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The Adventures of Jelly

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Rain and Thunder

September 19th 2013 5:20 pm
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Today was a very rainy day. It started early this morning with heavy rain and thunder. I cuddled with Mommy in the big bed until the thunder stopped. We let the rain let up and then I went out to potty. Mommy had another fizzy-o-ther-a-pee session today. On the way home she ran a few errands and brought a sub sandwich home for lunch. Mommy got a temporary handicapped parking permit today too. This means we can park real close to buildings when we go out. Mommy didn't give me any of the sandwich but she did give me a couple of my peanut butter cookies. Yummy! In the afternoon Mommy and I fell asleep and we slept for about 4 hours!! When we woke up it was raining hard again and more thunder. I stayed cuddled in the chair with Mommy until the thunder stopped. Are you seeing a pattern? Yes, I cuddle with Mommy when it is thunder. This is much better then that kennel place where I had no person to cuddle with. Now Mommy and I are having a nice evening. We will have to watch the rain and let me out to do my potty when it lets up.


Me Fly???

September 18th 2013 8:51 am
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This morning Mommy went for her fizzy-o -Ther -a -pee session. She said they practised lots of walking. She walked with the air cast with no walker and no cane, just walking. She also practised walking in bear feet with just a cane. She also practised various balancing exercises . I am happy she is going there to improve her walking. I want her to take me for walks again.

When Mommy got home she had a big bag and she said it was all for me! What is it, what is it? Mommy opened the bag and pulled out a soft sided carrying case. She said it is a Serpa bag and it is for me. She said it is airline approved and I am going to fly in the airplane with her to Kingston. I don't know about this flying stuff but if it means I will be with Mommy then I will go. I sat in it and it is comfy with a nice cozy soft white pad to sit on. Mommy also bought me treats. She bought me peanut butter cookies and a pizza slice from the doggy bakery. She also bought me Zukes Lil Links chicken and apple recipe. They are so yummy!

I have to figure out this flying stuff. Mommy said I will be high in the sky and fly like a bird. Really??? I don't think that Mommy has it all together yet after being in the hospital......... Do any of you pups know anything about this flying stuff or is Mommy crazy???


Another Good Day

September 17th 2013 8:49 pm
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I had another good day today. I am getting back to my normal routines too. This morning I played with my loofa dog and rooster in my Princess Room just like I used to every morning. I sat in the big chair with Mommy this morning and watched a movie. In the afternoon I was outside sun bathing and enjoying laying in the grass. This evening I begged for treats just like I used too. I also supervised Mommy doing her physio exercises. It was a very good day.


Staying Home

September 16th 2013 9:43 am
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This morning Mommy had to go for physiotherapy. She called a cab. When the cab got to my house Mommy said I had to stay home. Oh no, I don't want to be left at home because Mommy might not come back for months like the last time. Mommy is rather slow getting out the door so I was able to get by her. I was down the stairs and trotting up the driveway to get into the cab. Mommy yelled NO! She made me go back into the house. All I want to do is be with Mommy! Grrrrrrr..... When she came back she was driving a vehicle and had a chicken pita. I guess this makes up for having to stay home. Mommy said I can go for a drive and she gave me some chicken. We temporarily are driving a Kia Rondo. Mommy said it is a good height for her to get into and there is lots of room for the air cast.


Great Day

September 15th 2013 7:53 pm
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My Mommy and I had a good day. We didn't get out of bed unti noon. Mommy said this was the first good sleep that she has had in three months. She said at the hospital they would shine a flash light in her face every couple of hours, wake her up to take blood pressure, had the lights on in the hall all the time and made lots of noise in the hall. She said she had room mates that went to the bathroom every couple of hours and others that yelled for the nurse. It sounds like a crazy place to me. I also didn't get much rest with all the crazy pups around. We had a quiet day. I played with toys, had treats, napped, sat in the big chair with Mommy and spent time outside enjoying the sun, grass and birds. It was a great day!



September 14th 2013 10:37 pm
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Mommy and I have our challenges at home. Mommy said they are just short term challenges and we will solve them. Today the challenge was how to get me up the stairs. I won't walk up the stairs to our second floor because they are steep and there is no carpet. I slip on regular flooring so I won't go up or down the stairs. Mommy said we had one possible solution and if that didn't work then I would have to stay on the main floor all the time. I didn't like that idea because I want to sleep in the big bed with Mommy and I wanted to go to my Princess room all of which are on the second floor. Mommy had been given a doggy pouch that she could wear that would let her hold me in the front. We tried it today and it worked very well to carry me up the stairs. Mommy put me in the pouch and she used one hand on the hand rail and the other hand on her cane. Thank dogness that worked! She said she will only take me upstairs at night and downstairs in the morning and that I would have to stay downstairs all day. I guess that is a good compromise as it will only be for the next few weeks



September 14th 2013 12:35 pm
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I finally made it home today! Mommy and her friend and the friend's black schnauzer came to pick me up. I was so happy to see Mommy! The friend drove the car and I got to cuddle in Mommy's arms. The friend gave me a good combing and brushing and a bath. Mommy said I smelled like a kennel and had to have a bath. I actually really enjoyed it. After my grooming session Mommy and her friend went grocery shopping. Mommy said she did okay until the end when her legs got too sore. She says she will have to do smaller shopping trips on her own. Mommy and the friend came back and put away the groceries. I have sniffed around the house and the back yard. I have already had to bark at some pups walking by my house. Right now I am cuddled up with Mommy in the big chair. This is the life... (As Jelly falls asleep). Zzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzzzz...........


Almost Home

September 10th 2013 4:53 pm
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Mommy is coming home tomorrow. She will be stuck in the house until the Rail Putter oner Person puts on the railing. It should be done by the weekend. After the rails are up then Mommy can come to get me. I am almost home pups! Now let's get that Rail Putter Oner Person going! GRRR, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, GRRRR..... Get Jelly home!


Home Visit

September 9th 2013 6:23 pm
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Mommy and the Occupational Therapist Lady did a home visit to our house. Mommy did well going up and down the stairs and getting around the house. This means she is coming home soon. The only thing that is holding us up now is waiting for the railings to be put on the outside steps. Railing Putting up Person please put the railing up fast so Mommy and I can go home.


Visited Mommy

September 8th 2013 4:29 pm
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I got to visit Mommy today. She is doing really good. She is 100% weight bearing. She walks really good with the air cast and is starting to walk short distances without the cast. I spent the whole visit cuddling with Mommy. Mommy told me that the plan still is that she comes home this week. She promised that she will come and get me as soon as she can. Just think it will be me and Mommy home all day together. The Doctor says that Mommy can't go back to work until the end of November. Heavenly! Now I have to get ready for my nurse Jelly role.......I am going to be a real good nurse!

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