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I think I smell too good

July 15th 2007 10:36 am
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even for myself.

Anyway, we met this Japanese family in the gardens today. We’ve met before, but previously I didn’t play and all they said was, “Kawaiiiiiii ne!” I think they are very kawaii ne too.


When they keep asking you to go.....

July 14th 2007 8:52 am
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I hate it when all I wanna do is to go to bed and they refuse to let me sleep. Instead, they chase me from one side of the newspapers to the other and back, all the while making shhhhhhhhing noises at me.


The world belongs to the beautiful

July 13th 2007 11:26 pm
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Indeed it does. Unless of course you live in a place where there are anti-discriminatory laws. That’s when they’d have you believe that the world belongs to everyone. But Fomfomfom says that it’s just a load of crap and the only way everyone can be equal is when we all live in smurfland.

But why would I wanna live in smurfland when I am so beautiful and extrapolating that-

The world belongs to me.


I hatched

July 12th 2007 11:01 am
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I used to be a tortoise egg. This morning, Cha said that I hatched. So I am not a tortoise egg now. I am a tortoise.

That Fomfomfom has been watching this serial every night. There’s this really funny woman in there. She’s not ugly ugly; but she knows how to uglify herself really well. And that is simply hilarious. I think Fomfomfom will do well in such shows. She comes up with the ugliest actions you can think of and just today, she’s got this rash thingy around her lips, which is really ugly. She fits the bill perfectly.



July 11th 2007 10:36 am
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I freestyled in the gardens today. Outta prescribed perimeters! Wheee! That’s coz we went very early and there’s no one else around so Fomfomfom and Ah bee let me run amok. With adult supervision.

I like.


Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee

July 10th 2007 9:10 am
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It is my birthday today. I am three years and seven months old. I am a big girl now. Ah bee was supposed to make me pancakes for my birthday but we don’t have maple syrup at home. So they will have to wait. Just like how I waited for Cha out at the porch for over an hour. But still no Cha so we gave up and I came in to nap a little. She is finally back now so I guess I am off to bed. I’d be sleeping on the newly washed, sunned and beaten mattresses where tiny red ants were spotted this afternoon. I heard Ah ma’s heart shattering when she saw that I was bitten by them ants.

I heart my Ah me deep deep.



July 9th 2007 2:17 am
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When we were in the gardens just now, Ah bee let go of my leash and she said, “Freestyle, Pingping”. So I did- I went off the path and went to explore the bamboo area. Then Ah bee chased me and scolded me for going too far off. I was a little mad at her coz she was the one who told me to freestyle. Then Fomfomfom explained to me that “freestyle” means within prescribed boundaries. Pffft! What nonsense! Oxymoron. That Ah bee is an idiot with pimples. Just as well that she is not coming back tonight. Maybe the gals can teach her a thing or two. Or at least they can whack her with a chapatti.


I'm a dog.... Meeeeehhhhhhhhhh

July 8th 2007 9:52 am
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Fomfomfom said she would buy me three lambs as pets. I’ve already thought of their names- Arvan, Mikrowafe and Toester. I wonder if they would grow up to be like the goat Ah bee saw on TV just now. That goat grew up with dogs so it thinks it’s a dog. It doesn’t eat grass like other good goats; it eats chicken drumstick/ pork rib rice. It knows how to shake its paw and tail. So confused. But not as much as the little kid who saw the goat and told his teacher that goats eat pork rib rice.


Lalala so happy

July 7th 2007 6:46 am
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I had a fantastic time in the gardens today. I met Madame Butterfly and Charlie and the three of us, we walked together. Together with the 4 of them- Ah bee, Fomfomfom, Auntie Butterfly and her daughter. Auntie Butterfly asked Fomfomfom how old she is and Fomfomfom replied that she is on the wrong side of 20. Auntie Butterfly was hell shocked when she heard that. She said that Fomfomfom looked like she’s 21 and Ah bee in her teens. I wasn’t surprised- when she first met me about a month ago, she said, “Hi little puppy.”



July 6th 2007 11:48 am
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Ah ma and Ah bee fried keropok today. Guess who had plenty of keropok? Giggles.

In other news, the fan tried to attack me just now. I scared it off with 3 ferocious barks. Ah bee tried to calm me down by singing me a song. It was horrible. *shudders* I don’t even want to talk about it.

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