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July 1, 2007 - WRONGLY ACCUSED

July 1st 2007 5:24 pm
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Yep Dogster Pals - You got it right!! I've been wrongly accused! I admit I am a girl with an appetite. So I may be carrying around an extra pound or 10. That's no secret to anyone. So, yesterday the mom laid her rice cake on the counter to go outside and do something. Well everyone knows what a counter-surfer I am! That's not news to a single soul and especially not to my pal ROCKY at the bridge or GUS or any other spotted pal. Stealing food is a specialty of the dal population. But even a dal has to have some standards and well even we aren't going to eat a darn rice cake. So the mom came in feeling all silly cause she left a rice cake in my reach and it was gone. Well I wasn't talking. All she could imagine was these are organic, brown rice cakes and I'll be stinking up the place with the farts later. As if!! So imagine mom's shock when she realized the darn rice cake was right where she left it. She just didn't remember where she left it was all. And what is worse? She caught me in the back yard later eating turds. Now she knows, I won't eat her rice cakes, but I will eat turds. Hmmmmmmmmmm, think about that the next time you get a big kiss in the face. So now mom knows why I can't lose weight. I've been supplementing my diet. It seems I like my food just as well the second time as I did the first. Oh well, there are slim pickings now cuz the dad was out scooping the yard bright and early this morning. And then the mom cut my food a 1/4 of a cup tonight and supplemented it with baby carrots. Now we're talking. I like baby carrots, but she's got to keep those darn rice cakes. I'm not sure what the point is with those darn things. Finally something a dal won't eat.

So I've been tagged. Yep, let me see, who has tagged me. I can't honestly believe this game is still going and yet poor Niquel just got it this morning. We've been hit so many times that we quit tagging back. BOL So, I've been tagged by the following: MAGGIE; REAGLE BEAGLE and ALOHA so as you can see, I have been tagged and tagged again.

So my 7 interesting facts are as follows:

1. I was born in Alabama and spent the first 3 years of my life there! That is why my eye-liner is dark and I won't pee in the rain! I am a southern girl and a diva. Get over it ya'll!

2. I was adopted within the family by the yankee branch. I am very loved and still get to visit with my former family. I have the best of both worlds, except my new mom makes me watch my diet and exercise. Must be a northern thing. Southern girls aren't meant to perspire sweetheart.

3. I can play rough when I want to!

4. I am not particularly fond of Sidney.

5. I am VERY fond of Rocky!! :)

6. Did I mention I love food and love to counter-surf! Oh yes! Food Rocks! I'll take that over anything else in the world, any day of the week!

7. I fart! And I'm proud of it! I have a special bowl to make me eat slower, so I don't get as much gas. What the heck is that all about?

So this is my turn at being tagged. I won't be posting again, even if I am tagged another 50 times. I may bite you and take your treats though! BOL

Have a Happy Independence Day and Welcome Home John Matthew! We are so glad to have you back stateside you handsome devildog you!

Peace out and polky-dotted love to all and especially Suzy!



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