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The Adventures of Jelly

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Friday, March 2nd - Agility Class

March 3rd 2007 2:20 am
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Today was another real good day. Mommy was home from work today so it was an extra nice day. This evening we went to my first real agility class. Before I took a class called "Petzercise" which was a combination of obedience, tricks, games and agility articles. I was just so excited to go to a new school. My new class only has four pups in total but I think a couple of others may have been missing. There was me, a Bichon, a Chihuahua and a Schipperke. All small pups and the instructor says that it works well because we don't have to be raising and lowering the jumps. When I first walked in there were a couple of big schnauzers playing in the ring. Jennifer would look like a midget next to them! Mommy said they were Standard Schnauzers and they are suppose to be that big. They looked like they were having fun and I would have liked to play with them. We then went to the registration desk and Mommy did all the paper work so I could go to class. Then class started. The first thing we did was learn something called "targeting". I had to put my nose on the lid of a margarine container and then I got a treat. Our clicker training classes are coming in handy here because we are using the clicker. We then did a couple of articles - the low dog walk and the tire. This was the first time that I was ever taken off leash to do articles. The dog walk was no problem at all but for some reason I didn't want to jump through the tire. We worked on the tire and I was jumping by the end. That was it and class was over. I came home and I was so tired. You see normally I get to sleep all day but today I had to follow Mommy all over the house and then tonight was school. I didn't even want to eat my supper I was so tired and I just went to sleep. I ate my supper about a hour later after I woke up. I can hardly wait until tomorrow because it is my Anniversary Day!


Mommy was home today!

March 1st 2007 8:48 pm
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I had a great day today. Mommy was home all day which is what made it great. She took a couple of days holidays to do some work around the house. Yahoo!!! Jennifer and I got to spend the whole day at home with Mommy. We slept in this morning and then Mommy was busy doing her work. I spent my time playing with my toys, sleeping, going outside and following Mommy around the house. Mommy found time to play with me and give me treats.

I sure had a good time playing with my new monkey. Mommy would throw it and I would chase after it. First I had to kill it by shaking it like crazy. Then I would take it to Mommy to throw again. This is the best game ever! I even played with my old monkey. I thought my old monkey would be feeling very sad and neglected seeing me with my new monkey. My old monkey gave me the best months of its life so I have to respect him and give him some attention.

Well pups Mommy has been working all evening. Right now she is going through piles of paper from her office. I love watching her dividing everything into stacks. She has a shredding stack, a recycling stack and a keeping stack. I don't see the difference in any of it and I would just chew them all the same.

Mommy is home all day tomorrow too. I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow???


New Monkey

February 28th 2007 11:49 pm
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I am just so excited today pups because I got a new monkey that is exactly like my old monkey!!! Yahoo!!! A few weeks ago I wrote about my poor old monkey who no longer can scream. Mommy said that the battery in the voice box doesn't work any more. We looked every where for a monkey exactly like my old monkey. Some of my Dogster pup pals were also helping me look for a new monkey. Mommy went back to the store where she had bought my monkey and they didn't have any more. They said they would try to order more but couldn't guarantee if they could get them in. Mommy tried buying me other replacement monkeys but it just wasn't the same. She bought a small monkey and a small gorilla that screams and a big monkey that squeaks. Today at work Mommy got a phone call from that store saying that my monkey came in. Mommy went right after work and bought me my monkey. When she got home I knew she had something special in that bag she was carrying. She said she was going to wait until March 3rd to show me what was in the bag because that is our Anniversary day but she couldn't wait to give me my present. I looked into the bag and I just couldn't believe it. In fact I thought my little eyes were seeing double because I was seeing two monkeys. I gave my head a shake and looked again and sure enough there were still two monkeys in the bag! Mommy said I could only have one monkey right now and that we would put the other monkey away for when we need it. Something about my first monkey lasted 7 months so if my second monkey lasts for 7 months we will have a replacement.

This evening I played and played with my new monkey. He screams very loud and his skin is so nice and soft in my mouth. I just love my new monkey! What a lucky pup I am!!


I Went Out Tonight.

February 27th 2007 10:31 pm
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I went to show handling classes tonight. This is the first time that I have been there since last October. Mommy thought I needed a "brusher upper" in show handling but I showed her that I didn't. I remembered how to do everything - walking, standing on the table, looking at the judge and generally wagging my tail and looking real cute. I actually think it was Mommy that needed the "brusher upper" much more then I did.

I had a real good time in classes and I saw many of my friends that I have not seen in a long time. First I saw my Auntie Lorna and I always get so excited when I see her. I crawled right out of Mommy's arms into Auntie Lorna's arms and said hello to her. I was wagging my tail right off and wiggling all over. Then I saw my half fur brother Reese. Oh, was I ever excited to see him. I am bigger then Reese and I jumped all over him because I was so happy to see him. Then I saw another black affenpinscher female. I was wiggling and wagging my tail at her too but when she came close I would growl at her. I really wanted to play but I had to make sure that she understood that I am the boss. Mommy said that her name is Bounce and that she is my real half sister. We have the same fur Mommy and she lives with my Auntie Lorna. There was also my instructor Dave who is always so nice to me. I had a great time in class!


Mommy Left Me at Home Tonight

February 26th 2007 8:05 pm
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I sure was not very happy today. Today is Monday which is the worst day of the week to start with because I am faced with Mommy having to go to work for five days in a row. So I accepted that because what can I do about it any ways??? I was so happy to see Mommy when she got home that I was doing my zoomies all over the house. I thought Mommy was hurrying awful fast to have supper. Maybe we are going to a new kind of doggy school but Mommy didn't say anything about it???? Then Mommy picked me up and I thought I was going to get groomed before we went out. All of a sudden we just passed by the grooming table. I sure never thought I would want to go on that grooming table but I sure did tonight! I know that grooming usually means we are going out somewhere afterwards. Mommy went and put me back into my pen. Wait Mommy! Are you confused???? You just got home! Mommy then said she had to go to a meeting and she would be back soon. Yea right, I have heard that before. Soon to me is five minutes but she didn't get home for almost three hours! What a terrible evening!

On the bright side Mommy says we are going to show handling classes tomorrow. She says I need a "brusher upper" since I haven't been in the show ring since last October. I don't think I need one but I love going to class so that doesn't bother me. Mommy then gave me the greatest news of all, I am going to agility classes on Friday. Yahoo!! I can hardly wait. So, I guess this day wasn't a total wipe out with this good news. Now lets see, how many more sleeps until Friday...................????


We Are Getting High Speed Internet!

February 25th 2007 6:21 pm
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Yep, you heard right pups we are finally moving out of the dark ages and getting high speed internet. It has sure taken my Mommy long enough to finally agree to this. She has had this real cheap dial up service since 2002. Prior to being on Dogster she only used her internet at home for email so it was good enough. She has always had high speed internet at work. This year not only is our internet slow but my Mommy figures that they have so many people signed up now that they get overloaded. During prime time it takes 5 or 6 times for us to dial up before we even get in. Then once we are in we get bumped out. This morning we were being bumped out every 10 minutes which is a real pain. Mommy is in the middle of writing something in a forum or in my diary and out we go!! The straw that broke the camels back (isn't that a funny human saying???) was this week. Mommy was trying to do a major upgrade on her anti virus protection for the computer. On dial up the file was going to take 1 hour 15 minutes to download. Mommy tried many times during off peak hours and never were we able to stay in for more then 1 hr and the internet kicked us out. She then went to work and downloaded the file onto a memory stick and it took less then a minute!!!! BOL!!!! I said to Mommy, one hour or one minute, which do you want???? So she made arrangements for a new Internet company to hook us up. We don't watch many videos now because it takes forever to download them, some of the fancy pages we can't see because it takes too long to down load them and we can't put any videos of us up with this silly internet. I can't wait until the new Internet is hooked up so we can be part of watching and putting up videos! A week tomorrow is when we get hooked up. We may be off line for a couple of days pups because we have to cancel one service and get hooked up by the other. I will warn you just before we cancel the old service. I can't wait for high speed internet!


My Favourite Day of the Week!

February 24th 2007 4:15 pm
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Well today is Saturday which is my favourite day of the week. Mommy was home with us all morning and we got to sleep in until 9 am - yahoo!!! We were suppose to get some bad weather and lots of snow but the majority of it seems to have bypassed us. Mommy had to go out this afternoon to get her car serviced and she was going to take me. I just love going and sitting in the car dealership with Mommy. Mommy had to drive about 30 km on the highway to get to the dealership so she told me that I had better stay home. Oh, no Mommy! You promised that I could go!! Mommy said she was worried that the highways would be slippery and if anything happens (like go into the ditch) she didn't want to worry about me. So I guess Mommy was doing what was best for me. Mommy got home and she said the highways were pretty good but she did see two cars in the ditch. So I guess I am happy that I didn't go.

I am still sneezing and blowing my nose although not as bad as I was in my last diary entry. Mommy has been giving me my benadryl. She talked to the vet office this morning and they said she could keep giving it to me all weekend and if it isn't cleared up by Monday to give them a call. It isn't all that bad but it is starting to get on my nerves because I hate being stuffed up!

Has anypup seen the March issue of DogFancy? Mommy picked one up yesterday and one of the breeds profiled is affenpinscher. It is two pages long with some nice coloured pictures. If you want to learn more about the affenpinscher it is worth reading!


Reaction to Shots

February 22nd 2007 11:53 pm
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Remember I wrote that I had my shots on Saturday?? I am having a reaction to the bordetello nasal spray shot that I got. I have nasal congestion now and I am walking around like I am blowing my nose all the time. I have also had a couple of snorting episodes. My Mommy called the vet today and the vet said it is because I have such a short muzzle that the spray has given me problems. She told my Mommy to buy some Benadryl pills and to give me half a pill before I go to bed tonight.

I am playing this for all it is worth. I figure I might as well get some benefits out of feeling stuffed up. The first thing is I just can't possibly eat my kibble. Oh no, I just can't! The only thing I can eat is tinned Merrick food. I started off with Thanksgiving Day Dinner yesterday and today it is Puppy Plate. Yummy, yummy! I also get lots of extra hugging and kissing if that is possible (hee, hee)!

We will see what I feel like tomorrow after I take my pill. I sure hope it works but will that mean that I have to eat kibble again??? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be stuffed up for a few more days! I wonder what other flavours of tinned food I can ask for? I know, Grammy's Pot Pie, yep that is the flavour I want next! We don't have any of that in the house but Mommy could go out and buy me some, after all she is feeling so sorry for me that I have her wrapped around my little paw right now.


I Graduated Today!

February 21st 2007 9:28 pm
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Yep, I graduated from Level 1 Clicker classes today! Yay! I am such a smart pup and I have now graduated from four classes - puppy school, Obedience level 2, Petercize and now Clicker Classes! Hopefully I will get to go to more classes with clicker training in March.

I almost didn't make it to my graduation tonight and I would have been very sad if I would have missed it. It snowed today and we had lots of wind. Mommy says that is the combination that gives us lots of big snow drifts in our driveway. When Mommy got home she couldn't even drive the car into our driveway because the drifts were too high. She had to get that big machine out of the garage that blows snow to get rid of the drifts of snow. That machine is very scarey and is worse then the sucky thing that Mommy uses in the house on the carpets. It is hard to believe that something would be worse then the sucky thing but there is! I had to wait and wait for Mommy to finish blowing the snow before we could go to Clicker Classes. I was not happy that Mommy put me into my pen while she was outside blowing snow. I pooped in my pen and then I walked all over it - that will teach Mommy to put me in the pen after leaving me all day to go to work! After spending an hour and a half blowing snow Mommy finally came in the house and decided that maybe we could make it to Clicker school. She came to get me and she saw me with my poopy paws. Now she had to wash my paws before we could go to doggy school. Finally we were ready to leave. This school is quite far from my house and takes us about 45 minutes to drive there. We did get there having to dodge all the snow clearing machines on the road. After all that we were about 10 minutes late! It was not my fault for having poopy paws but Mommy's for taking so long blowing snow and for leaving me in my pen!

After we got settle in, school was fun. We practiced down stays, recalls and heeling. At the end we practiced going through a tunnel. Going through the tunnel is soooo much fun!

Then on the way home Mommy decided she was real hungry and stopped at one of those windows that hand you food. I used to bark at the people when we stopped there but I don't any more because I know they will hand us yummy food. If I had my way we would go there every day but Mommy says no and that we have to limit it to once every few months. What a party pooper Mommy is!

I am real tired now and I think I will go and have a rest


St. Patrick's Day Pictures

February 20th 2007 5:11 pm
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Mommy got home from work today and she decided to put our St. Patrick's Day pictures up. What do you think of my new page??? It is pretty basic compared to some other pups but we like it. I am so embarrassed that Mommy put those pictures up with the hats. I sure didn't like having to pose with that thing on my head! Don't I look like I don't like it? It may be nice to have new pictures up on my page but it was so boring while I waited for Mommy to do it. Here I waited for her all day and when she gets home she doesn't play with me but sits at the computer. Well pups, I am now going to drag her away from the computer so she will play with me. BOL!

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