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My life with Mommy

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My big trip

September 11th 2006 8:33 am
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Yesterday mommy took me to visit my grandma and grandpa. That was so much fun...I just love to visit them. When we got there grandpa took me out and showed me around the neighborhood and the yard. When I got inside, I found that my grandma had set up a special eating area for me with a colorful placemat and she even let me use her bowls! That was neat. I got presents too, a bright pink squeaky ball and some pig ears (Yummy!). Later mommy, grandpa and I went out while grandma cooked dinner. I was really good and everyone even said so...I didn't pull on the leash or stry to sniff anyone's butt! When we got back to the house I had dinner, and then the humans ate. I sat under the table nicely by mommy's feet and took a nap. When it was time to go home grandma and grandpa came to the car and gave me hugs, kisses and rubs, and told me what a good doggie I am. On the way home, mommy and I listened to the music. We like to change all the words to the songs so that they are cat and dog songs! That is fun. I was so tired after my big day that I slept later than usual this a.m. I wish we could go visiting every day! It would make mommy too tired though. Today I will help my mommy around the house and play with my new ball.


Visiting at the ranch

September 6th 2006 6:44 pm
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Today mommy and I took a walk back to the ranch to visit my friends. They are all steer and their names are Butterscotch, Licorice, Oreo and Midnight. Today they came right up to the fence to meet me and stuck their noses through the I went right over and gave them each a kiss! Steer sure do smell funny, but they are so nice that I do not mind. Mommy said that they probably think that I smell funny too...hey.......

I helped mommy around the house this morning and then we had an early walk before it rained. I don't like to get stuck in the rain and neither does mommy, so we always try to time the walk just right.

I heard mommy talking to some of the neighbors and they said that we are going to carve designs in pumpkins and decorate the streets for Halloween this year. Mommy said that this is another holiday...yippee! I hope that it means that I get more presents! It sounds like fun. More later....


Our new motto

September 3rd 2006 3:11 pm
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What goes in, must never come out. Mommy said that this will be our motto for the week. As you can imagine there is a story behind this, and it goes something like this.

This morning I noticed that mommy was struggling to put the newspaper in the garbage. It looked so big and bulky so being a smart dog, it was easy for me to see what the problem was. I decided to surprise her. So- when she went into the bedroom, I sprung into action. I stepped on the pedal of the garbage can just like I had seen her do and pulled out the newspaper. It sure was heavy but I managed to get it all out. Then, I chewed it up into little pieces to that it would not be so bulky for her. Then I waited. You should have seen the look on my mommy's face when she saw what I had done for her. Not exactly the look that I was hoping to achieve, but she was indeed surprised. That's when she came up with our new motto. I was just trying to help.

Oh well, there is still plenty I can do to help out. I picked up all my toys so she could sweep the floor and opened the doors for her. Then at lunch, I sat under the table and put my head on her feet and took a nap. I love to do that. Tonight we are going to watch the bull riding together. I love to do that and root for the bulls. I like TV shows that have animals in them. The bulls remind me of my 4 friends who live behind us...they are steer.

Tomorrow in the morning mommy says we can go out and play in the back yard. Wheeeeeee!!! That will be fun.


Making friends

August 25th 2006 4:38 pm
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My life has been very exciting this week, and I am making so many new friends. Last night mommy and I went to the firehouse and we got to ride on the fire engine. I couldn't reach to get in, so my new friend Cindy helped me. She is a firefighter and I like her a lot. She picked me up and put me in the back of the engine. I got to sit by mommy and look out the window. It was very exciting. Cindy helped me get back out again. I just know that her and I will be good friends.

Today mommy picked up the photos for my birthday and together we posted some new pictures on my web site. Be sure to look at them. The little human is Anna, and she is VERY cool. We played tennis ball and frisbee together. I sure hope she can come back and play with me again real soon. My cake had icing bones on it and we all had a good time. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to see what sort of an adventure we can have.


Gonna be a firepup

August 23rd 2006 7:50 am
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Wow! I sure am a lucky doggie. My mommy and I moved to our new home in June and we decided to join the fire department. Mommy is not strong enough to ride on the trucks anymore but she will help out with the training and stuff. I wanted to help out too...after all, I am going to be a service dog and helping is what I do best. Monday night I went to the meeting with my mommy and they said that next month we can be official members. I was very good at the meeting so that everyone would like me. I went under the table without being asked to and did not make a sound. It worked!!!! One of the firefighters said that they would make a motion that I get sworn in as well next month. Now I will be an official firepup. Mommy says she will teach me how to stop, drop and roll. That sounds like so much fun. I like it there because everyone is so nice to me. Mommy says that maybe I can even have my own bandana and she will sew a FD patch on it. My own cool.

Mommy says that I need to remember that service school comes first and that in order to be a good firepup I have to be obedient and work hard on my lessons for school. Just wait and see, I'll be the best behaved puppy they ever saw.


My Tail of Devotion for Emma

August 20th 2006 8:45 am
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Who ever would have thought that I would fall in love with a dog! A die hard cat lover since early childhood I never imagined myself with a dog. In the fall of 2005 a decision as made to obtain a dog suitable to train as a service dog due to a need for assistance. Love at first sight...that is the best way to describe this. Now just 8 months later I can not imagine life without Emma. we set about the task of obediene training right away and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I required more training than Emma did! Nonetheless, we made it and earned the Canine Good Citizen certificate this past Spring. We started the formal service dog training program this July and now we are working on our goal of becoming certified together as a team. Emma has become a permanent fixture in my family and in my heart. I love to wake up in the morning and feel her soft warm fur cuddled up against me. Today Emma follows me everywhere picking up things that I drop, opening doors for me and has just learned to turn on the lamp for me. I can not imagine how I would manage without her. She is great with the cats and they are learning to love her. Emma is a gift from God and every day I am thankful for her. With her help I will be able to remain a lot more independent and live a normal life. Thank God for service dogs and for the programs who are dedicated to our training.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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First Birthday August 20th 2006

August 20th 2006 8:19 am
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Yippee!!! This morning when I woke up Mommy said it was my birthday and that we are going to have a party. I have no idea what a birthday is but it sure sounds like fun. I got some new tennis balls, a peanut butter knobby bone and a box of Frosty Paw treats! They are my favorites. Mommy said that the presents are from the kitties as well...I have a kitty brother and 4 kitty sisters. Later today Mommy said that our friends are coming over and that we will have a visit. I hope that I get to play with my new tennis balls! I even get a cake and Mommy says we will make a wish. This sure has been an exciting year for me.

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