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Wet wet day

August 28th 2007 11:11 am
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The sky went krong krong today. It started pouring at about noon and didn’t let up till hours later. It was really heavy and many roads along Bukit Timah were flooded. This Tuscani stopped in the middle of the road and caused a jam. You see people, Korean cars. They are no good. They stall when it rains. And Japanese cars, they go up in flames when you drive them into walls. That is why I say everyone should drive a Volvo. It’s hardy. You can’t go wrong with it. It’s not pretty but still prettiness is not everything. You have to be alive before you can be pretty. Dead people. Not pretty.

Fomfomfom is worried that water will go into the exhaust pipe and the cars will be no more coz she saw that the huge canal outside our house is overflowing. So I told her to park the cars, backside to backside, then I will stand in the middle and stick my paws into the exhaust pipes to cork them up. I said loudly that I will only leave my work station when the water level retreats. Fomfomfom was so touched she praised me for being a good gal. It really really doesn’t take much.



August 27th 2007 10:59 am
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They call me their little monster. I’m no monster. Just because I demand to be fed kibble by kibble, 3 times a night doesn’t make me a monster. The fact that I take an hour to get ready for bed, because I have to eat, drink water, pee pee, wipe my mouth, eat somemore, drink more water, refuse to pee anymore, wipe my mouth, doesn’t make me a monster. And chewing on the sheepskin doesn’t make me a monster either. If anything, they should call me their little darling. I’m such a darling. I know.



August 26th 2007 9:50 am
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I am not happy. I was mistaken for someone else today. It’s not the usual oh-is-that-a-Maltese kinda mistake; this is worse. Someone came up to me and called me Tika.

My loyal readers would know who Tika is. Tika is the Lhasa Apso. He is the one who looks a little like me. I say a little because no one can look as pretty as me. Not even Ben, who’s a black and white Shih Tzu like me. What more a distant cousin.

So I was mistaken for Tika. This is terrible. They should not go around calling every black and white dog Tika. If anything, all cute black white and pinks should be called Xiao Ping. I should be so famous.

And Fomfomfom is probably right- Tika doesn’t stand for a mark on the head. It is probably short for Erotika.



August 25th 2007 12:02 pm
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I was playing with Fomfomfom just now. It’s a tag + catching kinda game; I would run at high speeds to avoid her but if she doesn’t chase me, I would charge towards her. I was running away from her just now and I slammed right into the cabinet. Fomfomfom didn’t say she was sorry so I threatened to tell Ah ma that she hurled me against it. Fomfomfom immediately admitted she was wrong and apologized. It really doesn’t take much.

Today at the gardens a woman stopped us and asked what breed I am. She said she’s got a dog exactly the same as me but it’s a cross breed. Weird. I’m 100% Shih Tzu, u lou? Anyway, she’s looking for a dog to mate with hers that’s why she got so excited on seeing me. Pity I got my tubes tied a long time ago and her dog is a she.


You think you what II

August 24th 2007 9:36 am
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We have here another instance of the conciseness of the English language at the hands of Singaporeans. Today at the gardens, we met this whole bunch of teenagers in their school uniforms. They were in the middle of some activity there I suppose, a treasure hunt of sorts. That is unimportant. What happened was that a group of them walked by and this particular one exclaimed, “Cute siah!” I love the way he expressed himself. Such brevity. And let’s not forget how spot on he was. Cute siah, that’s exactly wh0 I am- Xiao cute-siah Ping.

My right ear, it is not doing so well. I scratched too hard and it started bleeding. I couldn’t help it coz it was so itchy. Sigh, I think I cannot avoid seeing the vet woman this time.


I think Ah bee is Ah ma’s favourite daughter.

August 23rd 2007 9:11 am
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Let me tell you why. Ah bee had a night class just now and it started pouring. Ah ma knew that there was no shelter from the classrooms to the car park. She knew that Ah bee wouldn’t have a brolly with her. So she told me to bring one to her. Because she didn’t want Ah bee to get wet from running 20m to the car. But I didn’t know the way to Ah bee’s school and it was dark and scary out there so I didn’t go. Besides it stopped raining.

And when Ah bee got home all dry, she complained that she was hungry and she wanted to eat char kuey tiao. Ah ma immediately offered to fry her some. She said no no no, she was kidding but Ah ma kept asking her if she wanted some. Then Ah ma told me to go fry some for Ah bee. I wanted to, but I think I am too short and I can’t reach the stove. Nonetheless I wanted to try so after Ah ma gave me instructions on how to fry the kuey tiao, I ran outta the room. I was about to charge downstairs when I caught sight of my kibble. I was distracted coz I, too, was hungry. After I was done eating, Ah bee decided she didn’t want to eat afterall so I did not get to fry kuey tiao.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will char some kueh tiao for my Ah ma’s favourite daughter.



August 22nd 2007 11:06 am
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I was a naughty gal. I tried to bite them when they tried to bath me. So for the first time, I had to be muzzled while seated in the basin. I was a little ashamed of myself so when they removed the muzzle, I was on my best behaviour and co-operated as best as I could. They forgave me and I got my milkstick and tidbits as usual. Kiss kiss Ah ma.

Ah ma gave me a bellyrub just now. Then she told me to give her a back massage. I was terribly upset because I didn’t know how to give her one.

One down! I was a bowling ball today. Cha would stand my plastic bottle and I would charge towards it and topple it with my head. Wheeee!

We didn’t see Kait at the gardens today. The poor dear sprained his leg when he was jumping off a bench. I know he’s doing better coz he looked fine when I saw him yesterday. Still, I miss him. And there weren’t many dogs at the gardens today even though the weather was beautiful. We met a Jack Russell, a brown Lab and some hound like thing. It was so disappointing.



August 21st 2007 10:06 am
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It has a certain ring to it. It’s beautiful. Renvoi. Renvoi refers to a vicious cycle. When one points to another and when the other points back to the first. It can be total; it can be partial. You can reject it; you can accept it. You can accept it, but choose to ignore it. It can remit; it can transmit. A total renvoi will not work unless the 2 parties have opposing stands. It is sort of like how like poles repel. It is like me chasing my own tail. My head and my tail cannot be moving at the same time. If they are moving at the same time, I will never be able to catch my tail. It is impossible. Just like renvoi.

I sunned the clothes today. It was fun. I will sun the clothes everyday from now on.

Ah ma was most amused when I toppled my bottle today. 3 times. She couldn’t stop cackling.


Fomfomfom was born under the broom star.

August 20th 2007 10:19 am
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There is one slight difference though- she only jinxes herself. Like today, it was a beautiful day, the mahjong gals were over and everyone was happy. Then she started telling Ah bee that she lost money today. Ah ma, who was walking by, heard her and asked why she lost money. She said she shorted her futures. Then Ah ma went, “How can you short?!?!? It’s going up!” Then Ah ma told her that she should go back to work if she’s losing money like this. Ah ma said she’s lazy and she should be working instead of playing with me all day long. Fomfomfom was so scared she apologized for shorting. In the meantime, Cha was sniggering somewhere coz she shorted too but she didn’t get no scolding.

Later, Ah bee poured milk on the floor for me and Fomfomfom was in the kitchen with us. Ah ma walked into the kitchen and Fomfomfom’s face turned white. She almost scrambled up the kitchen cabinet coz she knew that Ah ma would get angry if she sees the milk on the floor. She darted out of the kitchen and Ah bee started laughing hysterically. In case you haven’t realized, Fomfomfom gets blamed for everything in this house. Cha says it’s because she’s a doormat. And the only way for her to regain her favourite daughter status was for her to go back to work. This, she vehemently refuses. Ah ma doesn’t realize that the two of them are being entrepreneurial here. I will tell her to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that I need them to bring me to the gardens everyday.

Ah bee saw that my meimei looked a little raw and pink but they can’t decide if there is something wrong or if it has always been like that. I am not tellin’.


Cheeeep cheeeeep

August 19th 2007 5:43 am
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Ah ma was so tickled that this Taiwanese couple has a little sparrow for a pet. Er it’s not a tiger or an elephant you know Ah ma… It’s just a little tweety bird. What’s so amazing about keeping a bird as a pet? I know the bird eats its meals with the couple, wakes them up by singing songs, takes hot showers in winters and answers telephone calls when they’re not available but I do that too! And more!

But I digress. This is my diary and I shan’t spend all my time talking about some silly bird. I had to take my third shower in three days today. And I didn’t even get to go to the gardens; we only took a walk around the neighbourhood. I guess it wasn’t all that bad considering I got to go out in the rain. I love splashing in the puddles! Squish squish!

My right ear smells extremely funky and Ah bee saw that there’s dried blood. That’s coz it’s so itchy I scratched so hard it bled. I need some lovin’ from Ah ma.

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