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June 6th 2007 8:34 am
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I like chestnuts. They are sweet and juicy. I had about 4 chestnuts today. They say that I can’t have too many coz my stummy will not be able to take it.

I told Cha to give Ah ma 5 bucks tomorrow. Ah ma will use the 5 dollars to buy me my own bag of chestnuts.

I can’t wait.



June 5th 2007 9:16 am
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I had a boil-like thingy on my eye lid this morning. It gave Cha a fright coz she didn’t know what it was. I told her that I encountered a most ferocious ant and even though I conquered the beast I suffered a few minor injuries in the process. She didn’t buy it. Coz she realized it was a mozzie bite.

We met Patch and gang at the gardens today. There’s Patch, Phoebe, Mel and some other fella’s name which I didn’t catch. They were playing fetch, all 4 of them at the field. I wanted to join them but I don’t know how to fetch. So I just watched them. And attempted to sniff their behinds. Being the scaredy cat I am, I ran whenever they tried to come near. I don’t really know how to play with the other dogs; I only know how to play with my jiejie and korkor. But I am getting better I think. I didn’t exactly run when Phoebe tried to play with me. And oh, another dog came to join us. He looks like a mini version of Patch. Even Patch got a little confused when he first saw the newcomer. I don’t blame him. Patch and that newcomer, they are like a tomato and a cherry tomato.

Tomorrow I shall go to the gardens at 5. To meet my friends. I like.


Ah ma loves me

June 4th 2007 9:16 am
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Ah ma is very proud of me. I know because she was bragging to Auntie Poh Eng that I am a very smart and obedient doggie coz I listen to her and I sit beside her when she watches tv. I think Ah ma is prouder of me than she is the three of them combined.

I didn’t get any crab. But I did get 2 dollars.


How to get a second milkstick

June 3rd 2007 9:30 am
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Stand near the bed and fling it under the bed where it is dusty. Stick your head under the bed and start growling. Before long, someone will fish the milkstick out and hand you a new one.

The only problem is the first one gets thrown away. And just now, I sorta forgot where I kept the second one until Ah bee reminded me.



Boys are easy

June 2nd 2007 9:29 am
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Ah bee kept saying that I smell like a salted fish. I do not. She doesn’t appreciate my funky smell. Which is fine by me. Coz Fomfomfom loves it.

We watched this movie after dinner just now. It is a most idiotic show. Juvenile and mindless. The way we like it.



June 1st 2007 8:01 am
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I bet you don't know what that word is. Me neither. That is why we didn't win the spelling bee. Which is on ESPN by the way. I didn't know spelling is a sport.

I tried to get into Ah ma’s lap with 5 jiao just now but she didn’t let me. It was with a dejected heart I settled down next to Ah bee with my 5 jiao. She offered me her lap but it is no substitute for Ah ma’s. And Ah ma didn’t want to touch me coz she has aloe vera on her hands.

I want my Ah ma.


Happy Vesak Day

May 31st 2007 9:19 am
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I had fried rice for lunch courtesy of Ah ma. I lub Ah ma. And Fomfomfom who asked Ah ma to fry the rice for me.

I waited and waited to go to the gardens today. Fomfomfom and Cha were out. I started waiting at 430 coz Ah bee didn’t tell me that Cha was only going to be back at 6. At least I got some char siew while waiting. Wasn’t a total loss. And it was a beautiful day at the gardens. I guess it was worth the wait. Doesn't mean I like waiting though.


A spice girl and a wanton

May 30th 2007 9:47 am
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Last night I woke Cha up thrice and got her to let me out of the room. All three times Fomfomfom and Ah bee lured me back into the room. They didn’t know why I kept wanting to get out until this morning when they realized that there were ants on my bed. So my beds were given a good beating and hung out under the strong sun.

Speaking of the strong sun, it was scorching today. We went to the gardens and Ah bee declared that she was getting a heat stroke from walking me. So we stuck to the shady areas and did two little rounds instead of the big round I usually cover. It was okay for me.


L-O-V-E. Lub.

May 29th 2007 9:18 am
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Lub. That is my new mantra. We all need lub so I decided I should start spreading the lub a bit. There isn’t quite enough of me to go around so I thought it would be best I start with the person I lub the most- Ah ma. I was watching tv with Ah ma in her room. I sat next to her. Then I scratched her thigh and she leaned to the side. So I licked Ah ma on her tush. Ah ma was tickled. In every sense of the word. She asked me why I did that; I said it’s coz I lub chew Ah ma. And Ah ma lubs me.

In other news, we met Kait twice in the gardens today. The second time, he didn’t even stop to say hello to me. His owner said he was rushing to get home coz he heard thunder. I dunno why but Fomfomfom and Ah bee found that hilarious.




May 28th 2007 9:07 am
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I have a friend. He is a mosquito. Our government calls him a mozzie, affectionately. Anyway, we were watching tv, me cha and mozzie. Fomfomfom was there too, but she's irrelevant in this tale tonight.

So cha dislikes mozzie. She wanted to *gasp* kill mozzie. I told mozzie to hide in my ear, seeing we're friends. Then cha demanded mozzie, and I shook my head and flapped my ears to show there was no mozzie. I hid mozzie in my mouth.

While cha was preoccupied with tv, I told mozzie to hurry into cha's room. To seek refuge. After tv, me and cha we went into cha's room and I thought, perhaps through the long night cha and mozzie might become friends once they get to know each other better. Then mozzie can hide in cha's ear in future when fomfomfom or ah bee tries to kill him.

Then cha saw mozzie and flattened him. That's the end of my sad tale tonight.

There's also a subplot that took place in cha's room today. Cha drew a floorplan on how her room will look like after renovations. And she drew my sheepskin rug into the plan and I was happy. Fom said the thing she liked best about the plan was my rug. Giggle.

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