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Ding dong.......

December 27th 2007 9:56 am
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The weather today was lovely and no one got baked. I am happy to report that the filthy thing is gone. No more. Just like Bhutto. The woman, in the words of her party’s spokesperson, has expired. We were so shocked and we watched the news for a long long time. It’s not like we’re sympathetic. Maybe we are, but that woman is supposedly corrupted too. So again, maybe not. But it’s just shocking, if you know what I mean. Politics is so so so dirty. And did she know that this morning was the last time she would wake from her bed? Who would have thunk? And the markets immediately went down and oil prices went up. It is all rather scary if you ask me. But Ah ma told me not to worry coz nothing in my little doggie world has changed. I felt so much better after Ah ma said that. I will sleep soundly tonight.


Rated PG (violence)

December 26th 2007 8:54 am
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Fomfomfom boxed me coz today is Boxing Day. I know what you are thinking. Don’t say it.

Today is the 5th time they made a lousy call on the weather. 2 more and it’d be a grand slam. I don’t really mind walking when it’s hot (okay not THAT much) but I worry about that Fomfomfom. She is always ill. A rather weak woman. But don’t think she’s an oil-saving lamp. She accompanied Ah ma to the doctor’s and when she came back, she declared that she wanted to “tear the mouth of the idiot doctor” right after she rips “that ugly face attached to that fat body”. Just don’t cross her.

Also we saw something filthy at the gardens today. If I told you what it is, this entry would no longer be PG. So I shan't.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow we go back to a G rating.


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2007 8:43 am
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This is my 5th Christmas. I’m a big gal now. Anyway, I wasn’t very happy today coz they went to a Christmas party without me. They left Cha home with me but still, I wanted to go to the party. There’s always a lot of food at that party and I always get the most attention when I go over. What a bummer. At least I know that I’d definitely get to go over during CNY. Can’t wait.

The neighbours across the street had guests over and they were singing Christmas carols till late. A little out of tune but still brings festive cheer. I wasn’t invited to that party either. Double bummer.

My Christmas was rather uneventful. How was yours?



December 24th 2007 8:36 am
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The MJ gals were over today. I honked once and Ah gong decided he’s had enough. So he told all the MJ gals that no one is to have any fragrance of any kind from next week on. Cha and Fomfomfom have been wanting to impose that on them MJ gals for the longest time but it is not in their place to do so. So my Ah gong did the dirty work. *giggles* So they will all come smelly next week. I like.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Who is ugly when wet and gorgeous when dry?

December 23rd 2007 8:41 am
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According to everyone who said I looked a mess after my bath today. Whatever.

Fomfomfom would like to issue an apology to all the children of the world. Today at the gardens, we were at the carpark when we heard loud noises. Shrieking. Fomfomfom said it must be them stupid kids. Turns out that the perpetrators are not kids. So Fomfomfom would like to eat her words. But she still hates kids. Just for the record.

I used to have green peas for lunch. But those are really quite gross. Fomfomfom would squash the pea so the skin is separate from the rest of it. She says I will digest it better that way. Anyway, they are squashed, wet and soft. So I don’t like them. I found out today that there are peas and there are peas. Those I had for lunch, are disgusting tasteless peas. Those they kept in a container by the sofa are crunchy and tasty. I know because I had more than 10 of those today. All just by pushing my face right in front of Fomfomfom’s and growling nonstop. What Xiao Ping wants, Xiao Ping gets. Anyhow, those are wonderful; they’re even better than my potato chips. From now on, I want these peas. Yummy.


1 v. 100

December 22nd 2007 8:34 am
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This morning I was standing guard at the door as usual. A bunch of people walked by, cackling and making a lot of noise. I cannot stand for that coz I am in charge over here. At 9am on a Saturday morning, almost everyone in the house is still asleep and they will definitely be woken up by the din. So I started barking at those people outside. I need to warn them to keep it down or there will be consequences. I barked and I barked. Then Cha came down and told me that I just woke everyone in the house with my barking. She said the noise outside didn’t wake everyone; my barking did. I told her that if I barked at them this time, they would know better, and the subsequent 100 times they walk by, they wouldn’t dare to make any noise. That stumped her. Sometimes, they don’t think before they speak.



December 21st 2007 7:30 am
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Yesterday I saw a cat at the gardens. It was sitting in front of the bushes, motionless. But I saw it. For once, I was the first one to spot it. They like to say that I’m blind and can’t see anything unless it moves. They are so wrong. This cat, it didn’t even blink. But I saw it. First. I wasn’t allowed near it so I started barking and barking at it. I refused to leave. But I still got pulled away. How very disappointing.

So today, I went back to the same spot to look for the cat. Fomfomfom and Ah bee were so impressed that I remembered the exact spot coz my memory ain’t too good at times- sometimes I even forget where I hide all my tidbits. But the cat wasn’t there.

Maybe tomorrow.


Good cop, bad cop

December 20th 2007 8:37 am
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I’m not fooled by it. They think they’re so clever but they only succeed because I let them. Anybody can see through that routine- Cha would scold me for not refusing to sleep at my bedtime, and the other two would fuss over me. But at least they try to be consistent by getting Cha to play bad cop; we all know why she’s called Cha in the first place, don’t we? Anyway, I decided to indulge them today; it’s no fun coming out tops all the time.

Ah ma and Cha went to the temple today because they need to, how do I put this, return the blessings of the gods. FYI, we Chinese have the horoscope consisting of 12 animals. And each year, a couple of them will clash with the erm taisui. If you fall under that, you should go to the temple and pray so that the gods will protect you from calamities that year. And if you survive the year well and good, you are supposed to go back to the temple to thank the gods for their protection. So, with so many people in this house, we are bound to have someone’s horoscope clashing with the taisui and someone who has to go offer thanks for the previous year. Ah ma does this for everyone every year. Bless Ah ma. Anyway, they were talking about the horoscope and they say that I was born in the Year of the Goat. They called me a sheep in dog’s coat. Hello? Of course I fought for my dignity. I’m a dog; I descended from wolves. I’ve got blood of fearsome predators running in my veins. What sheep? I’m not a sheep. Then Ah bee said that I’m a Capricorn and that further shows that I am a sheep. I was so worried that she might be right so I went to check it out. Thank goodness- Sagittarius is my sign. I’m an archer, not a goat. I’m not going to let them lure me into having an identity crisis. *repeats to self* I’m a dog. Raaaaaaaa!

Oh Ah ma chased me with her blanket just now. She was so happy she kept laughing. She was the only one. Fomfomfom and Ah bee laughed a couple of times for the sake of being polite but that was it. I don’t think Ah ma ever played with them like this. No wonder they all turn out weird. Not me; I’m happy and balanced.



I love the French.

December 19th 2007 8:33 am
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Today I had kantang au naturale. Fomfomfom bought it for me yesterday. It looks like French fries and it smells like potato chips. Ah bee and Cha wanted to eat them. But I said no. They will have to get their own bag. That one is mine. I reckon I ate half a bag already. I would have finished everything but I wasn’t allowed to. Suddenly I don’t mind ear cleaning anymore. They even got white specks on them ala salt on fries. But it ain’t salt; it’s shavings made of milk. The Japanese, they think of everything.

I don’t think I like going to the gardens so early afterall; I have nothing to do for the rest of the day. Oh but today wasn’t so bad coz we had the exterminators over. They were supposed to do something about the ant problem but I don’t think they did a very good job coz Ah ma was screaming. At what I have no idea. I think we’ll have to continue stocking up on the Baygon.


The two-legged bird

December 18th 2007 6:42 am
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We went to the gardens early today coz it looked like it was going to pour. There were many kids there. Screaming kids who usually scream for the sake of screaming. I don’t do that; I only bark when I see other dogs. Like when I saw this little silky terrier today. He’s the first dog I’ve seen in a really really long time. I miss my friends.

Anyway it started raining halfway into the walk and so we headed home. The moment we got back, it stopped raining. My little heart only felt a little more vindicated when it started raining again.

Oh I got a present from Bishana yiyi today. It’s a little birdie windmill. I like it a lot except I get a little scared when they chase me with it.

Ah ma, Ah gong and Fomfomfom went to visit my tai ma after dinner. I was home with Ah bee. We slept the whole time they were out. We are exhausted from doing nothing the whole day.

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