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April 19th 2008 9:13 am
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I told Cha that women after 30 are like toufu dregs. And she is not far from being a toufu dreg. I just have to blink once and she’s there already. Fomfomfom was sniggering away and I told her not to be so happy; I only have to blink twice before she turns into one too. Cha immediately laughed at her. Well, I’m not going to turn into one sooner than you are, Fomfomfom said. I can’t remember if Cha said anything in retort.

But since we are on the topic of toufu, let me tell you what kinda toufu I am. I am the Egg Toufu. That’s the sort they use to braise with mushrooms and dried scallops. And abalone too. It’s high class toufu. That’s me all over. Ah ma is Daogua and Ah gong is Daopok. Cha is Daokee and Fomfomfom is Daojoo. Ah bee is Daohuayzhui and Merrilyn is Daohuay. Just don’t ask me how I came up with that; you don't want to know.


Everybody loves Xp.

April 18th 2008 8:54 am
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When we were coming back from the gardens today, we pulled up next to this MPV. The diver happened to glance over and she saw me. She turned to her child and pointed at me. They both started smiling. And she waved at me. Ah bee carried me so they could see me properly. Then she did the dayanjing action a couple of times. *giggles* Wo shi Xiaoping, wo da yan jing.. zhuzhuzhu! *giggles* Everyone knows that.

A grandma and her grandchild walked by just now and she was trying to get him to say hello to me. She gave up after a few minutes and started walking away, him in her arms. When they were about one house away from me, he suddenly yelled, “Hayo there!” I think he meant goodbye. *giggles*

Just now Ah bee was frying some mushrooms and she let me wander at the back. I was a good girl. I stayed within her sight and when she was done, she called out to me and I promptly went back into the house with her. She says that I'm a big gal now and I deserve some freedom. I cannot agree with her more. Now if only they would remove the boards at the front so I can go to the garden to catch lizards and chase birds.


Coming in second ain't so bad

April 17th 2008 9:07 am
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I followed Fomfomfom in from the garden just now and we saw Ah bee rushing down the stairs. Cha already had one foot in the kitchen. Ah bee yelled, "Pingping, no chicken wings for the last one!" No one told me that! So I started sprinting. I overtook Fomfomfom and Ah bee and I was the second one in the kitchen. *beams* I would have come in first if not for the fact that Cha was already in the kitchen. I lub chicken wings. Burp.

I’ve got a pimple on my backside. It’s swollen and red. Fomfomfom says that it’s because I’ve been eating too many tidbits, especially the two batches of baked pork that Ah ma made me. Those are very heaty and that’s why the pimple popped out. Ah bee says that the bumps on my back could be pimples too. But those form scabs; not the one on my backside. So we still aren’t sure what those things on my back are. Which is why they say we have to go see the vet woman soon.

I’ll be good from now on.


Xp's guide to healthy living

April 16th 2008 9:10 am
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Have a sweet potato in the morning. It moves the bowels. That’s very important, I’ll have you know. Go for a walk in the afternoon. And have pears at night after dinner.

You can’t go wrong.


Nosebutts get me belly rubs.

April 15th 2008 8:53 am
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Merrilyn’s bittergourd has grown a mighty lot. It is really plump and I bet it’s nice and juicy. But we can’t harvest it yet; it’d be too bitter anyway. I like it a lot. I go by to look at it everyday. Just now I went to look at it again and I swear it’s bigger than when I saw it this morning. *giggles* I am going to ask Merrilyn to give it to me. I’ll keep it in my bed and guard it like how I guard all my toys.



April 14th 2008 9:25 am
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The food crisis is more serious than I thought. Rice yes. But my kibble? I kid you not. Fomfomfom went out to buy my kibble today but the pet shop ran out. She panicked coz that pet shop is the only one we know which stocks my kibble. So she called the vet and asked if they have any. They told her that they have one last bag. Fomfomfom told them to hold it for her and she rushed down to collect it. And I have kibble. For now.



April 13th 2008 10:05 am
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I hate Sundays. They’re always glued to the tube watching that woman with the greasy hair. This time, she’s not a journalist for a porn mag; she’s a police inspector. She solves crimes. That’s impressive. But her hair is still greasy. And she is still interfering with my bedtime.

Today at the gardens we bumped into this man and a woman I shall assume to be his wife. He was really friendly and he didn’t mind me sniffing at his Gucci loafers. I don’t think she was very happy when I jumped up and sniffed her Coach bag and Chanel shoes though. At least I didn’t drool. If I did, she probably would have turned nasty. We don’t like nasty.

I have to go to sleep now. It’s MJ day tomorrow. Good night world.



April 12th 2008 10:04 am
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Do you know that we are facing a shortage of rice? Apparently only Thailand is still exporting rice now and there are riots in many countries because of the rising food prices. It’s rather exciting. I told Fomfomfom that she will have to go buy me extra kibble. Just in case we run out. I cannot not have my kibble.

Merrilyn’s bittergourd is growing really well. We see two of them already. One is about 2cm long and the other half a cm. They actually look like bittergourd! *giggles* We are all very excited and we can’t wait to harvest our own bittergourd.

In light of the current food shortage, I am going to ask Ah ma to give me my little vegetable plot. I will grow potatoes. Ping’s Pretty Potato Patch. Only organic potatoes here. We will be self-sufficient and we can even sell the surplus to the neighbours. Half the money I will keep in my shoebox and the other half I will give to Ah ma. Coz I am a big gal now and I should be contributing to this household.


Glorious food

April 11th 2008 9:47 am
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I had some fabulous twee bak for lunch.
Pity I couldn’t keep it in.
So Fomfomfom fed me some leftover pork belly.

Ah ma made me a new batch of tidbits.
They were not buttery at all.
That’s coz Ah ma used olive oil this time. Yummy.

I had deu dor for dinner.
It was divine. As usual.

And black chicken for supper.

Don’t look at me like that. At least I don’t eat four eggs for breakfast.


Panalog Day 1

April 10th 2008 8:44 am
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Today is my birthday. I am 52 months old. I didn’t get a cake today but I did get a present. It’s a new harness. A red one. This is my third one. They are all of the same design. The first one’s blue, the second yellow and this red. The yellow one is pretty new but the vet woman said, “Why is this yellow? Pingping needs a red harness.” And so I got this new one. It matches my collar too. I look so pretty in my new harness. Pity we didn’t run into anyone at the gardens today so I didn’t get to show my new harness off. Maybe tomorrow.

Fomfomfom was saying something about wanting to hatch foreign currency. I know how to hatch! I’m a tortoise egg. And what do eggs do? They hatch! So I told her I will help her with whatever hatching she needs to do. She said I’m a good gal that’s why she dotes on me. *beams*

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