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3 poodles

February 2nd 2007 8:42 am
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I was sniffing around Ah ma’s room in the afternoon today. I decided to settle down next to the sliding door. Because I was so close to the door, the hem of the curtains was on my head when I lay down. Fomfomfom and Ah bee started laughing at me. I have no idea why. They said something about me looking like a medieval nun with the curtains on my head. Ah ma took pity on me and scolded them for treating me like a sha gua. You see why I love my Ah ma? Because Ah ma loves me.

We were at the botanical gardens only for 33 minutes today. I was tired after a while coz we were running away from 2 poodles. I’m not scared of poodles but Ah bee said those were the biggest poodles she has ever seen. In fact they look more like hounds than poodles. Anyway, we also saw this woman with the biggest hair we have ever seen. It was… huge. Fomfomfom said she’s the third poodle. *giggle*


Duck Duck Number 5

February 1st 2007 4:17 am
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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Duck Duck Number 5

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the car, so come on
Let's ride to the B-gardens around the corner
I need some fresh air and excitement
But I really don't wanna
Pay for the parking charges
I must stay cute
And make them go awwww
I like duck duck, maomao, birdbird and cheeleng
And as I continue you know
They are getting faster
So what can I do I can only run and chase
To me running it's just natural, I do it well
It's all good let me flaunt it
Please set in the trumpet

A little bit of Dua Ar in my life
A little bit of Li Ar by my side
A little bit of Sa Ar is all I need
A little bit of Si Ar is what I see
A little bit of Lor Ar in the sun
A little bit of Maomao all night long
A little bit of Komomo here I am
A little bit of me just makes your day

And jump and down go and move it all around
Shake your head to the sound
Put your hand on the ground
Take one step left
And one step right
One to the front and one to the side
Clap your hands once
And clap your hands twice
And if it looks like this
Then you are doing it right

A little bit of Dua Ar in my life
A little bit of Li Ar by my side
A little bit of Sa Ar is all I need
A little bit of Si Ar is what I see
A little bit of Lor Ar in the sun
A little bit of Maomao all night long
A little bit of Komomo here I am
A little bit of me just makes your day

I do all
To get all of you to be my pals
You can't run and you can't hide
You will succumb to my charms


My funky ears

January 31st 2007 8:54 am
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We went to the vet today. I haven’t been there in almost 3 weeks now. We weren’t due to go back for another week or so but Ah bee and Fomfomfom decided that my ears smelt too funky.

So we went. The vet woman said that she could smell my ears even though she had a blocked nose. But she did say that my right ear cleared up and she’s very happy with it. The left one was a little inflamed and she had to clean it out. But the base of the ear canal was good too- she could see my ear drums. So all in all, the vet woman was quite pleased. She had to give me a shot though, for the inflammation. She said it was steroids. I thought steroids is something people who can’t run fast enough take. I don’t need steroids; have you seen me run recently? I run like the wind. I don’t need no steroids. But does anyone listen to me? Noooooooooo.

Later in the afternoon we went to the condo to pick Ah ma up. This was in lieu of my daily walk at the botanical gardens. Which is good. Since I already spent my allowance yesterday.


$0.96, 48 minutes and no poopie

January 30th 2007 6:19 am
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Today I went to the botanical gardens. My walk lasted a grand total of 48 minutes. I know because the parking charge was $0.96. Ah bee said that I spent money I didn’t have again. I don’t understand what the big fuss is about- just get the money from Ah gong. I love my Ah gong because he pays for all my bills and expenses. And he gives me the best massages. And he doesn’t clean my ears/ make me take baths. Yes, I love Ah gong.

Anyway, 48 minutes is the longest I have had so far. My walks usually last about 20 minutes. Oh, I got all of them so exasperated because after 48 minutes, there was still no sign of my poopie! You see, I realized something- the sooner I gave them my poopie, the shorter will be my walk. So I decided that I wouldn’t give them my poopie so early into the walk. And true enough, I got an extra half hour!

I should do this more.


If I may drive

January 29th 2007 7:22 am
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I was up at 630 with cha, and we read the papers together while she scratched my head. Then ah ma woke up at 730 and she tried to tiptoe past cha's door but I caught her and ah ma was sheepish. I followed ah ma down and ah ma smiled and we poured out the mahjong tiles and we held hands and waited for the mahjong girls to come.

I guarded the girls vigilantly and then it was time to go to the botanical gardens! We tumbled into the car. Cha was driving and the car was not moving for a long time at a junction. So I told cha, how come the car doesn't move when you are driving, is it you don't know how to drive, and you should let me drive. Cha was embarrassed and then the car finally moved.

In the evening ah bee came back with 2 friends, one of whom I'd never seen before. She deteriorated quickly and she failed to titillate after a while. But they wanted to see my nipples so I flashed them and I was sufficiently amused so I told them they may return.

Then I held hands with ah ma and we slept at 730 in her room coz we were both very tired.


So cute!

January 28th 2007 10:20 am
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We went to the botanical gardens at 215 today because Fomfomfom said it was going to rain any moment. We were barely 10m from the house when it started drizzling. Ah bee suggested going to the condo but Fomfomfom said we should just go to the botanical gardens coz it might stop raining. I think Fomfomfom is either a prophet or she moonlights as a weathergirl. Hmm, hold that thought- she doesn’t even have a proper job, so that doesn’t count as moonlighting. Oh, I forgot, she’s my slave, so ya, it’s moonlighting. *beams*

Anyway, like I was saying, it stopped raining even before we got to the botanical gardens. I was so happy. When we were there, there was this big big dog swimming in the pond. His owner said, “So cute!” when she saw me. I wish I could say the same about her dog. He had a commanding presence because he is soooo huge, but cute? Neh.

It started raining about 15 minutes into our walk so I told my slave to carry me while the other one held the umbrella above me. We went home soon after.

In the evening I had to take a bath coz it has been almost 10 days since I took one. The 3 Fomfomfom and Ah bee gave me while Ah ma was gone don’t count.


The chinese hamburger and the happy meal

January 27th 2007 8:01 am
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Ah ma brought back from china those little chinese buns that have holes and look like doughnuts. She put in some meat and they made little chinese hamburgers.

Ah bee went to her friend's 21st birthday party today at macdonalds. She had a happy meal coz that's what they serve at children's birthday parties. I didn't go coz I don't have a party dress. I chided ah bee for neglecting to buy me a nice party dress, then I let her go to the party while I slumped at home. I hope she didn't have too much fun. I couldn't even go to the botanical gardens coz it was raining.

At night ah bee the stomach warmed up the leftover chinese hamburger and let me have some meat. It was yummy. Then ah bee the stomach said she must have some alcohol after the hamburgers and cha offered her the medicinal wine in her room. Of which cha then enquired, how did that feel? To which ah bee replied, I feel like a bruised knee. Giggle. I thought that was so smart of ah bee. Giggle.

Then ah bee wanted to claim back her little pink and yellow alarm clock in cha's room. It won't light up, but at least it worked. And bee told cha all of fomfomfom's clocks won't work. Her clock on the wall stopped. Then 2 alarm clocks stopped. Then ah ma gave her the evergreen alarm clock in the dining hall which had been working forever. It went into fom's room for 2 days, then it stopped. It was all very creepy and mysterious. But it was all very obvious to me. It was because fomfomfom has a face that would stop a clock! Giggle.


Botanical gardens.. Not.

January 26th 2007 8:36 am
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We were just about to go to the botanical gardens when Cha's friends showed up uninvited. Mindy I recognise because this is the gazillionth time she's here. But the other one, I have no recollection of her. She smells foreign. Cha says that her name is Serene. I like this Serene- she's fresh meat. So I ignored Mindy and gave my attention to Serene. I love it when we have visiters; I get so bored facing them at home (except Ah ma. I can never get bored with Ah ma because Ah ma loves me and I love Ah ma). But I don't love visiters enough to forgo my afternoon walk at the botanical gardens. Which was exactly what happened today. When they left, it started raining so Cha informed me that the botanical gardens was a no-go.

I immediately went to pee on the newspapers. It was such a waste, all that pee I saved up to mark my territory at the botanical gardens.


Good... Bad...

January 25th 2007 8:15 am
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Today is a day of goods and bads. Good- I went to the botanical gardens in the afternoon. Bad- Fomfomfom kiap-ed my paw accidentally when she tried to close the compartment in the car. Good- In the evening I went out to the garden to bark at passers-by for more than an hour. Bad- Only 2 dogs walked by the whole hour and more. Good- Ah ma came home at night. Bad- There were black faces all around.

But it's okay because Ah ma loves me and I love Ah ma.


The komomo dragon

January 24th 2007 7:44 am
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I woke really late today. That’s because I have been sleeping with Ah bee while Cha is away. And unlike Cha, Ah bee keeps really strange hours. She was up till 3am last night and the lights kept me up. That is why I woke only at 1230pm. I had lunch in bed. That felt good. This is the life. Lunch in bed.

We went to the gardens early today coz Ah bee had to go for class afterwards. It was hot and humid and I was panting within the first 10 minutes of the walk. Anyway, when we were walking around the pond, I saw a giant lizard. It was huge! And it was longer than me. But of course I was taller. I haven’t seen such a huge lizard before. It was so different from the household variety that I am used to at home. Fomfomfom said that when lizards grow so big, they are called komomo dragons. I like them komomo dragons. I squealed in delight when I saw that one. But Ah bee and Fomfomfom refused to let me near. Spoilers.

I think I will ask my Ah gong to buy me a komomo dragon for my birthday.

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