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Season's Greetings

December 24th 2009 6:33 am
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Fomfomfom tied a ribbon around my neck today and said I am a present.

Yes I am. I'm God's gift to mankind.


Captain Ping

December 23rd 2009 8:59 am
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I carried out Operation Catch Cat today. I first met the cat when he was sitting in front of a car mewing. I tried to tell him cats should be seen and not heard but fomfomfom dragged me away. Later we met the security guard wheeling a cage so we followed him. We ended up in the function room where the cat was trapped. I quickly assumed the commandeering position. The 11 year old resident animal lover girl was tasked with catching the unfortunate pussy.

How slick the cat was. He slipped under the furniture, and ran here and there. I barked commands to the minions and coordinated the whole operation so that the cat was finally caught.

No you don't have to give me a medal. It is only my humble duty.


Winter has started

December 22nd 2009 7:45 am
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Everyone calls me cutie pie and it is the winter solstice but cutie pie doesn't get any glutinous rice dumplings.



December 21st 2009 7:24 am
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Today Amanda, Eliza and Nicky trooped down and gave fomfomfom a box of chocolates. It's from their daddy and mummy and they wished us a merry christmas. Then they trooped up again coz people were coming to carol at their house and they hadn't bathed yet.

Later ah bee went to their house and gave them the white chocolate biscuits she had brought back from japan. Actually, because we are all so shy, I think she threw it in through the kitchen window.

I think all this exchange of gifts is lovely. I only wish Eliza hadn't handed the present to fomfomfom but to me or ah bee, coz fomfomfom declared the chocolates hers and forbade anyone from eating it. I'm pretty sure the present is meant for me.


Where is my cheechipang-don

December 20th 2009 6:47 am
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Ah bee is back! And she bought for me another xiuxiu. This one is much cleaner than the xiuxiu i have. We have been thinking about what to call this new xiuxiu (because all my toys have names) but we haven't been able to come up with anything. Hmm.. I am tempted to call the new one.. Joanne Peh. *giggles* I'm not telling you why.

But anyway, she also came back with two giant crabs. They look like those we see on the "Deadliest Catch". They gave me some but I wasn't interested. One would have thunk she would come back with some fried chicken wings for me; that's what they are famous for in Nagoya.



I hate celebrations

December 19th 2009 7:10 am
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How unhappy I was today. It was my evening walk, and they had the audacity to organise some bad-karaoke-cum-drawing-competition-cum-some-festival celebration in the function room. So many strangers descended upon my territory (since I am owner of all I survey) and I was crowded out. I told fomfomfom off with their heads, but fomfomfom thought that might be impolite. So I spent most of my walk not walking and straining against my leash.

Amanda and eliza joined the drawing competition too. The organiser said to write "let's celebrate and share" on their drawing paper as a title, but they didn't know how to spell "celebrate". I helped them out there. Then I left coz it was really quite beneath me.

I hope no one had a good time. Locusts, all of them.


My kind heart

December 18th 2009 9:44 am
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I was sniffing around today with fomfomfom when I suddenly sat down. Fomfomfom thought I was about to start scootin', perhaps i had poo stuck to my behind. Then I finally stood up and she saw I had sat down on a baby cockroach. I only stood up out of the goodness of my heart.

Fomfomfom made a face and. I. Strutted.


My belly

December 17th 2009 8:07 am
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It was raining the moment I woke up and it rained kinda the whole day after that. There were appropriate breaks for my walks, of course, but I had my belly washed 3 times, and the last time fomfomfom even shampooed me.

So later when we were playing with papazhao, my tortoise on a stick, I ran at full speed and slammed into fomfomfom. That'll teach her to shampoo me on my non-bath days.


Swimming pool

December 16th 2009 7:35 am
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I saw 2 kiddos discussing today how to pee in the swimming pool. Then they proceeded to do it. Golly, I'm glad I'm not allowed in the pool. Now I won't go even if they send me an invitation engraved in gold.

Next time ah bee goes swimming I shall stifle a giggle.


There are cars and there are cars

December 15th 2009 8:07 am
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It rained like the dickens today. I was downstairs on my evening walk and found some shelter in the nick of time. Ah ma wondered aloud if I had been blown away as she watched it come down in the safety of her high-rise abode.

Well I hadn't, I had an immovable weight attached to me in the form of fomfomfom. It must be this global warming thing, the rains are so heavy. Perhaps a few more ferrarris in basement carparks were drowned today, like what happened a few weeks ago. Giggles. Ferrarris are no good, they can't swim. Mini coopers, ah, they're different. No doubt they will float and vroom vroom their way to dry land.

I'm gonna get me one of those minis.

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