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Her Tutu Highness

March 25th 2008 9:44 am
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I thought today would be a good day. After all, I got to go to the gardens at 9.30am. That rarely happens and I was hoping it meant I could go a second time in the evening. It was downhill from then on.

First I threw up my lunch. And I didn’t feel like eating anything else so I went empty-stomach. Then I thought we were going to the gardens a second time but somehow we ended up at the vet’s. The vet woman, she gave me an injection, fed me a deworming pill, checked my ears and squeezed my backside. I don’t like her. So I pooped in her hands. Hrmph. Half an hour later, I threw up coz I was too hungry. Fomfomfom immediately called the vet woman who said we will have to deworm again next month when I go in to get my backside squeezed. Bleah. And I had to take a bath.



A half eaten kibble

March 24th 2008 8:50 am
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MJ resumed today. The MJ girl who went to Japan came back and taught Ah bee a lesson on how to go to the hot springs without exposing yourself to the whole world. I don’t understand why everyone is so self-conscious. We must all be comfortable in our own skins. Just look at me. I don’t need no clothes.

It started raining halfway into our walk so Cha, Ah bee and I, we ducked into a pavilion. We spent about 15 minutes in there and killed two mozzies. I had to take a shower after that but I guess it could have been worse- I bet none of my friends got to go to the gardens today. Maybe Magic and Diva with their Outward Hounds but no one else.


Farting under the covers

March 23rd 2008 9:13 am
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We found Ah bee’s coffee mug. Ah gong appropriated it. I don’t know why he would be interested in a decoloured plastic mug full of coffee stains but he can keep it. Ah bee doesn’t want it back anymore. She wants to warn everyone to stay away from her milk cup though. She would be really angry if that one is gone too.

I had the runs today coz I ate too much deu dor last night. Ah bee was cleaning my backside with a piece of tissue and I wanted her to carry me when she was done. So she folded the piece of tissue and put it into her pocket before picking me up. There isn’t a bin around, she says. Then we heard very loud giggles. So we turned around and saw three kids laughing. One of them said, “She put it in her pocket!” Ah bee kept telling Fomfomfom that there wasn’t a bin around and that she folded the piece of tissue already. So defensive. Tsk.

Cha was trying to teach me how to play fetch just now. So silly. I already know how to play it. I just don’t feel like fetching most of the time. But I was in a good mood just now and so I fetched about 5 times for her. That made her really happy. Doesn’t take much.


Sexy is how sexy

March 22nd 2008 10:07 am
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We felt really really really smug today coz it started POURING after we came back from my walk. *beams*

We’ve got very unhappy people in the house today. Cha and Ah ma quarreled for an hour in the morning. Then Ah gong and Ah ma got mad at Fomfomfom coz of a phonecall from tai ma. Then Fomfomfom got really mad at Ah ma and Ah gong. She refused to eat her dinner and instead had a bag of Twisties and two tomatoes for dinner. Yes, very very unhappy people. I hope they will snap out of it soon. It’s interfering with my belly rubs and playtime.

In other news, Ah bee would like to offer five dollars to anyone who can find her coffee mug. It’s a grey plastic mug which she has been using for her kopi o for the past decade. She’s devastated that it’s gone missing and she has been finding her coffee utterly tasteless these days.

Fomfomfom wants everyone to know that she stepped on a mosquito today. And killed it. She’s good.


Dr No's XP Hears A Who, Too

March 21st 2008 9:08 am
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We were feeling really smug today coz it started raining two minutes after my walk. For once we came out tops. *beams*

We were watching a programme called “The World’s Richest People” and they featured the boss of Chick-Fil-A. He has 1.2 billion dollars and that came from selling chicken burgers. Fomfomfom was so inspired she decided that we should sell burgers too. We were thinking of a name for our burger and we came up with Dr No’s XP Hears A Who Too Gai Bao. They decided it’s quite a mouthful so we shall shorten it to Lulu’s Gai Bao. My paw print will be our trademark. *giggles*

Anyway, we came up with the complete menu already. There are 7 items. The Lulu Gai Bao obviously is the burger. Original. Then we have the Ah gong set. It will come with sweet potato porridge, sans the hamburger buns. The Ah ma set will be sweet. The Cha is the skinny so it’s just the patty. The Fom comes will special chilli sauce. The Ah bee is three Lulu Gai Baos. Merrilyn’s Special will come with flowers. *giggles*

I think I am going to need more shoesboxes; my present one can’t keep 1.2 billion dollars.


Sexy Ma for President!

March 20th 2008 9:31 am
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An Australian couple stopped and asked if they could pat me in the gardens today. They said I remind them of their doggie back home and that they miss their doggie a lot. I am sure- Fomfomfom can’t even go out for two hours without missing me.

I was welcoming passers-by in the garden today, when 7 dogs walked by. There were 2 mongrels, one Chihuahua, one midsized golden doggie I don’t recognize, two big poodles and one small poodle. I thought the small poodle is the baby of the two big poodles but Fomfomfom informed me that they were both male. Oh. Maybe they adopted.

Ah ma is all geared up for the Taiwan presidential elections on Saturday. She informed everyone that she is not going to cook on Saturday coz she’d be glued to the TV all day long. I am kinda sick of Taiwan already. When she said we’re going up to watch tv, my tail fell immediately. Nehmind, just a couple more days of this madness. I hope Sexy Ma wins.

I love the two tennis balls my sigui got for me. The only thing is that I can’t make up my mind which one I like better and I can only play with one at a time. Decisions decisions. In the end I played with the pink one coz I’m a girl.


Black white and green

March 19th 2008 9:24 am
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It started raining at around noon and didn’t let up until nearly 5. Yes, it was really wet at the gardens. *splash splash sploosh sploosh!* We saw Sophia. She wasn’t trying to eat flowers today; she was busy looking at the fish in the pond. I like Sophia- she’s a very happy baby. Babies are no good sullen.

And we met a Beagle. I think he’s a puppy. I saw him in the distance and I started barking at him. He’s new and I thought I should let him know that I am the Queen around here. I didn’t count on them coming over. And they came over so quick too; I hardly had time to jump on Ah bee. He was trying to jump on Ah bee too and I almost clawed my way up her head trying to get away from him. She kept complaining that I got grass all over her. Hello, I didn’t tell them to mow the field and I certainly did not make it rain. And stop calling me Lulu. I’m no Lulu. Hmph.


Everybody is irrationally exuberant

March 18th 2008 9:29 am
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I heard from Ah bee that my sigui is now very slim. He lost 10kg. That’s nearly two of me. And he has 10 nipples. Janice yiyi was telling Ah bee she asked the vet why Dr No had nipples. The vet pointed to Jared and said matter-of-factly, “Doesn’t he have nipples too?” *giggles*

Ah bee cleans my mouth every night after my supper and after that I get the piece of tissue to shred into tiny little pieces. Ah bee would try to pick them up before I get the chance to eat them up. She’s not fast enough so usually I get to eat the last piece that I’m holding in my paws. Yummy.

I want a box of tissues for my birthday.


Those are Merrilyn's flowers. Aren't they pretty?

March 17th 2008 8:48 am
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I woke up bright and early coz today is Monday. And Monday is MJ Day. I waited and waited but no MJ gal came. Turns out that one of them went to Japan. They should have told me earlier; I could have slept in. *grumble*

We saw Sydney and the Golden Retriever with their owner today. She made them sit in the middle of the road and started shaking their paws. Then she removed their leashes and started to back away from them. This was what happened.

“Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Staaaaaay.”

*pant pant pant*

“Stay. Stay. Staaaaay!”

*Sydney and friend stood up*

“No, stay. Stay. STAY!” *Owner continued to back away*

*Sydney and friend charged towards her*


I love watching them.


I am Sai Xi Shi

March 16th 2008 10:39 am
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The mosquito problem in this house is getting a little outta hand. Ah bee killed 5 mosquitoes in the bathroom while she was flossing and brushing last night. And I have a huge mozzie bite on my stummy where my belly button used to be. I don’t have one anymore. I outgrew it. *giggles*

I took a bath today. I think I was shortchanged. I wasn’t due for one until Tuesday or Wednesday. Well at least my head doesn’t smell of piss anymore. And I got beaucoup de lovin’. I like.

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