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A happy dream

January 9th 2010 8:00 am
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Fomfomfom told me she dreamt of me last night. I was following her around and she brought me all around and to a shopping centre, and I was real popular and everyone liked me.

So fomfomfom woke up really happy to see me. But I told her not to waste her time on such real dreams. I'm always popular, in her dreams and out. She should make full use of her dreamtime for impossible scenarios, like being real popular herself.


I am not fat

January 8th 2010 9:50 am
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Baby's maid observed today that I am "fat". I informed her that it is merely my hair that's grown long, thus the illusion. At home, fomfomfom says I bounce around.

That bothers me. I'm almost glad I'm getting my hair cut in a week. I can't have everyone refering to me as a fatty.

Not when I'm so sleek under all that hair.


Fish lips

January 7th 2010 7:39 am
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Ah ma's been boiling this soup for a few days now, she finally brought it out today. Fomfomfom immediately fished this sticky stuff out and gave it to me. It was yums, and fomfomfom said eat up, it's good for my joints. Later I found out it's fish lips.

It must have been one big sexy fish.



January 6th 2010 7:48 am
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It was drizzling this evening and I was almost going home when I bumped into chanel in the lift lobby. My word. She was in a bumble bee outfit, the better to ward off rain in. Maybe yellow's just not her color, makes her look sallow.



Birdy Nest

January 5th 2010 6:35 am
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They were all having bird's nest and fomfomfom told ah bee to give me some. Apparently it can make one beautiful. I declined politely; you can't make me eat a bird's saliva, no siree.

And eliza told me today she's almost older than her elder sister amanda. Fomfomfom praised her for being so smart. I dunno, I guess i'll eat birdies' saliva if it can make me smarter. One does lose quite a bit of brain capacity hanging out with eliza.


Bull run

January 4th 2010 7:50 am
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It seems everyone was making money in the markets today. I wanted to tax them but no one would open their books for me to check. It's getting hard to persuade them to fill my shoebox coffers.

I shall have to legislate soon.


Run that by me again

January 3rd 2010 6:05 am
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Yesterday Ah bee and I met Eliza, Nicky and Benben downstairs. Nicky proudly informed Ah bee that he will be going to school with Eliza tomorrow. Because he is four years old this year. Pooh, he's just a baby. They all are.

After a while Ah bee picked me up and told Eliza that we were going home. Without missing a beat and in all seriousness, she said to Ah bee, "Your mother will be so proud."

I think her mother is the one who should be proud.


A smelly interruption

January 2nd 2010 9:12 am
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Ah bee brought me down this morning for my walk and about 15 minutes into the walk, she picked me up and headed straight for home. Because no one was around to look after me, she made the quick decision of bringing me into the bathroom with her and making me watch her poop.

I dutifully sat by her feet while she finished what had to be done. I am the perfect doggie you never had.

But the next time she does this to me, I'm calling SPCA.


New year party

January 1st 2010 7:09 am
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Ah ma invited my sister and brother and sugar mummy over for a party today. I was so happy to see them that we all did a dance. Then I sniffed at my sister zhuzhu's backside and she got angry and growled at me. My brother coco didn't want zhuzhu to growl at his little sister me, so he fought with her. We didn't expect that at all so by the time we pulled them apart, zhuzhu was bleeding underneath her left eye. A tiny piece of her lower eyelid was no more, and we were shocked. Luckily her eyeball wasn't hurt so we took it as a lesson to zhuzhu for being so naughty.

I was innocent in the entire episode so no one scolded me. My poor sugar mummy was so rattled by her naughty offspring that she kept drooling. We fixed a towel with a hole in its middle on her as a bib. Jolene yiyi sent them home soon afterwards and we continued with our party.

And I think everyone drank too much happy juice and now ah bee wants to make me go to bed and it's not even 11pm. I guess I'm tired too. Night!


Happy New Year

December 31st 2009 9:34 am
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There is this song I really like and I sing it all the time. But I only know the chorus and we never found out the title of the song or how the whole song goes. We've tried googling and youtubing but nothing came up. For years I could only repeat the chorus over and over again.

Until tonight we saw it being performed at one of the countdown programmes. And we got the title of the song. What luck! I shall go learn the whole song. One can only sing the chorus this many times.

My year got off a really good start. I hope yours did too!

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