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Ah ma went marketing again

July 21st 2008 7:23 am
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I heard ah ma wake up real early this morning. So I started snorting at cha to let me out of the room. Unfortunately, I was unfortunate. So ah ma left and it must be for a few days again coz I saw her packing her little bag 2 nights ago.

So fomfomfom gave ah ma a ride. When she came back, she realised ah bee had locked her out and she couldn't ring the doorbell coz that would wake everyone up. So fomfomfom had to mill around the lobby for 20 minutes before merrilyn woke up and could open the door for her. I say, if cha had let me out of the room to bid ah ma bye bye, I could have opened the door for fomfomfom. Snort.

Dinnertime, I asked ah bee to give me a little of the durian she was eating. Ah bee figured I can't possibly be allergic to durian, so I got me lots. Then fomfomfom gave me pear to eat coz they thought I might be feverish tomorrow coz durian is heaty.

We mustn't tell the vet woman about this.



July 20th 2008 7:05 am
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I've slept for about 2 hours since my walk but I'm still rather tired. That's coz I don't nap in the afternoon these days. I spend my afternoons harrassing fomfomfom and cha to bring me downstairs to play. It is rather unsatisfactory that fomfomfom is always napping in the afternoons, so I make it a point to register my dissatisfaction by knocking on her door at least 5 times during her nap. But she never takes heed.

But happily, I got cha to bring me down today. It was almost 4pm by the time I managed to get her off her butt. I walked for almost an hour. Add that to my almost one hour in the morning, I'd walked almost 2 whole hours today! No wonder I'm feeling tired.



Nothing much

July 19th 2008 9:04 am
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It rained today.


Black and white

July 18th 2008 8:00 am
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I played downstairs for almost an hour just now. Then I was all tired out and came back home to sleep soundly for 2 hours. Fomfomfom kept waggling her finger at me for being playful, but cha reminded her that she used to be worse when she was younger.

Cha went to cut and dye her hair today. She had white hair, see, that's why she has to dye it regularly. She told fomfomfom, you don't know what it's like to have white hair, it is tres terrible. I told them that I know what it's like to have white hair, I have lots. But I can endure it. Maybe someday I will also go and dye my white hair black to assuage some of that pain cha was talking about, and then I will dye my black hair white or else I will just be a black dirty-looking little thing.

Fomfomfom wonders if ah ma will notice when my colors are turned around. Maybe she won't be able to place her finger on it and I will tell her that I'm wearing my watch on another arm, that's why I look slightly different.



July 17th 2008 7:45 am
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We were sitting at the stone table, enjoying the breeze halfway into my walk, all 3 of my mamas and me. Suddenly, ah bee spied the long winded taxi driver neighbour. They gathered me unceremoniously and ran home. Ran. It wasn't glamorous.

I had expected to continue my walk after enjoying the breeze, but I suddenly found myself at home. There was no better time for sulking. And to pour salt into my wound, ah bee and fomfomfom immediately took their apparatus and went downstairs to play table tennis, leaving me with cha who refused to give me any of her dinner.

No better time to sulk.


Immunity token

July 16th 2008 9:12 am
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I was naughty today. They bathed me, and I was upset so I jumped around the house looking for things to destroy. So I thought I would drag all my t-shirts around. That done, I went to ah bee's bed and dragged her cherished towel off her pillow and tore a hole in it.

Then when ah bee came back, I told her I was an immunity token. Ah bee said ok, so I told her I tore a hole in her towel. Ah bee couldn't scold me coz I had the immunity token.



As they tell it...

July 15th 2008 7:47 am
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I met a new friend yesterday. According to ah bee, that was a cocker spaniel, 8 years old, sex unknown, its keeper was a maid. It was this big.

Today, with fomfomfom, I met a dog too. According to fomfomfom, it was a female 8 month old puppy. It was this big. What's a cocker spaniel?, fomfomfom asked ah bee.

As the tale unfolded, they started wondering if it was the same dog, perhaps ah bee's ears are going, that's all. Accordingly, it was for me to know and for them to find out.


Ah bee says I am a hairy melon

July 14th 2008 7:45 am
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It is ah bee's convocation tomorrow. She was trying on her gown and mortar board just now. I thought she looked like a flasher. Maybe she can go commando underneath since no one can see. It'll be cooler too.

Ah ma was also trying on her clothes for attending the ceremony tomorrow. She said luckily she'd lost a little weight moving house, or else she won't be able to fit into her pants.

Lucky us.



July 13th 2008 6:23 am
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This morning I woke up and ah bee and fomfomfom bundled me into the car and went on a long drive. I got scared when the route wasn't familiar and I remembered the last time we went on a drive I ended up at the vet woman's. Suddenly the scene ahead became familiar and it was the gardens! I don't know how I could be happier.

I met Melmel and Chipchip. We sniffed backsides for a while and they had to go. Their keeper said, see you tomorrow, ping. It was a poignant moment. They didn't know I won't be seeing them tomorrow. They didn't know I'd moved house and I can't go to the gardens everyday. I brushed off my tears and moved along.

Afterall, that is how life is. You just have to deal with it.


I'm a bull but fom says she's a bear

July 12th 2008 9:01 am
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I charged at fomfomfom who was holding my kanga-rude t-shirt. She had just put it on me as it is my blanket and I was about to turn in. It is red and I was so happy cha just came back, so I decided I was a bull and I charged. And charged and charged. And fomfomfom thought she was a matador so we had fun.

And we found my container with all my toys! The movers had put it into cha's big wooden storage box and nobody had thought to check if it's inside. Actually fomfomfom had thought of it, but didn't expect the lazy cha to be so messy and uninspired to not have touched her box yet after so many days. Anyway, we are all very happy that my toys are back.

I got a new treasure today. It is the packet of plastic cable ties. Fomfomfom was putting up mesh all over the place to secure my prison, and I decided to take off with her packet of cable ties. But most of the cable ties fell out of the packet as soon as I took off, but I wasn't deterred, I hid the packet under the piano. But any illusion of secrecy evaporated when I spied ah bee holding her belly and pointing at my packet and laughing, I had to move the packet to a new hiding place. Then all the cable ties fell out and I was left with only an empty packet. This time round fomfomfom came in from the balcony and laughed at me too, and even told ah ma about it. I was a little miffed, so I returned the packet to fomfomfom and plonked myself in her lap so she couldn't do up the mesh.

We watched the trains go past and the planes fly round and round. It is almost national day and the planes were rehearsing. Froom froom froom! went the planes. The trains went cloong-cloong-cloong.

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