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Happy Jack!

On the run!

October 30th 2006 9:56 am
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Happy Halloween time Dogster pals!
I hope that you all don't have to wear pesky costumes like I do! Tommorow mom is taking me and my foster sister out tick or treating with my boy. Sister Maggie is scared of the kids, so she stays home. She dosen't know that they are not real monsters, just kids who act like monsters in costumes.

I had an adventure! The other day mom opened the side door, and I was standing right there. Mom usually won't let me go near open doors. But this time she opened it right up for me. I thought she must have decided I needed some fun. That cat has been hanging around a little too often, and I thought maybe she wanted me to chase it away for good. Anyhow, out the door I go, and mom runs after me screaming, "Archie come back here!" It was too late! I found the cat and off we went. I had him behind the garage, but here comes mom, so off I go again becasue this running loose sure is fun. I ran two yards away. There was this dog there so I had to stop to pee peee right in front of him (he was tied up and couldn't get me haha ha!) Then here comes mom, she sure is slow, so I cut through some bushes and head down the street. The I went to this house where the nice neighbor girl lives. She has a neat back yard. There are all kinds of chipmunks and other vermin that live there. My hunting instincts were up. I was on a scent, but here comes mom to spoil my fun. So I run towards this thing that has water in it, and I love to swim, so I jumped right in. I thought I'd swim across and be on my way, but mom reached into the fish pond and pulled me out. I was really wet and cold, so I didn't feel like I wanted any more fun anyhow.
The result of my adventure is that I got a bath, because everyone said I smelled like algae and Koi. I'm also getting a little tired about being asked if I've got gills yet! But I'd do it all over again, I'm a wild man!


It's Fall!

October 20th 2006 9:14 am
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Hi everyone. The days are sure getting colder,and shorter, and my coat keeps getting bushier and thicker. A neighbor man asked what happened to me, and my grandpa said I was getting fat! Momma says I look very puffy, and daddy calls me Fluppy, the fluffy puppy. I keep hearing momma say the word "Grooming" which means complicated things like stripping knives, and bot blocks. It also means I have to sit still for long periods of time. Daddy says my coat will warm me through the winter. I'm glad dads on my side, I would sure hate to sit still to have momma groom me.
But fall means other things too. It means my halloween costume, a dinosaur. I feel like that dino ate me when I wear it. I have a hard time running becasue he's all over me. Mom says since I don't like it I will only have to wear it on Halloween. But I've heard a very scary rumor that i may have to wear it to the little kids school that day. Now I know why Halloween is so scary!!
Fall also means lots of creatures getting ready for winter. When we go walking in the woods I don't see them, but I sure do smell them! They are making nests in rotten logs, and deep in the ground. Little do they know that I can dig and bite my way into any safe little nest they make! Grrrr
I have not been writitn' much lately. I need to tell you that I have two foster sisters now. Daphne and Tillie are their names. Daphne was here first and I was a bit jealous of her. She wants my toys. Mamma bought more toys and said they are for Daphne but I know she must have been wrong. All toys are for me, dosen't mamma know that?? Tillie is a little different from other dogs I've known. Tillie is from Texas, and she lived with 250 other JRTs! Can you imagine that????!!!! That must have been wild and some fun. But momma says that it wasn't to much fun, and that the dogs need good loving homes now. Most of the dogs have to go to the Vets becasue they were not taken very good care of. Tillie needs her front teeth and canines removed. Vet says she must have chewed and chewed to escape a pen. She also was missing all the fur on her back when she made it to Ohio. She had fleas really badly. Now she is learning how to live around people and be a member of a family. She likes to play with Daphne, and she dosen't take my toys. See, she's learnming already. One thing that I don't like is she's taller than me, that means she can steal the food from the table easier. I have to climb onto a dining chair. Tillie just stands on her tip toes!
Well if I don't write, Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARoooooooooo AROOOOOO


The Kids Are Alright!

August 31st 2006 11:11 am
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This school thing my boy has been doing this past week is really okay. Yes, I miss him when he is gone, BUT, I get to go to his school each day to meet him. This is wonderful because I get an extra walk, and (even better!) I get to meet a bunch of nice little children. They crowd around me and ask mom if they can pet me. I even get to give them kisses. Sometimes there are other dogs there. One was a chihauhua, and the little thing had the nerve to growl at me, silly little dog....
Another new thing is soccer practice. Now, I know all about soccer. I have a ball of my own, and we have a goal net too. But this was different, I never did the stuff these kids were doin'. Last night I saw dad putting on his jacket, and I knew we were up to something fun. I barked and barked and jumped at him. My mom wonders how I knew that I was going along, since I normally don't act like that. I'm not going to let her in on how I know their plans! We went to a big park where there were plenty of kids, all running around kicking balls! This was to much for me! I wanted to play with those balls too! I barked and barked, and some of the kids barked back at me! The kids did some really weird things with their bodies, I am told these are called "Warming up". They jumped in the air, and they wiggled on their bellys, and I barked and barked. Mom took me for a walk to let me see other things, and keep me from barking. When we got back to the soccer kids I met a nice little boy kid. He patted me nicely, after letting me smell his hand. Mom had to move me away when he tried to pull on my tail. He called it stubby (and I don't think that was very nice, it's my "handle"), but I did not growl. Mom was very proud of me!


More changes!

August 23rd 2006 10:25 am
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I can tell you that the last few weeks have been boring. Mom and dad spend all their time painting the house, so they can't play with my the 12 hours out of the day I asked for. On top of all this mom says that my boy is going back to school tommorow. I'm not sure what that means, but she promised me that we will walk to the school to get him. All kinds of little kids will be there to pet me. I like little kids alot, but I will miss my boy during the daytime.
Something else new has happened. There is a new doggie, a puppy, a few houses away. She is a Jack Russell too! Mom thinks she is a "Parson" because she is only a few months old, but already much taller than me. She is really neat, she licked me when I met her. I don't have much intrest in other doggies, but today when we went for our walk I kept looking back at her walking behind us and wagging my tail.
Yesterday was dad's birthday. This was cool because mom made a cake thing. First the cake was all wet, and she let me lick off the things that mixed it up. Then the whole house smelled so good. Later on she cut it up and gave Maggie and me some with ice cream. This was so good! I wish dad had a birthday everyday.
Mom read to me about all the Jacks from Texas that need new homes. We hope that they get all the help they need, and homes real soon. We want to let all the folks at Russell Rescue know how great they are!



August 23rd 2006 10:07 am
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Wow, today I've been with my family for 2 months. It seems like such a long time, but momma says that's a short time. Everyone seems to be saying that I am changing. I'm not sure what that means, but I feel pretty healthy and happy. One thing is that my feet are tougher. At first I did not like walking on the sidewalks, my feet were soft and tender, mom said she had never seen such pink puffy paw pads. Now they are rough and tough, but they keep the sidewalk from bothering me. I'm also able to walk much longer, daddy says I'm gettin' muscles. I've been eating good food too. Everyone tells me my coat is getting thick and dense, whatever that means...
I also feel more comfortable with my family now. I am not afraid of loud noises so often, except when the fan falls out of the window in the middle of the night. I also am not afraid of my daddy either. I used to be afraid of men when they would raise their arms, even if they just wanted to throw a ball.
I don't think that I have that Maggie trained very well though. No matter how I growl, I can't keep her away from my bowl or my goodies.
It was scary at first going from that pound place with all those barking doggies, to my new home. But I know my new family loves me, and I know I love them. I hope all homeless dogs (mom says that I should add cats there too, but I refuse to do that), find kind, loving forever homes.


My first entry.

August 7th 2006 12:17 pm
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It's been a great first week here at Dogster. I've made some very nice pup pals. And it's nice seeing so many happy dog - people families.
I discovered something new and weird the other day. There was this sweet smelling, soft chunk of food on my boy's floor. It tasted really good, better than any of the food I usually find on the floor. I chewed it, and I chewed it, and I couldn't swallow it. It stuck to my teeth, and I couldn't get it off, so I kept chewing. At least it tasted good. My mom saw me and asked me what I had, I just kept chewing. So mom stuck her hand in my mouth and pulled it off my teeth. She told me it was bubble gum. Boy it was good, I might eat it again if I find it, but then maybe I won't.
Saturday was a real bummer. Mom and Dad and my boy all went into the big park I really like to go to. Mom said we could go off the trail. It was really great, there were rotten logs to look in, and lots of old leaves covering up all kinds of holes. Just as I got onto a scent, mom started to itch like she had bugs. The she said she was having a bad 'llergic reaction and we had to go cause was moldy there. That really ruined my day.
When we got home mom gave me a doggie bagel. I had half and Maggie had half. She ate hers, right away of course. I wanted to save mine for later so I dug a hole behind the sofa cushions, and hid it there. I laid by my bagel for a while, but then Maggie knew where it was, so I had to keep her from gettin' it. She was layin on the floor so I climbed up on her and just sat there, she couldn't move then. Daddy saw me sittin on maggie and made me go to the basement. When I got back from the basement, I went to get my bagel. But daddy said he threw it away. It was in the trash! That bagel was mine! I was just protecting my goodies.....s' not fair!

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