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My Tail of Devotion for Shift Chanel Anniston

October 2nd 2006 9:56 pm
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I became devoted to the breed early on in life. My Dad adopted an abused Chi when my Mom was pregnant with me. She was a bit upset that he brought home a dog when she was experiencing a high risk pregnancy. Mom and Dad already had one Chi. Well, the abused Chihuahua took to me like a mom to a pup. She stood guard by my crib and would not let anyone touch me, but for my parents. No one but them could lift me from the crib, I had to be handed to visitors. She must have sensed that Mom was lucky to be okay after my birth. "Goofy" and I were best buds, and I had such a rough time with her passing, around my 10th birthday.

Well, I have my own family now. I yearned for my own Chihuahua, but thanks to celebs, the breed is an expensive trend. Once our land owner said I could finally have a pup, I geared up for a long search. I wanted a Chihuahua so much, but hated that a $500 price tag came along with all in our area. I found a breeder who had Shift on the "clearance rack" for only $300, three days after I had permission to get a pup. I knew on the phone that I had found my Shift. I had a few years worth of notes on taking care of my doggie. Once I had Shift it was an odd feeling. It was nearly comparable to having my son. I was so nervous and wanted to please him so. I felt afraid I could not meet all of his needs. The night I brought him home, I was angry at myself for not being more giddy. I soon learned that I was feeling typical new Mom insecurities. I wanted to be a great mom to him just as I am to my human son. That caused some self-doubt and timidness if I was worthy to have such a gift from God. We are best buds now. He is my son. So, now, I am a mom of two boys!

Shift follows me wherever I go, and I doubt I will ever vacation without him again. I am so happy to be an adult with my own Chihuahua. My wonderful human son is learning so much as we share ownership of Shift. The responsibility, compassion and history that Shift teaches my son is invaluable. Mom and Dad always had Chihuahuas and now, since Mom has left us, I am happy for her to see me with my own, as she watches from Heaven. I suspect, she would rather have seen a human granddaughter first, but first things first!!

Shift is not the only thing that makes me happy, but he is definitely one of the finest things that makes me happy.

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Shift Chanel Anniston


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