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The days in the life of a Pharaoh Hound (drama drama drama)

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What's so cool about water?

September 18th 2007 11:15 am
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This weekend Mom took me down to play with Dune, but apparently Dune has become someone else. When I saw him he became very aggressive with me, and Mom sadly had to kick him in the chest to get his attention off of me to get me inside. I wasn't scared though, even when he started growling very loudly, I just wanted to sniff him. Mom says it's because he has never been socialized, and doesn't know how to behave with another large dog.
I was sad, we used to be such great pals.
: (
To cheer me up Mom took me to her friend Megan's house. Megan has a lot of Pit Bulls, and she said they would love to show me how to swim.
Swim you say? What is it to swim?
It's embarrassing! At first I watched John jump into this big water bowl! It was very unnerving, and I watched and watched until he came to the surface of the water again. I was racking my brain as to why he would succumb himself to such torture, and it was while I was in the middle of thinking that Mom snatched me up and placed me into the water! I was very nervous since I couldn't see my feet, but they soon touched a step, and I was knee deep in warm, crystal-clear water. She attached a green leash to my neck "For your safety" she said. Yea right! It was so I couldn't get away! As I was overcoming my shock of being placed unannounced into this wet place, down she placed me to another step, even further into the water! I soon learned to keep my eye on her, lest she make another move.
Apparently she thought that bringing Casey out would help get me to understand what I was to do. At first, I wanted to just play with Casey, but I had the stupid green leash on me, and I couldn't! Then, before even greeting me properly, Casey leaped into the water after a bone that John had thrown, drenching me completely. I was very wary of her, they must have all been in cahoots together to get me into this. Megan soon took Casey out since she was getting tired. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't just get out herself, the horror! While I was watching her get put away, Mom grabbed me and carried me out into the water. I almost peed myself. She slowly let me down into the water, and I thought I might drown. Suddenly, my feet started paddling and Mom let go of me! I was going out of my mind by this time, so I started swimming toward the wall. Wait, swimming? Was I actualy swimming? I was! I swam around in a circle and Mom stayed right at my face, holding on to me. I made it all the way back to the stairs, safe and sound, and Mom freaked. I don't remember the last time I got so many kisses and hugs and pettings!
Then out came Bandit, even more enthusiastic than Casey. John says that he has to swim with Bandit at all times, because he won't stop swimming unless made to, and he sinks because of his weight. Bandit is a very nice Pit Bull, just like Casey. Once again all formalities were ignored, and I was drenched again! I couldn't swim with Bandit in there, he was taking up too much room! He was everywhere at once, swim swim swim, that's all he seemed to want to do. He would even dive right off the edge. It was only after Bandit got out that I even tried to swim out to Mom. She kept calling me and patting the water and her arms and chest, and I wanted to go to her! I kept inching forward, but the steps ended! I would stand on the bottom step and paddle with one foot, but it didn't seem to be working.
In the end I did swim out to her twice, on my own.
I was very tired afterwards, and slept on the way back home.

Now she says it's beach time!



September 7th 2007 1:15 pm
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I got to be a hick doggy when Mom and Dad took me to Idaho last week!
The 12 drive there was horrible because I was made to lay down the whole time, but we stopped frequently enough and I got to trot it out, then it was back on the road.

When we arrived I met Daphne, a tiny Pomeranian! They were afraid that I would hurt her, so I didn't actually get to play with her until the next day. Then they learned that I was very gentle with her when we played. I ignored her the rest of the time, and she just followed me around trying to get me to play.
I got to run in the back yard of Dad's old house where he grew up, it's huge! It's much bigger than Mom's warehouse at work, and I didn't have to be on a leash. There was this thing called trampoline that I was allowed to get up on, lots of trees, and lots of new smells. I hunted worms, butterflies, and birds too, and I got so rowdy that I finally showed Mom my full speed run! She said I was going so fast that she was afraid I would run into something and break myself in two, but my brakes work just fine. I sure did take my own breath away though, I love running!

They took me for a car ride late one night into the country and I saw horses, cows and sheep, and was so interested in them that I accidentally konked my nose into the window in my excitment, oh well, they were all to busy munching on their grass to notice.

When Mom took me to her Mom's house, I met four new dogs. Roxie was my favorite, but her mom, Chloe, didn't like me playing with her, so I had to be careful. Mom was hoping that I would get to meet her first cat Tutter, but when we got there her Mom told her that he had gone missing after she and the neighbor had had a disagreement. Mom cried into my neck for a little while, but I told her it was okay by licking her eyes. She has me now, and that's all that matters! I'm much better than any old cat!

I'm still catching up on sleep, but I can't wait to go again!
Mom tells me that we might do quite a bit more travelling next year, since Dad's going into the Army. She says that next stop is North Carolina! I hope they have cows there...


I'm a mother.. sortof...

July 21st 2007 12:32 pm
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I had a great playdate with my friend Storm today! I got to show off my baseball park and we played for 2 hours! We were pretty pooped by the time we left, but as we exited the park something strange happened to me.
Mom and Storm's Mom were talking about meat and what have you, when Mom felt me lunge at something. She turned to look and saw an itty bitty baby bird running toward me on the sidewalk! It was cheeping at me "Mommy, Mommy!" but I let it know that I was NOT its mommy by snapping it right up in my mouth. Apparently that is not very polite, because Mom pulled me off of it and I dropped it. It ran toward me again and sat under my front legs, so I guess it thinks I'm its new Mother!
I was not very pleased when Mom said we were going to take it home. I could have just eaten it right then and there. I couldn't understand why she wanted to make me wait. When we got home Mom was hussling around the house getting towels and baby bird food and a box with a hole in... then she gave the bird a bath and put its box on top of a heater! This little fellow is getting quite the ride. I'm not allowed to do anything with it but stare at it, Mom says. She even placed its box high on the top of the book shelf, to keep it out of my sight. But I know its there, I can smell it.
So Mom says we are going to keep it and feed it until it dies, which she supposes it will. It only has just enough feathers to cover its tiny frame, and will probably not make it through the night, but we'll see I guess.


Nobody touch my head, gedemit!

July 13th 2007 10:13 am
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I’ve been pretty head shy lately. I mean, it does have to do with the fact that this wound on my head is oozing, and it has to be wiped to save the furniture, Mom’s clothing and my fur, but it just gets tiring. And I’m a little confused, because I want Mom to itch it, so I walk up to her and rub the spot on her pants, but all she does is clean it again and put a bandage on it! I want her to give it a good RUB, SCRATCH it for me, PLEASE!
Then she makes me lie down and stay still, but I can’t. My back leg has a mind of its own. Mom tells it “No!” but it just keep going, even though I look at her trying to tell her I’m not in control of it.
I have a Vet appointment today, one I’m not looking forward to. I know Mom is anxious about it, she feels that it is the Vet’s fault my head is oozing. She wonders why our normal Vet is not open on Saturdays, the only days that we need her. She’s never given us sour advice, and I’ve only ever gotten better from seeing her.
She’s trying to stay calm and confident for me, but I just want it to go away so I can be me again. There’s this newly enforced rule that I can’t be outside for too long, and this time I always have to wear the E-collar. It’s noisy and it always runs me into walls and doorways. I feel ridiculous wearing it, and the other dogs laugh at me.
Oh to be well again, then I’ll show them how a Pharaoh Hound bounces back!


It's just my luck..

July 7th 2007 1:01 pm
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I'm just not a fighter. I'm curious, loving, and happy.
Today while we were at the dog park I was attacked by an American Pit Bull Terrier Lab mix. His owner brough him and his sister into the park after asking if my dog was aggressive. Mom replied that no, I wasn't! I just love to play and run with any dog. The woman told Mom her dogs' story. They were both Pit Bull mixes that had been abandoned at the San Bernardino dog park, and she had brought them home with her. I would like to state that that dog park is known for dog fighting occurances, and often fighting dogs who have lost fights are dropped there.
She brought him in, telling Mom that he was "tempermental", so kept him on his leash while Mom held me on a Down/Stay a little ways away. The dog seemed curious, so Mom walked me over to allow us to meet. He acted very happy to see me, he was wagging and barking happily, so the woman let him off to roam. He turned out to be a fast runner and goaded me into running. I'm not one to deny a good stretch of the old legs, so I accepted! I started chasing him. Mom began to feel uneasy when she noticed that the other dog was holding his tail awefully high and kept looking at me wih his head down when I'd run past him. As she was walking back to get my leash, she asked the woman if her dog had ever gotten into a fight with another dog before. The woman replied that he had, but only when the other dog had showed aggression first. The second she said that, the other dog snapped. Our fun romp turned into a fast hunt, and he pinned me down against a fence and started growling and snapping at my face. The woman started shrieking the dogs name at the top of her lungs, and then it turned into just screaming. Mom was surprised at how terrified she seemed to be, and even more surprised that she couldn't control herself or her dog. She ran over to me, I was upside down on the ground as the dog went for my head. Mom started kicking him in the rear as the other woman just watched, terified, but he would not let go of me. He was not a people aggresive dog, and when he paused and looked up at Mom and wagged, I thought I was free, so I ran. He was after me the second I moved though, and pinned me into a corner where I could not escape. He bit hard into my head and started to dig at my chest, I couldn't move, and cried out for Mom to help me. Mom started kicking him in the rear again so he let go, but started chasing me again. He kept trying to attack my face, but Mom was between us and kicked him hard in the ribs while yelling at him to "GIT!". I was so scared.
Mom was in shock, and just grabbed my collar and started walking back to our bench to get our stuff to leave. The other woman hooked the dog up to his prong collar and told Mom that "I'm taking him over here, I just want him to know that he's been bad." The woman and her dogs disappeared when Mom called Dad crying, but her car was still there so she got her license plate number.
I'm at the vet right now getting two stitches in my head.
Mom doesn't want to avoid that dog park, but is going to contact Animal Control right away. I sure hope they find that dog, he should not be allowed around other animals.
Please, do not take aggressive dogs who have been known to fight to a social dog park, it only ends in pain.


Look who's popular.

July 2nd 2007 1:55 pm
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I've been tagged again!

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. My bite is worse than my bark.

2. I hear things in the bushes...

3. I used to have a white tip on my tail, but I pulled the hairs out.

4. When my Mom gets home, and before she gets in the house, I whine, jump, scratch the floor, jump off the wall, run into the door, mess up the rug, rear like a horse and fall over myself. Once she gets through the door though, I lay down and fall asleep.

5. I love ice, and if you pushed the button on the fridge, then I get the first one that comes out or there will be hell to pay.

6. I'm a professional boxer.

7. I'm not afraid of fireworks.

I tag the following Dogs!

1. Xanadu Farm’s Bilal
2. Leo
3. Rachmaninof
4. Porter
5. Anubis
6. Bailey Cole



June 25th 2007 3:58 pm
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And I don’t mean bees.
Mom has been really sick since last week, so I’ve been taking care of her. She has a really bad cough now that the fevers are gone, so I was just lying on her chest most of the day. She still insisted on taking care of me by herself though, so when she got up there was really nothing I could do until another fit of coughing forced her back under the covers with me. The last time she fed me yesterday she gave me some pumpkin. She said it was for my upset tummy, but I broke out in itchy lumps all over my face and ears! I was trying to scratch my ears, but I just ended up stabbing myself with my nails. After that I walked around with my head tilted to the side for an hour! I was so humiliated. And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, my eye got swollen shut! Even my lips were bumpy and swollen. Dad kept telling me I looked like a Quasimodo, but Mom gave me some medicine that made me sleep through most of the pain, itchiness and embarrassment.
After a while, and once I was coherent, I lost all my dignified manners and started getting lippy with Mom. The bumps were just too much! They weren’t going away after all the medicine, so I laid on the bed and roo roo-ed at Mom and snapped at her trying to get her to do SOMETHING. She did, she gave me a BATH! I admit it did feel nice to be in that warm water and have her scratching my head and face, but then she rubbed some nasty smelling clear liquid called Caladryl into my fur on my head and feet. But the darn things still wouldn’t go away! Finally, Mom stuffed an Aspirin pill down my throat and threw a blanket over me. I figured she’d just given up on me, so I fell asleep.
When the corner of the blanket lifted up this morning, I was able to look at her smiling face with BOTH of my eyes! I was feeling much better, and I even smelled good and my fur was baby soft. All that remains of the ordeal is a lot of crusty white stuff on my ears and back of my head, and most of that got thankfully scratched off already.
What a night!


Mom says my brain is constipated (and that’s not all)

June 14th 2007 4:12 pm
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Yesterday I got to go with Mom again to her work. I smelled all over for that possum, but he was no where to be seen. Instead, he had been replaced by a very colorful, but dead, bird. Mom thought it was still alive, because we noticed that its tail was moving, so she picked it up by the tail to inspect it. It was not alive, but it was VERY fresh. I wanted to sniff it all up! Mom gave it a nice burial under some leaves. Our walks were short lived because it was a very hot day, but in that time Mom worked on my “Heel” and keeping me under control, even with a rabbit hopping by or a plastic bag billowing around a fence post! She would make me heel, and every time I would we would inch closer to what it was that I wanted. In the end, if I had been successful, we would together lunge at what it was I had been anticipating so badly! It was fun, except that walking at a heel in the hot sun is tiring. I took many cat naps under her desk.

I’ve helped one of the men at Mom’s work overcome his fear of dogs! Mom said that because I am so good with people, I have helped him realize how wonderful dogs are!
He used to be really afraid of me when I was a little puppy, and since Mom has been bringing me regularly he has had to see me from time to time. Usually Mom warns him before I come in, so that he doesn’t become more afraid, but yesterday he came out wondering where I was. Now, instead of skirting the office completely, he walks by me very calmly. He hasn’t looked into my eyes yet, but he says that maybe one day we will be friends! This makes me happy, because I love people! As a reward for lying calmly while he walked by, I got my first ever Turkey neck. It was so good that I sucked it down in no time, but it made me really constipated. I think it had too much bone in it, so Mom says maybe half a turkey neck next time.

After work it was off to ‘handling class’ again.
I’ve been to two handling classes with Mom so far. The first one was bad. It was freezing outside and I didn’t want to do much in the way of listening to some stranger tell my Mom how to handle me. She’s my MOM, she knows what to do. I knew very well that it was me being antsy. It was cold, I have short fur. Chicken didn’t help me much either because it was COLD chicken. So after I clearly let them know that I wasn’t going to be handled by anyone’s cold hands, we left that day with advice from the Judge on how Mom should get me to stand properly. I already stand properly, but they just don’t get that I want to be somewhere warm at ALL TIMES.

Yesterday was very different. It was warm, sunny, and the chicken was good! I did better, but I still didn’t do as well as I could have. Mom says I need to understand the difference between my collars. She says that my lead means I have a job to do, so no play time (That’s not me at all!). This time at handling class I let her handle me since her hands were warm. I stood perfectly still as she moved my feet around, and we even played a game of ‘who’ll catch the chicken first?’ while we waited our turn. Mom was very proud and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Then we were called into the ring. I don’t know why, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I turned the wrong direction, I leaped forward on our run, and I lunged at the other dog in front of me, cutting a gash in Mom’s finger. Every time we were called into the ring I acted the same, I just didn’t want to do it in front of the other people. One on one with Mom is much better for me, because I get her full attention. We ran the ring three times together, and then we headed out. I slept on the way home, but I was happy, because all the way I heard Mom from the front seat whispering, “Good Boy.”
Maybe I will learn to like this ‘handling class’…



June 7th 2007 9:17 am
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I got to go outside! Mom took me on a long walk around the warehouse and I got to hunt lizards and rabbits! I always assess a possible capture situation first, to make sure that what I heard from far away was correct, and then I pounce into the bushes! Mom always lets the lizards get away, and they are fast, but not as fast as me! If I hadn't had the dreadful leash on I'd have gotten them, just like those birds in the back yard at home... it's so fun to chase! I was busy leaping into the bushes after standing still as a statue, and I got so excited that I jumped into a prickly pear bush! My ears were all covered in little white pricklies, but I didn't even notice. Mom pulled them all out while I was still distracted by a huge lizard that was mocking me from afar. I'll get him next time...

We got to go out again for lunch! Mom kept telling me to “go potty” but I was too distracted to pay attention to her. I haven’t gone to the bathroom all day.
So we went on another long walk around the warehouse, and right as we turned the corner I saw a possum!! Mom didn’t know what I was leaping and bounding at, and was laughing and having a great time being pulled around, until she saw the grey fur, and then she called me off. I was having such a great time and foaming at the mouth and chomping my teeth together. Bowooo! Mom said I looked like a crazed hunter and that it’s a good thing that California possums don’t carry rabies. Mom got real close to the possum and told me that it was just a baby. He wasn’t fast enough to get away from me (I knew that!) because they don’t move very fast. He was just lying there, so Mom picked up a stick and stuck it in his mouth. He chomped down on it with his sharp razor teeth and we knew that he was okay. He was just playing dead. I wanted him to get up and run! Mom petted him with a stick (silly human) for a while and flipped him over to see if he was hurt anywhere, and he wasn’t. I hadn’t bit him, but he stopped moving when I got on top of him, so I got all confused. I kept snapping at him to get up and run, but he didn’t seem to want to play. After Mom was done poking him with the stick we went back inside to get some water. Then I fell asleep and dreamt of the possum, but this time I caught him!
You can watch her playing with it here:
What an exciting end to my day at work with Mom!


Beware the Doberman!

June 6th 2007 11:23 am
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I’m at work with Mom today, and everyone in the warehouse is afraid of the big red Doberman up front! I want to know where this Doberman is so I can give him a piece of my mind… he’s scaring off all of my potential pettings! One girl must have seen him when she stuck her head through the door, because she gasped and screeched “Ay! There’s a dog!” and ran out. I figure she must have been scared by this Doberman fellow, because I was just standing there with a big smile on my face, wagging at her and wanting some attention!
At the end of the day we are going to “handling class”. I do not know what this is exactly, but I think it has something to do with people touching me and chicken liver, and that sounds good to me!

So I’m just laying down under Mom’s desk, grumbling each time someone walks by without touching me. At least I don’t have to be in the kennel all day. It’s sitting across from where I am now, foreboding and dark…I was in there earlier, but I talked my way out. Every time Mom would look up at me I’d grumble at her, so she stopped looking up at me. But she cannot resist my charms, and I knew she wanted me over here all along, with my head on her knee or lying next to her feet, she just needed to be convinced. I’m pretty much behaving myself for now, except for refusing my breakfast this morning. A chicken leg just isn’t as exciting as watching people run away from a dog I can’t seem to find...

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