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A Day In The Life Of Sparkles

I'm Back!

December 16th 2006 4:00 pm
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Hey all my Doggy Buddies!
I'm back! Mommy has been so busy with school and things that she hasen't had time to log me on to Dogster and type for me. Because I have paws instead of fingers, of course! But anyway, I just wanted to tell everybody that I'm back and I missed you guys so much! What would I do without all my Doggy Buddies?


A Day in the Life of Sparkles- October 4, 2006

October 4th 2006 6:16 pm
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Here is one of my - A Day in the Life of Sparkles!

Well,....nothing really intresting happened today. Mommy came home from school and I watched TV while she did her TONS of homework! Then we ate dinner...Yum, Yum! I got a signet of chicken, once again, Yum, Yum! Then we decied to get on Dogster since we havent been on for about a month since school started. And-..................sorry, I have to go, I'm really tired i think its time for bed! Night, Night my doggie buddies! ..........ZZZZzzzzzzzzz


What a day!

September 3rd 2006 9:08 am
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Last night when Mommy went out with her Daddy, they went and got pigeon food, (yes, they have pigeons, and their fun to chase) and got me a brand new collar. I was so excited! My old collar had broken and the diamonds had fallen off it. So I got a new bright pink collar, that matches with my leash! Boy, is it a bright hot pink! Now if I ever get lost in a blizzard in North Carolina everyone will be able to find me! Later that night, my Mommy and her Daddy had a father daughter night and they let me hang out with them too! We all ordered pizza and those new browines from Domino's. Tasty! Then we all sat down and watched a movie. Ahhh...what fun!

Today, when Mommy got back from church (and Burger King, Plus I got a little piece of a Whopper Jr. wuth cheese) she and I went for a walk to the mailboxs, then we ran all the way back. Then I got my lunch, yummy! After that, we deicided to go on Dogster and Wiggle-n-Waggle to shop for my little outfits. So thats really all I've done so far. Well, I think its time for a nap, I'm a little sleepy, night, ni-......ZZzzzzzz.........


Yesterday was Bath Day!

September 2nd 2006 9:12 am
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Yesterday was bath day and Mommy said I needed a bath because I smelled like a stinky little 'Parkle! At first I wasent so thrilled. Mommy filled the bath tub up with warm water and my Special Doggie Soap. I tried to get away at first but Mommy was too quick. She lifted me up and sat me in the warm, soapy water. Then she scrubed me with my Doggie Soap until I was smelling like tasty peppermints! After Mommy rinsed the soap off me and dried me, my favorite part came.....she started to brush my hair. It felt like a massage! Then she blow dried my now peppermint fresh hair! I was soooo happy and hyper after getting my bath! I ran through the house a couple of times and jumped on and off of the furniture. But Mommy wasen't mad she knows baths give me alot of energy! After all that we when for a long walk around the house. Soon Mommy and I were hungry, we eat lunch and I got a little taste of Mommy's lunch! What a great day....


Hey Doggies! Join my Group!!

September 1st 2006 9:35 am
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Hey all you Doggies out there! If you're a JRT or any kind of dog that loves to have fun then you should join. Or if you love to be spoiled or are spoiled you should join my group, JRT's Havin' Fun!! It's a great group, for dogs young and old, big and small, boy or girl. Let's just say you'll have a great time being in JRT's Havin' Fun!! So please join my group and lets have some fun!

Toodles, Sparkles


Yay, a long walk outside and yummy treats!

September 1st 2006 7:56 am
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After I woke up Mommy and I went for a walk outside. It ws chilly and windy but we had fun! Mommy and I walked around then we had fun rolling in the leaves. I get to hang out with Mommy all day because her school is closed because of the hurricane. So anyway, after we came back in I eat my breakfast and a delicous doggie treat. Then I got Mommy to type up my Doggie Diary for me. Well, I think I'll go watch some TV, maybe one of my shows are on!


Ahh! The hurricane came last night!!

September 1st 2006 7:48 am
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Last night, Mommy and I were going to sleep, and to her the rain and wind from the hurricane she turned her air purifer off. Then it got scary, because instead of hearing the soothing hum of the air purifer and Mommy's breathing I heard heavy rain hitting the roof, the loud wind howling, and the sound of branches hitting the windows. I was kinda scared because I didn't know what was going on. So then Mommy tok me outside for a walk that night so I could see what was going on outside. She also explained that it was just rain and wind from the hurricane and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Then we went baack inside and turned the air purifer on and I feel asleep to the soothing hum and Mommy's breathing.


Today I had tons of fun!

August 27th 2006 11:30 am
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Today I had a ton of fun! After Mommy got home from church we went fo a long walk outside and then ran around the house. Then, during lunch Mommy snuck me a a couple bites of her lunch. Yummy! Later, Mommy's friend cam over to visit and we all played together and had fun. What a day! Well, thanks for listening. Now, I'm going to go take a nap on the couch. ZZZzzzzzzzzz......

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