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Somebody in the house has the stummy flu

June 23rd 2007 4:49 am
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but it sure ain't me. Cha is not feeling too good today. Ah bee says it might be food poisoning but Cha says it’s just stomach flu. Whatever it is, it sure is powerful. Cha is pretty much gone today- she threw up her breakfast and she didn’t have anything to eat after that. And she couldn’t even lay out the newspapers for me to pee on without having to take a breather in between. I suspect she will be outta action for a few days at least.

I didn’t meet a single friend at the gardens today but Ah bee saw her classmate from French class. We turned around immediately. And they say that i have no social skills. Pui.

I also put 6 holes in Ah bee's hands just now. Serves her right.



June 22nd 2007 4:29 am
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Yes I know I let my loyal readers (yes all two of you) down last night. I plead insanity.

Actually, what happened was that the fuse short-circuited or something, so we were without power for a good two hours. I was too busy attending to the electrician and when he finally left, I was so bushed I fell asleep. And erm, I sorta forgot about writing my diary after that. So ya, there you have it.

We met the Lhasa Apso today. His name is Tika and it means a mark on the head. My name is Xiaoping and it means a little apple. It also means that I am the apple of everybody’s eye.


One plastic bag

June 20th 2007 9:39 am
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Yesterday Ah ma left a plastic bag on the floor and I put myself in there. Then Ah ma picked me up and swung me around. Then she let me out and I quickly got away from the mad woman. When I came back, I spied a plastic bag on the floor again. Ah ma had laid it there this time but I didn’t know. I found myself wandering into that bag again. The moment I got in there, Ah gong and Cha swooped down on the plastic bag and they each grabbed one end of the bag. Then they swung me back and forth. It was actually kinda fun, almost like being on a swing. But somehow I think they all had more fun than I did- they woke Ah bee up with their cackling. Mad mad people.

I puked today and I got many tidbits from Cha. That’s all.


I will never surf, the warm Hawaiian Shore, or travel far- beyond the botanical gardens

June 19th 2007 10:50 am
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Unless I have to see the vet that is. We went to see the vet woman today. She said that my ears are starting to inflame so they will have to put ear drops in my ears twice a day for a week. Then the vet woman, she emptied my anal glands. She calls them The Lethal Glands. Today I made sure that it was more lethal than usual. Giggle. I poopy-pooped while she was squeezing my backside. It landed in her palm. WHEE!

I heard something about a scaling procedure next Tuesday. I have no idea what that means. We will all find out on Tuesday.

We went to the gardens just now and I met the puppy we saw yesterday again. She’s only 4 months old. She obviously doesn’t know what jing chi is. She chased me and I ran. Ah bee refused to let go of my leash so it was a tangled mess. Anyway, that little ninnypoop, she couldn’t get me to stop running away from her so she bit me. On my backside. It didn’t hurt coz she’s just a ninnypoop. But oh, the indignity of it all. I thought about biting back but I remember what Auntie Butterfly said- older sisters must be jing chi.

She’d better not let me see her again.


Here kitty kitty

June 18th 2007 10:27 am
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Fomfomfom bought me a new packet of tidbits. It was excellent- fresh and chewy. The cat on the ledge thought so too. Fomfomfom threw her a piece this afternoon, to get her to move so that I can spot her. Ah bee asked Fomfomfom if feeding the cat doggie tidbits would give her a stummyache. Fomfomfom said that doggie tidbits are okay for cats but kitty tidbits are no good for dogs. That’s coz cats can take more protein but dogs can’t. That’s why we cannot have high-protein kitty tidbits.

There. You learn something new everyday.


Happy Father's Day

June 17th 2007 9:41 am
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I spent the whole day napping coz I was so tired out from electric grill. But I wasn’t tired enough to miss my walk at the gardens. After that I had to take a bath. I didn’t like that but at least I smell nice now. They like to fuss over me more when I smell nice. I like them fussing over me. So I guess I like smelling nice. I’m not sure if this means I like baths though.

Today is Father’s Day. I didn’t see my father. In fact, I have only seen my father once I think. When I was about 2 weeks old. I don’t even know his name. I hope he had a good day.


Electric grill

June 16th 2007 9:45 pm
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Last night was electric grill night. Electric grille is a wonderful tradition; it has been around longer than I have. Twice a year, 5 gals would come over and they would sit around a ridiculously small grilleand burn food. There would be an exchange of gossip, plenty of undercooked or burnt food and lots of laughter. I love electric grill nights; I would always sit with them. My hair gets oily from all that grilling but it’s okay. Jaclyn and Eve yiyis stayed over last night and I slept in the same room. They left at around 11 and I went to nap immediately. I am so very exhausted. It is tough playing host.

Till the next grill.


Bak zangs

June 15th 2007 12:01 pm
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The inside of my ears, they are itching terribly. Fomfomfom says my ears smell real funky. So she told Ah bee to clean them out. And she did. They feel a little better now but I am still scratching. Fomfomfom says that we will have to go see the vet woman soon. I haven’t been there in quite a while. I kinda miss the vet woman and the way she calls me Miss Pingping. I especially like the way she says, “ping ping, don’t bite me ah pingping.”

My Ah ma made bak zangs again today. Fomfomfom says that this batch is wonderful. She had 4 today. 4 is also the number of bak zangs Ah ma had to remake because they were made by Ah bee. They didn’t pass QC. And the only reason why the 5th bak zang Ah bee made was spared was because she insisted so. That was also when Ah ma threw her out of the kitchen.


Sio bak and water chestnuts

June 14th 2007 11:34 am
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Because the sio bak is sio-ed, it is heaty. Water chestnuts, on the other hand, have what we call a cooling effect. Therefore, when one has sio bak, one must have water chestnuts. To balance things out a little. And for good measure, one can throw in some squid. It does nothing for the body; it just tastes so good.



The dirty auntie

June 13th 2007 9:12 am
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We met a cousin of mine at the gardens today. He is a Lhasa Apso. His ancestors came from Tibet while mine came from China so we are cousins of sorts. I didn’t catch his name but I do know that he is 5 months old. He’s black and white just like me and everyone got a shock coz we look so alike. He even has the same water bottle. Except his is blue coz he is a boy and mine is pink. We spent about 5 minutes barking at each other until they decided that it was enough and dragged us away. I think I like him. We can all become friends. Maybe I’d introduce him to Madame Butterfly.

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