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Domestic goddess

September 30th 2007 12:42 pm
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I didn’t see Sister YY today but I did hear her. Fomfomfom likes to say that you can hear her even before you see her. There is some truth in that.

Just now Fomfomfom cooked herself Kim Chi noodle soup. She will teach Green Pot how to make that for Onion so that she can perform her wifely duties. Also now that Fomfomfom can cook one noodle dish and one soup dish, I think she is all set.

We just have to wait.


Grow, hair. Grow!

September 29th 2007 7:31 am
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I didn’t give up without a fight today. Fomfomfom and Ah bee chased me all around the dining room but they didn’t manage to catch me. Not even when I was on a leash. They were that lousy. Fomfomfom gave me her fist to chew on; she said that I don’t bite fists. Ah bee believed her and she gave me her fist to chew on. That was when I put 4 holes in her hands. I even managed to draw a little blood. I haven’t bitten them in a long time. I don’t want to; they made me. Pfffffffft!

I am writing this in the garden now. My Ah gong is here with me. That silly old man is trying to make them drink the honey he bought, the ginseng drink he makes, drink something that will apparently make their hair grow. Er, he's the bald one in this house. I am so glad I'm not part of this. I’m waiting for Fomfomfom who went to a BBQ. I told her to bring me satay and chicken wings. And chicken chop. And marshmallows. And sausages. And garlic bread. Yes, those weird people bbq garlic bread. Yikes. Okay maybe I'll skip the garlic bread.


My Stworbearwee World

September 28th 2007 10:04 am
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I am most sick of cleaning my ears twice a day. So today I decided I don’t want to clean them anymore. So I stayed downstairs all morning and they couldn’t catch me for hours. I was most pleased. Then Ah bee woke up and she scooped me up within 2 minutes of coming down. Grumble.

Then at night, I refused to go upstairs coz in case you haven’t realized, they like to trap me in someone’s room to catch me. So I hid downstairs again. I hid behind Ah gong and I told Ah gong that I didn’t want to clean my ears. I heart my Ah gong deep deep- he told Cha that missing one session will not hurt. But no one listened to him. At least he tried. Then Ah bee came down and she saw that I was between the barrier and the steps. She lay down on the floor, fencing me in and I was trapped once again. That’s when they caught me.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived in a perfect strawberry world when there’s no ear cleaning? Heck we can even do without ears. But again, I wouldn’t be as pretty as I am now. Okay, the ears stay. No ear cleaning. Now excuse me while I dream of my perfect little strawberry world.


Krong krong has taken on a new meaning

September 27th 2007 11:21 am
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We had to walk in the rain today. All because Ah bee decided that she needed to take a dump before we left. It started drizzling on our way there. By the time we were out of the car, it was real gloomy and dark. We saw people fleeing to the pavilions but we continued. Fomfomfom took to squatting down whenever I stopped to sniff around. She said it would lower the chances of getting struck by lightning. We’ve never been to the gardens when the weather is so bad. It is quite something. And I got wet in the rain. It was real fun coz everything smelt so different but somehow I don’t think they will want to do it again anytime soon.

I also ah-chooed 6 times today. Plus a honk. That scared them. A lot. But I am fine. Thank you for asking.


Han xiang

September 26th 2007 9:00 am
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We met a Shih Tzu at the gardens today. His name is Charlie and he looks like a baby with his puppy cut. And the way he trots along the sides of the pond, chasing the ducks. But Ah bee says he’s really old coz she saw that he’s blind in one eye. You would think that older folks have a little more class but he totally behaved like a baby. He was chasing the pigeons and the ducks. Then one of them ducks couldn’t take it anymore. When he approached the duck, it flapped its wings and waddled towards him. That Charlie, he got quite a shock. He bolted and was out of the range of the duck in no time. Everyone-Fomfomfom, Ah bee, his owner, the giggly school gals and the gals having a picnic- burst out laughing. That should teach him not to ruffle feathers. But it didn’t. He went on his own merry ways again. Some people never learn. But he’s really cute. And oblivious.

We met Magic and Diva today. They didn’t try to jump on me today. Sister Yakity Yak laughed at me coz she saw how I charged towards Magic and Diva, wanting to play, but chickened out when they were in front of me. Magic was very excited when he saw me- he was making this weird bird-like sound. A little bit of a honk. Sister YY says he does this every time he meets doggies. But Diva is quite the diva; not a peep outta her. She (Sister YY, not Diva) says that I can ride on them both if I wanted to. It is not a bad idea. I will keep a lookout for a seat that can be strapped around their tummies. Sort of like the kind you see on elephants. Then I can ride in style. Queen Ping goes to the gardens.

In Style.


Wanton lantern

September 25th 2007 8:54 am
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Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all! Today’s moon is nice and round. But it will be roundest 2 days from now. That does not matter. Because today is MAF and MAF is wonderful.

This year I have 2 lanterns. One Tom and one Jerry. They aren’t electric; Fomfomfom says that I am a big gal now and I can have lanterns with candles. I love my lanterns. We hung them at the grill where we used to hang my little Singapore flag. One of them fall down and Ah bee had to retrieve it from outside the house. We replaced the candles three times for each lantern. So pretty, glowing in the dark. Maybe when I am old enough they will let me hold my own lanterns. I can’t wait.

We were all out there in the garden just now, sans Cha. Fomfomfom stuffed herself silly with moonie pies while Ah bee attacked the pomelo. I had some pomelo too but it was sour and I didn’t really like it. Fomfomfom even made a pot of tea and brought it out to the garden. Ah ma said she’s mad. But it was fun.

Yue liang yuan yuan
Yuan yuan yuan
Xiao Ping ping ping
Ping ping ping.


Fatty Bom Bom

September 24th 2007 12:07 pm
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I went to the vet today. Fomfomfom and Cha brought me there. Then Cha left and Ah bee came to pick us up. 10 more days of ear-cleaning. Sigh. And I am now 6kg. I can’t blame it on my hair coz I just had a haircut. I will need to regain my svelte figure.

Fomfomfom cut up her 4-yolk moonie pies today. Those are 2000 calories each. You will probably have to skip 15000 times to get rid of 2000 calories. So Fomfomfom dumped one of them sinful moonie pies on each of the mahjong gals. The more they eat, the less Ah ma eats. The less Ah ma eats, the healthier Ah ma stays. Wonderful.


I know this entry is a little late;

September 23rd 2007 10:12 pm
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I hope I didn’t keep all of you waiting. I was so tired last night I even went to bed without having supper. That’s how tired I am. Let me tell you why I am so tired.

We went to the gardens and I walked for half an hour. Half an hour is not a lot but I brisk-walked almost all the way. And I even ran for some distances. I’ll have you know that is real tiring. Just think of how short my legs are in comparison to yours and the distance I covered. Ah gong went with us there and that silly old man was looking at all the plants and even chatting up random guys to talk about the trees. Trees aren’t the only nutty things in the garden.

Then when we came back, Merrilyn brought me out to the garden to welcome passers-by. It was lovin’. We stayed out until it was dark. Until Ah bee screamed for my return. It was Sunday afterall, she said, and the neighbours do want a good rest. I obliged coz I was hungry.

So I had two dinners. It does not explain why I didn’t have supper. I didn’t have supper coz I was tired. Not because I was too full from the two dinners.


I love Ah ma’s big tummy.

September 22nd 2007 9:13 am
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I stepped all over it just now. It’s wonderfully round. Terribly soft. Perfect for sleeping on.

My Ah gong is back. He didn’t bring me any presents. I told him not to. Believe in Made in China? Not now.

He did bring back a small bust of his own likeness. It’s made of mud. Or clay. Or something. He left it in the dining room. Ah bee told him to remove it coz she said she might lose her appetite looking at it. Fomfomfom said he should have made one of my likeness. Then we would display it proudly in the driveway. On a column. No less.


Ain't worth it

September 21st 2007 9:08 am
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My ear, my ear
Be good and
Be smooth once again
Don’t stink no more

I would hate to go to the vet again.

On a separate note, we bumped into someone familiar at the gardens today. He was duly embarrassed so we promised to keep mum. That’s all.

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