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The Adventures of Jelly

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Typical Day

November 20th 2013 11:58 pm
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Today was another typical day. Mommy went for her fizzy-o-ther-a-pee in the morning. In the afternoon the repair guy came for our washing machine. He is fixing it, something about a new motor to drive the drum ($200 worth). We have to wait for the part to be ordered from Toronto and Mommy is hoping we can do laundry on the weekend. It was nice and sunny today so I enjoyed being outside. There is always pups to bark at and peepoles to watch around here. Then I heard Mommy on the phone saying we will visit tomorrow. We are going to look at a kennel. I told Mommy that we will never need a kennel again but she said we will but not as much as we did before. I guess I can live with that. At least I get to go for a car ride tomorrow.

Our organizing of the house is still happening. We now have the living room, dining room and kitchen organized. Mommy says now we have to start working on the bedrooms. We spend a couple of hours each day on organizing the house, eventually it will get done.....


In Trouble

November 19th 2013 4:49 pm
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That Notme got me into trouble again. This time he did a pee-pee right in the middle of the carpet in the big bedroom. Yep, the very carpet that Mommy just had stretched and cleaned recently. Mommy cleaned it up and this morning there was a big pee mark. The movers wouldn't transport our "Nature's Miracle" that we always use on such trouble marks so we had none. Today on the way home from her Fizzy-O-Ther-A-Pee session Mommy picked some up. She treated the spot and it looks like it will be okay. OMD, am I glad. Mommy was calling me names again today. She called me a "Carpet Peeing Sandwich Stealer" and said it was a good thing I was cute. If I wasn't so cute she said she would kick me out the door because she doesn't want to live with a "Carpet Peeing Sandwich Stealer". I think she is just joking........or is she???????? Yea, yea, she has to be joking................... To top it off she moves the dog gate across the entrance to the hallway to the bedrooms when she is home because she says I can't be trusted. I am in big trouble!



November 17th 2013 4:54 pm
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We had a quiet weekend. It was sunny and warm on Saturday and I really enjoyed my backyard. Today it was raining so I just enjoyed being inside. We didn't do anything around the house because Mommy felt too tired. She said it was okay for us to take a weekend off. Mommy said she enjoyed the rest. It is the first real rest that we have had since then end of October when the movers came to pack our stuff. Tomorrow we will start back up again.

The only thing Mommy and I did was laundry. We had trouble with that high efficiency washer and are going to have to get a repair person this week. The machine keeps giving us a code that the motor is too hot. Mommy couldn't believe how little water the machine uses. She thinks she likes her top load machine better but we will see. We did manage to do three loads of laundry by letting the machine rest Inbetween loads. I don't like basements and even though I can go up and down these basement stairs I don't and I just wait for Mommy at the top of the stairs. Mommy said I should go down because our basement is totally finished and it is just like the rest of the house. No, no, no! It is still a basement! Our basement has a rec room, a big bedroom and a utility/laundry room. I will just stay on the main floor.



November 14th 2013 7:27 am
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Mommy and I are enjoying our kitchen right now. The kitchen is so nice and sunny that Mommy says she can see us spending lots of time in here. Mommy is playing with her IPad thing and I am looking out the patio doors and sun bathing. This is wonderful!

Mommy is still on the sandwich thing. She called me a sandwich thief this morning. Get over it Mommy! I wonder if Mommy will buy another sandwich on the way home from her fizzy-o/Ther- a- pee today? That Notme better leave her sandwich alone this time!

We have to try and do some more organizing in the housE today. Yesterday Mommy put the dishwasher on for the first time and it worked. She said that maybe today we should try the washer and dryer. They are real new ones and are the front load high efficiency type. Boring!


Chicken Sandwich and More

November 13th 2013 2:26 pm
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Mommy went to her fizzy-o-Ther-a-pee session today. This time she put some shorts in a bag so she could change once she got there. It didn't seem like very long before Mommy got home. First we went outside so I could run around and Mommy wanted to pooper scoop. She was mumbling about having a much bigger area now to search for poop in. It is easy Mommy, I do my potty all along the perimeter of my yard. This way every pup knows the yard belongs to me. After that she got busy doing something in the kitchen, I don't know what but it was boring. I decided to go in the living room and what did I stumble on but a chicken sandwich on the floor. Yep, it was just laying on the floor. That bad pup NotMe must have realized that Mommy picked up a chicken sandwich on the way home and put it in her bag. He then dragged it out on the floor. That is where I come in. I could not resisted the sandwich. I am a polite pup and wanted to share with Mommy so I only ate the chicken and I left the bun, tomato and lettuce for Mommy. Mommy then walked in the room and caught me eating the chicken and she yelled "Jelly! What a bad pup eating your Mommy's sandwich." I didn't know it was Mommy's sandwich because it was on the floor. For some reason Mommy didn't want to eat the bun, lettuce and tomato that I left her." All day, I have just being hearing about how bad I was and because of me Mommy had to have a salami sandwich for lunch.

Later in the day a lady came over and measured our windows. Mommy was looking at all kinds of samples and picking different colours and fabrics. Mommy said we are getting some new window coverings. We are getting new coverings for the patio doors, bay window in the living room, window in the dining room and the window on the front door. It was rather boring but I see some excitement in my future when they come to install them.



November 12th 2013 5:11 pm
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Mommy went to her fizzy-o-ther-a-pee session today, the first one at the new place. Mommy is having trouble with her left calf and ankle being sore. The fizzy-o-Ther-a-pissed person said it is all muscles that Mommy hasn't used in a long t,'ime. She said they can help Mommy. Mommy has to go there every day. The lady said Mommy won't like her for the first couple weeks but after that it will get better. She said like all the others that it will take a year for Mommy to feel 100%.

I will have to stay at home in the mornings while Mommy goes for her treatments. I will nap and lay in the sun and will look forward to lunch with Mommy every day .


Keeping Busy

November 11th 2013 9:00 am
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My Mommy and I are keeping very busy. We are busy trying to organize this house and it is getting done slowly. On Friday some guy delivered a parcel for us and just left it on our front steps without ringing the door bell. I knew someone was there but Mommy didn't listen. So, the parcel sat on our steps all Friday night. The parcel was from Amazon and Mommy looked on the computer and it said it was delivered and left on the front steps. She went out there and sure enough there it was. It was a big parcel and I was excited to see what it was. Mommy opened it up and it looked boring and was in pieces. Mommy finally put it together and it ended up being a stand free type of dog gate. I will explain this more later. Yesterday Mommy met some peepole from her work for lunch and I stayed home. She also went to do some shopping and brought home lots of bags. She just bought boring things for our second bathroom. She did buy a mat to put at the front door and at our patio doors. It will be more comfortable looking out the patio doors now that I can sit on carpet.

Back to the stand free dog gate. This is where you can see the gate on Autumn-Finish/dp/B000F0VZV8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=138418883 3&sr=8-4&keywords=dog+gates

It seems the plan is I will be left in the kitchen when Mommy goes out. My day bed is in the kitchen and so are my dishes. Mommy said it will be really nice for me because I can look out the patio doors, play with toys, nap and have access to my food and water. The best part for her is if that bad pup Notme comes the floor can be washed. Also she can leave the radio on. Yesterday when she went out for lunch she left me in the kitchen. It went okay and I think I will like it.

We have lots more work to do so I better get nipping at Mommy's heels. Today Mommy is cooking a roast beast, yummy! Tomorrow Mommy has to start her fizzy-o-ther-a-pee in Kingston. We are going to be busy, busy, busy..........


New House

November 8th 2013 2:04 pm
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Mommy and I are enjoying our new house. Today was a nice sunny day so I spent time in my backyard. I met the collie that lives kitty corner behind us. I told him right away that I have arrived and that this neighbourhood belongs to me. He seemed to accept my conditions so I think we can be friends now. This afternoon a little white dog was walking down the street. Mommy said, "Jelly, is that Zaidie coming?" I ran to the fence to see the little white dog and it was a mirror image of Zaidie but it was not Zaidie. Mommy said that Zaidie lives too far away to be walking down our street. Mommy is still busy putting things away and little by little it is looking better. Fun, fun, fun............


Home Sweet Home - Sort of

November 7th 2013 11:31 am
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We are finally moved into our house. On Tuesday the movers came and returned all our treasures. Then on Wednesday they came and unpacked. Now by unpacking we mean they emptied everything out of boxes but they don't put anything away. Mommy currently has a big pile of clothes on the floor in the center of the big bedroom, the kitchen counters are full of stuff and in general there is stacks of stuff every where. I found my chaise lounge, my dog day bed and my toys. Last night Mommy said she had to hook up the computer, the two TVs and find our phones because the TV/Internet person was coming tomorrow. So amongst all the mess, Mommy put the wires together. She was proud of herself because everything went together well. She even got the Blue-ray player and the DVD working. Sure enough, this morning the TV/Internet guy came and hooked us up. Our house is pre-wired for Internet, TV and phone so it was relatively easy. The guy went outside the house and wiggled some wires and came in and hooked everything up. He mostly just had to screw the wires into the right places on the wall. Now Mommy is saying she has to go and do some grocery shopping so she can start eating at home and not at restaurants. She said we have a big job ahead of us to tidy up our house...... I will have to keep nipping at her heels to keep her going.


Moving In

November 5th 2013 9:32 pm
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Today the trucks arrived with all my treasures. Mommy and I supervised the guys while they brought everything in. I have seen my chaise lounge and my day bed. I have also seen boxes marked"dog toys" and " dog room". I even got to relax on my chaise lounge. Tomorrow the unpacking crew moves in to take everything out of the boxes. I hope they didn't loose any of my treasures!

Since things were still packed up we spent another night in the hotel. Mommy and I got back to the hotel about 6 pm and were we tired! We slept from 7 pm to 11 pm. Then Mommy took me out to potty and we are ready to go back to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day!

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