogsta an my wife ebewyday. Dis twuey be a cwose commumity ob cawing , tweet , woving genewous pup.Fank you tweet fwends an fank you Heads Quadders fo ebewyfing.
Ummmmm errrrr ..ummmm.. I wemembers now.
De end.
(dat means) I nods finks ob nuffim else to wites wight now .


A Weally gweat Pwesent

December 26th 2006 5:00 pm
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My Dogsta famwy Jezzie an Bwuti (I finks dere Mommy hepped a widdle) dey supwised me wiff a pitcher of all fwee of uff pups togedder ! Needwess I be fwlled an I jes wuvs it !Fanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. much Jezzie an Bwuti !


Patch is gwouchy wid me

December 12th 2006 2:57 pm
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Dis wain is so fwustwatin' ! I wanna pway out in da yawd , Mommy say no, cuz it wainin' an me get to wet .Mommy awso say Patch gonna get gwouchy wid me cuz I not weave him awone , why he wanna be weft awone ?Why he not wanna westle and womp wid me ?


Brrrr .. Me Cowd

December 9th 2006 11:53 pm
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I twy so hawd to pway outside wid my bwudder Patch, but my widdle feet get so cowd ! When I not able to pway no mowe I wuns in da house an' cuddles wid my mommy!


What a gweat day dis is !

November 26th 2006 2:12 pm
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It's jes bootiful today,I'se been pwayin' outside aww day wid my bwudders . We"s wasseled and wan awound . Watwey I bawks when I wun coz I is habin' wotsa fun !


My Cwazy Ears !

November 22nd 2006 10:50 pm
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My ears are dwiving me pwumb cwazy ! Dey fwop , den dey don't , den dey do ! Den one fwops , de udder don't , what's dis widdle bwat terror puppy gonna do !

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