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Zhai na ni?

November 16th 2007 9:46 am
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We went to the gardens early today coz Cha had another wedding to go to. Sandy yiyi came over to play with me before going to the hotel together with Cha. So happy, I haven’t had friends over in a long time. Pity they left real soon. And without me. I told Cha that I wanted to go too; I’d wear my brand new suit there. I wanted to say gongxigongxi to Zhen yiyi. But they didn’t wait for me. So I stayed home to welcome passers-by.

No cartoons tonight. What a let down.


I have arrived

November 15th 2007 8:16 am
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I got myself a new suit today. It’s a present from Ah bee’s pak tor. Actually, it looks more like a coat. It’s really pretty and everyone loves it. I think my old Tigger suit will have to retire; it’d be worn only for Halloween and The Wildlife Stampede. Other formal occasions, I will wear this new one from Coach. Much more befitting of my status as queen.


The Hamburglar

November 14th 2007 8:41 am
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I couldn’t find Fomfomfom last night so I woke her up at 9 this morning. I think I know what is wrong with Fomfomfom. I think it’s the sinseh, or rather what the sinseh told her to do. She was supposed to tape a vial of water to her deep v and knock her meridian points together 99 times in 15 minute intervals for, I dunno, 2 hours or something. Very outlandish but it made Fomfomfom scurry to the toilet 5 times today; she wasn’t in pain though. I reckon this is the best way to clear the system. Works better than laxatives anyway. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.

Random ramblings:

1.) There’s Pringles in the fridge. I do not understand why there are chips in the fridge. What I do understand is that potato chip tastes good. That is all I need to understand.

2.) Ah ma wants to spank the little mouse in thee cartoon again. So naughty. Ah ma, not the mouse.

3.) Cha locked in the toilet today. And switched the lights off too. She needs to be spanked.


20 tonnes of cuttlefish

November 13th 2007 12:07 pm
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We met my attacker at the gardens today. He was far far away. And far far away he stayed. That’s fine by me.

And Fomfomfom really almost fainted today. I think she’s very sick. I didn’t hear from her for the longest time. I knocked on her door but she didn’t answer. Yes, a very ill woman that Fomfomfom. I shall kiss kiss her tomorrow to make her feel better.


Remember the dog that looked like it eats little dogs for- breakfast?

November 12th 2007 8:13 am
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Well he tried to eat me today. I was kissing Melmel and he suddenly lunged at me. There was no time to react. If he hadn’t been muzzled, that would have been the end of me. No more. I was so terrified I let out a yelp. And Queen Ping doesn’t yelp. Then Melmel joined in the fray. Cha said he was trying to protect me but from where Fomfomfom was standing, it was just a horrific mess. Methinks she would have fainted if not for the fact that her maternal instinct told her to protect me first. I was so scared I didn’t want to walk anymore so we came back home. I got plenty of lovin’ and I’ve sort of forgotten about it already. But I don’t think any of them will forget this. And no one should.

My Ah yi mama from HK came today. So did the mahjong gals. I also went to the vet. But really, these are insignificant in light of the attack.

I need something to calm my nerves. And them.


The Big Cabbage

November 11th 2007 10:38 am
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I woke up very early today coz Chachacha had to go to a wedding. She MIAed the whole day. Then she went to bed really early. So I spent most of the day staring at Fomfomfom and night at Ah bee. I’d really rather spend time with Ah ma.

I also puked in the morning and shate in the afternoon in the garden. The weather was lovely today and I was out in the garden twice. The second time, I pooped. I wouldn’t exactly call it poop coz it was mostly water but there was excretion too. Yes, diarrhea. Fomfomfom was so worried she sat down and observed me for the longest time. Then she decided the best way to test if I was alright was to ask if I wanted to go to the gardens. Silly woman, of course I did.

So we went to the gardens. We absolutely love the weather. Fomfomfom says she will bring me to NZ and she’d buy me sheep to chase. We’ll also make me some suits- shark, tarantula, lion, gorilla, leopard, killer whale and all the ferocious beasts you can think of- just like the Tigger suit I have. I’d only choose ferocious predators so the sheep will be scared of me. I think of everything. *beams*

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. I remember something about Ah gong saying that Fomfomfom’s soles are not rosy enough. My Ah gong, he says the weirdest things sometimes.


I am 3 years and 11 months old!

November 10th 2007 8:50 am
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Today is my favouritest day of the year. Coz today I share my birthday with Ah ma. She is 62 and I am 3 years and 11 months old. *beams* Fomfomfom bought two small cakes for Ah ma and I. Two small Tom & Jerry cakes! That’s coz Ah ma and I, we have been watching Tom & Jerry every night. So happy! So we took many photos, of and with the cakes. Ah ma didn’t smile at all coz she was in her ratty home clothes. *giggles*

Then Ah gong came to watch tv with Ah ma and I nuzzled between the two of them. Like a baby. Can I just mention that I single handedly brought the average age on that sofa down to 43?

After that Ah gong brought me down to the porch to enjoy the breeze and he gave me a bellyrub too. He said that I put on weight and I walk clumsy now. Look who’s talking. Heheh, but I love my Ah gong still. And I love Ah ma even more. Ah ma gives me belly rubs even though her arms are aching. I heart Ah ma deep deep deep!

Happy birthday to us!


Ah ma wants to spank Nibbles

November 9th 2007 10:08 am
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And we have banana cake! I don’t think Ah ma knows that the price of flour has gone up. She’s too busy with Taiwan politics I reckon. Lemme tell you about Taiwan- the island that supposedly looks like a sweet potato. Taiwan is a little idiots-run territory with serious identity issues. Anyway, those idiots, when the common folk tell them that they are jobless and can’t make ends meet due to inflation, they are accused of conspiring with the media to cook up news. And them idiots don’t care nuts about the economy; they are only concerned with crushing the opposition. And removing statues of a long dead man. And getting Tiffany to give them freebies. What rubbish. Absolute rubbish. The people must have sweet potatoes for brains if those idiots get elected again; they might as well return to the embrace of their motherland if that happens. How stupid.

Anyway, we were tired of dirty politics so we watched cartoons again. It’s becoming a routine. And a lovely routine at that. I love it when we all convene to watch cartoons together. Better than dirty politics.

We are presently waiting for Cha who went to a wedding dinner. I hope she brought me a doggie bag.



November 8th 2007 9:18 am
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Ah ma says that Fomfomfom can’t kiss me unless I’ve taken a bath. And logically, I think it also means that I can’t kiss Fomfomfom unless she’s clean. So today, after my bath and hers, I kissed her and she kissed me.

Kiss kiss here, kiss kiss there. So happy.


I like juvenile

November 7th 2007 10:06 am
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I didn’t have to take a bath today. I don’t exactly know why. The tubs were filled but somehow I didn’t end up in them. Not that I am complaining though. *giggles*

Ah ma was exceptionally crabby today. That incorrigible chicken porridge wants to go to Genting to gamble but it was vetoed in light of the many bus accidents recently. So Ah ma started sulking; not unlike Ah bee when she doesn’t get her way. She grumbled, she scolded, and she was nasty at times. And she got her way. My Ah ma is so clever. I will need to learn this trick.

But there are greater forces- she’s not going to get to go afterall. Coz my Ah yi mamas will not be free to accompany her- they’ve got plans. But everyone is happy- them coz Ah ma can’t go and Ah ma coz she thought she could.

We almost forgot to watch cartoons just now until Ah bee reminded us. She was supposed to watch too but she promptly fell asleep and I didn’t get to go out to the porch until 11. Ah ma and I, we were a little bored coz no one else was around and so she picked up her Beg-No-One and started chasing me again. I absolutely loved it.

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