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My life with Mommy

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DOG DAYS??????

August 27th 2011 1:12 pm
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Oh yeah- let's blame the dog! Why do we dogs always get blamed for excessive heat? OMD- no dog in their right mind would opt for 120 degree temperatures if we had anything to say about this. 120 degrees is what the thermometer registers on our back porch as I type this. Hows a dog supposed to play frisbee in this heat? I guess I will just settle inside for a nice long nap.

Don't Blame the Dog!


Look what I found...can I keep her?

October 20th 2009 9:28 am
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What a few days this has been! Bow-wow, I am so excited. I got a brand new frisbee this past weekend, and I took mommy outside so we could play. After about 10 minutes, I heard something, and I ran around the side of the house to investigate. Guess what? It was a tiny little kitten, who had been abandoned. I got mommy immediately and we took her inside. I found her, so she is mine. I really want to keep her. Guess what else...last night when I lay down on the sofa to watch TV, she climbed up and snuggled up next to me, and we fell asleep together. That is SOOOO cool! Yippee, a kitten of my own.


Say Cheese!

August 8th 2009 2:38 pm
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Yesterday mommy took me to a photography studio to get my picture taken. The photographer was real nice and told me to say "cheese"...of course I was all to happy to comply because I thought I would actually get cheese, but as it turns out, I did not. I did get great photos though! So many of my friends from the FSDS were there, and we had a great time together. Of course, the studio had gone to the dogs, how fortunate for them. There were about 9 of us there, and we just took over the place! We met lots of nice people, and afterwards I got to visit with some of my friends. I can't wait to see where we go next. Check out the new photo of mommy and I on my page.


Home Run!

June 27th 2009 9:46 am
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Bow-wow! Yesterday was an exciting day. I got to go with mommy to my first major league baseball game. We went with the Service Dog Foundation and my buddies Henry, Missie and Sam were there also. We had our own table and people stopped by to visit with us. Then---guess what? Miss Arizona and Miss Teen Arizona stopped by and had their picture taken with me!!!! As soon as we get the photo, mommy said we can post it on my stay tuned. There were lots of other doggies from other groups there also. It was such fun.

I had such a nice seat, and got to watch the balls flying through the air and rolling around the field. That looked like such fun. Mommy took me to the concession stand and ordered me a big bottle of water and it tasted good. I got to snack on some Beggin' Strips and Pupperoni also. Mmmm, that was so nice. Afterwards, there were fireworks, and I didn't get scared at all. Mommy said I did a great job. I can' wait for our next outing.


My new friends!

February 13th 2009 2:39 pm
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Woof! I have so many new friends. The Foundation has started a new class to train service dogs, and there are some really cute furry new faces around. This is great! We have 12 new puppies and they are going to learn to be a service dog like me. Of course they live with their student trainers, not with us. And the best part...I get to see my buddy Holly more often! She and I are mentors for the little ones. What a great time I am having.


Dancing bunnies and a Sungga Wubba!

March 25th 2008 4:46 pm
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Wow! What an exciting couple of days I have had. Yesterday mommy and I got to go with the third graders to the theatre to see a live play called The Velveteen Rabbit. What a great play. It was my first time at the theatre, and I want to go back again. We rode on a school bus to get there, and even though the bus made scary diesel noises, I was very brave and all the kids praised me. Then, once we were there, there were dancing and singing bunnies on stage and then the Nursery Magic Fairy made an appearance. It was really pawsome.

Today I had to go to the vet to get my annual snakebite vaccine. Afterwards mommy got me some Braunschweiger Lite because I was really good. Then we stopped at the PetSmart and I spotted this cool new Kong toy called a Snugga Wubba. Of course I fell in love with the pink extra large one. Well, I put my head against mommy and gave her my most sorrowful look. Someone who was passing by said "Oh, look at that face, isn't she sweet? She looks so sad..." Then mommy told them that I had a shot today, and that was my big chance. Well, I know how to work a crowd, and you should have seen me in action! I went over and sniffed the Sungga Wubba, then looked up at mommy with big sad eyes and pretended to be mortally wounded! It worked! She totally cracked and got me the toy.

So- off I go now to grab a snack and play with my new toy. I can't wait to see what is in store for me for tomorrow!


Dog of the Week!

February 4th 2008 5:59 pm
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Bow-wow! I am just about speechless. Today I was named Dog of the Week for pulling my mommy out of the way of that nasty truck. And, the Paws Angels WAGS for Kindness group has named me Dog of the Month. My mommy has just announced to all of us at home that tomorrow we are having a party for me. All this for doing my job. I never expected anything like this to happen...I would do it all again just to have my mommy safe. I just want to thank all of my friends for their kindness and support. I am the luckiest doggie in the world to have such wonderful family and friends. I love you all!


Hero Service Dog Saves Life

January 23rd 2008 3:33 pm
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Gosh- all this fuss! Today I took mommy shopping for her 50th birthday. We waited at the curb to cross the parking lot and had just stepped into the street when I heard a truck coming. Mommy never saw it because her vision is so bad...but it just came around a corner out of nowhere, speeding! I quickly barked to warn her and at the same time I pulled back on the harness so hard that I pulled her right off of the street and back onto the curb. Seconds later a large truck came whizzing by, the driver paying no attention at all! Whew! That was a close call. Mommy was really shaken up, but I comforted her. She said I saved her life, but gee, I was just doing my job. Now she is telling everyone that I am a hero! No need to do that...but I will keep the cookies and braunschweiger she got me as a reward!



December 2nd 2007 4:09 pm
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Tomorrow is my 2nd GOTCHA Day for mommy and I. It is the 2nd anniversary of the day we met, when we "got" each other. Yes- love at first sight. When she asked me to come live with her, I didn't have to think twice about it. My little heart was leaping for joy and doing flip-flops inside of me! We signed papers real fast and off we went.

I never will forget the day I arrived in my new home. We were greeted by 5 kitties (if you can count hissing and spitting as a greeting). In time though, they learned to love me. The night I came home it turned out that mommy had already had a "Deck the Halls" party planned, but she said it quickly became a "Welcome Home Puppydoodle" party! I met lots of friends and had a great time. I got to sleep in a real bed for the first time that night, snuggled up close with my very own mommy.

Two years have flown by. I have gone from tiny puppy to a fully certified service dog. I go to work with my mommy at the elementary school, where I am employed as an assistant substitute teacher. I am certified in mobility work, and also do guide work. Yes- it's hard to believe that all this has happened in just two short years. I can't wait to see what the years ahead will bring.

No matter what...I know that I am the happiest puppydoodle in the world right now and I would not trade my mommy and my kitties for anything in the world.


Puppy Sunshine

September 23rd 2007 3:47 pm
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Today is a good day. I helped my mommy around the house and then I took her for a long walk. I am getting much better at guiding her around. Today was the first time I stopped at ALL corners, kept her on the sidewalk and I did not let her step into even one pothole or on any rocks. Mommy gave me a beggin strip and said I did a great job.

In a minute we will go into the bathroom and today is Spa Day for me. I am getting a shampoo and rinse, and a furcut. I already got my nails clipped. Later we will curl up on the couch together and watch TV. I will get a snack and then I will put my head down on her lap, she will massage me and I will drift off to sleep while she sings my favorite song to me:

You are my sunshine
My puppy sunshine
You make me happy, everyday

You'll always know dear
How much I love you
Let me hug my puppy today!

Yes- life is good!

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