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The Adventures of Jelly

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Stay Away

August 13th 2013 6:04 am
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That big black German Shepard therapy dog was back visiting my Mommy. His name is Black Hawk. This is a message for Black Hawk:

Your services are not required! Please don't come back again. My Mommy only needs me and I will look after her. Spend your time with other patients who need you. Thanks

There, that was the nice approach! If that pup doesn't listen then I will have to get meaner and start some serious growling.



August 11th 2013 8:56 pm
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Things are about the same with my Mommy. She goes to the Doctor on Thursday and she is hoping she will be able to start to partial weight bear soon. She better start walking soon so she can come home to me.

The Kennel Peepoles didn't take me to see Mommy this weekend. Mommy said they were too busy going to the dog show and looking after the kennel.. I sure hope they take me to see Mommy next weekend!


It Worked!

August 5th 2013 9:02 pm
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All you pups barking and Zaide kicking Kennel Peepoles in the butt worked! I got to visit with my Mommy today. Mommy was really missing me so she was in her wheel chair waiting at the elevators for me to arrive at my usual time. She waited and waited and it was getting too late so she gave up and headed for her room. I saw the back of my Mommy as I got off the elevator. The Kennel Lady said,"Where are you going?" Mommy turned around and saw me and she had a big smile on her face! My Mommy!!!!! We went into Mommy's room and I sat in the wheel chair with Mommy. I just loved it! We had lots of hugs and kisses and Mommy rubbed my belly and gave me a back massage. I didn't even mind when Mommy cut some knots out of my coat. The Kennel Lady saw how I stay perfectly still to let Mommy groom me and said I don't do that for her. Of course not! I only want Mommy to groom me. We visited for almost a whole hour. Wonderful!

The Kennel Lady said she might not be able to visit next weekend because she is going to a dog show. At the end of the visit she said she would try. Maybe if all you pups bark again she will find the time to take me to visit Mommy.........



August 4th 2013 4:53 pm
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I am sad because the kennel peepoles has not taken me to see Mommy. Since this is a long weekend I still have a chance that they will take me on Monday. Mommy said the kennel peepoles are very busy this weekend because the kennel is full because of the long weekend. Please,please take me to see my Mommy!


Weekend and Good News

August 2nd 2013 2:41 pm
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It is the weekend and the weekends are when I visit Mommy! Kennel peepoles, please take me to see my Mommy! I want to visit my Mommy!

Mommy got lots of good news at the Doctor yesterday. They took out the last pin and said everything was healing well. Mommy no longer has a cast but has an"air cast" that is made of plastic and has valcro openings so she can take it off. For the next two weeks she has to work on getting full range of motion in her ankle. She didn't hurt her ankle but since it was in a cast for 6 weeks it is not moving all that well. She goes back to see the Doctor in 2 weeks and if all goes well she can partial weight bear which is the start of walking and coming home to me.


Oh No! Emergency!

July 30th 2013 6:14 pm
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Today is Tuesday and is the day of the Therapy dogs at the hospital. Today a big black German Shepard found my Mommy. He was nice to her and wanted to be her friend. HELP, CALLING ALL PUPS! He starts by being nice and in a few weeks he will steal my Mommy. To make it worse Mommy likes him too. What should I do?


Silver Lining

July 29th 2013 10:13 pm
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Mommy says there is a silver lining to being in the hospital. It is that she is losing weight. Even with all the yummy food I have barked about she is still loosing weight. She says it is about eating at the right time of day, having portion controls and eating a balanced diet. Mommy's job requires her to travel lots and work long hours which means lots of restaurant food, big portions, eating at crazy hours and not always having access to healthy foods.


Visited Mommy

July 28th 2013 9:13 pm
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Today the Kennel peepoles took me to see Mommy. I am a smart pup and I now know that when the Kennel peepoles put me into the little dog crate and into the car that I am going to visit Mommy. I was just so happy to see Mommy! I went right on the bed with her and gave her lots of kisses and Mommy gave me kisses too. I wasted no time in cuddling in with Mommy. Mommy rubbed my tummy and gave me a back massage. It was wonderful! The nurses came to see me and they told me that Mommy is doing very well and hopefully will be home soon.

The Kennel lady saw how much I kiss Mommy and said I never kiss her. Of course not! I am not a two timing pup and all my kisses are for Mommy only.

I hope the Kennel peepoles take me back to see Mommy next weekend.



July 27th 2013 4:58 am
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I don't have much to bark about but I thought I would update you about Mommy. She is doing well and is trying to not get too bored.

I will tell you a funny story. Mommy has discovered that she can see her office from one of the windows in the hospital. She phoned the office to tell them. The peepoles in the office then went to the windows and put the blinds up and down and Mommy could see them. Then a peepoles took a bright green folder and waved it in the window and Mommy saw that too. Now the office can signal Mommy and they are talking about making up a code.

I hope the kennel peepoles take me to see Mommy this weekend.



July 22nd 2013 5:25 pm
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Mommy is doing well. Nothing has changed, she spends her days going to physio, watching TV, reading the Kindle thing, playing with the iPad, looking out the window, cruising the halls in her wheel chair, talking on the phone and having visitors.

She says that every Tuesday therapy dogs come to the hospital. EMERGENCY! Those pups are going to try to steal my Mommy. I need to break out of this kennel place so I can protect Mommy from those pups! My Mommy has me and she doesn't need those pups. Can any pup come and help me to break out? We need to protect my Mommy!

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