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My 4th.

December 10th 2007 12:08 pm
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Today I turned four. Only four. And I kept four mahjong gals company for the whole day. Fomfomfom happily informed all of them that it is my birthday today and I got many “Happy Birthday Xiao Ping”s from all of them. I was happy. I also got a mango cake. But only to take pictures with. I didn’t get a single bite. Not a morsel. The MJ gals wanted to give me a little of the cake but I didn’t get any. Fomfomfom and Ah bee were watching them like hawks. I guess it’s okay since I don’t really like cake; I rather have some of the beautiful ribs I had yesterday.

It rained the whole day but stopped abruptly at 5. I knew it would stop. It’s my birthday and surely I’d get to go to the gardens. Also, I was born between 5pm and 7pm. That’s why the rain stopped. It stopped for me. No prizes for guessing what time it started raining again. *giggles*

I am four. Only four.



December 9th 2007 10:31 am
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I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe I should talk about humping my sister and my brother. Or the fights I had with them. But I would rather talk about the barbequed ribs and pork knuckles I had. Oh what the heck, I’d do them all.

So my Sugar mummy, my sister and my brother came over today. It’s for something special- we’re turning four tomorrow. Not my mummy, idiot; my siblings and I. So we had a little bit of a celebration today. They came bright and early and for an hour, we were busy running around and sniffing one another’s backside. I humped my sister 5 times and my bother once. Fomfomfom later said that it’s alright as long as korkor isn’t the one who humps me.

My mummy was so happy to see me she kept drooling and so my Ah ma decided to keep us in the living room where she could at least exercise some drool control. We were given lunch but none of us was interested in it. After a while I got a little hungry and so I started on the meat. My brother had the same idea but when he got close and tried to share my food, I growled at him. I don’t share. Ah bee scolded me for doing that but I can’t help it- I’m not used to sharing. Ah bee says I’m lucky my brother was gracious enough not to fight with me. I think it’s coz she promised him another plate of chicken.

Later, Fomfomfom and Cha returned with turkey, ham, ribs, log cake and pork knuckles. Yes, it was also an excuse to pig out. I was so stuffed from all the ribs and pork. Burp! After we all had enough, my siblings lay down beside my mother to sleep. I wanted to join them. But the moment I sat down, jiejie and korkor stood up and walked away. I was heartbroken. No one knew what happened but after a while, jiejie and I we broke out into a fight. Korkor wanted to join in the fray but everyone was quick to separate all of us. They kept saying that I picked a fight because they didn’t want to play with me. I shan’t say anything. Whatever you all say. Then Fomfomfom took me down to watch tv with her coz she thought it might be safer.

We fought again later when I went back up. No one knows who provoked who and I think we can leave it at that. It started with me and my jiejie. Then jiejie and korkor started. Then I tried to bite my mummy coz I got a little confused. I was taken to the dining room, korkor outside to the porch while jiejie and mummy stayed in the living room. And that was the last time I had contact with them.

They say I don’t know how to behave around other dogs. Perhaps.

I only know I probably wouldn’t see them for a while coz my Ah yi mama complained that it was too much work cleaning saliva and worrying about us fighting all the time.

I miss my mama.


The long that doesn't ling

December 8th 2007 9:26 am
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I snarled at Ah ma just now coz she wasn’t giving me a good belly rub. Then she snarled back at me and said, “You’re not the only one who knows how to bite.” Then she proceeded to pretend to bite me. This Ah ma, so naughty. We shall have to starve her for a day or two. Tsk tsk. But that wouldn’t really help coz she has all that blubber to fall back on. Just like how she doesn’t feel the cold because of that blubber. Either that or she’s got hide like a rhinoceros.


This is just wrong

December 7th 2007 10:25 am
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Today when we were at the gardens, we saw a couple taking bridal photos. It was raining and the groom, with the umbrella, was walking 5m in front of the bride, who happened to be struggling not to trip over her dress. Fomfomfom wanted to kick that man into the pond. Really, chivalry is dead.

Ah bee and Fomfomfom were watching tv just now and I wanted to sleep. So I went into Ah bee’s room and made myself comfy on her comforter. Fomfomfom couldn’t stop gushing about how cute I am. I already know that but it's nice to have someone fuss over me.


Skinny like a monkey

December 6th 2007 9:12 am
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I was out for a total of 4 minutes today. Then it started raining. The good news is that I shate a lot. And so Ah ma is very happy. But because I was only out for 4 minutes, I had plenty of pee left in me. So the newspapers tonight, they are very wet.

I finally have my dog licence. About time. I won’t want to celebrate yet another birthday as an alien.



December 5th 2007 9:43 am
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It rained and it rained and it rained today. Cha was worried that Jade would die in the flashfloods and so she wanted to get Ah bee to leave her at Katong SC. But she didn’t in the end and Jade is home safe. It’s a good thing we’re not in a lowlying area. I don’t want to have to stick my paw into the exhaust pipes to save them cars even though I volunteered. I volunteered only to get a pat on my head and tidbits. *giggles*

And so I didn’t get to go out today. I kept farting. But it’s okay. Because no one can smell it. Everyone in this house is down with the flu. Save for Ah ma. It’s a vicious bug if anyone other than Fomfomfom gets it. Fomfomfom doesn’t count because she gets knocked out from any ninnyfart virus. So it’s a powerful one, this bug. It's reassuring to know that I won't ever catch it.

Ah ma cooked me some really smooth pork for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. I have informed her that I will only have that from now on.


The chicken head. Da boss.

December 4th 2007 10:23 am
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Every day when I go out for my walk, I’d tell the house to be obedient and wait for me to get back. It’s important you know- someone has to be in charge. This household without me, is like what the Chinese likes to call, a group of dragons without a leader. A headless chicken, if you will. It’s even worse coz most of the time my deputy, Ah bee, comes along with me. Don’t think I am out having fun- my heart is with this home. Even when I am sniffing peepee and chasing birds, I worry about how my charges are faring without me. I’ve got so much on my shoulders it's no wonder I can’t seem to grow any taller.

In other news, Fomfomfom has fallen ill once again. We don’t know why so we shall blame it on the new vial of water. Powerful stuff I tell you. Don’t mess with it.


I dig MJ days

December 3rd 2007 9:57 am
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Today is Mahjong Day. Today is no ordinary Mahjong Day. Today, we have, not two, but three mahjong gals. Ah ma is very happy that we have a new addition coz she claims that she loses less money this way. And she did- she only lost 2 bucks today. She usually loses 50. The bad news is that the third MJ gal might not be a permanent fixture on MJ days. She is going to be an Ah ma soon and I think she will be busy changing diapers and cooking pig trotters in vinegar. We have no idea whether the baby’s going to be a boy baby or a girl baby. We do know that he/she is one naughty baby. All that dodging when the doctor was scanning. Tsk tsk. Oh, since we are on the topic, I forgot to mention that the 2 MJ gals were studying me very closely last week. They’ve never seen a girl doggie before I think. And Ah ma was happy to give them an education. I was happy to have been of help.

We went to the gardens today and then up to Ah bee’s school because Lynn yiyi wanted to see me. I was so distracted coz I was in an exciting new place and really, it smelt better than her. I will make it up to her the next time she visits.

It was terribly hot today. But windy. I like.


A meme!

December 2nd 2007 11:08 am
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Oh dear, this is what you get when you ain’t IT-savvy like Cha. I’ve been tagged for more than a month now and I only see it now. Oops.

Anyway, this one is from Red- http://www.dogster.com/dogs/174691. Sorry I took so long!

1.) I am secretly plotting to take over the world.
2.) I used to be Pwincess Ping but I became Queen Ping after my chronic ear problem cleared up.
3.) My full name is Koh Soo Ping (Xu Su Ping). But really, everyone calls me everything but that.
4.) My Mandarin is better than my English.
5.) I was the 6th puppy outta my Sugar mummy who had 7.
6.) I am real bossy. Everyone can attest to that.
7.) I love my Ah ma. And my Ah ma loves me. I’m sure you already knew.

1.) Dr No
2.) Nana
3.) Ying
4.) Latte (who hasn’t updated in more than a year now. Tsk)
5.) Boo! (The mysterious and alluring Fomfomfom thanks you for your kind words. Heheh.)

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L'eau de la Ping Ping

December 2nd 2007 10:38 am
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They thought that I am the only one who smells so nice. Turns out that all dogs do; the small ones at least. Bling-Bling and Cookie apparently smell wonderful too. There is something in our saliva that makes for good sniffing. Especially when it meets our paws. Did you know that the smell of dog paws has been called “The Most Heavenly Smell on Earth?” Now you do. Pick up a paw and smell away!

Ah ma has gone mad with her roulette game. She played it till almost midnight. Ah bee, Fomfomfom and I were waiting for her to finish so we could say good night to her. Yes, she is mad. And she was so happy coz she was winning banana money on it. And not through sheer good luck and skill, mind you. She was winning coz the game screwed up and increased her probability of winning by 2 times. And she was elated that she has now accumulated $1.8 million on that thing. If only it could be cashed out.

We were discussing my birthday plans. I like what I hear.

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