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February 11th 2008 8:01 am
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I am starting to think that Ah ma wasn’t kidding when she said she’s getting better at MJ. She won money again today. I think she should play MJ everyday. She can be the sole breadwinner of the family.

I’m still bushed from yesterday. I tried to take a nap just now but Ah bee kept staring at me and smiling to herself. I couldn’t sleep with her breathing down my neck like that so I growled at her. The more I growled, the more she laughed. Bugger only scrammed when Ah ma told her to get lost.

What will I do without Ah ma?


Happy birthday to me

February 10th 2008 7:32 am
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I didn’t like today’s 50 month old celebration. First of all, I don’t think it’s even a party for me. They didn’t sing me a birthday song. And it was really noisy the whole day; it interfered with my napping. And we had gatecrashers. She’s a 5 month old brown Shih Tzu. I think her name is Miet. When she showed up, everyone gushed over her. She’s such a baby, all dressed in a yellow top and hair clips. And she’s a real sleepy little thing. They would put her in the middle of the table and she would just lie there like a centrepiece. Such a baby.

Nuff said about her. What was I saying? Oh yes, I didn’t like today. The only thing I liked about today was going to the gardens twice. I liked that. Especially the second time. It got me away from all that madness.

It’s nice to have the peace and quiet back again.


Chu san

February 9th 2008 8:32 am
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Ah ma was so tickled by this Maltese she saw on tv coz she can walk on her hind legs. And she started comparing us. She said I can't do anything. And then she smacked my backside. Hey I can do all those tricks. It’s just that I don’t want to. Why would I want to walk on my hind legs? Or fetch balls? Or play dead? When I can be lying on my back getting bellyrubs. Silly people.

Fomfomfom is very upset at Ah ma coz she caught Ah ma overloading on the sugars again. Ah ma is gluttony, like me. Except that she’s in denial and I am not. And so Fomfomfom threw away the remainder of that little spongy cake thingy and Ah bee took the cake and the almond biscuits up to her room tonight. Fomfomfom devised a plan to systematically throw away all the new year goodies after tomorrow. I hope she throws them my way. I love peanut cookies. Yum.

Oh! I will be 50 months old tomorrow. I told Cha about it and she said she’s already planned a big party for me. She’s catered the food and invited many people. I can’t wait.


Home alone. Almost.

February 8th 2008 7:55 am
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On the second day of CNY my true love gav- okay nehmind. No one gave me anything today. Unless you count solitude. I was plenty upset when they went out without me. I didn’t even beg them to bring me out. Coz I knew they weren’t going to. I overheard them. And so I spent a very lonely two hours at home. Merrilyn stayed with me but she wasn’t around all the time. I don’t know what I did wrong. I have been a good girl these few days. Finally Cha and Fomfomfom came home. I was so happy to see them I kept taking steps backwards. Usually when I am really happy to see someone, I would take three steps back. Today I took about ten. I told everyone I will be good from now on. Just don’t leave me home like that again.


Chu Yi

February 7th 2008 8:33 am
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They threw my routine outta the window today and I felt so disoriented. It started right in the morning. We went to the gardens at 9.30am and it felt weird. It was really bright and sunny but it was also breezy. I like. Not Fomfomfom; she said she was almost blinded by the sun. Oh I had diarrhea. The steamboat last night. Yummy. But my stummy can’t really take it.

When we got back, I was already exhausted coz I don’t usually get up until noon, what more after my walk. And they didn’t let me take a nap. We went out to my big Ah gu’s house. We were there to offer incense to Ah ma’s mother. I’ve never met her before but still I was respectful and I took a bow in front of the alter because she is my tai mama. Then we were off to my Ah yi mama’s house. It’s important you spend the first day of CNY with family and so they brought me there to visit my Sugar mummy. We didn’t fight this time; it’s simply not done on the first day of CNY. I wanted to say gongxigongxi to my mummy but they haven’t taught me that trick yet. Besides my mummy kept running away from me. And I was on Cha/ Ah ma’s lap most of the time coz I was tired and I wanted to go home.

I was out for the rest of the afternoon after I got home. Then Cha and Ah ma went out with Merrilyn and I was left with Ah bee and Fomfomfom. Then Cha came home and the two of them went out. I refused to eat my dinner coz today simply had no semblance of the routine that I am used too. I crawled into bed coz I didn’t know what else I could do.. Fomfomfom came home and tried to feed me but still I refused to eat. It was only when everyone else got back that I finally felt a little normalcy return.

But it’s only once a year so I shan’t grumble.


Happy New Year! Pull My Ear!

February 6th 2008 9:33 am
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It’s Chinese New Year eve today. I spent the entire afternoon watching them throw out useless stuff. You should have seen those things. Shoes, clothes, papers, gifts. All out in the trash. But you should have seen what came outta Ah bee’s room. We can start with the fossilized nail polish. Or maybe the 5-year-old honey she found at the back of her cabinet. Which is older than I am by the way. And oh I love this one. A bottle of Vitamin C. The tablets have turned dark brown. Really.

For dinner we had steamboat. I love steamboat. It’s a new thing to me. I only started eating it last year. And I didn’t have much. Today I had three servings. They started eating without me and so I went around the table, barking at everyone. I thought they had forgotten about me. Fomfomfom finally gave me a plate of whatever they were eating. I love fish. But fish drives Ah ma crazy. Coz my mouth would stink after I eat fish. But I love fish. I also love chicken and pork liver. I had three helpings. Yummy yummy!

After dinner I went out to welcome passers-by but there weren’t any. I reckon everyone is home having dinner. I went up to watch tv with them afterwards. The three of them were watching a movie outside while the three of us were watching tv inside. That programme went on until 1230. There were so many segments but our favourite was this one by two old foggies. It was hilarious! You only needed to look at my Ah gong who laughed so hard he started to tear. I’ve never heard Ah gong laugh like that. It was a little scary coz I never expected him to laugh that way.

We went down to the porch after the show ended and I was out there for about a minute and a half. Coz Ah bee gave me the donut soft toy she and Cha bought half a year ago- something else she found during her springcleaning session in the afternoon- and I rushed upstairs with it. I will sleep with my new toy tonight. On my bed. Which has 4 ang pows beneath. *giggles* I must remember not to play with it in the middle of the night. Otherwise Cha is going to wo-ma-ni-ah me again.

Did you know that today marks the 4th year I’ve been here? I came home on CNY eve 4 years ago. Fomfomfom and Cha picked me up from Ah yi mama’s house and carried me home in a towel and a pail. Unglamorous I know. But I was 4 weeks old and I haven’t quite developed a sense of style yet. Anyway, when they brought me home, I was so homesick and I missed my Sugar mummy so much I started crying. They didn’t know what to do with me. I was so miserable. But it’s okay; that is past now. I know I will sleep soundly tonight.

Happy New Year everyone!


Today is Super Tuesday.

February 5th 2008 8:34 am
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And I am in a dilemma. Just like those black women voters. Except that I am in a greater dilemma. You see, those women are torn because they are both female and black. It is worse for me. Like them, I have to root for Clinton coz I am a girlgirl. But I have greater loyalty to Obama than they do. Cox Obama is black and white. Like me.

I am so glad I don't have to vote.


Chachacha! *Coughcoughcough*

February 4th 2008 8:21 am
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I made Ah bee upset just now. But she totally deserves it. Coz she made me upset first. The first security towel, her favourite, came back from the wash today. She kept it in her cabinet instead of under her pillow. Later, she took it out and swung it about in front of me. Selfish nehmind. Spiteful! So I got very upset and I went to sit in a corner by myself. She tried to bluff me by giving me another towel but I know it’s not the real McCoy. I only want her smelly one. So I sat on the cushion and started tearing. I ignored them. Ah bee couldn’t bear to see me like that- also Fomfomfom was scolding her for taunting me like that- so she gave me her towel. That cheered me up. So I started chewing on the towel. Ah bee turned all emo- she went to sit in the corner and covered her head with some other towel. No one bothered about her coz she asked for it. When she finally snapped out of her misery, I licked her to tell her that we’re good. Then she kissed me too and we made up.

Until the next episode.


Ah bee is mad at me. Not.

February 3rd 2008 8:07 am
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I thought Ah bee was mad at me. She smacked me with her towel just now. And then she smacked me on the backside. I didn’t do anything. Much. I only stole her towel. The one which she took care to hide under her pillow. The only one remaining. The other one is still in the wash coz I stole that one a couple of days ago. She has two smelly security towels. She will have none tonight. *giggles* We played with the towel for a while and then she gave it to me to sleep on tonight. Two of her favourite things in the world, she said as she pointed at us.

Of course I am the more important of the two.


Frostbite in Singapore

February 2nd 2008 8:10 am
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It was chilly tonight. Really chilly. I was out on the porch with Fomfomfom and I started trembling. So I told her to keep rubbing my belly coz in case you didn’t know, friction produces heat which is plenty useful when it’s a chilly night like tonight. When Cha came out, Fomfomfom happily informed her that I was trembling. Of coz Cha scolded Fomfomfom for letting me stay out there in the cold. What a terrible mother you are, she said. I had to sit on the sofa for a long long time after that to defrost. And when I went up into my room, Ah bee wrapped me in my tshirt and towel to keep me warm. She said I probably contracted pneumonia.

I knew I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

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