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Another New Friend

August 23rd 2006 8:19 pm
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I did get my Mommy to take me for another walk this evening. This time we walked along the creek which is just behind our house. It is so nice walking there. I saw my new friend Joey from yesterday, it was so nice to see him again! Then I met Miss Daisy who is a Jack Russells Terrier. She is almost my age too being only 11 days older then me. Mommy says we may have to start going on our walk before supper because it is now getting dark much earlier. It is now dark by 9 pm.

We may not get a chance to go for a walk tomorrow because it is our obedience school night. My Mommy says we have to bring that silly looking stick with us. We didn't get a chance to try it out today so I will find out tomorrow. I really don't know if I am going to like it.....

The only way I will get a walk tomorrow is if we go before Mommy goes to work. I don't know if that will happen. You see, my Mommy is not a morning person and it takes me about twenty minutes of kisses to get her up now when the alarm rings. Mommy says that this is my job and I must say I do a very good job of it. I just don't know why she can't be like me and just get up instantly! Now the alarm goes off at 6 am and it takes me until 6:20 am to get Mommy up. To go for a walk I would have to get my Mommy up by 5 am. I don't think even I will be able to do that!


I Made Three New Friends Today!

August 22nd 2006 8:34 pm
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This turned out to be a pretty good day. It started out boring with Mommy going to work. I watched TV, played with my toys and slept all day. Then the time came for Mommy to come home , Yahoo, Yahoo! This is my favourite time of the day. My sister Jennifer and I went outside to potty and to "let off some steam". Mommy came out and sat with us for awhile which was wonderful.

Mommy had to make me something for my obedience classes tonight. It is a stick that she is going to use instead of a leash. She took a stick and put a leash clasp on the bottom. She said she will hook me up to it and when we are doing our obedience heeling she isn't going to have to bend all the time. I don't know if I will like it but we will see. Mommy said we will try it out tomorrow evening. I will keep you updated on this event!

Then for the fun part, Mommy took me for a walk. We sure haven't been walking much lately. It has either been too hot or I have been in season and Mommy won't walk me when I am in season. So away we go for a walk on a nice cool evening. It was just wonderful, I almost forgot how much fun it could be. Mommy said I was just the best "social butterfly". I wanted everyone to pet me that I passed. I also met three real cool new friends. One real handsome dude is Joey who is an American Eskimo dog. It turns out that he is only 3 days younger then me. We had such a good time playing. I have been invited for a play date in Joey's yard - I can hardly wait! Then I met two more friends. One is a small black dog called Max and the other is a white poodle who is exactly my size called Niaka. Niaka is six years old and she growled at me! Mommy says that she was just warning me to behave.

I came home from my walk and just feel asleep! I can't wait to go for another walk! Do you think Mommy will take me again tomorrow????


I Pooped on the Floor

August 21st 2006 10:26 pm
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I am not proud to say I pooped on the floor today but it wasn't my fault! You are likely saying , "oh yeah, that is what they all say" but it is true. It was not my fault.

My Mommy was sitting right by the patio door and I went to the door with my plush monkey in my mouth (there is a picture on my site with me and my monkey) and I ran back and forth in front of the door for about 5 minutes. I kept going to Mommy to get her attention but she wouldn't listen!! Can you believe that she didn't believe that I had to go out?????? She told me to settle down because I was just out. She thought I just wanted to go outside to play with my monkey. Well, that is when I couldn't hold it any longer and I pooped on the floor. That will teach her not to ignore me any more!!! It is sure hard to train Mommies!

We are trying something new called brushing my teeth. We started yesterday with some real yummy tasting stuff. It tastes like poultry and Mommy says it is my tooth paste. I was so thrilled with this good taste in my mouth that I hardly noticed Mommy brushing my teeth yesterday. She says we have to go now to brush my teeth before we go to bed.

Woof, Woof


Wasps and Taste Test

August 20th 2006 9:10 pm
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Here I am back! I can't believe that we were writing Saturday's entry at 5:30 am this morning! It was all Jennifer's fault. Now we are doing Sunday's entry.

Today was good but Sundays are always good. Mommy was home and we spent a quiet day at home. We tried to be outside but the wasps were awful and we had to be in the house most of the time. I like to snap at them and that sure upsets Mommy because she is afraid I will get bit. I don't know if you get these awful wasps where you live but we get them every year starting in August. Mommy said we never used to have these twenty years ago but they are some new kind of wasp that made it's way up here. They are awful and quite agressive. Mommy searches for nests all the time and when she finds one she gets the exterminator people out to get rid of it. Oh I hate those wasps!

Back to my food story. I thought I had it made when I reported that Mommy bought me more Merrick tinned food. Well, Mommy has not given up and she wants me to be on a kibble. Today we were doing taste tests - I can't believe it!! When Mommy was at the store yesterday she picked up samples of the six different foods that she is considering for me. She told me I could pick which one I like out of the six. What she did was make a small pile (about 6 kibbles) of each kind all in a row. Then Mommy watched which foods I ate and which foods I didn't. She tried it a few times with the food in different orders. She said there was one clear winner - I chose it to eat first every time and I ate it all up before going to the others. Are you sitting on the edge of your chair in suspense over which food it is??? It is a food called holistic blend chicken and rice. It is a Canadian food but on their web site they say they sell it in the USA too. Mommy says it is real good for me - all organic and human quality etc etc etc ....all that good stuff. They sell it at human health food stores in my City. I am beginning to sound like a commerical!!!! I have a couple weeks supply of tinned Merrick left yet but Mommy says we have to start this new food gradually. It will be interesting to see if I do break down and start eating my kibble regularly or if I hold out for my tinned Merrick??? What do you think???? Stay tuned for future results..........


A Dog's Life

August 20th 2006 4:21 am
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My sister Jennifer got us up at 5:30 am on Sunday morning. My Mommy wasn't happy getting up so early but she was glad Jennifer asked out. Since we were up Mommy fed us breakfast and is now helping us with our diaries.

This weekend has been going quite well. First Mommy's friends wanted her to go out on Friday night. Mommy told them that she would rather go out on Saturday evening because she wants to be home with us on Friday. She thinks it is unfair for us to be home all day when she goes to work and then have to also be home on Friday evening. What a nice Mommy! We spent a quiet Friday evening at home with Mommy.

Mommy had been saying that once I finish my last tin of Merrick that I have to start eating kibble and that I can't be so fussy! We were getting down to our last two tins and boy was I getting worried!!! Guess what happen??? I figure the pressure was getting to Mommy and she broke down!! Yes, yesterday she went to the store and bought me another supply of Merrick tinned food. Yahoo!

She also bought me something called a tooth brush and tooth paste. I don't know what that is but she said we are going to try it today. The tooth paste is rather yummy. Mommy let me have a small lick and it is poultry flavour. Why do I get this feeling that I am not going to like this???

Mommy says we have to get going. She wants to do an entry for Jennifer and then she says we are going back to bed. It is a hard job being a dog but someone has to do it!


Will the Tooth Fairy Come Tonight?

August 17th 2006 8:30 pm
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Today I lost my last puppy tooth! I finally lost my last canine tooth and a new one is just starting to come in. My Mommy was getting worried because I am 9 months old and I still hadn't lost all my baby teeth. My vet told her not to worry because it sometimes takes toy dogs up to a year to loose all their teeth. I wonder if the tooth fairy will leave a bone under my pillow tonight???

My Mommy was real excited today because she picked her first red tomatoe from the garden. I have been watching those plants all summer and Mommy was always telling me to stay away from them. Little green balls started to grow on them and then they got bigger. Now we have one that turned red and a couple others that are starting to turn. They really look like fun to play with but I have been a good doggy for Mommy and with some reminding I have mostly left them alone.

Tonight was my first obedience class. We went into level 2 and Mommy said we are behind the other doggies. I went to puppy school when I was four months old and then I was learning how to be a show dog. The school said that we could go to level 2 if we had puppy school so we did. Mommy said that we are going to have to work extra hard this week to catch up. I am lucky because my Mommy has done this obedience stuff with other doggies so she will catch me up! There were nine doggies in my class and I had a really good time. At first I didn't walk very good because I wanted to play with them. I did get better by the end. Mommy says that she really likes the fact that I look at her all the time and that I am always wagging my tail.

I had my supper when I got home from school. Today Mommy opened up my Merrick's Wild Buffalo Grill - it is real yummy! Now I am getting real tired and I have to go for a sleep. I want to get to sleep so the tooth fairy can come!


I'm a Big Girl Now!

August 16th 2006 8:16 pm
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This morning my Mommy went to work as usual. It wasn't too bad because I spent most of my time sleeping. I have my very own pen that is 4' X 4'. In there is my bed, my toys, water and a puppy pee pad. My sister Jennifer is in her pen where I can see her. My Mommy also leaves the TV on for us and "The Big Red Dog" is on every morning when Mommy leaves.

My Mommy says that she worries about us and she will sometimes even call us and talk to us through the answering machine. That is so cool to hear Mommy's voice during the day.

This evening Mommy said that she had to go outside by herself with that noisy machine and cut the grass. She said that Jennifer and I had to stay in the house so we would be safe. Mommy said that since I am getting to be a big girl now that I could be loose in the house with Jennifer while she is cutting grass. This was the first time that I have even been able to be loose in the house when Mommy wasn't there. I was such a good girl and just watched my Mommy through the patio doors while she cut the grass. Mommy came in and told me how good I was and that she would leave me loose again. She said that the next time she goes to the store I will be able to be loose in the house with Jennifer. I am so proud to be a big girl now!

Mommy told me that tomorrow I am going to my first obedience class. It isn't as if I haven't been to school at all. I attended a set of puppy classes when I was real little. After that I went to school to learn how to be a show dog. I have that down pretty good now so I am going to try obedience. I heard my Mommy talking with my Auntie Lorna and they thought that I should be able to be both a show dog and an obedience dog at the same time. I must be real smart to be able to do that! Mommy told me that she wants to take me to doggy shows in obedience too. I sure do have my life planned for me! I know I will love it because I love doing everything with my Mommy!!

I wonder what my first obedience class will be like?????..............


Doggie Show Weekend

August 13th 2006 7:58 pm
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This weekend I went to a doggy show. I had a great time. So many things happened that I just don't know where to begin.

So many of my special human friends and doggy friends were there that I had a great time greeting everyone on Saturday. My Auntie Lorna was there who I really love. She is my breeder and she is really nice to me. I just have to get lots of hugs and kisses from her when we first meet! My doggy Daddy was there and so was my doggy half brother Reese. Reese and I had a great time playing in the exercise pen!

On the first day my doggy Daddy finished his Canadian championship and now he is an American and a Canadian champion. I am so proud of him!

My Mommy told me that I did a really good job at the doggy show. The worst part is the grooming ahead of time. I have to stand on a grooming table while my Mommy and Auntie Lorna make me look beautiful. Then I go into the ring which is a hoot! There is a strange person in the ring that they call "the judge" and this person watches me and examines me. Sometimes I walk by myself up and down, sometimes it is in a circle and sometimes it is all around the ring. Other times I go around the ring with other doggies. When I approach this person called the judge either my Mommy or the judge makes weird noises and I am suppose to look at them (they call it showing expression). These humans really are strange! I also have to go on the grooming table with my Mommy holding me and this person called the judge examines me. That is all there is to it!

On Saturday I couldn't believe my luck because I won two squeaky toys! How good is that!!! It was a Toy Dog Speciality show and they gave out toys as prizes. I got a stuffed teddy bear that squeaks and a stuffed ducky that squeaks. They told me I won Winners Female and Best of Opposite Sex. I have no idea what that is and really don't care, it is the squeaky toys that I want. The second day I won Winners Female, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed. I was so disappointed because they didn't give out toys- all I got was stupid ribbons that my Mommy won't even let me rip up! I did get to play in the big ring and go into the competition for best puppy in group. It was the first time I have been in the ring with so many different types of doggies - that was fun!

Another thing that I love doing at the shows is being in my exercise pen and barking at all the doggies that go past. I bark real loud but if you look my tail is waggin all the time.

There were lots of booths set up at the show selling so many different things. My Mommy and I went around and looked at everything. I just fell in love with a burgandy chaisse lounger for doggies. My Mommy sat me on it and I didn't want to move. Later we went to see it again and I was tired after showing and I just wanted to curl up and sleep. Everyone said I was so cute. Guess what happened next??? My Mommy bought it for me and now it is in our living room!! I am one very lucky little dog. The last picture on the page is me sitting very proudly on my lounger - check it out!!!

My Mommy said there is no more shows now until October - I am so disappointed.


Another Weekend!

August 11th 2006 4:26 pm
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I can't believe that it has been a whole week since I wrote my last entry. Again it is Friday and I am so excited about having another weekend. My Mommy is going to be home for two whole days!

I got my Mommy real busy last weekend and she added more pictures on my site and also put up a site for my Miniature Schnauzer sister Jennifer. There are some pictures of me on Jennifer's site too so check it out! Jennifer is an old girl at 15 years old and can be kind of grumpy at times. She never wants to play and even tries to steal my food! She is good to cuddle with for a nap. Sometimes I sleep with her for part of the night but I would much rather sleep with my Mommy. Jennifer doesn't like sleeping in human beds (how silly can you be!) so she has her own doggy bed.

We are going to have a real busy weekend. I am going to a doggy show on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is a real special show because it is a Toy dog speciality. My Daddy (affenpinscher daddy) will be at the show too. He only needs two more points to finish his Canadian Championship so I am really hoping he can do that at the speciality. He will have to beat me to get his two points but I don't care because I really want my Daddy to be a champion. He is already an American champion so this would give him two championships! How lucky can you be!

The awful part is tonight - the grooming! I have to have a bath, cut my nails and get trimmed up. I guess I can suffer for the cause of beauty!!! It doesn't matter to me how I look but I do like the attention I get when people tell me how beautiful I am.

I have to go now, Mommy says we have to hurry and get all our work done for the show and of course my bath (growwl, growwl.....)

Wags and kisses


I survived the week!

August 4th 2006 6:30 pm
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I can't believe it but it is finally the weekend!! I was so happy when I heard my Mommy come into the door I could hardly wait for her to come and get me. I gave big kisses and hugs and then ran to the door asking out. My Mommy, Jennifer and I went outside to play. My tail was still wagging and I was still giving Mommy kisses. Yahoo, Yahoo- the weekend is here!! Not only is it the weekend but it is a long weekend at least for Canadian doggies! Monday is a holiday and my Mommy will be home for three whole days - yahoo!!!!

Looking back on my week I guess it wasn't so bad. My Mommy had to go to work every day which I hate. It is something about making money so we can pay for my food and treats. I don't know what money is but I see my Mommy either hand over some paper or a plastic card when we get food and treats so what is the big deal?????? I can find her lots of paper and plastic and she doesn't have to go to work. She says it doesn't work that way but I just don't get it.......

Anyways back to my week:

As usual my Mommy went to work. When she got home she said we were going to go for a car ride. This was just great. Then I found out that we were going to the vet. Am I going to get another needle?? I was worried!! We got there and had to sit in the waiting room for a few minutes. A big Golden walked out of one of the exam rooms and I had to inform him right away who was boss!! My Mommy was holding me but I still barked at him. Everyone thought it was so funny that I would bark at such a big dog. I see nothing funny about it - it is important to let him know who is the boss real quick! Then we went into the exam room. There was a new vet there. She was so nice to me - she told me I was cute, let me sniff her face and hair and gave me a hug. My Mommy told her that I was at the end of my first season and she was concerned about the colour of some of my discharge. I don't know what any of that means - I just know I felt great. The new vet was so nice to me that I hardly realized that she examined me and took a swap sample. By this time I liked her so much that I was wagging my tail and giving her kisses. She left the room for a few minutes and came back and said everything was 100% and not to worry. That is a relief - I was wondering if I could be feeling good and still be sick????!!!! While I was there I got weighted and I am now 5 lbs 8 oz. This means I am one pound heavier then I was in March when I came to live with my Mom. My breeder told us that when I grow up I should top out at about 8 lbs -so that means 2.5 more lbs to go!

As usual my Mommy went to work. Tuesdays is a good day because I go to dog school in the evening. I always love going to school. I am learning how to be a show dog - walk nice, stand nice and know how to stand and look at food. The best part is all the treats my Mommy is always giving me. My Auntie Lorna was there too and I was so happy to see her! We were really starting to "perfect" some of our moves because I have a dog show to go to on Aug. 12th and 13th.

Again Mommy goes to work. Sometimes I think I am living in "Ground Hog Day" (you would have to have watched the movie to understand that one)! It just seems like an endless cycle with Mommy always going to work. Growwl, growwl... That evening I went with Mommy to Petvalu and she bought me a variety box of Merrick canned dog food. That food is so yummy!!

Guess what happened that day??? You got it, Mommy went to work. After my Mommy got home we went for a car ride to do some errands. I always love car rides. I was already getting excited about the weekend coming! When we got home we played in the backyard and then cuddled together and watched some tv. I love being with my Mommy.

What do you think happened??? I got you (chuckle,chuckle) , no Mommy didn't go right to work. She had to go to her vet with an ouchy knee. After the vet she went to work. Then she came home and this is where I started this entry. You are now up to date on my week!

I am so happy I just can't tell you how much. Three whole days at home with my Mommy is just heaven! My Mommy has asked me what I want to do. I told her I want to go to this really big park that we have to drive to that has a duck pond. I will let you know if I was able to talk her into it. I also want to talk her into getting my pictures off her camera, into the computer and update my dogster site. We will see how successful I am...........

Talk to you later

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