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Crispy Cream

August 8th 2007 10:01 am
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Ah bee and Cha came home with Crispy Cream doughnuts last night. I didn’t get any coz they are no good for me but I did get a donut soft toy in lieu. I heard that it makes a squeak if I bite into it. I was hoping warm custard would flow out when I bite, but according to Ah bee, there is only the squeak. And I will have to wait, until Ah ma gets it cleaned up before I can make it squeak.

Crispy Cream. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? How can cream be crispy? So I started to think. And then something in my head screamed Eureka! They must have taken a dollop of cream, rolled it around in cornflour like my Ah ma does when she fries things, and then dumped into hot oil. That’s how they get crispy. It is a wonderful idea- who would have thunk cream can be crispy too. No wonder the world is mad about them doughnuts. Wernie came over last night specially to get doughnuts. All the way here for doughnuts.

Today was an extremely hot day. And I had to take a bath. I am not too happy. Until I got some roasted goose and pork as compensation. Once again the Happy Machine is happy.


Hong Kong is good

August 7th 2007 7:58 am
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Fomfomfom went out in the evening and came back with 2 strange women. They looked vaguely familiar so I searched my memory files and located their profiles. Cha! Ah bee!

It was a happy time. They brought back roasted meats and doughnuts and lots of dvds and other assorted stuff. I got a bit of the roasted pork and roasted goose. I liked them a lot, but I was wondering if they've got roasted swan too, the kind in the botanical gardens. I told cha and ah bee to bring back some roasted swan the next time they go to hong kong.

Hong kong. I don't know where it is, but I told ah bee I like it already for its offerings. So maybe we can go there tomorrow. We can make it a daily affair, like the gardens. Ah bee says it's a polluted place, so we can't go everyday.

Ah bee got me 2 brand new water bottles from crown casino and wynn casino in macau. I tried to hide the wynn bottle but I can't decide where so I carried it in my mouth for a long time.

Tonight I will sleep in cha's room, which is just as well, coz fomfomfom is too ugly to sleep with. She will scare me, even in the dark.


No problemo

August 6th 2007 4:23 am
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You know, at first fomfomfom couldn't sleep, what with me in her room at night. But there's no problem these days coz she's getting more and more sleep deprived so we both sleep wondrously at night.

There's no unsolvable problem.

Today ah ma went out shopping for a spade. On her way back in the bus, she saw an advertisement for curry puffs so she walked under the hot sun all the way to the petrol station to buy 3 curry puffs. But I didn't get no curry puff.

That's a problem. But it's not unsolvable.

Then fomfomfom was watching tv outside, so I walked into her room and ate my supper myself. Fomfomfom heard the crunch of my kibble and came in and praised me for being such a good girl. Beam.



August 5th 2007 10:02 am
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It was 2am last night when I was sleeping in fomfomfom's room. I had my nose under the door coz sometimes I adopt that fashionable posture. Then a lizard, oh the audacity, it ran across the floor outside the room, right in front of my nose, under my nose, if you will, not literally.

So I howled and gave fomfomfom a shock, who wasn't sleeping, by the way. She was sitting in the darkness blowing her nose into a tissue and reading a magazine by the sorry table light. She had quite a honker last night.

But I digress. The point is, the lizard, of course. Fomfomfom, the clueless human she is, had no clue about the lizard. I kept growling and barking, and she was frightened. Perhaps a burglar, I read her thought bubble. But I won't keep quiet coz I had to have a go at that audacious lizard, and fomfomfom finally bravely opened her door. Then I sniffed about the laundry basket and the lizard ran noisily across the papers on the floor. That's when fomfomfom's thought bubble heaved a sigh of relief.

Then she boasted to ah ma this morning about how she opened the door for me. She related it like it was a story but I knew she was braggin' coz she left out the part of her trembling in the darkness.

Also today, ah ma finally thought that I was too lonely and bored. She told fomfomfom to take her nose out of her book and bring me to look at the night sky, poor pingping, she's so bored.

Maybe from now on ah ma will bring me out more often to play. Yippee yay yay. Giggle.


I heard the Singapore flag

August 4th 2007 5:30 am
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It was a fine day. As such I was welcoming passers by in the garden after my walk around the estate. Ah ma and Merrilyn were plucking weeds and fomfomfom was reading a book. It was real fine.

Then there were some rude noises from the sky. Everyone was looking up, even the elusive neighbours, they were out at the porch and looking too. Ah ma pointed to the sky but I didn't see anything.

It apparently was one chinook and four helicopters. The chinook had a Singapore flag hanging below it.

To think, I heard them 'copters and 'nook and the flag. It was sad I didn't see them, but I am inspired and I have a mini flag somewhere. I'm going to hold it later and sing some national day songs loudly at the porch at night so passers by can hear me and be inspired too.

I am Singapore, I am Singapore, a nation strong and free forevermore. Beam.



August 3rd 2007 7:43 am
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If I were to stow, I would stow to New Zealand. Coz fomfomfom has a strange fascination with the place and I wanna see how new it is. Besides, ah bee promised to buy me 2 sheep who will call me mama. I can boss them around and they will have to say, baa baa maa maa.

Ah bee and cha, they are in hong kong. Ah bee promised to buy donuts back. Crispy creams, I heard, I want to eat maybe 4 or 5. Then I will keep 2 for my sheep who will say, thaank youu maa maa donuut yuum yuum.

I have to depend on ah bee and cha to bring back the donuts coz I don't want to stow to Hong Kong. The weather is hot and my sheep will have to cut off their wool and they may be mistaken for cows and it will hurt their dignity. I don't know if they know how to say moo moo, but I guess they won't have to coz I will protect them and give them donuts.

I forgot to tell ah bee and cha I want 2 original glazed donuts and two filled with peanut butter. For me. For my sheep they want two filled with grass. They have never eaten grass from hong kong and we wonder if the grass is sweeter.


Them boxes

August 2nd 2007 5:53 am
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The bad feeling snuck up last night. I saw them boxes. This morning, cha and ah bee went out with them boxes. Ah ma said they went to hong kong for 6 days. It's all the boxes' fault. Everytime I see them someone disappears for a while. I had made a point in my mind to close my eyes and try not to see those boxes but last night, ah bee told me to get in and be a stowaway, in my fright i opened my eyes and saw the box and it was like a pox and therefore cha and ah bee have disappeared.

Then ah ma also went out to have lunch with her friends and fom had to send her and they kept me in ah ma's room and closed the door. It was a harrowing 20 minutes before fom came back. Then it happened again when fom went out and got ah ma back.

I was so upset. Then ah ma and fom brought me to the gardens and ah ma ran with me and she was clumsy but i was happy coz ah ma seldom brings me to the gardens and it was lovin'.

Tomorrow we will go to the gardens and run clumsily again. Giggle.


Backside backside!

August 1st 2007 9:27 am
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I went to get my backside squeezed by the other vet woman today. The regular vet woman was in an emergency surgery so I had to settle for this other one. She’s pretty nice to me but as a rule, I don’t like anyone who squeezes my backside. So there.

A woman at the vet’s asked if Fomfomfom and Ah bee are twins. I can draw either of these conclusions:

1.) The poor woman is blind.
2.) Er.

I’m sorry but I tried. The woman IS blind.

I had to take a bath today. Looks like there is no escaping it afterall. Simply a matter of time. Anyway, it only does me good to smell nice. I must take care and make sure that I will not become a so what to Ah ma. And indeed I didn’t, I got extra lovin from Ah ma tonight. She wouldn’t go to sleep without momo-ing me first.

I love Ah ma. You know the drill.


I forget

July 31st 2007 10:27 am
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I think my memory is not too good. Let me tell you why.

This morning, I spied a stranger in the house. I stared at him for a good 3 seconds. Then I cocked my head and started to think but I simply couldn’t place him. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort so I went to look for Ah ma. It was only later when it suddenly dawned on me that my Ah gong is back. I was so excited I jumped around and danced for him. That old man has been missing for the past month, deprived of my wonderful company. Poor thing he. But he came back without presents for me. I will have to speak to him about it. This is unacceptable.

Fomfomfom and Ah bee went to play badminton again today and I started sulking coz I was left at home with Cha who would usually be too busy with her dunnowhats. Cha told them that I was a petty one and I wouldn’t forgive them for dumping me on Cha. Yes, that would be correct. I do not forgive. And I will not forgive. She’s got that right. Ah bee said it wouldn’t be a problem. She said I’ve only got hair from them elephants, none of that memory thingy. So they’re all home safe. Coz even though Xiao Ping doesn’t forgive, she forgets. Damn. They’re onto me.

Ah bee pushed me off the bed just now. Fomfomfom said Ah bee’s an evil decepticon. Ah bee then said that she’s not evil. And she’s no decepticon. She said, “I’m that Op-something Prime. *silence* OCTOPUS PRIME!!”




July 30th 2007 9:42 am
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Ah ma calls me her little sushi (Tzu Shih. Geddit?) So Ah bee called me a fish. Then Cha said that I could be the rice. I think they are all mad.

We Shih Tzus, we ain’t no fish. Nor rice. We are happiness in a furry package.


‘Nuff said.

On a separate note, it looks like we’re seeing the end of La Nina. The sun’s out and everyone is out to play. We met Kait, Phoebe, some random Lab I’ve never met before. In the distance we saw the rest of Patch & Gang and Magic & Diva sans Sister Yakity whom we met walking with some other woman. I don’t know why she left Magic & Diva with her helper and went on her own merry way but at least she greeted me with a, “Hello Xiaoping!” I like her; she’s real enthusiastic. The gardens, overflowing with cheeriness and all. Wonderful.

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