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Here we go again!

Went to the Rainbow Bridge Today

November 1st 2008 4:55 pm
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Crackers went to the Rainbow bridge today at 2:20 PM. He had not been eating for about 2 weeks, went to the vet week before last and tried some antibiotics, did an ultrasound and found a mass on his spleen. His bloodwork came back bad too - numbers were way too high! Took him in for exploratory surgery this past Monday and they removed his spleen and did a biopsy on his liver. He stayed in the vet hospital until Wednesday on fluids. Mom took him home Wednesday in an effort to get him to eat. He refused to eat and had to be force fed, was on a potassium supplement we had to force down his throat too. This morning his gums were white and his skin had turned yellow. When we weighed him today he was down to 11.2 pounds - he dropped over 3 pounds in two weeks. Mom made the most difficult decision of her life and had him put to sleep today. She held him in her arms as his little life left his body. We then drove to Ossian and had him cremated so we can keep his ashes with his sister Cookie's. I hope he and Cookie have found each other at the Rainbow Bridge and are happy. Mom has a big hole in her heart now that will never be filled.


Shih Tzu for Sure

August 29th 2008 4:13 pm
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Well, that confirms it! I am definitely a shih tzu and not a drop of maltese in me (as far as we can tell). Both DNA tests came back the same so they must be right.


WHOA! I'm a Shih Tzu!

August 5th 2008 4:53 pm
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Mom had a DNA test done with a blood sample from some place called Wisdom Panel. We got the results back and it says I'm mostly Shih Tzu - not a trace of Maltese........

Mom wants to be sure so we did a cheek swab too from a place called Canine Heritage, results pending in about 4 weeks.......



July 2nd 2008 3:54 pm
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Mom has gone off the deep end again! She ordered a DNA test to see just exactly what I am - uh, I'm a dog mom - geez... Anyhow, I had blood drawn yesterday and the test was sent in so I guess we will know all the gory details in 4 weeks or so, so stay tuned :)


I was tagged by Morgan

May 6th 2008 5:42 pm
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Hello Everybody!

Guess what? I've been tagged again by my a pawsome pal, Morgan. This tag is a little different, so I think we'll all have fun with it.

Everyone who gets tagged tells three things they've done to help dogs, or any furbaby. You list them in your diary, then tags seven friends and tell them to go to your diary to see how it's played.

Well, here goes mine!

1) My mommy loves animals so much! She even changed careers after adopting me! She was working as a bookkeeper in college to be a CPA and quit it all - she is now a certifed groomer with her own salon and teaches grooming too! Mommy says she might never have found her true calling if she had not gotten me! Rescues rule! Since adopting me, mommy has brought home several sisters for me from various situations. My sister Angel was a stray someone brought in to her salon and Gwenivere was owned by a client who did not want her anymore. Can you believe it - someone not wanting a maltese? Since mom has the salon she participates in all fundraising and awareness events for animal charities. We always go and walk in Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control's Walk for Animals, we donate merchandise and attend the fundraising auction for the Whitley County Humane Society in Columbia City, we have participated in any area event we can find that helps us critters!

2) Mom rescued my sister Cookie (now a Rainbow Bridge Angel) from a horrible breeder. Cookie used to live in a small wire cage and do nothing but produce puppies. Puppy mills are BAD!!!!!!!

3) Mom has helped find homes for other people who come in to the shop that do not want their animals any more. Bella (a maltese) is now owned by a groomer at mom's shop - actually I guess Bella owns her new mom :)

I tagged these friends:

1) Cokie (Dogster ID: 272474)
2) Miss Dixie Monroe (Dogster ID: 396548)
3) Lucy (Dogster ID: 307574)
4) Colby Robert (Dogster ID: 413495)
5) Scarfacee Wilt (Dogster ID: 601392)
6) Benny (Dogster ID: 574030)
7) Murphy (Dogster ID: 739655)


Bummer :(

October 8th 2007 3:55 pm
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Dad took me to Indy today and they did a "ERG with Ocular Ultrasound" on my left eye. Apparently my retina is already too damaged to make me a candidate for cataract lens extraction surgery - bummer dude! I guess I will just have to start seeing more with my heart and less with my eyes....


My silly eyes!

October 5th 2007 5:58 pm
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Mom has been noticing me having more and more trouble seeing, so she took me back to Indianapolis today to make sure the glaucoma had not come back in the good eye. Nope, pressure is good - yeay! BUT..... they see that I am getting a cataract. So, Monday I go back down there to have a test done to see how damaged my retina is and see if I am a good candidate for cataract surgery. If so, I will be scheduled for that. If not I guess I'm gonna keep stumbling around. Glaucoma already ruined one eye, so I hope this one is fixable! Keep your toes crossed for me :)

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