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It was a yellow checkered handkerchief

September 20th 2007 9:50 am
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Ah ma was too lazy to prepare dinner tonight so she decided to send them out to buy dinner instead. Actually, it’s more than laziness; Ah ma loves the bee hoon Ah bee bought last week. So much so that she declared all she wanted was the bee hoon.

But of course they did not just buy bee hoon. They bought a lot more. It smelt heavenly. I’m sure it tasted wonderful too. Even Merrilyn who is real picky about food finished everything. I didn’t get a single scrap though. So I sulked at the side, with my little yellow checkered handkerchief. Just me and my handkerchief. While them greedy people stuffed themselves. Grumble grumble.


Of pretty Shih Tzus

September 19th 2007 11:05 am
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Cha drove Ah ma to my Ah yi-mama’s house just now to deliver the mooniepies. Ah yi-mama brought my sister and brother down with her. Cha says that they had their hair cut too. And they have a little ball of fur at the tip of their tail too. So basically, they look kinda like me! Of course I still look better.

We met the rabid Shih Tzu at the gardens again. He’s not so rabid anymore and he’s actually very pretty. Of course I am prettier.

I am the prettiest prettiest prettiest of them all.


Flotsam and jetsam

September 18th 2007 8:41 am
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I forgot to write this the other day and Fomfomfom reminded me about it today. I was happily walking past Ah ma and she happily stuck her foot out and tripped me. Then she started cackling. Sometimes I really don’t know what to do with my Ah ma.

Ah bee got a shock when she peered into the pot containing soup today. It was bak kut teh but there were broccoli floating in there as well. Broccoli in bak kut teh is quite unheard of and she told Fomfomfom to look in there as well. They decided that Ah ma has outdone herself. Then when Ah ma was having her dinner, Ah bee asked which soup she wanted. There are 2, asked Ah ma. So Ah bee showed her the first pot, with the seaweed soup. And then the second, the bak kut teh with broccoli. Ah ma stared at it in disbelief. And then she started cackling. She had told Merrilyn to dump the vegetable into the soup. She was referring to the Chinese parsley, not the broccoli. This is what you get when you call everything green vegetables. What a boo-boo.


Just look at you

September 17th 2007 8:43 am
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Uh oh. Fomfomfom told me so many stories that I don’t know which to tell. Oh well, I know my dear readers aren’t all that interested in her stories; you probably wouldn’t get them anyway. Oh but I did hear something that everyone should know about. There is a lesson here to be learnt. Gals, NEVER pick a tube dress as your wedding dress. And guys, always watch your feet and NEVER step on your bride’s train. Of course it didn’t happen at Green Pot’s wedding; she was smart enough to choose a dress with straps. And Onion knew where to put his feet. But I say it again, there is a lesson to be learnt here

I didn’t want to play with Ah bee in the garden today. The novelty wore off. I know what I said yesterday but it’s my prerogative to change my mind so shush. I did play with her later in the night but we were running upstairs instead of in the garden. Same game, different place, equally fun.

I slept on Fomfomfom’s stummy while she watched tv. It was nice and soft and it was lovin’.

Lynn came to give Ah bee mooniecakes just now. Cha was in the shower when she heard me barking, then the gate opening. She thought that I had run out of the house and she ran out of her room without combing her hair. When she realized what was going on, she gave Fomfomfom a earful for giving her a heart attack. Fomfomfom gets everything in this house I tell you. Then Fomfomfom asked Cha if she was so worried, why didn’t she run out with shampoo bubbles on her hair? I’m not sure what Cha said but zhen ling ren bu man yi ya! *giggles*


Kong kong kong kong

September 16th 2007 10:37 am
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Fomfomfom was out of the house real early today. I think she was up at 5. She must have been real quiet coz I slept through it. She came back to 2 and she was all excited about some Silky Terrier called Peanut. She was supposed to go attend some tea ceremony and what did she do? She went into the neighbour’s house to play with their dog. C’est too much, this Fomfomfom. And she even took pictures with the dog. I am not very happy about it.

But today is a happy occasion and we shall not talk about unhappy stuff. You know when people get married, the relatives and everyone else will look at the bridal car’s number plate and they would go buy 4D? The last time (or was it the last last time) Fomfomfom was the driver, they struck 4D with the number. I don’t know what prize they won but by the time it was divided up so many ways, Fomfomfom didn’t come back with much. So I told them I wanted my own ticket. If I win, I take all. And I’ve even decided on the numbers I want- 0000. I heard that buying the 24 permutations would increase my chances of winning so I want that too. 0000, 24 permutations, 1 big 1 small. Yes, I must remind them.

We went to the condo today. That’s coz Ah ma wanted to go buy lotus paste and salted duck eggs for her moonie pies. Yes, it is that time of the year again. Did you know that salted duck eggs are now 90cents apiece? They used to cost a buck for 4. Property prices aren't the only things going up these days. My tai ma was horrified when she heard that the eggs are almost a dollar each now; she told Ah ma to make moonie pies after the Mid Autumn Festival. I wouldn’t want to eat moonie pies after; I only eat before. It’s always about the anticipation, is it not?

I had a most uneventful hou-hou session at the garden today. Then Ah bee saw how bored I was so she removed my leash. Initially I didn’t realize I was free but I soon did. Then I started darting around the garden, away from Ah bee who was chasing me. Then we switched roles and I chased her. I chased her from the garden, into the house, out the kitchen into the back and then by the side of the garden to the front again. Then me and Ah bee, we took turns chasing each other. She would chase me, slap my backside, and then I would chase her and bite her thigh. Then the procedure gets repeated. It is a tag game of sorts. It was so fun, but exhausting- we were out of breath within 15 minutes. I will need to tell them I want to play this game everyday. The exercise would do them good too. They need it.

I slept through the 2 hour show that Ah bee was watching. Then Fomfomfom came back at midnight. The poor gal was exhausted so you will have to wait till tomorrow to hear the stories from the dinner. Stay tuned.


Dang dang dang dang!

September 15th 2007 9:20 am
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Fomfomfom went out after dinner and she came back with Scottie all ribboned with flowers. Fake ones. That’s coz Green Pot is getting married tomorrow and Scottie will pick her Onion up and send him to her house. Then they will go to the hotel together. Fomfomfom is the driver tomorrow and Green Pot has already given her a big ang pow. She will have to be at Onion’s house early. Onion asked her to join them for breakfast at the coffee shop near his house but Fomfomfom declined; she has no desire, she says, to eat breakfast with a bunch of men she didn’t know who will be more interested in her cleavage than the breakfast in front of them.

They all went down to look at Scottie with all the ribbons and flowers. Ah ma was particularly excited; someone should tell her it’s not her daughter getting married. Cha offered to carry me down but I refused. Who knows for sure I wouldn’t end up on the bathroom counter. They are a real sneaky bunch; you can never be too careful with them.

I told Fomfomfom that I want to be the flower gal tomorrow. I’d wear my Tigger suit. It’s reserved for real formal occasions you know.

I must remember to get them to iron it.


Ping Ping lei lei

September 14th 2007 9:31 am
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Ah ma went out with Cha in the afternoon and I couldn’t sleep without Ah ma. So I waited for her downstairs until they got back and I was really tired coz I missed my afternoon nap.

Fomfomfom squirted herself in the eye when she pressed for the shower foam. It stung her eye really badly. Then she saw that there was acid in the ingredients of the foam so she decided to go see a doctor. She got a shock when she saw the doctor coz she looked just like Sister Yakity Yak. But it wasn’t Yakity Yak coz Yakity Yak was on her way home when Fomfomfom went out. Anyway, the eye is good. Fomfomfom inquired about the swollen lips too and the doctor said it’s not herpes. The bad news is she doesn’t know what it is either. Clueless, like me.

Cha and Ah bee played with me just now and they kept saying, “Fetch!” They looked real happy for the 7 or 8 times I chased my little red ball, picked it up and dropped it in front of them. Then I got bored and decided that ball-watching is much easier than ball-chasing.

Those wretched gals had KFC for supper. And they didn’t give me any. Wretches.



September 13th 2007 10:05 am
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This morning, Ah ma was reading the papers and she thought she saw the words moving. Then she looked up and saw that the light was swaying slightly. I didn’t feel the tremors coz I was sleeping. I can sleep through anything.

PUB is doing some maintenance works on the sewers in our street. The people working on it are not too bright. They somehow managed to seal off the entire street while they worked. And the cars coming from all directions were not too happy and they started toting their horns. Ah bee and Fomfomfom was caught in one today and Cha and Fomfomfom were caught in another one yesterday. From where I was standing, it actually looked funny.

Cha walked in on Ah ma watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network just now. Then Cha went out and announced it to the rest of them. Ah bee went in to join Ah ma. Then I went in too. I wanted to jump up on the sofa to sit beside Ah ma so I let Ah bee carry me. Then I got carried to the toilet to get my ear cleaned. I was upset but they promised this would be the last time so I guess I can live with it.

Then I went back to join Ah ma and Ah bee. Fomfomfom came in too. We watched Tom & Jerry together for half an hour. It was lovin’.


I have been vindicated.

September 12th 2007 9:43 am
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Cha apologized for scolding me two days ago. They accused me of picking a fight with the white Schnauzer. Today, Fomfomfom and Cha brought me to the gardens and we bumped into him again. We saw each other in the distance and we both started barking. They didn’t let me go near him. But we did see that the white Schnauzer barked madly at every dog he sees. Cha decided that the problem lies with him and so she apologized to me. I forgive them. As long as they know it wasn’t me.

We also met the miniature Silky Terrier. She’s tiny. And she’s only a year and a half. Such a baby.


I hooked myself a golden tortoise

September 11th 2007 5:17 am
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They tried to make me go to the vet
I said no, no, no.
Yes my ear stinks, but just don’t smell it
You won’t know, know, know.

I ain’t got the time
And I am sure that my ear’s fine
They’ve tried to make me go to the vet
I won’t go, go, go.

I’d rather be at home with Ah ma
I ain’t got an hour to spare
Cos there’s nothing, nothing they can do there
That Ah bee cannot do at home to my ears

Didn’t believe them at all
Coz I knew we weren’t going to the gardens

They try to make me go to the vet
I said no, no, no
Yes my ear stinks, but just don’t smell it
You won’t know, know, know.

I ain’t got the time,
And I am sure that my ear’s fine,
They tried to make me go to the vet,
I won’t go, go, go.

The woman said, why you think you here?
I said, I got no idea
I was so, I was so terrified
So I kept trembling all the way there

Say, your ears they look beautiful
Say it, vet woman
And bye bye

They try to make me go to the vet
I said no, no, no
Yes my ear stinks, but just don’t smell it
You won’t know, know, know

I don’t wanna clean my ears again
I just, ooo, I just need some time
I’m not gonna spend 10 more days
Cleaning my ears twice a day

I’m not being spoilt
It’s just that I am terrified

They’re tryin to make me go to the vet
I said no, no, no
Yes my ear stinks, but just don’t smell it
You won’t know, know, know

I ain’t got the time,
And I am sure that my ear’s fine
They tried to make me go to the vet
I won’t go, go, go.

Sigh. But I went. They played dirty. They got Ah ma to carry me. But it was not a wasted trip. The vet woman said that my ears looks beautiful and we only go to carry on the cleaning for 3 more days. In case the bacteria grow resistant to the medication. Whatever.

That is not why it was not a wasted trip. Here is why- we met Kait’s owner at the vet’s. He went in and bought a huge bag of kibble. He didn’t pay for it. And then he went to talk to the vet. And then the nurses were falling over themselves, packing his kibble and OFFERING TO CARRY THE KIBBLE TO HIS CAR! That is ridiculous. No one ever volunteered to carry my medicine to the car for Fomfomfom. I don’t know who he is, but he is somebody. Ah bee reckoned that he probably owns the clinic. So Fomfomfom went to ask the nurses. They said that he’s a client and he has a Shih Tzu. I know that. His Shih Tzu is Kait, one of my boyfriends. Anyhows, he must be somebody, even if he weren’t the owner; you should have been there to see them nurses. It was positively shocking.


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