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The Adventures of Jelly

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October 28th 2013 8:08 am
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This morning three guys came to our house and started ripping everything apart. I just watched one guy put all my downstairs toys into a box. I am so worried that I will never see my toys again. Mommy doesn't seem worried, she is calmly sitting in a chair and letting these guys destroy our house. The guys just went outside to smoke so I thought I better get this message out while I can. I don't know when I can bark again.............



October 26th 2013 9:08 am
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I am going to have a big adventure over the next two weeks because we will be moving. On Monday the movers come and pack everything (my Mommy can't do any of the packing because of her foot) and on Tuesday they load everything in a truck and take it away. Then I have to spend three nights in a hotel before my big plane trip. On Friday, Nov. 1st I am flying to my new home. Our furniture will arrive somewhere between Nov. 2nd and Nov. 7th. This means I have to stay in a hotel for a few more days. Exciting, exciting! I don't think Mommy thinks it is exciting but says it is going to be a big challenge for her. I will be there to help her.

Can you believe that I will be in a hotel for my birthday??? How exciting is that! I asked Mommy what I was getting for my birthday and she said a fenced in back yard. What is with that? She said she spend $5,000.00 just to fence in the new back yard for me so that is my present. Also, she said she paid for me to have a plane trip and she is paying for hotel rooms and lots of take out food. I will have to think about this........ Maybe it is a good deal???? I was hoping for treats and a new toy but a fenced in yard, a plane trip, staying in a hotel with yummies may be better. What do you pups think?


Nice Friday

October 18th 2013 3:02 pm
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Today was a pretty good day. Mommy went for her fizzy-O-Ther-A--Pee in the morning. She came home for lunch and I got to share some turkey sandwich. Yummy! After that Mommy said we needed to practice with the Sherpa bag. I jumped in the bag and Mommy took me out to the car and we went for a drive. Yahoo, this is the first outting I have had with my Mommy since before she got injured. It would have been nicer in my car seat but I can live with the Sherpa bag. We went to Mommy's work. Mommy had to pack up her office stuff to take to Kingston. We visited first with the secretary who had some real yummy treats for me. I got to look out the window and do some barking which was fun. We then went into Mommy's office and did some packing. Mommy couldn't lift any of the boxes but she could sit in a chair and sort through things and put them into a box. We didn't quite get everything done so I see a trip there again next week. After that we drove home. I was in my Sherpa bag again.



October 17th 2013 3:34 pm
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I had a very barky morning which I barked about in my diary. This afternoon wasn't as good. First it started to rain so that keeps lots of the barking activity away. Then Mommy decided that she finally felt up to grooming me. I haven't had a full groom since before Mommy got injured in June so I was very shaggy. Mommy took her time and in a couple of hours I am now looking like an affenpinscher again. We have a grooming table that can be lowered to allow the groomer to sit. Mommy sat on a chair and combed and brushed and got all the tangles out. She is very gentle and it didn't hurt one bit. She used the scissors and electric clippers on my coat and cut my nails. I feel really good getting all that hair off. Now I am sitting at my patio doors looking for tha pups walking in the rain so I can bark at them. Pretty soon it will be getting dark and Mommy will shut the curtains until tomorrow.


Barking Morning

October 17th 2013 8:12 am
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This was a real barking morning. There was so much to bark at that I didn't know what to bark at next. Things were happening all over. First it was grass cutting day which always makes for lots of barking. They cut the grass in the front and the back. First the big riding mower comes, then the little push mower, then the trimming machine and then the blowy machine that blows the grass off the sidewalks and patios. Now that is lots of barking all by itself. Run to the front and bark, bark, bark and the run to the back and bark, bark, bark! At the same time there are peepoles and pups walking by my house and again bark, bark, bark! If that wasn't enough our doorbell rang, bark, bark, bark! Two guys come into our house to change the batteries in the smoke detectors and to change the furnace filter. One guy runs upstairs and the other guy runs into the basement. OMD where should I go next? I have to bark at the activity in the front yard, in the backyard and in the house all at the same time. I don't know how I managed but I was able to bark everyone away! I think it is time for a nap now.


Turkey Day

October 13th 2013 8:12 pm
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This is Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadian pups. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but Mommy made our Thanksgiving dinner today. Since it was just the two of us she cooked a turkey breast. Yummy! We were suppose to go to Winnipeg for Thanksgiving but my Mommy didn't think she could handle it yet so we stayed home. We had a good time together and we sure enjoyed that yummy turkey.



October 12th 2013 4:25 pm
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I got very good news today. The fence guy was talking to Mommy and said MY fence is finished at my new house. Someone we know went to see it and said it is very nice. They enclosed the bottom of the deck, built the fence and built a gate. Mommy can put a lock on the gate and she said she will. All our meters are outside the gate so there is no reason for anyone to be in our backyard. Mommy always worries about someone leaving the gate open and then I can get out. Mommy said it is a horror story to think about me getting out on my own. She also wanted the deck fully enclosed at the bottom so I can't get in there. I wonder why? I think sniffing around under the deck might be fun. What is that Mommy? You were worried that I would want to explore under the deck. Of course I do! Mommy, you are a party pooper! Anyways, I am happy that I am going to be able to run like the wind in my very own yard! Thank you Mommy for building me a fence!


Easy Peasy

October 10th 2013 5:07 pm
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I am officially going to fly with Mommy on Nov 1st. I heard Mommy on the phone finalizing everything. Mommy thought we needed to practice with my new Sherpa bag. I am a smart pup and I know all about bags and crates for little pups. I went in and out of the bag on command. Mommy would carry me in the bag, no problem. She even put me in the bag and took me for a ride on her walker, again no problem! The whole Sherpa bag thing is easy peasy! I can't wait to fly in the plane with Mommy!


My Day

October 9th 2013 4:40 pm
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Mommy and I were real lazy this morning. We got up at 6am and had breakfast. What is lazy about that you ask. It is what we did afterwards that was lazy. We went back to bed and slept until 11am! Mommy's leg has been so sore that she hasn't slept well for about a week. Today she slept very well and got some much needed rest. I made sure she wasn't disturbed.

In the afternoon I enjoyed the sun outside while Mommy did laundry. Mommy is very slow doing laundry. After that Mommy was talking on the phone and making arrangements for our move. The fence guys are building me a fence this week so when I get there I can run around in MY backyard. The moving guys are packing our stuff on Oct 29th and loading our stuff on the truck on Oct 30th. All our stuff will arrive at our new house somewhere between Nov 2nd and Nov 7th. I sure hope they have good security to protect my treasures. My flying day is Nov. 1st. I heard Mommy on the phone telling someone about me. She said I am an 8 lb affenpinscher that will be flying in a medium Sherpa bag. She must have forgot to tell them about my cuteness and the fact thar I am a Princess. I will have to call those peepoles back so I can set the record straight. Mommy says that while we wait for our furniture to arrive we will be staying in hotels. I see Magic Window food in my future too. I love hotels and I love Magic Window food!



October 8th 2013 9:09 am
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It was cold this morning and was -1 C when we got up. There was that white frost everywhere and Mommy had to scrap the car windows. It looks like it will be a nice sunny fall day. I am waiting for the sun beam to come to my backyard so I can enjoy being outside. The leaves have changed colour and are falling on the ground. I love running through those leaves.

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