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Orh... Han zi...

January 9th 2008 9:41 am
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We met a Beagle in the gardens today. A puppy. I turned and walked in the opposite direction when I saw him. Cha said that I am a tortoise egg. I can't deny that. I don't know how to behave around other dogs coz I seldom see other dogs. It's not my fault they keep me away from most dogs after that big thing tried to eat me the other time.

Everyone was out today in the afternoon so Ah bee and I, we held hands and took a nap. It was lovin’.

I watched a Taiwanese political programme just now. If there is anything they’ve got, it’s the freedom of speech. Anyway, that’s not the point. What I wanted to say is that while we were watching TV, Fomfomfom came home with 3 roasted sweet potatoes. She paid $6.80 for them. They weren’t kidding about inflation. The good thing is we found out that sweet potatoes are really filling. And it’s good for constipation too. Just FYI.


That moth should have flown towards the light.

January 8th 2008 10:09 am
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We saw a dog on TV just now. It’s a poodle who lives in China and can walk 3km on its hind legs in 103 minutes. Fomfomfom says she can’t even walk 3km on hers. That is some poodle. On my fours, I can only walk about 40 minutes maximum. Ah ma said she wants to train me to walk like that too. I didn’t pay her any attention. I just did my thing- flipped over for her to rub my belly. And she did.

I love my Ah ma.


The wonderful ta gong fish

January 7th 2008 8:30 am
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Today was kinda busy for me. I watched the MJ gals all day long. There were only 2 of them today coz the third is sitting at home, waiting to be an Ah ma. My Ah ma won money today. That is really rare if you don’t already know.

Then in the evening, we had a situation- a flat tyre. One of the MJ gal’s son was here to pick his mummy up. He somehow managed to puncture his tyre somewhere near the construction site near our house. They were outside for more than an hour trying to change the tyre. All this time, I was up in the garden barking instructions to them but no one was paying me any attention. They should have listened to me. I learnt how to change tyres when I was one. One of my many skills. Cha and Ah bee took me to the workshop to watch the professional mechanic change tyres when we had a flat at that time. I never forget what I learn. Anyway, they took one hour to change one tyre coz they refused to listen to me. Amateurs.

We also had a lesson in Moi 101 conducted by Ah bee just now. There is nothing I want to say about that.


Everyone loves Pingping. Deeply.

January 6th 2008 10:20 am
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Just now I was sitting next to Ah ma and I was sniffing at her feet. They smell really nice so I licked her toes too. Fomfomfom saw me doing that and she told us a story about how Ah bee used to do that too nearly twenty years ago. Apparently there was once she walked into Ah ma’s room and Ah ma was lying on the bed reading, with her feet propped at the edge of the bed. Ah bee was sitting at the foot of the bed, sniffing away at Ah ma’s foot. Ah bee was really embarrassed when Fomfomfom got to this part of the story. I was young, she explained. But no one listened to her; we were too busy laughing. Then Fomfomfom, who doesn’t know how to quit while she is ahead, went on with her story. So Fomfomfom was laughing at Ah bee whom she caught sniffing at Ah ma’s feet. When she was finally done laughing, her curiosity got the better of her and she too, decided to take a whiff at those feet. By this time, Ah ma was laughing hysterically. She doesn’t remember any of these. I don’t blame her. I won't want to be reminded of how I have idiots for children.

I forgot to mention that I met a Shih Tzu at the gardens yesterday. Her name- I hope she is female- is Flower. Most interesting.


So tired I am

January 5th 2008 7:39 am
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I was kinda upset coz it started raining about 10 minutes into our walk. But it was more than made up for later on- Weizhi jiejie, Waiyin yiyi and Yuanshuo beibei came over to play with me. I was a very good girl- I didn’t bite any of them. Successfully anyway. So we just stayed in and played while it poured outside. I had so much fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had visitors. I must ask them to come more often.

Fomfomfom went to nap the moment they came. When she woke up, the first thing she did was to go to the fridge to look for Paddle Pop ice cream. She was disappointed. Weizhi yiyi, you have been warned.

I felt a little sick after they left. I think it was the bak kua. I think I ate too much. But they were so good. Almost as good as sio bak.


I am not happy today.

January 4th 2008 9:34 am
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In the morning, Ah ma, Fomfomfom and Ah bee went out without me. I told them to wait for me but they didn’t. So I was stuck at home with Cha. Then in the afternoon, I told Fomfomfom that I wanted to go out coz it looked like it was going to rain. Ah ma refused to let us go coz she said it was too early. 2 minutes later, it started pouring. Luckily the rain stopped. But I only got to go out an hour later. At night, I was stuck with Ah bee till late. I am really sleepy and it is now way past my bedtime. I shall have to leave you my dear readers. I have a long day ahead tomorrow.


The real McCoy

January 3rd 2008 8:44 am
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I have dandruff on my backside and tail. Ah bee says I should use some anti-dandruff shampoo. Head&Shoulders, she says. But the dandruff ain’t on my head or my shoulders; they’re on my backside and tail. Someone needs to come up with Backside&Tail. There’s demand. I should go pitch this to P&G.

According to Fomfomfom, I’m her daughter because I’ve got her curly hair. And Ah bee’s button nose. And Cha’s mouth. And Ah ma’s gluttony. And I resemble Ah gong in the way I fart. Yes, we are one family alright.

They rushed down just now coz they thought that the pipe had burst. Turns out that it was because the hose wasn’t turned off properly. I was too tired so I just slept on the bed. That’s coz I went to the gardens and then welcomed passers-by at the garden for almost 2 hours. Huahua, the Chihuahua, walked by. This time the tables were turned. I am inside and he is trespassing. So I get to bark at him. He only gets to walk meekly by.


Zi you nu shen

January 2nd 2008 8:32 am
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I was attacked by the Statue of Liberty just now. And it’s a mighty ugly one at that. Fat, ugly and green. It’s even got hideous eyelashes. Complete with a giant M on its stummy. Anyway, it’s a gift from Wernie and it’s a dispenser. For chocolates. You work the contraption by pulling the arm ala a lever. Then the chocolates will drop. But I can’t eat chocolates so they were saying they could put my kibble in it. Or my tidbits. Or better yet, some of those crunchy green peas. Or some of the sio bak Ah ma made tonight. Ooooh. I love sio bak. I love sio bak more than I love pig’s stomach. That means I love sio bak a lot. A lot.



January 1st 2008 8:33 am
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I told Ah ma that I want an increase in my allowance. She only laughed. I don’t think that’s a yes but it’s alright. I have one whole year to do it.

Yesterday Ah bee asked Fomfomfom what VSOP stands for. Very Superior Old something, Fomfomfom replied. Ah bee asked me if I knew what it stands for. I told her I only know what VSPP is- Very Superior Ping Ping. That’s me alright. Superior. All over.



December 31st 2007 8:43 am
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Happy New Year everyone! I stayed up specially to do the countup so that at the stroke of midnight, I can make my New Year resolutions. Actually, I only have one this year- I want more pocket money. Ah bee says that it’s more like a wish, not a resolution. Cha says resolutions involve plans of the individual and then the execution of these plans. Well, I told her that my plan is to get more pocket money from Ah ma and I plan to execute my plan by keeping my hair long. When my hair is long, I am extra cute and Ah ma will not be able to reject me when I ask her for an increase in my allowance. There, my New Year resolution. *giggles*

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