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Lucky day

February 13th 2009 8:37 am
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Woo hoo, it is friday the 13th today. I didn't meet any black cat who crossed my path today. Lucky me.


Murderers ought to be slow roasted

February 12th 2009 6:58 am
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I saw in the papers today, this poor little koala bear. She was trying to flee the forest fire in australia and got her paws injured. Even her nose seems scorched. When the fireman found her, she held his hand and drank 2 bottles of water. The news brought tears to my eyes, all those poor animals who didn't manage to escape. I hope to make friends with this koala bear, I will hold her hand too.

The arsonists are murderers.


My bleeding gums

February 11th 2009 7:06 am
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Ah bee came back with a long long stick of pork tendon. I wagged my tail so hard my backside almost dropped off, and fomfomfom had it all captured on video. Then I took some time to figure out how to chew it coz it was so so long.

So I started chewing and my gums started bleeding. Fomfomfom thought perhaps my teeth are so dirty my gums are inflamed and that's why they always bleed easily. I turned to say hello to ah bee and when I turned back, my beloved stick of tendon was gone. And I heard fomfomfom say dental scaling to ah bee.

It was then my heart and gums bled together.


Time to learn to read the time

February 10th 2009 6:42 am
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I am 5 years and 2 months old today. I borrowed cha's calculator and found that I am 62 whole months old already. But apparently this grand age did not impress my mamas; I did not get a cake today. Actually fomfomfom did inquire if I wanted my favourite pandan cake, but cha vetoed it. Coz the last time I had it I had explosive diarrhoea. No cake for da ping today :(

Ah bee came back and told me to remind her to bathe in 10 minutes. I don't know how to read a clock, but I agreed coz I am helpful. So I tried my best to estimate 10 minutes but I wasn't very accurate. I reminded ah bee 5 times before she declared it 10 minutes. I hope she was touched though, coz I really tried my best.


Doggoned dog

February 9th 2009 6:57 am
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I was watching CNN when I saw this dog who was so naughty. He's an 11-year-old husky who walked 6 miles to shoplift a bone and then walked 6 miles home. His owners pulled his ears and dragged him back to pay for it. Luckily for him, the supermarket decided to drop charges. I think he deserves a good smacking on the behind, but his owners bought him another bone instead.

Me, I will never steal. *proud*


It's all fomfomfom's fault

February 8th 2009 6:39 am
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Oh woe! I have an ear infection! The right one!


I must take care

February 7th 2009 8:45 am
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Today I had a bath, and they forgot to put cotton wool in my ears. I didn't remind them, coz it was good to be able to hear them during bath time. Ah bee realised in horror and we cleaned out my ears later. Hopefully I don't get an ear infection.

I met a cat this afternoon, and then russell appeared and I said, out of my way, boyfriend! I have a cat to catch! But ah bee didn't let me go after the cat and russell's owner said he has arthritis. He's only six years old and I fear my joints might go the same way in a while. So I told ah ma she's got to make sure my diet has lots of collagen so my joints are in good shape.

I can think of lots of good food. My future is assured.


We must age gracefully

February 6th 2009 6:57 am
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I saw on tv an american congresswoman. She was on cnbc and she gave me a fright with her botoxed-to-death face. I wonder why they do that, injecting poison into their faces. I think cnbc should be rated R21.

I fear I might be having nightmares tonight.


A whole new world

February 5th 2009 7:07 am
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Today I walked to a gate at the back of the condo. And I took a real good look at what was beyond that gate. Oh, there were people and things and wide paths and water and trees. I wanted to go out there to explore. But I was trapped in the inside looking out, through bars no less. Never mind, I'm happy enough with the condo compound, coz I'm a contented girl.

And it must have been because I was such a good girl, that someone omnipresent wrote a cat into my destiny shortly after. It was already dark but I saw the cat. Fomfomfom didn't see him and she was impressed at how I usually can't see a cat in front of me in broad daylight but could see one in the dark tonight.

I was really impressive. Ah ma heard me all the way up where she was. I gave the cat a good talking to.


My ah ma is back!

February 4th 2009 6:57 am
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Yesterday I went down to play first, then thought I would catch fomfomfom and ah bee before they left for work. But alas, I only caught sight of the back of their cars and I couldn't say goodbye to them and I was so sad. To prevent such sadness today, I went down to play and forgot all about them. I think I'll just do that in future.

And ah ma came back! She is incorrigible, she went gambling again in this doom and gloom economic climate. And she lost everything, and declared proudly that she didn't even have 20 cents on her when she reached home.

Later I will go to my shoebox and scramble for 20 cents so I can give it to ah ma, because I love ah ma and ah ma loves me.

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