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A naughty bean

October 5th 2009 5:04 am
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I fought with bean bean today. Fomfomfom scolded us both and dragged me away. But we weren't contrite. Fomfomfom fired up bean bean in the first place by teasing her. That's why we fought.

Bean bean fought with another doggie before fighting with me. Her maid was checking her for injuries on a table. And she lost her dog license tag last week while fighting with another doggie. I think she's so naughty.

We tried to fight again later and fomfomfom said eek.


Yami yoghurt

October 4th 2009 5:47 am
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is very yummy.


Mid Autumn Festival

October 3rd 2009 9:42 am
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It is regrettable that I have no lantern, no mooncake and no pomelo.

Maybe next year.


Make Up

October 2nd 2009 9:46 am
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Fomfomfom decided that at almost age 30, she needs her very first make up kit. So she went out and bought an entire shop of stuff. At night, she proudly showed ah bee her purchases and then proceeded to paint her face. She asked ah bee for her opinion and ah bee said it's ok, as ok as one smokey eye and pink lip gloss on an oily face can be, I guess.

I thought she looked like my Lamb Chop. Only Lamb Chop looks slightly better.


Happy Children's Day

October 1st 2009 9:33 am
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I might be a bit slow, but I finally felt the building shake after yesterday's massive earthquake in indonesia. It was about 930 this morning, and I was taking a nap. I felt the building move and I got scared so I ran out to fomfomfom and asked her to comfort me. This earthquake thing is so scary.

And how time passes.It is children's day again. I asked ah bee to buy me a present, so she dutifully brought me some lovely pig leg tendons. I got 2 immediately and it was a happy day for me.



September 30th 2009 8:01 am
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There was a major earthquake this evening in Indonesia. It was so violent that things in singapore started shaking. Ah ma said she could see the water in a glass moving, and ah bee was giddy in her office.

I didn't feel anything or realise there was a major earthquake coz I was focused on playing downstairs. Fomfomfom didn't feel anything either coz she was focused on me.

It seems mother nature has been in a bad mood recently. Scary.


5 years old

September 29th 2009 6:54 am
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It is Eliza's birthday today. She had a birthday party in school and will have 2 cakes for the day, one in school and one which daddy bought. I didn't know beforehand that it's her birthday so I didn't have a present for her. But now I know she likes oreo cookies so maybe next year I'll give her a cookie for her birthday.

Her teacher gave her a yoyo. I don't think she knows how to play with it so I showed her. I didn't want to return it to her unless she asked for it back in chinese but she didn't know how. I teased her for a while but she couldn't quite get the words out of her mouth. I spied her big strong daddy in the gym and was afraid he'd come and bash me up so I returned the yoyo to Eliza in a hurry.

Then I went on my merry way coz even if it's her birthday today, I'm still older than her. So there.


Making do

September 28th 2009 8:02 am
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I'm sleeping with fomfomfom tonight because the lights in cha's room are almost falling down. Heaven forbid it should fall on me when I'm sleeping.

For safety's sake, I shall condescend and make do in a smaller room tonight.



September 27th 2009 9:21 am
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I watched the F1 race on tv today. It was so boring I fell asleep. 61 laps! Round and round and round. Fomfomfom woke me up to watch the last lap.

I like that Singapore is hosting the F1. It makes the whole place so vibrant. We get publicity and the whole world is watching. So happy. As for the integrity of the race itself, ah well, no comment.

Festivities! Whee!


A fan

September 26th 2009 10:22 am
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I met this woman yesterday. I'd never seen her before but when she saw me, she stopped in her tracks, sat down beside me and started hyperventilating. She kissed me on my head and cooed at me non-stop. I know I have that effect on people.

I met her again today. She is Thai and told me she had 5 dogs in Thailand. Oooh, a dog lover!

I like dog lovers coz dog lovers like me.

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