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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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Thank You!

January 12th 2012 1:33 pm
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So last month (December the 9th) I turned 9 years old and I have now offically been with my family for 8 years! Can't believe it! I got several special treats and extra attention and all of my great dogster pals helped me celebrate by giving me wonderful rosettes & special gifts! I am just finding time to thank them but I really apreciate it and want to say thank you so much! You guys are the best!


Dog of the week May 24th to May 31st!

June 11th 2011 4:23 pm
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I now this is a little late but I just wanted to thank dogster HQ for awarding the amazing honor of dog of the week! It was such a surprise and I had such a wonderful week! I would also like to thank all my great pals who helped me celebrate with their sweet rosettes, stars, special gifts, messages, comments, and pictures. It really meant it a lot and I am lucky to have such spectacular pals!

Everyone who helped me celebrate should have reseved (or will be shortly) a thank you but I will like to give an extra shout out to some extra special pups. One would be the Roo Crew who have always been there for me and gave me an super sweet gift of 25 zealies for my dotw honor! Thanks again Roos, you are the best!

The other would be the lovely Missy who not only gave me a pretty star on my page but also started a thread in plus fun in my honor! What a sweetheart!

A week after my special honor I learned that the my bud Todd picked me as that week's Plus Fun Star of the Week! And then the week after that I was chosen as Light of the Week in the group light a candle! I am one lucky pup!

Thanks again pals! What would I do without you guys?!


Oh dog not another one...

July 30th 2009 7:33 pm
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Today three of mom's cousins came over to stay for about three days. Which doesn't bother me, I love Lucas, Parker & Emma. I greeted them all with happy wags and loving kisses but then he walked through the door.....

That goofy smile on his face, his long clumsy & wigginling body and that annoying long tail smacking me in the face every five seconds. Baxter. He gets to stay with us for the weekend also, yeah. Not. I am not nor will I ever be a fan of that 1 year old nuisance. I have known him since his parents & human siblings got him almost a year ago when he was I think a month old and mom always thought he would grow on me. Hah! She should have known, I am her "grumpy old man" after all. Even though she has tried so very hard to socialize me I still don't like a lot of other dogs. Though I have gotten better with adults but still loath puppies (which is odd because I was a father of two when I came to the shelter!).

Anywho I wasn't very happy with mom because it has just been a few days since Lacey (aka "the pug") went home after spending last weekend with us when her fam. went out of town. She is of course a puppy also. I have been really good about putting up with the "babies" but they have been pushing it majorly. Both Baxter & Lacey have taken a liking to my chew bones. MY beloved chews! MINE! And mom tried to give Baxter his own chew but no he wanted my favorite one (at the moment). Of course, that little booger.

And today our neighbor & good friend Marylynn came over, but with a suprise. A little 12week old fluff-ball of a puppy named Henry. Mom ran & greeted Mary and scooped up the red and white lasha-poo who licked her nose with a thousand puppy breathe kisses. Mom knew that the puppy was Mary's "grandpuppy" (her son Jared & new daughter in law's pup) because they had gone into the shelter mom volunteers at looking for a baby a few times. They ended up getting him from a petstore (which mom wasn't very happy with, but didn't say anything) 2 weeks ago. Mom & the Lori said that is probably what I looked like as a puppy (though since I am part basset I was probably longer and had a bigger head and feet). Mary & thelori talked for a bit while mum showed Henry to us pups I could care less of the little thing, Josh kept trying to be all "I am the alpha bow down to me" and Baxter was kinda scared of the moving squeaky toy that kept trying to play with him. She then showed Henry to the human boys, and after that brought him up the another one of our neighbors (owners of Lacey) to show the human girls & see what the pug would think. Of course the two pup fell in love and played like crazy. Then mom brought Henry back down and he actually tried to play with moi! Crazy wipper snapper.

Well I have to go, it has been a long day of putting up with puppies.
Wuff ya!
-Murph Man


My interview with the pawsome Raja Babu!

July 28th 2009 4:45 pm
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RB: How did you come to your forever home?

Murphy: It had been a little bit since mom's first dog Nelson passed on and she had really been wanting another pup but they had just moved into a new house and they where very busy. Then on the first week of December five years ago she was doing some early Christmas shopping at a local mall with her mom & brother .There used to be a small shelter (they have since moved) in the mall and mom went in like always & looked around. Then she spotted a skinny, almost bald, long shaped dog shaking in the back of a pen. She knelt down to my cage and called me over. Once she saw my stunning brown eyes that was it! I had my forever home. I was given to the shelter after my old owners decided that they didn't want to bring me with them when they moved. I was brought in with my "wife" and two "children" I had been there for a bit but my family got adopted very fast. My old owners took very poor care of me and my hair had been terribly matted where they had to shave me down almost all the way and I was terribly underweight. I was also not treated right in my old home and had some fear aggression issues that mom has since worked with me on and I no longer have that issue.

RB: How did you get your forever name?
Murphy: My name was formally Herby but my mom heard the name Murphy on a pet tv show and loved it. She called me the name and I came hopping. I was her Murph-Man from that day on!

RB: You live in Kansas. Most of us know about Dorothy and her dog. What is it like there?
Murphy: BOL. Well a lot of people say it is boring but mom simply loves it here it is the only home she has ever known. The weather is great (most the time) and we experience every type here. It is just an amazing place to live and a perfect place for us dogs (:

RB: You are a Lhasa/poodle mix. Is that a rare?
Murphy: Well actually I am bassa-lasha-poo (basst +lasha apso +poodle) And mom says I am pretty rare but I think I am just an average little mutt who likes long hops around the yard and eating noodles all night. Hehe.

RB: You live with Josh. How is it to share your house with other pups?
Murphy: It is great! He is my best buddy and we do everything together! He also helped me trust new people and come over my aggression.

RB: What is your favorite activity?
Murphy: Being with mommy and playing with my brother! Oh and going for walks & car rides!

RB: Tell us about a special incident in your life.
Murphy: Other then the day I came to my forever home It was probably when I met my brother Josh. At the time I only got along with two other dogs and one was bigger then me & the other was a female. Then about 2 months after coming home mom’s grandpa brought by his dog (who was a year old also and very social with everybody) Josh who he had raised from a puppy. Josh was very friendly like normal but I didn’t care, I was my grumpy unsocial self with him. But he was just so happy & loving and after 20 minutes we where playing like mom had never seen me play before! The six months after mom adopting me her grandpa moved into an apartment & Joshy came to live with us! From that day on my behavior did a three-sixty. I started to learn to not e afraid of new people because Josh trusted everybody and even though I still don’t like a lot of other dogs Josh taught me to act a little better around them and to put up with them. After adopting Josh into the home my aggression almost completely vanished and she could tell how much happier I was and now five years later I am a social and goofy little pup and life is gooooooooooooood!!

RB: Anything else you would like to add for our readers?
Murphy: Yes! Thank you to all my sweet plus fun pals you guys rock! And please remeber to spay/nueter and adopt from your local shelter. Oh and one last thing: "Raja Babu: Forever & always in our hearts" love you man!

-Murph Man



July 9th 2009 9:01 am
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Mom & and the grrls are of leaving in a hour even though I have knocked down all of her clothes and have slept in her suitcase they are stillleaving me......

See ya Monday!!!
-Murph Man


Ditched on thursday

July 8th 2009 1:15 pm
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Ok it is official. Tomorrow afternoon mom is abandoning me and heading for the lake with her mom and younger sister! Well I guess It won't be thaaat bad because mom's 2 brudders & her dad are going to be here. But then Carter & Evan (da brudders) are leaving me on Friday afternoon to join mom at the lake!!! So mom is just leaving me with her dad. And I think I am planning on hiding under the bed until mom comes home on Sunday. Her dad scares the fluff out of me! Sure he has never yelled at me or mistreated me but he still is pretty scary.

Well poor old me is staying here mom will be having a pawsome weekend at the lake. And Iam not happy that Louie is going to be there. The lake house they are going to belongs to neighbors/good friends of the peeps and they also are the owners of Louie the golden retriever and Lacey aka "the pug" (yes the same pug we had to pet-sit for a very long week). I would be fine with Louie if he wasn't in love with my mom!! His mom even calls her his girlfriend. Grrrr. It is so anoying how he follows her around, and "protects her" and brings her toys. Yuck.

Well I have to go, mom is going to finnish packing and I need to go and lay on her bed & "accidentally" knock everything off her bed. Again.

The very "neglected" Murph Man



June 19th 2009 7:08 pm
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I was tagged by the beautiful & kind hearted Skye! Check it out:

Copy these questions into your diary and then tag 6 of your other friends.

1. What color is your collar? Green.

2. What kind of food do you eat? Iams.

3. What are your favorite treats? I can be a picky eater sometimes though I eat almost any dog treats. My favorite kind of human food (other then meat) is pasta.
4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? No I am a swinging bachelor.
5. Do you get Table Scraps? Well I am not supposed to, though once & while mom will give me bits of something good.

6. What is your favorite toy? Well I never really learned how to play because I came from a bad home before meeting mom. And just last year (at age 5) I started to learn how to play with toys, & my favorite toy is a rope/stuffie in a shape of a poodle. My loofah dog & socky toy tying for second.

7. When is your Birthday? We don't really know I was a year old when mom got me, so she made my gotcha day my birthday. Which is December 9th.

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? I eat twice a day. I get breakfast after mom wakes me up & lets me outside, and dinner around 5pm-6pm.

9. Do you have a favorite color? Well not really, but mom's favorite color is green so since I am 100% mama's boy I guess it is mine also! BOL.

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Yes! I love to read my pals diaries and can't wait to see what they put!

I tag.....Tillie, Murphy, Ella, Teddy, Missy, and Ando.


Rain rain go away, don't come back until after Sunday!!

June 10th 2009 7:53 am
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Yup thats what I am chanting! Yesterday it rain poured for hours and flooded the streets, and there where only short periods of time where Josh, the pug, and myself could go outside and go potty. Today hasn't been as bad but it is still very cloudy out and has already rained a bit this morning but atleast we can see the sun! And now mom is all stressed out because the weather dudes are saying there is a 40% chance of rain on Sunday! What is so special about this Sunday you might ask? Well it is the 22nd annualDog-n-Jog, which we have been waiting for over a year. We went for the first time ever last year to this event had the best time ever, Josh even won a costume contest! This event helps to raise money for the local humane society, and many times actually helps homeless pups find homes because their are volunteers that bring adoptable pups their so they kind find thier new furmily. We are counting down the days for this event, and mom is even making Josh a spock costume and we will see if he can be the costume winner 2 years in a row. But like I said all this fun might be in jepordy because of that 40% chance of rain, so pups please send god vibes this way on Sunday so that it doesn't rain that morning. Heck it can rain all the days up to it, even after the event but please not during the event because dog-n-jog helps so many pups and is a huge fundraiser for the human society.

Well gotta go the pug is starting to bother me.
Murph Man


Goodies Galore...

June 6th 2009 7:44 pm
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I love the UK, wana know why? Well it is because they have the sweetest pups! Yesterday I got a special package from the mail dude, and it was from my new pal Teddy! See mom signed me up about a month ago for a cool summer gift exchange taking place in the plus fun forum and we just had to join in on the fun. And man was I a happy little man when my goodies came all the way from across the pond, see yesterday was also the start of a long week. We are pug sitting a 6month old pup named Lacey, she is Louie's sister, and unlike Lou who can spend most of the time up at there house (they live a few houses down from us) Lacey has to spend a lot of time down here bugging me. Yesterday she wasn't too bad, but boy was I stressed out! And the goodies sure helped make the day a bit better, but listen to this: Mom wouldn't let me have the goodies! I know torture. Mom said that the toys & treats might cause a fight because Lacey is always close by. Dang pug. But this afternoon mom let me get the goods while the pug was taking a nap, here is what I got:
-A very comfy star blanket (that mom tucked into my dog bed)
-A adorable long dog stuffy (One of my favorites!)
-A cool toy that is a mix between a ball & a stuffy
-A tiny little squeaky bear
-Hot dog treats for us pups (Oh my dog they are so good!)
-A packet of mixed dog treats

See I told you Teddy was pawsome! Well I have to go and snuggle into my new pawsome blanket and then beg mom in a hour or so for another hot dog treat! Thanks again Ted, you rock!

-Murph Man


Adopt 09

May 9th 2009 9:28 pm
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An egg whisk, new oven mitts, and a cutting board. Those where the three things that my mother, brother & myself thought of getting while we where at the local Mall. It was the beginning of December and time for Christmas shopping, we knew that the Mission Mall had a great store that sold kitchen supplies and we needed to start getting some gifts for my dad.Those tree things where the main things we where planning on purchasing that day, maybe a few other things in the other shops but nothing big.
I got out of our car and followed my mom & twin brother into the small mall. We found our way to the kitchen store and browsed our selections, and bought a few things that caught our eyes.After buying our things we decided to stroll around the half empty mall and check out the other stores.
General Christmas music hummed through crackled speakers, and shops where decorated with sparkling wreaths & glowing green trees.We searched through several stores but left with nothing, on our way to one of the large stores I came up with the idea to stop by the small little animal shelter that we would pass by. The Pet Connection was a small animal shelter located in the mall, in the front it had nice roomy cages for cats and in the back where a couple dogs in pens (though the dogs went home at night with foster homes).We had stopped by the shelter many times but just looking around, and on that day we thought we would be doing the same. Just looking around not falling in love, but we where wrong.
We made our way through the cats and headed to the dogs, I gazed at the different dogs: three puppies in the corner, jumping & squealing for my attention, a large yellow dog in the middle chewing on a mangled stuffed toy, a small black dog sleeping away the day in a large kennel. I was just going to ask my mom if she was ready to leave when she called me over.I came to her & found her knelt down by a dog pen I knelt by her, and I asked her what she wanted to show me and she just pointed forward. I looked up to see a long & little grey dog shaking in the back of the pen his grey & black fur shaved down very low to his skin, a large red bulky harness hugged his body, and his deep brown glowing eyes showed a shimmer of sorrow. I looked up at my mom and we both smiled, there was something special about this scared little dog. A few seconds later my mom popped out her cell phone & dialed a number while I read this sad little dog's story. As I read more & more about him my heart grew more attached, his name was Herby and was brought in by his old owners with another dog (his "wife") and two puppies (his "kids")after they decided they where going to move and didn't want to deal with their pets any more.TPC almost didn't take the four dogs but after seeing what bad shape Herby was in they couldn't say no.Herb was a 1year old lasha-basset-poodle mix, when he was brought in his fur was so tangled & matted you could hardly tell he was a dog. As soon as they got him they shaved off all that wild fur, he had probably never been groomed or had a bath in his entire life, only to find how skinny he was, you could see just about every bone in his body. Poor little Herb had been there for over a week or so and was the only one left his kids where the first to find homes, and then his "wife" (a yorkie mix) found a home soon after but nobody wanted Herby.
After reading his story I was hooked, I looked up at my mom and saw that she had called our former neighbor Carol to tell her about Herby.Carol had suddenly lost her beloved purebred lasha Jackson about a year ago to cancer, and when my mom first saw Herb she thought of Jackson.Though while on the phone with Carol Herby very slowly trudged over to us, and timidly sniffed our fingers and even let me pet him.That was it, my mom told Carol she couldn't have him because he was coming home with us.By that time my brother had also joined us & he to had surcome to Herby's charm and also fell in love. My mom them made another call, this time to my dad asking him to come down & bring the two other kids and see Herb.He was a little reluctant at first, for many reasons one was we weren’t completely ready for a dog we had only been our house for little bit over a year & didn't even have a fence up.But my mom him that this dog was meant for us, he finally gave in & told her had to finish up his pot-roast and gather the little ones and they would be there in 15 minutes.In the mean time Herby became a little bit more comfortable with us as we talked, my mom told me how much he looked like her loved fur child Rosie that she lost many years ago.I told her what really stole my heart was his eyes, I had never (and still haven't) seen a dog have eyes like this one his eyes where so thickly brown & had such a beautiful tent it melted my heart every time I looked into them.
When my father & siblings arrived Melody, the manager, showed us into a small greeting room placed Murphy in with us.He came up to me a few times but most the time sat shacking in the corner, my parent's talked about him and I joined in telling my father we had to bring him home that he was the dog for us. We ultimately decided to sleep on it & and we left. For the next two days I couldn't get those loving eyes out of my head I just couldn't stop thinking about him.Then on December 9th when my mom picked me up she told me the news, that day she had gone back to TPC and met with Herby's foster mom and signed the adoption papers. I was ecstatic. We had to wait a day or two because he had to get neutered but I didn't care, I finally had my dog.
The Friday of that week my mom, my three siblings and myself piled in the car and headed to a vet office thirty minutes away to pick up our newest family member. We waited anxiously in the waited room and when I saw the nurse walk out with our new friend I about did a black flip. We welcomed him with loving pets and sweet coos of "Hi there buddy!" and "You are going to love it at your new home". We hustled back into our car and coaxed our scared new companion to join us, he finally jumped in and joined me in the front seat where I comforted him as he shook rapidly in fear and panted heavily. On our way home we stopped by Pet smart & picked up our supplies, and when we finally got home it was pitch black and had begun to snow. I jumped out of the car, Herb following me, while the other kids ran in the house for dinner. I walked him around the perimeter of our home and told him that he didn't have to be scared any more, he was home and to my surprise that is when he finally stopped shaking.
When we adopted Herb we where told that he was great with kids and loved other dogs and cats, this information was given to the shelter by his owners and it didn't take long to see that his owner's truly didn't know much about him. In our first week with him we changed his name to Murphy, and had started a routine though not everything went smoothly. Murphy began chasing and trying to attack our old cats, Emma & Maggie, and showed aggression to other dogs and even people & kids.
Within a month of owning him Murphy's problems worsened, when we finally got our fence up he began escaping not by digging but by squeezing through our fence panels which have only a 3 3/4" gap (yes he was that skinny). His housetraining also wasn't coming along like it should have, we did everything but being the stubborn boy he was it was harder then we thought. At this time he also acquired a new habit, chewing. I would wake up to find the remains of one of my sibling's stuffed animals in his kennel, though stuffed toys the only things he stole he also devoured several pencils, crayons, any kind of plastic toy he could find, socks, and just about anything else he shouldn't. On top of that his aggression started becoming more intense also, by that time he had bit each of my siblings at least twice, two of my friends, and at least three other kids under 13, and myself. But I was not about to give up on him, I had taken this dog he was home now and here he was going to stay.I told myself whatever it took he would not be going back to the shelter, I knew there was a loving and sweet dog inside of him instead of this fearful and aggressive dog that was him now. I just had to find a way to coax him out.
I began reading every article I could find, watching every TV show on dog behavior, and buying every book on dog behavior problems I could get my hands on. I started with the simpler things, buying chicken wire to keep him from escaping. Getting the best raw hid chew bones I could find to keep him from chewing up things he shouldn't and working with him on simple commands & housetraining everyday. A few more months passed by & his housetraining became perfect, he stayed in his yard, and stuck with only chewing on raw hide bones. But even though his other problems cleared up his aggression didn't get even a small bit better. It actually began to get worse, it went from him being fearful, scared and possessive to just being uncalled for.He would go after my brother's friends for now reason, one time fiercely attacking his heals & shoes when all the boy did was walk into the house. At that point I started to get frustrated, but I couldn't give up on my promise. I just couldn't.
That’s when boot camp started, not just for Murphy but for my family & me. My siblings learned that getting in his face & bothering him when he was on the couch or chewing on his rawhide where a big NO, and Murphy learned that when he growled or bit on the when he was on the couch he got pushed off the couch and couldn't get back on the rest of the day. I taught him to trust people, showing him with treats whenever he was around new people, having my siblings & friends feed him and having him experience new surroundings & situations.
He began to progress but even with all my research there was something missing and I couldn't figure it our. Then during Spring Brake of the year we got Murphy, we found our missing link. My grandfather owned a 1year old male Westie named Josh, and he would bring Josh over every Saturday & to our surprise Josh & Murphy became best friends and loved each other. Josh came to live with us that Spring Brake after my grandfather moved into an apartment, and we happily accepted.
Josh is a dog who loves everybody, dogs & people, and this very much worked to our advantage with rehabilitating Murphy. We started calling Josh "Murphy's therapy dog" because he showed him that people are our friends not our enemies and in less then two weeks of owning Josh, Murph started going up to people on his own and his aggression started to slowly disappear. That loving & sweet dog had finally 100% arrived.
Murphy's personality began to shine, he quickly started becoming a mama's boy stalking me around the house and constantly licking me & showing compassion towards me. I quickly began to fall in love with him even more as his adorable quirky nature made me smile each day, things like how he doesn't run but instead hops, or how he likes to throw his chew bone across the room then jump on it and throw across the room ten more times, or even how he becomes insanely jealous if I love on Josh & not him always made me laugh even in times I thought laughing was impossible.
Even though when I first adopted him I thought I was the one rescuing him but little did I know, he would be the one rescuing me.
As the years flew by and Murphy’s behavior just kept getting better, things seemed to go the opposite way for me. Bad news plagued my days and crying for more then an hour straight became a daily event. He seemed to be the only constant thing in my life, I seemed to rely on him on so much and he never let me down. He would wake me up with his stinky kisses and a good paw slap in the face when I felt getting up wasn't worth it, he was the thing I looked forward to when I came home he was my shining star in my time of darkness.
Adopting Murphy was one of the best decisions of my life, he was a dog that needed a lot of TLC and a lot of love and I was so happy to give him that. And in my time of need he was my savior, he has shown me the true compassion and devotion a shelter dog can give & because of that all of my dogs will be rescue babies. Murphy has also give me some what of a purpose, that purpose is helping shelter dogs like him. "His" shelter is now in a large facility & saves so many lives, every weekend I spend about five hours there taking pictures for petfinder and helping wherever needed.And during the week I edit the dog & cat's online profiles and spread the word about this shelter. I have always been an animal fanatic and I have always wanted to help animals but have never found my way to but because of Murphy I am now doing something I have dreamed about for a long time.
Murphy is my best friend and constant companion, and it still eludes my mind how anybody could mistreat this amazing dog.
So to anybody who is considering getting a dog please check your shelters & rescue groups, who knows the dog that you rescue might just end up rescuing you.

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