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Farty Ping

March 4th 2009 7:42 am
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Yesterday, Cha suddenly sat up and called me farty ping. I only did something natural. What's with the name-calling?

She said she was hungry tonight. She wondered if she should drink soya bean milk before bed. Maybe it'd give me gas, she told me.

Then I'd call you farty cha, I shouted in her face. Take that.


The pear and the ping

March 3rd 2009 6:23 am
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So ah ma gave me my own pear tonight. I ate the whole pear myself.


My ah ma is unwell

March 2nd 2009 7:06 am
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Yesterday, ah ma ate some bad kaya on her bread and got a stummy upset. And she still went to eat steamboat with fomfomfom and ah bee. Then she spent the rest of the day in bed coz she was feeling so unwell.

This morning ah ma was still green so she went to see a doctor. Ah ma's got a fever too. I didn't want ah ma to feel bad so I ate her whole pear after dinner. Just in case pear is bad for the stummy.


Heaven put me in cha's lap

March 1st 2009 7:50 am
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It rained heavily heavily heavily today. I was taking my walk and the constant thunder scared me. I couldn't possibly let the rain fall on me, so my walk wasn't full of liberty at all.

At night I was tired from the lack of liberty so I stayed on the sofa the entire night. It must have been 6 hours I stayed on that sofa. Even cha expressed admiration at my determination.

And when fomfomfom came to give me a neck scratch, I made a snorting/snoring sound coz I was enjoying it so much. Cha stared for a few minutes and muttered, where did she bring me back from. I told fomfomfom that I was gift from the heavens and that they should appreciate me and give me neck scratches all the time.

Fomfomfom agreed wholeheartedly.



February 28th 2009 5:12 am
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We were splashing around in the rain today when Fomfomfom suddenly asked Ah bee how long she would like to be placed under the building for when she dies. Ah bee said three days. Fomfomfom then told Ah bee that if either she or Cha expires, they want to be cremated after 24 hours. And Fomfomfom instructed Ah bee to put her in an urn with me. She said she wants to be with me forever. That was when Ah bee said she wants to be with me forever too. Fomfomfom suggested dividing me up so that they can have half each. They decided that Cha is sane and so she probably want no part in this. Then Ah bee said nonono we cannot divide pingping up. How about us three in one urn? Fomfomfom protested.

Because three's a crowd. Especially in an urn.


Expensive medicine

February 27th 2009 7:12 am
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I was due for my monthly heartworm medicine today. Cha was supposed to administer it for me at night, since fomfomfom and ah bee were going out. But fomfomfom won't give the medicine early to cha. She fears cha would use it on herself coz you'll never know, she might have lice.

The medicine is expensive, gotta be careful with it, fom whispered to me. And what if cha mixes some cornstarch solution and puts it on my fur, pretending it is the medicine?

We will not be fooled.


Primary 2 english textbook

February 26th 2009 7:00 am
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If I were moo moo monster, I would jump and hop. And then I would drink hot tea. But I am not a moo moo monster.

So I climbed into cha's lap and put my head on her thigh and slept for an hour. Cha told me her thigh went to sleep too.

We were so happy.



February 25th 2009 6:18 am
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I met a boy in the lift today. He said, cat. I said, boy, if you say that again, you may not live to become a man. I have no time for niceties. Cat indeed.

During my afternoon walk, I threw up a mysterious pile of stuff. Fomfomfom brought the stuff home but cha won't look at it and threw it away. What it is, is for me to know and for them to find out. Giggles.

Fomfomfom then got home a little late in the evening and cha brought me for my evening walk. I always like to sit around but all the benches were wet coz it had just rained and cha didn't know where we can sit. I sighed and brought her to my favourite stretch of place-to-sit. All 3 of them. I walked along the stretches and jooped and whooped and we sat happily for a while. But the whole adventure still was only for half an hour and I had to take a shower when I came back coz it was mushy everywhere. Boo.


I am da ping-zi and they are the cha-zi, fom-zi and bee-zi

February 24th 2009 6:51 am
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Cha always says, take care of the nose and the nose will take care of pingping. That's why she always wipes my nose very clean after walks.

Maybe now my nose is not keeping me clean enough. Now cha has something new to clean. She wipes 5 times on each side to clean off the sleep at the corner of my eyes.

And she claims she wants to teach me to count to 8. Perhaps I will bite off her nose and nothing will keep her clean then. And then I will teach her to count to 10.


I dunno if the bird is a boy or girl so he/she is an "it"- too

February 23rd 2009 6:40 am
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Today I was surveying my kingdom and I came across this audacious bird. It was sleeping under a car. At 1.45 in the afternoon. I squeezed under the car too and crept up close. Then I barked loudly into its ear and it almost jumped out of its feathers.

It deserves to be bald, such a lazy birdie.

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