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My first trade

April 17th 2007 12:44 pm
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One of the stocks Ah bee is holding just went up to $5 today. I told her that she will have to give me one share. She said sure lah. I sold it back to her immediately. Viola, my first trade, at a profit of $5. I will expect 5 shiny gold coins in my piggy bank within 3 working days.

That is all.


The wheezing episode

April 16th 2007 12:23 pm
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I gave everyone in the house a fright today when I started wheezing and honking. Then I paused. Then I started wheezing again. Then I stopped. Then I did again. Then I stopped. Then I started again. That was when Ah ma screamed at Cha and Fomfomfom to bring me to the vet pronto. I stopped wheezing in the car. We sped there and the two of them quickly filled the vet woman in.

She said it’s really common to wheeze like that and it could be due to irritants in the air, could be someone’s new perfume, or it could be because I tried to swallow something and I choked on it. Maybe one of the mahjong girls was wearing a new scent today. I don’t really know. They asked the vet woman what should be done if I start wheezing again. She said they should just observe me and let me deal with it myself, kinda like what they should do if I choke while eating. She said there is no danger until my tongue turns blue. Then they should send me in. So Fomfomfom asked how long they would have to send me in. She said oh a few minutes. Is it me or did the vet woman just say something really stupid? Observe until my tongue turns blue and have only a few minutes to rush me to her??!!

So they probed her again. She said if my tongue turns blue, they should stick their fingers in to clear my mucus or whatever that is blocking up the passage way. That, makes a lot more sense. Fomfomfom forgot to ask her if I can always resolve it if it’s just some irritants in the air, and not due to mucus or any object that is stuck in my pipes. I must remind her to ask the vet woman.

And the vet woman, she found out that they haven’t been panalog-ing my ears. So she ordered them to do it twice a day for one more week. Ah bee says she’s mad- coz my ears are clean and the vet woman tends to overkill. But then again, we wouldn’t want the bacteria to grow resistant to the Panalog so I guess I will have to live with a squishy left ear for one more week.

I am so exhausted.


There is nothing to fear

April 15th 2007 2:12 pm
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but fear itself. Today Cha and Fomfomfom conquered their fear. We walked by that mad woman’s house. Even though there was no mad woman in sight, it was still a victory for us.

I am so proud of them.

In other news, Ah bee is proud to announce that she has finished her take-home exam. I am very happy because I haven’t seen much of her these days. Maybe she’d have more time for me now.


E. For effort.

April 14th 2007 1:51 pm
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Cha would praise me randomly for things I do, I can’t remember what. She’d always say, “A for effort, Pingping!”. I didn’t pay much attention to it until recently it suddenly hit me- isn’t E for effort? Since when has effort started with an A? I kept thinking about it, and then I decided that Cha must have made a mistake. E is for effort, not A. When I came to that conclusion, I got a little sad. Coz I always try my best in whatever I do. And all I get is an E for my efforts.


Fishy fishy

April 13th 2007 2:00 pm
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Because we didn’t want to see the mad woman again, we went to the gardens even though it was sooo wet. But it’s good too, coz I got the whole garden to myself. And I splashed my way through all the puddles. It was so much fun. But Fomfomfom was so horrified. Especially when I tried to drink from those puddles.

I only had Fomfomfom for company today coz Ah bee is doing her take-home exam and Cha was out. Ah ma went to bed pretty early. She kept telling me that I am very cute. She should check out the view from my side.

Cha came home with a fillet o fish for Ah bee. She must have been very hungry- she ate the burger and a cup noodles immediately after that. Janice’s Ah ma will not be pleased. Anyway, I had a bit of the fishy fishy in that burger. I like it. I wanted a bit of the cheese too but Ah bee refused to give it up. Hai, no cheese, fish also good.

Speaking of fish, I am reminded of the pet fish I used to have. My first two came from Promise (that’s Wenli’s fish, short for promiscuous). I named them Fish Ann Koh and Phish Anne Koh. Then they both died and Ah ma bought me two more. One had a blue tail and the other a red one. I wasn’t in the mood to name them properly so they were just called Xiao Hong and Xiao Lan. They died too. Now I have an empty tank. And a very relieved Ah bee who doesn’t have to feed my fish and clean the tank anymore.



April 12th 2007 11:05 am
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The world is full of them crazy nuts. I know because this morning I was reading the papers about this taxi driver who tried to drive off after he had an argument with this other driver whom he had collided into. That other driver, he tried to stop the cabbie from driving off by standing in front of the cab. He got run down and had to have part of his brain removed. Can you believe that cabbie?

And today Fomfomfom and Ah bee were walking me around the neighbourhood. I was pooping in front of this house. As usual, Ah bee laid a piece of paper on the floor to catch my poopie and Fomfomfom would pick it up and drop it into a poo bag before tying it up and disposing of it. This woman, she came out of her house and asked Ah bee why she let me poop in front of people’s houses. Ah bee told her that she cannot control where her doggie (that would be me) poops and the poop would be picked up anyway. The woman said that they know that I would poop since they had a poo bag with them. Ah bee said ya of course we know, dogs poo when they walk. That’s why we brought a bag and paper, to clean it up. Would you rather we didn’t bring a bag? And she continued ranting behind us even after we walked away.

Madam, if you are reading this, listen good. There is nothing in the law that says dogs cannot take walks. Nothing says dogs cannot poop in public. It just has to be picked up. You do not come out of your house and reprimand people on the streets, and without reason at that. You got to keep that mad attitude in check, otherwise one day when you meet someone like that taxi driver, you are going to lose more than part of your brain.

That mad mad woman, she made Fomfomfom and Ah bee so mad. Fomfomfom had a good mind to swing the bag of poop at her, she says. That would have been quite a sight. A pretty one. *giggle*

Oh all that madness. It almost made me forget my trip to the vet’s for a ear cleaning session. Almost.


Fly ain't going to fly no more

April 11th 2007 10:00 am
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My Ah ma went to the condo today. So Cha and Ah bee and I, we went to pick her and Merrilyn up at around 4. It’s a good thing I went coz it started raining and I wouldn’t get to go to the gardens. Ah ma ran with me; she needs the exercise. Maybe we should go there everyday, it would be about the only exercise she gets.

When I was out with Fomfomfom on the porch just now, I saw this lizard swallow a fly. It was most disgusting. The lizard certainly wasn’t playing with the fly by keeping it in its mouth, just like how I kept a baby lizard in mine. Coz after I spat the baby lizard out, it scrambled away. Sadly, that was the last I saw of the fly.



April 10th 2007 10:32 am
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Today I am three years and four months old. There was no Sara Lee pound cake. I think its coz only Fomfomfom eats the cake. And she is trying to detox after all that bingeing. So I celebrated my brithday without a cake. And without a trip to the gardens. Coz it was raining. And had been for the whole afternoon. Ah bee and Fomfomfom took naps in the afternoon. The MJ gals were busy mj-ing and Cha was down with a stummyache. I had a most uneventful birthday. And no Sara Lee.

I wasn't in a good mood as you can see. At night Fomfomfom was supposed to feed me but she left after I bared my teeth at her. So I decided to fire her as my feeder. I told her to cehhhh. And Ah bee, she was making fun of me and picking me up and twirling me around. I wasn't happy with that either. So I told her to cehhhhhhh. Then that Cha, she told me that I'd had to sleep before 12. She told Ah bee and Fomfomfom that I'm Cinderella, that's why. I secretly told Ah bee that it's coz Cha turns into a cockroach at 12. Shhhhhh! Anyway, I wasn't happy at going to bed at 12 so I told Cha that she will have to cehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I will have to source for new slave girls tomorrow.


Wo shi Apple

April 9th 2007 10:17 am
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I took a bath today. Baths, I don’t particularly like them. But I am getting used to them I guess. There are a few things associated with me taking a bath, let me tell you all about them.

First up, if I have to take a bath, it means I can definitely go to the gardens. Nevermind that it’s raining and waterlogged. I just get to go. It also means that I will have a milkstick. That’s what they give me to reward me for taking the bath without mauling their hands. Oh, somehow I get extra lovin after my weekly baths. Fomfomfom says it’s because I smell nice and my hair is all soft and fluffy.

And the strangest one of all, is that I give Cha a headache the morning after. She says that’s coz I smell too nice.

Don’t ask me. Ask her.


Krong Krong!

April 8th 2007 12:50 pm
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Once again, I couldn’t go to the gardens because we could still hear the thunder rumbling in the distance at 5pm. But Ah ma decided that my poopie is more important than the lives of the first and third born so out we went for a walk in the rain again.

The good news is that no one got struck by lightning. The better news is that I pooped. A lot. And the best news of them all? I didn’t have to bathe after that. *beams*

Ah bee sketched a picture today, of the view from where she was sitting on the porch. That’s not the point; the point is I was in the picture. I didn’t commission her to do one of me but I think she didn’t do that shabby a job so I shall let it pass. At least I could tell it was me. Anyway, the picture is now hanging in Cha’s room. Anyone who wants to see it will have to pay to get in. Just leave the money in my shoebox.

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