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Don't Pee on my Leg and Tell Me it's Raining! ~ Confessions of a Singing- Sensation

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I can't believe it

January 24th 2014 8:21 am
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I cannot believe that Dudley is here with me. And that there's a stupid cat sleeping in my bed down there! And that my Mom is so sad, but everytime she starts to cry I start up on her: "Ma, Ma, MA! You gotta stop this! It's not good to be crying like this! You start crying for Duds, then move on to me and Rems, and Trusty and Bailey" And she says "I know, OL" then I tell her that we are all REALLY happy here and that we will be here when she gets here one day and then I try to say stuff that makes her laugh - and I am usually successfull. And I also tell her to stop the missing of us and feeling guilty about stupid stuff - that she was the BEST mother ever and she loved us all so much and unconditionally and still does. That she should celebrate us! And that usually shuts her up for a while. BOL. But now this - this dogster closing thing. This is not good.
I am so very grateful for all of you whom I have met - who have befriended me and cried with me and laughed with me and enjoyed my antics and my Louis Reports and my singing and dancing.

I think Johnny Lee Miller's character, Sherlock Holmes on the series Elementary said it best for me: "I've thrived here not because of who I am, but because of who I've come to know".
I love you all!


A Final Louis Report (of sorts)

August 13th 2012 10:37 am
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On Wednesday, August 8th I woke up not feeling good at all. Very weak, and when Mom saw me looking at her she said "Oh no, what's wrong, OL?" I went into the bathroom and laid down and stayed there and would not go out. She was very upset. She said she would have Aunt Babs check on me and that I was to rest.
I went upstairs a little later and got on the recliner. I went out on the deck for a bit. I wagged at Aunt Babs and Johnny, but there was no mistaking, I was not feeling well at all.
I went into Nana's room and gave her the look - and she immediately called Mom. Mom came home, she had already spoken to the vet and thought perhaps I was having a reaction to the new flea and tick meds she gave me two days ago. So with the help of Nana's aide Poo Yeung (who happens to love me) they bathed me in Dawn. And they rubbed me and made me feel a bit better. Then they brought me into the kitchen, and Mom sat with me for an hour till it was time to go to the vet. She told me she loved me so much to please please get better. And that it was going to be okay. I put my head on her leg. Then Aunt Babs and Mom carried me out to the car in a blanket and put me in the back, all the way I heard Mom's voice saying "We're almost there Oliver, it's going to be okay Mommie is right here with you, Mommie loves you" That was the last thing I heard before taking my last breath, my Mommie's sweet sweet voice, knowing she was with me was the best, knowing she loved me like no other. I had a tumor and it ruptured my spleen. My mother was so upset when she came around and opened the back and saw that I was gone. They carried me in and Dr. P said that's what it was. There was nothing that could've been done - his dog had the same thing and he operated and his doggie only lasted three months. He told Mom that it was very very good that I went so quickly - I didn't suffer that much. My mother was constantly stroking me while they talked, crying and I felt so bad for her. Aunt Babs leaned over and kissed me good-bye. I was sort of hovering in and on top of my body, then Mom kissed me good-bye and told me she loved for always and ever and kissed me again me through her tears.

Then the strangest thing happened - there was a white light - very bright and a rainbow - the hugest I had ever seen - and I was floating towards it - there was no stopping me - it was like wheeeeeee floating up higher and higher towards it - and when I got to these beautiful steps at the beginning of the rainbow? Who was there but Rems! And Trustine! I said "Oh my goodness! My brothers!" And they came and hugged me - and said "You are at the Rainbow Bridge Oliver the most wonderful place!" And I said "but what about Mom? Why can't she come too? She's sooooo sad - I can still see her crying and telling me she loves me"

That's when Rems told me - "Mom will be with us all again one day, but it's not time for her to be here yet" And Trusty said "But wait till you meet her Dad and her Nana and Grandpa and her Grandma Dolly and Grandpa Tony!" And Rems said "And! Aunt Vi and Uncle Charlie are here too!" But I was still sad. "Rems - what is she going to do without me?" And he said "She will be sad for a long time that's for sure - remember when I left?" But she will grieve and get through it" And you can talk to her in her head and tell her stuff like "be strong" and "I am here for you Mom in spirit"

And then they took me to a big doorway - that opened to the most beautiful room I have ever seen, and there He was - God! For REAL! He said "Oliver Louis - you brought the world so much joy, especially your family - now it's time to be here with Me and move on to the next stage - please, I know you are sad for your mother, but I will help her through it, okay?" I Promise you. So I said to myself well this isn't just any old guy - this is God, (for cripes sakes), I really have to believe Him I guess. And I said "Okay, but Promise me You will help her - please" He smiled and said "I promise you - and I even promise to let you look down and see her once in a while, does that make you feel better?" And I said "Okay" and with that Rems said "Thank you Sir, and Trusty bowed, and they said to me - Okay, let's go.

So out we went - and guess what time it was? FROG TIME! OMG There were frogs allover to be chased! And then I saw my big old brother Bailey and my cousin Jamie Marie! And Cookie! And then it was Dance Time and then it was ICE CREAM TIME! Holy Cow! This is the best place ever, and I am still sad, but I know that my mother and I will be together again one day, so that makes me feel better. I love you Mommie - with all my heart. But, oh, what's that Rem? It's Concert Time! Have to go! Love you!


Oh - and I almost forgot~!

June 25th 2012 9:32 am
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Thanks everybody for the birthday rosettes and well wishes! It was pretty good - except Nana wasn't here - so we are going to do a double celebration - Me and Mum (she's the 17th and I'm the 18th) when Nana comes home!


I know it's been a while

June 25th 2012 9:29 am
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Okay Peeps - I know it's been a while since I've put paw to paper but there's been soooooo much going on here it's just crazy. Nana had open heart surgery May 4 at NYU Langone Medical Center and Mum and Aunt Babs were back and forth to Manhattan for almost four weeks! Then she got shipped up here to a rehab place close to home and was doing really great until she got an e. Coli infection and had to be rushed to hospital! I am happy to say that she's back in the rehab and I even visited her this weekend past - she is doing great. Oh, well she did fall asleep with her glasses on and gave herself a black eye - BOL because of the medicine she's on she bruises easy.
Duds went to see her and Charles - the little booger that he is - goes all the time. Anne is pissed because she hasn't gotten to go yet and Kylie is next up I think. We are all hoping she is home with us before or by July 4th.
On the Telly front - I just couldn't get into Idol this year - don't know why. I am thinking of switching to Dancing With the Stars - hmmmm don't know for sure yet. Oh, but I watched the entire two seasons of Downton Abbey and now I make everydog here call me M'Lord. BOL!


CAN IT BE? A real Live Louis Report for Wednesday April- 25th, 2012

April 25th 2012 5:57 pm
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Holy Crap Peeps! The O-Man is back! Just in time for Idol's homage to Queen! You all know I LOVE me some Queen! When my brother Rems went to the Bridge? He told me to sing Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and everytime I think of him thru my tears I sing it to myself and it makes me feel better. also loved seeing Roger Taylor and Brian Mays

Jessica Sanchez - I like her
She is a baby but I think she handled Bohemiam Rhapsody well.........

This Skylar Chick - THe Show must Go On - I think she is doing a good job - but remember the O-Man has not really seen any of these people perform much - judges liked her lots

Crazy Little Called Love - I think he totally threw the Ball out of the Dog park - MAMA!

Elise - this is the chick O-Man CANNOT STAND! she "Wants IT all" she annoys the O Man - she is a Screamer not a singer......ewwww judges are liking her - just threw up in my mouth For some reason she gets under my spots and dots not in a good way - and gasp! SHE IS ITALIAN LIKE ME cannot believe a piasano could affect me like this - but I no LIKE HER!

Philip - I hope he does well - oh for Poops sake - did I mention that Mum is reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy? She reading this is another reason I am lax in Louis Reports - Okay back to Philip - Fat Bottomed Girls - like him but too much on the gravel voice - but he should be okay.

The last one? Is Hollie - have no idear about her because pawonhonestly? Do NOT remember her! What's that Mum? You don't remember her either? Singing "Save Me" - she's good, yes - but okay here we go - she is getting stronger - yes I like her and now I have to CRAP - sign off - this is the O-Man Love you all my Peeps!


Beyond Upset

March 19th 2012 1:14 pm
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Well I suppose my peeps have been wondering - where in the name of Bob Barker is the O-Man and his Louis Report!? Me too, my peeps! My gosh darn mother has been working long hours - and in February Aunt Babs fell on the ice and broke two ribs so she was taking care of Nana and Aunt Babs and EVERYTHING and WORKING - now she is working six days a week - ten to twelve hours a day - and she assures me when it is over in about ten days we can start up our Louis Reports. Until then - I am sulking on the bed, Over and Out - The O Man


Merry Christmas

December 27th 2011 8:42 am
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Merry Christmas to All my Pup Pals and their two-leggers. To all the pals who sent me cards - Pippin and Petey - you guys looked SMASHING. Riley - your family is SO GOSH DARN CUTER THAN A BUG'S EAR! Winnie - were the heck was your dad? BOL! I love getting them! And next year Mum promises she won't be so emerged in cookie baking and her crap ass job that she cannot send out holiday greetings from Paws Truly - we are already working on a photo of me for the card - BOL - JUST ME AND NO OTHER DOGS IN THIS HOUSE! Except maybe Mooser because his HINEY is SO LARGE - BOL! - and my most sincere wishes for the BEST EVER NEW YEAR! oxoxoxo - The One and the only "O" Man!



September 1st 2011 8:45 am
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You think the smell of dog poops is bad? well the septic tank had to be pumped out again account of that stupid Irene storm. Turns out it was like OVERFLOWING! And this upset me greatly because A) Teddy the septic man had to come and that meant B) I had to leave Mom's room and go upstairs and hang with Nana and the rest of the gang. Which I C) DO NOT LIKE - I like to be on my bed when I want. Nana told me she had it with me - and then when he started to pump the tank out? We could SMELL IT IN NANA's BEDROOM AND IT STUNK worse than any poop I ever took! BOL! But it's over now. And - by the way - Teddy told Nana that our septic tank? Is in backwards! Nana said "why does that not surprise me?" because some of the things in the house are done very very well, and others? well, not so well! BOL!


Thank You - Thank You VERY MUCH!

June 22nd 2011 10:33 am
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I am saying this to all my pals who sent me special rosettes and good Birthday Wishes - I've been very busy but I want to tell everydog how FABU my birthday was - my birthday FIRST of ALL was on A SATURDAY! How FABU is that? And it is the day after my Mother's birthday! (always!) and so it was like one big birthday celebration! Mum had her usual birthday celebration with Aunt Victoria and a select few others on Thursday evening - and came home with the balloons like she does EVERY year - and like he does EVERY SINGLE YEAR - Mooser commenced to BARK LOUDLY at them up there - FOR QUITE some time - until he finally got tired. PS - they are still there and he thankfully hasn't gotten cuckoo about them since.
Then I had to help Mum with our Best Damn Tag Sale Part II Organization - we are having it on Saturday the 24th - but any dog knows these things take LOTS of organization - especially when you have such FABU stuff like we do!
Then Saturday Dad came over - but he was in a poopy mood - so he left. Too bad because he missed a great filet mignon dinner - and for dessert? Mom and Aunt Babs and Nana had a flourless chocolate cake - that was delightfully rich. And we had ------ wait for it - FROZEN Dogster Treats! And! I took Kylie's away from him when he was like half done? And he started crying - but Aunt Babs gave him a little piece of his and let me have the rest since it was my birthday! It was a really great Birthday........the only thing that would've made it better? Sigh,,,,,, is if Rems and Trustine were there - but I felt them watching me and wagging!


The Louis Report - Idol - Wednesday May 25th 2011

May 25th 2011 7:00 pm
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Since I am really sort of still in mourning for my Dearest Trustine I didn’t feel like doing a Louis Report for the Finale - and also since my fav, James Durbin was booted off - O Man was not feeling it - however, Mooser advised that I should at least make an attempt - so here we go:
The top 13 singing GaGa - thought for sure she’d show up but did not. Before I even had a chance to whine about that James Durbin came out with Judas Priest - and I was BARKING for JOY - FABULOUS! But I really wanna see him and Steven Tyler sing together.

Jacob and the Gospel singer Kurt Franklin - totally Jason’s bag - great! And Holy Cow! Gladys (I love you baby) Knight! Thanks for making me do this Mooser - O Man forgot how fabu the finale always is! I don’t know how long I can last but I will do my best (also Mum had a tooth pulled last night and is feeling totally groovy from the painkillers!) Hoping I can hold out till at least 9:00 - for Trustine -

Next up we have - Casey singing Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls - with Jack Black in the background! BOL! He’s so funny! And by golly he can sing! Of course we have to hear some “scat” in it - really? Freddy Mercury probably not liking that - BOL!

The chicks up next singing Beyonce’s Shoulda Put A Ring on It and a whole Beyonce medley - honestly I don’t remember some of these chicks - of course I KNEW IT BEYONCE IS IN THE HOUSE!! Love her! Telling Mum RIGHT this second exactly what to write - how yes, Fergie is and will always be my Number One but one call from you, Miss Beyonce could change that! Also - BOL! Love the way she brought out her own backup dancers! I don’t blame you, Beyonce! I cannot even remember who some of those earlier contestants are! I remember the Pia of course, and the one I could NOT stand - who felt she had to do a Reggae dance with every song - oyyyyyyyyyyyy! Let’s see who’s next -
Haley and TONY BENNETT! That’s a perfect pairing if I ever wagged it! Fantastico!

TLC and Little John and the Chicks - O Man REALLY likes TLC - Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls! That was FABU! I hope I can make Mum stay up to see U2 - I know they are comning up’

Scotty and Tim McGraw - wowie - I know everyone wants Lauren to win but O Man is rooting for Scotty - and this rendition of “Live Like You’re Dying” is EXCELLENT!
The voice on this kid is beyond good. Not to mention how effortlessly he is so comfortable on stage - SINGING with Tim McGraw! Holy Mama!
Thank goodness commercial break because I have to go out and do wee-wee!
Next Marc Anthony - husband of hmmmmm - who? Oh! Yes! Jlo! I gotta tell you - I have always Loved him - do not know why perhaps an O Man weakness? But I like him! And the wife on stage with him? El Perfecto! Let us not forget that she can DANCE that booty! They are the cutest!

Now guys from top 13 are doing Prince - among others - guess this is their “medley” who will come out? Tom Jones? Durbin doing “What’s New Pussycat?” Nope? Scotty singing some Country song - “Green Green Grass of Home” Come on - another Tom Jones song sung by Jason - “Love Me Tonight” or is that Englebert? “Delilia” now - COME on someone is coming out for this - who is it? I KNEW IT! Tom Jones! It’s Not Unusual! GO TOM GO! Jack Black is grooving to it! O Man L-O-V-E-S LOVES TJ! Nana used to watch his show on telly when women would throw their panties at him - BOL! What? No! Mom! No going to bed now! PLEAASSSSSE - ten more minutes? I promise not to butt kick you in bed? PLEAASSEEE! Ahhhh - thanks Mum!

Okay Peeps! I got at least till 9:30! Ex-cell-ent!

Did I mention what happened on Sunday morning with Nana? She woke up out of deep sleep about 4:30 Sunday morning - think it was Sunday - and she tossed and turned a bit - turned over to facing her night table and there was a dog sitting there on side of her bed - she initially thought it was Anne - but Anne was sleeping on Nana’s bed! She reached out to pet the doggie - but her hand went right through it! There was no doggie there - it was Trustine! He came down to say good-bye for now, I love you, because she never got the chance to say it to him! Sorry that I paw-gressed but this O Man report is really dedicated to my lovely Trustine……………

Aha! Now we have Lady GaGa! I knew she’d show up! “On Tbe Edge of Glory” Go GaGa GO! You are beyond FABU! Dad just called to ask Mum if she thought that GaGa hurt herself jumping off the stage the way she did at the end. Mum told him to stop being ridiculous - BOL!

Lauren singing Carrie Underwood song - so here comes - Carrie Underwood! LOVE HER! What legs on that Carrie! They sound great together…………

Then Beyonce - singing her new single - O Man not really that taken with it............

HA HA! It's 9:41 and she either hasn't noticed yet or is still enjoying the show or perhaps not too tired yet - shhhh....

OMG! This Carney fellow performing with Bono and The Edge? Is a local boy! Holy Cow! What a fabu performance - hope they iron out the kinks with the broadway show so Mum and Dad may go and see it - they saw U2 a few years back and said it was great - that was more than a few years ago actually because I was not even on the scene yet!
Do I sound totally unlike myself tonight - a bit gushy? Oh dear is this the softer gentler side of the O Man? Crap! Well if it is? It's only for the finale! Then I go right back to being the Cutting Edge, No Nonsene, Staight Shooting ME!
Okay - now Steven Tyler singing - Dream On! Playing piano - Shame on you to the rest of his band for not showing up! This helped to rejuvenate your record sales! Poo poo to you Joe Perry

So next they are going to name the Winner - I say it will be Scotty - hmmm. What will America think?

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