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Shui! Shui!

January 21st 2008 8:33 am
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I didn’t count on spending an hour at the vet today. Fomfomfom and Ah bee brought me to the vet to get my backside squeezed but we didn't manage to get an appointment. So we had to walk in. Dog after dog after dog after dog after dog after hamster after dog after dog after rabbit got to see the vet before I did. And Eunice said we only had to wait 15 minutes. My foot.

Anyway, it was an interesting visit to the vet. We saw this black and white dog except that it isn’t cute like me. It’s huge. Lemme put it in perspective- his legs are longer than the length of my body. But he was not aggressive or anything. In fact he was sleeping in the clinic while waiting for his turn. I think he got bitten by the Tse Tse Fly too. And we met Dakota. She’s this Jack Russell who goes to the gardens too. Usually, there’s another Jack Russell but today she was alone with her owner. And her owner, according to Ah bee, looks like Gagameow. *giggles* Also, we noticed that today is Shih Tzu Day at the vet’s. There were at least 5 Shih Tzus there today. There was one who was particularly eye-catching. Her owner shaved her legs and the side of her body. The rest of it was left long. So the hair off her back and on her head was long. For a moment I thought she was an ostrich.

And when we finally got to see the vet woman, she was alarmed at how much backside juice I’ve accumulated. It’s not my fault; it’s only been 3 weeks since my last extraction. It’s that new vet man who did the previous extraction; he didn’t do a thorough job. Coz my anal sacs were so full, the vet woman had to squeeze for quite a while. And while she was squeezing my backside, I had to go. So I pooped in her palm. Twice. But that vet woman is really nice- she only charged us for the extraction even though she checked my ears and skin too. The newbie charged us 4 times of what she did. And he didn’t even do a good job. Pui. And Ah bee is really happy that my ears are good after her self diagnosis and medication. She says she can call herself Dr Bee now. Certified by the vet woman. Dr Bee my foot. She’s just a wannabe.

Just now at the gardens, Fomfomfom had to run to the supermarket to buy me a bottle of water coz she forgot my bottle. So Ah bee and I, we waited for her at Uncle Kait’s bench. It was a really enjoyable wait. For one I was tired so I got to rest. I also get to look at everyone who walked by. And everyone who came by smiled at us. Even the owner of the 2 hounds who walked meekly by while I barked ferociously at them. Fomfomfom was back in a jiffy; she ran there and back coz she was so embarrassed she forgot my bottle. After that we ran into Magic, Diva, Melmel and Chipchip. Sister Yakity Yak knew that I was scared of Magic and Diva so she made them sit down. She had to sit on Magic to keep him down. Then she said, “You let Pingping come to you!” So all 4 of them, they sat down and waited for me to go to them. It was really fun. I really felt like a queen. So I went to Melmel first. Then Chipchip. But I am still scared of Magic so I didn’t go to him. I wasn’t too keen on going to Diva too coz she’s big and black like Magic is, just less scary. After a while, Fomfomfom thought it was ridiculous how I was holding everyone up. We left so everyone could continue with their walks.

Then we saw Uncle Kait. And Kait! Kait is my boyfriend. I like him a lot coz he’s not big like Magic. We always sniff each other’s backsides when we meet. And then he will go and mark territory. Coz he is a boy. Boys do that. Today, a black female dog came up to one of the trees he had just marked and he barked at her. He was so brave. Protecting what’s his. And he scared her off. Imagine that. My hero.

Just a little more. Ah ma won $56 at mahjong today. I told her I want $6 to buy tidbits. Coz my last packet of tidbits turned out to be extremely dry and we are not sure if it has expired. Shady. So I didn’t get no tidbits today. Cha says that’s good coz I eat too much tidbits. She says I will have to be weaned off them. But I don’t want to. So I asked Ah ma for $6. I will get my own. Ah ma, bless her generous heart, gave me $10.

I love my Ah ma.



January 20th 2008 8:32 am
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Sometimes I worry about Ah ma. Just now I stole one slipper from her and when she finally got it back, she asked everyone in the room, “Where is the other one?” Yes, you guessed it- it was on her foot. *giggles* It kinda sounds like my Ah yi mama who came out of the shower without rinsing the shampoo off her hair. She didn’t even realize it until she felt shampoo trickling down the side of her face. Old age. *shudders* Everyone says playing MJ and Sudoku is the way to go. Keeps the mind active. I’m not so sure. My Ah ma plays MJ every week. And Sudoku when she is free. That same Ah ma who went looking for the slipper which was on her foot.

Today at the gardens, we went looking for Chip&Dale but they weren’t in as usual. I think I want to live at the gardens like the rest of them. Them squirrels, birds, swans, chameleons and all. Then I can play all day long like they do. I told Ah bee that my address would be:-

One Creaky Tree
Cluny Park Entrance
Botanical Gardens

Then I changed my mind coz I would want my Ah ma to be with me and she needs a roof over her head. So we will set up home in a pavilion. My address would be:-

Pavilion nearest to the Creaky Tree
Cluny Park Entrance
Botanical Gardens

Now I'll just need to convince everyone to move.


My ambition

January 19th 2008 10:20 am
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Ah bee was telling me about this upcoming debate between the Law and Med faculties. The motion is “It is bad for society if lawyers earn more than doctors.” I’m not sure if that’s bad but I do know that if they continue to charge the living daylights outta us, it’s bad. I know because Ah ma’s doctor charged us an arm and a leg today. So I’ve decided that when I grow up, I will be a doctor. Not the PHD kinda doctor my sigui is; the doctor kinda doctor.

Cha says that I will need to study biology if I want to be a doctor. I already know the nose, the ear, the hand, the belly and the *giggles* meimei. I asked Ah bee and she says that makes me more than qualified to be one.

Dr Ping. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


Astro mice

January 18th 2008 8:09 am
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Just now after dinner, Ah ma was chasing me with the Beg-No-One for her own silly pleasure. I only ran away from her because she needs the exercise. I am not scared of that thing. I’m not.

Ah ma told Fomfomfom that she likes watching cartoons because they make her happy. It’s not the same when you watch the news. That’s particularly depressing. Especially when you watch Taiwanese news. They hurl crap in the House. Literally. I kid you not. And the National Geographic and Animal Planet aren’t always about cute little animals all the time either. Sometimes we’d be looking at the poor animals in the shelter who were mistreated. Or poor sick babies. It’s reality I know but sometimes it is nice to retreat back into our little strawberry world.

You should try it too.


I would really love some of that haebeehiam cookies

January 17th 2008 9:21 am
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It was a long wait. But it was worth it. From the time I finished my lunch, I was looking forward to going out. All afternoon long, I kept staring at Ah bee but she kept telling me that it was too hot. I followed her up and down, in and out. Heck, I even let her clean my ears. But I didn’t get to go out because according to Miss It’s-Too-Hot, it’s too hot. I only got to go out at 5.30pm and it was still hot then. But it was late already so we went anyway. I met Chipchip and Melmel at the gardens. I haven’t seen them in months! They were really happy to see me too. They took one side each and started sniffing at my cheeks. I stood really still and tried really hard not to giggle. Cha thought I would start growling at them. Silly. *giggles* Fomfomfom said I had my Pingping expression on when they were sniffing at my cheeks. It’s so Pingping, she says. She can pick me out in a crowd of black and white Shih Tzus she says. I believe her.

I am afterall the one and the only.


Lost in translation

January 16th 2008 7:26 am
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They kept coming and going today. Cha, Fomfomfom and Ah ma went out when it was still dark. Then Fomfomfom and Cha came back without Ah ma. Then Fomfomfom, Ah bee and Ah gong went out. Then Ah gong came back. Then Fomfomfom came back. Then Cha went out. Then Ah bee came home. Then Cha came home with Ah ma. It was all very peculiar.

Because of all that coming and going, I only got to go for my walk at almost 5. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing- I met my friends at the gardens! I haven’t seen Phoebe, Kait, and the rabid Shih Tzu in ages. I love my friends but ever since that big thing tried to eat me, we’ve been going to the gardens really early to avoid the big dogs. You can’t have it all. But I do enjoy seeing my friends once in a while. I dragged Fomfomfom behind me whenever I spotted one of them. Wheeee!

Ah ma and I, we’ve got new nicknames. Ah ma is the Da Fu Po. Not the filthy rich woman; she’s the big stummy woman. *giggles* And moi, I am Bian Fu Xia. Not Batman; I’m the flat stummy swordswoman. *giggles even louder*


Where did all that water go?

January 15th 2008 7:50 am
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Someone needs to tell Ah gong that failures and successes are part and parcel of life only when one is not greedy and foolish at the same time.

In other news, I took a bath today. Last week, Ah ma was very bewildered coz there was very little water in the tub. She thought that Merrilyn didn’t draw enough for me. And it happened again today. Ah ma had prepared the bath this time and then when it was time for me to bathe, there was about half the amount of water left. That’s impossible, she says. That was when she realized that there was a crack and that’s where all the water went. The water didn’t even reach up to my belly. I hope they washed all the shampoo off me though. Otherwise will itchy. *giggles*

Juju: I can't tell you which mama types for me coz she told me not to tell. They do take turns so I can't say for sure anyway. Heh, no one is as IT-challenged as Fomfomfom. And she managed to get my diary up! Thanks for giving me your last rosette!


It's really krong krong this time

January 14th 2008 7:22 am
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Today is MJ day. There are only 2 MJ gals coz the third MJ gal, she is an Ah ma now. And so she will not be coming for any more MJ sessions I think. None of us has seen the baby yet but we hear he looks like his daddy. Which is not a bad thing.

And so I spent my entire day watching the MJ gals again. My Ah ma won money again today. Could she be getting better at this? Shhhh, let’s not say it in case we jinx her. Anyway, we were supposed to go to the gardens the moment Ah bee got home. But it started raining before we could say, “Let’s go”. So we waited. When the rain let up, we dashed to the gardens. It was really gloomy but Ah bee and I, we love it. It’s so exciting to be out there when the weather is so menacing. Not Fomfomfom. She told us that she would drop to the ground and crawl back to the car coz she’s worried about the lightning. Of course she didn’t. It would be much easier to just sprint back to the car. Which we did. And not a minute to spare. It started pouring soon after. Heng ah!

I gotta repay my sleep debt from yesterday. Later.


Sunday picnic

January 13th 2008 8:02 am
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I had such a busy day. Tai ma came in the morning and I was busy till about 2pm. Then I went to the gardens for my walk coz it looked like it might rain. When we came back, Jaclyn yiyi was in the living room waiting for us. Then Weizhi jiejie and Waiyin yiyi showed up too. They were going for a picnic. I was invited but they decided it was too much trouble bringing me along since I wouldn’t sit still and I went for my walk already. So off they went for their picnic. It was about two hours later when they came scrambling back coz of the rain. Ah bee said they were real lucky coz the rain started coming down about 2 minutes after they got into the car. And they were real lucky to have gotten 2 hours of perfect weather.

They continued the picnic in the house. For about 3 more hours, they giggled, ate, and giggled some more. This time I joined in. It was real fun. I only went up once to eat my dinner. I totally neglected Ah ma for them. Cha tried to get me away from them gals but it didn't work. It’s justified coz I have to play host to them. When I finally went up after they left, Ah ma scolded me and chased me with her Spare-No-one. So naughty my Ah ma.

I am exhausted. And I have a long day ahead tomorrow too. Good night everyone!

P.S. Weizhi jiejie, Fomfomfom thanks you for the lovely sushi. You will make a wonderful wife to a very lucky man.

P.P.S Hi Juju! Xie xie! I would love to write more in Mandarin but Dogster doesn't read Chinese characters. I live in Singapore. How about you? And you should really get your mummy to get you a Dogster page. =)


Sexy Ma

January 12th 2008 9:14 am
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We went to pick Ah ma up today. I walked for about 20 minutes only but I was exhausted nonetheless. That’s coz half the time I was sprinting. *giggles* I always do that when I am in unfamiliar territory. Brings out the suaku in me. So on the way home, I slept on Ah bee’s stummy. I love Ah bee’s stummy. I think it has potential. Before long she’d have one like Ah ma’s. Big, round and soft. Just the way I like it.

I watched tv all night long coz Taiwan held her legislative elections today. I am happy to report that Sexy Ma will most probably be the next president. We love Sexy Ma.

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