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Paris is in the light

July 26th 2008 1:38 pm
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I am sad to say that Paris passed away on the evening of July 25, 2008, from kidney failure.

Thank you for all your prayers, support, and beautiful wings, hearts, candles, hearts, stars and other beautiful zealies on his webpage.


Back from VET

July 19th 2008 11:49 pm
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I went to the vet today and he gave me the biggest shot you ever could my butt....OMG....he says it will help was lower the inflammation in my spinal cord.

Then we got to go to Jack in the Box....yay! I had a hamburger and nice cool water. It was fun considering I had to get that awful shot.

So now I am home resting and snuggling with my buddies, Kaimana and Maile. Mom says Maile is my personal nurse. She has to fetch my dog bones and make sure I am feeling okay.

More later guys, Paris xoxo

From Mom:

Here is the history of what happened from two weeks ago, but in the end it was his kidneys that failed:

Three years ago, Paris may have suffered an unknown neck/spinal injury while being boarded OVERNIGHT at our local VCA Animal Hospital....he went in walking and came out on a gurney....anyway....his MS type of deterioration has gone on now to affect his front legs as well....this is what the vet thinks may be happening and now the nerves have died that control the back legs (he shows no reflexes) and have progressed to the front of his body.

Back then he recovered and could walk again for the most part with the help of corticosteroids (prednisone) this is being tried again. Now the vet believes this is what he has developed (per University of Florida website):

Degenerative Myelopathy is an autoimmune disease whereby the patient's own immune system attacks their central nervous system. This immune attack leads to loss of myelin (insulation around nerve fibers) and axons (nerve fibers). While it begins and is most severe within the thoracolumbar (middle back) spinal cord, DM also affects other areas of the central nervous system including the brain stem and sub-cortical white matter. The cause of this autoimmune disease is not known, but there are probably genetic, environmental and toxic factors which eventually lead to its development.

Conventional medicine has little to offer patients with DM. On the other hand, use of exercise, certain vitamins and selected drugs have delayed or prevented progression of DM in many afflicted dogs. While these treatment modalities have been directed at suppression of the clinical signs, little has been done to prevent the development of this autoimmune disease.

But Paris now also is suffering from a heart pumping problem and renal failure which is exacerbated by his limited ability to get up and get a drink and go out more....

He is on corticosteroids and a heart medication (enacard which is enalapril). The right side of his heart is not working well and was beating pretty fast and furious....but his lungs are clear at this point.

He is not in an distress or discomfort at this point and the vet said one of the things with this disease is that they don't feel pain cause the nerves have pretty much died off and rarely regenerate.

Paris is still the same old Paris....very sweet and mild. He is eating well and wants to be with me all the time. He is not suffering, nor is he pain, as the doctor checked this out in various ways today....and he has adequate medications to manage things for now....thanks your prayers.


Health update for Paris

June 19th 2008 9:29 pm
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Paris has been struggling health wise since Suzette's passing. He seems "okay", however, he is battling with a type of doggie MS, has difficulty walking very far, has some kidney failure, and some heart trouble, too. He lost 12 pounds in a month. Saturday he will go back to the vet.

He is on a special low protein, low salt diet and he takes prednisone for his legs and enalapril for his heart, so we are managing for now.

He is such a sweet doggie and he has learned to bark for whatever he needs. He continues to have a health appetite.

He will be 14 in December.

Love to all of you......keep him in your prayers.


Suzette Got her Angel Wings

January 19th 2008 11:04 pm
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Last Saturday, Suzette took the journey to Rainbow Bridge (Jan 12).

We are sad and I miss my beautiful girl.....but we are at peace knowing she is no longer suffering....she was 17!

Keep us in your prayers.......

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