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Ding Dang Dong!

May 23rd 2009 7:53 am
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1.) I am back home with Ah ma. Yippie! Ah ma was so happy she forgot she was boiling water and it boiled over and she had to start all over.

2.) According to them, I have a doggone poker face so I am one up Lady Gaga.

3.) I'm almost 6 and I've never been on a plane. My Sugar mummy has- she was born in Australia and flown here. I need to get meself on a flight soon.

4.) I scored two new pillows.



May 22nd 2009 9:48 am
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Remember Sister Yakity Yak? We haven't seen her since we moved and stopped going to the gardens. Today Fomfomfom was reading a magazine at her doctor's and she saw a picture of Sister YY. In Tatler. That's high society, people. Who would have thunk.

And I met a Toy Poddle in a hot pink collar today. Turns out it's a he and his name is Henry.

And I'm actually a cat. Meow.



May 21st 2009 10:13 am
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I have been having bifteck these couple of days for my meals. I had them well done initially; then medium well, medium and today I had it nearly bleu. It was tres magnifique!

I don't know what they put in my bifteck and mashed potatoes but it makes me feel high each time. My hind leg feels better everytime after I've had the bifteck. Powerful stuff.

No more kibble. I will only have le bifteck from now on.


What a scare

May 20th 2009 9:28 am
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Last night, Ah bee crushed up two peices of paper and threw them around for me to chase. We were playing happily when I sprained my left hind leg. It hurt and so I didn't want to play anymore. I lay down and didn't move. But they didn't know what was wrong with me. They thought I might have a stummyache or a headache. It was so unlike me to just lie still like that. They had a discussion and thought they would observe me for a couple of hours before deciding whether to bring me to the hospital. I fell asleep but my breathing was jerky and deep. At 3.30am, Ah bee woke everyone up coz I was still behaving weird and not wanting to move. She thought the worst when I walked away from her a couple of times; she got reminded of the movie Marley and Me. She called two clinics and the nurse on duty told her to observe me until morning since I was not vomiting or throwing up nor did I have difficulty breathing. Fomfomfom took over the watching at 6 and she told me her heart broke when she saw that I was trembling and that I couldn't scratch my ears coz it hurt too much to lift my leg.

We went to see the vet woman in the morning and she saw straightaway that my posture was all wrong. She gave me a painkiller via injection and scheduled me for an xray. She came back with the results and she said it's fine Pingping didn't fracture anything. But Pingping has bad hips, she said. Let me do an xray of Camote and you can see the difference.

An xray of Camote! Poor thing. The princess of the clinic got volunteered for scientific research because of me. She had to put her schmoozing on hold for a while. I felt so bad I told Fomfomfom to buy her dinner the next time we go to the vet's. Fomfomfom said sure thing. She likes Camote a lot. She tried asking the vet woman if she could bring Camote home but the vet woman gave her a cold stare and said no way. At least she tried.

She also tried to get the vet woman's contact number. She said the next time I don't feel good at night, she would have someone to call. Alas, she didn't succeed but she said she will. Even if she has to seduce someone at the clinic.

I digress. So the xray showed that I have arthritis. This means they have to be very careful with me from now on. No more jumping up and off the couch. No more running after big dogs. Doctor's orders. And I have to take supplements everyday from now on. Bah, I'll just get Ah ma to make me stews of cartilage and whatnot. Yum.

And not to worry everyone- I am feeling much better and am almost back to my playful and ngeow ngeow self. I can scratch me ear now.


Ah bee earned a star!

May 19th 2009 7:00 am
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We went to see the vet woman today. Fomfomfom was supposed to empty my anal sacs in front of her coz the vet woman taught her how to do it the last time. But Fomfomfom is chicken and she made Ah bee do it. So we went through the whole oneknuckle4and8oclock drill again for her benefit. And mine.

So after much trying, Ah bee did the deed and the vet woman was so pleased. She said Ah bee deserves a big star for a job well done.

Fomfomfom: Lose!


May it please the court

May 18th 2009 9:07 am
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Ah bee got called to the bar today. I wanted to attend and I was going to say, Your Honour I object to her getting called because there will be one less person at home to play with me. Alas, they didn't bring me along and so I didn't manage to botch it for her.



Home Schweet Home

May 17th 2009 7:47 am
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The world is beautiful once again.


So busy

May 16th 2009 10:45 am
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There were so many people in the apartment today. Ten, Ah bee says, because there were 9 adults, me and a baby. The baby and myself, we make one. Even though we only add up to one, we were the stars tonight. Everyone just took turns googoogagaing the two of us. I like the baby. She's not even a year old but she's already braver than her mummy. Her mummy is so scared of me she put on jeans and socks just so she cannot feel me lick her. Her mummy is the ninny; not the baby. The baby I like. So chubby. So happy. So good.

And it was a busy night. I had to supervise everything that went on. Especially the dinner cooking. Just in case they burn the place down. They're all fire hazards, all of them. I also had to supervise the Wii playing. All that dancing and singing, so tiring. I can only say Fomfomfom is quite the singer. She does a mean Britney Spears. And they had the rabbids trippin' all night.

No one said it was easy hosting guests. What would they do without me.

Beat. Night world!


Ah ma comes for a visit

May 15th 2009 9:02 am
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Fomfomfom went out and came back with Ah ma. I missed Ah ma! She sat down on the sofa and I licked her hands. She gave me a belly rub and I tried to bite her. She scolded me and I moved to the far end of the sofa. Repeat.

Just like old times. *Beams*


You learn something new everyday

May 14th 2009 10:57 am
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Fomfomfom told me about Suying yiyi's new puppy. He's but a couple of months old and really silly to boot. He pooped in his water bowl. I thought no one can beat that.

Until Ah bee decided to fry up a couple of pork chops for dinner. Three, to be exact. One for each of us. Holding one with a pair of tongs and standing a metre away from the pan, she called out to Fomfomfom to bring her a cover; she was worried that the oil would splatter. She wanted to use the cover as a shield. Don't be stupid, Fomfomfom said. Use it as a lid. And so Ah bee dropped the pork chop in the pan and Fomfomfom slapped the lid of a random pot on the pan. They thought they were so clever. Then Ah bee said, okay remove the lid. Fomfomfom lifted it lid, pan and pork chop. So bad.

They tried every method they could think of, ice and fire, but nothing worked. The lid was on too tight. We declared an emergency because the pork chop was in there and we were out here. When we finally gave up, I informed Fomfomfom that the trapped pork chop was hers.

I got mine soon after. It was yummy.

Tomorrow we eat sushi.

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