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The Adventures of Jelly

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5000 Views/ Do you watch TV?

April 18th 2007 8:15 pm
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Wow, I made it to over 5,000 views today!!! In fact I am up to 5015 views right now, that means I got over 43 views today alone. I can't believe that there are so many wonderful pups that are looking at my page. Thank-you so much for reading my page! I bet you are wondering who the pup was that was my 5,000th viewer??? It was my cousin Shiyan who just recently joined Dogster. BOL!!! Her Mommy couldn't believe it that she looked at my page right at the perfect time to be number 5,000.

Now on to another topic. Do you watch TV? I love watching TV and I stretch out on the living room rug right in front of the TV and watch the beautiful shows. Mommy thinks it is so funny watching me watch TV! BOL!!! My absolute favourite station is Animal Planet. I particularly like to watch shows like Animal Precinct, Emergency Vets and The Planet's Funniest Animals. These shows keep me interested for long lengths of time. Another show that I really like are the old reruns of Lassie. Lassie sure is a smart pup and is one of my role models. Tonight I watched Lassie and Animal Precinct. During the day Mommy puts the TV on for me but that TV doesn't have any cable. I think I am going to have to get Mommy to get cable connected to my TV so I can watch Animal Planet all day long.


Almost 5000 Views!!!

April 17th 2007 7:25 pm
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Have you noticed that I am almost up to 5,000 views. I am not really into the number thing but 5,000 seems pretty important. Just think, my page has been opened almost 5,000 times! That is real cool! Please let me know if you happen to be my 5,000th visitor. Who is it going to be.........???

Today was pretty much a regular day. Mommy went to work as usual. She was late getting home because she had a meeting to go to. I had hoped that I might get to handling classes tonight but no such luck. Mommy got home too late which made me sad. Mommy then said she would make it up to me and we would go for a walk. Yahoo, I sure love walks. There weren't too many pups or people out this evening. We walked mostly on quiet residential streets although we did walk for about a block down a busy street where the cars go zooming real fast. Last year when I was a pup this used to scare me but not any more. I am a true urban pup and I know all about City life! At one house I wanted to stop and watch the humans trying to hook a camper trailer to a car. I don't know why but I thought it was pretty interesting. We were then walking down a quiet residential street minding our own business when this big Golden Retriever type dog came flying at full speed from the top of his front steps just barking his fool head off. I think it surprised Mommy more then me. I was getting ready for that pup when all of a sudden he came to a quick stop and went slightly backwards! He had a chain on and he had got to the end of his chain. BOL!!! This fool pup just kept on barking and barking at us. Mommy was again so proud of me because I didn't growl or anything and I just totally paid attention to her. After that we came across a big human riding their bike on the sidewalk with a two little humans riding their bikes behind her. We stepped over onto the grass because we sure didn't trust those little ones to have control of their bikes. I then saw a couple of humans who had wheels on their feet and they were zooming down the side walk pretty fast. Other then that we just saw a few people walking. All and all it was a pretty quiet walk. I then came home and had supper and now I am ready for a little nap.


Silly Mommy

April 16th 2007 9:05 pm
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You will never guess what my Mommy did last night! I think she was extra tired from her Convention and all the other work that she has been doing and she fell asleep in her Lazy-Boy recliner late last night and she didn't wake up until 6:30 am when I woke her up. Yep, that is right she slept in that chair all night and if it wasn't for me she would have been late for work. I spent the whole night sleeping in the livingroom too and that is the first time I have ever done that. Mommy had to go to work but I got to stay home and get caught up on my beauty sleep. I don't think Mommy was feeling too good today and my guess is that she isn't going to do that again for a long time! BOL!!

When Mommy came home from work she had bags in her hands which I just love. Bags mean that Mommy has been shopping and quite often that means there is something in there for me. Sure enough, Mommy had something for me - some real yummy doggy cookies. They are barbequed Chicken flavoured and are all natural, holistic cookies. I had a couple of them and they sure are yummy!

Mommy was dragging herself around the house this evening and didn't want to do much, I wonder why??? BOL!!! It was beautiful outside and all I wanted to do was be outside. I went outside at 5:30 pm and I stayed outside for most of the evening. I would ask in a few times to check on Mommy but then I went right back outside. I really surprised Mommy tonight because I actually barked at the door. Mommy was ignoring the bells because she said I didn't have to go out so I got mad and barked. My pal Zoe had p-mailed me and told me to try barking and I did and it worked real good. Mommy was so surprised to hear me bark because I don't bark much and she came running. Zoe is so smart to tell me to bark.

I better go now and get Mommy to bed so she won't fall asleep in the livingroom again! BOL!!!


Spring is Here!

April 14th 2007 7:53 pm
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Today turned out to be a pretty good day. Mommy did have to go to her Convention but she was home by mid afternoon. She said she was really tired so we had an afternoon nap. It was so nice, I slept in my Mommy's arms with the blankets tucked in around my chin. We slept for about an hour and then got up. I then went outside and it was a beautiful day, nice and sunny and warm by our standards. I even found a nice little corner of grass and did my first sunbathing outside of the season. Oh was it nice to lay outside in the sun and enjoy the fresh air and all the nice smells. I think spring might actually be here!

This evening Mommy said that we should go for a little walk. This was my first walk outside since last fall. If you are a reader of my diary you may remember that my Mommy injured her achilles tendon last fall. She has been going for physiotheraphy for it all winter and it is doing much better. Her leg still hurts a bit but not nearly what it was like before. We were gone for our walk for about 45 minutes. We started to walk and the first pup I ran into was my good pal Joey. I barked about Joey in my diary last fall. He is the very same age as me and is an American Eskimo Dog. Holy Dog, I would never have recognized him because he is so much bigger now!! His Mommy says that he is now 26 lbs which is a heavy weight compared to my 6 lbs. Even so, we played on our leashes while our Mommies were talking. Joey was a nice pup and laid on the ground and let me do my dominant leg over his shoulder thing which actually was more like my back leg over his front paw thing. I think he was rather clued out and didn't realize I was doing the dominate moves on him. If you want to see what I am barking about look at my first video with my toys. At the very end I went after my Monkey and I did the dominant moves with my Monkey by putting my back leg over his head. I bet you didn't catch on to what I was doing there???? I used to do the dominate thing to Jennifer and she pretty much ignored me too. Anyways, it was so nice to see Joey again. Then we continued our walk and we came across this real crazy big pup. He was walking with his Daddy and was a Shepard/lab cross type and was just growling and snapping at me. His Daddy had to make him sit while we walked by because he was pulling so much. Mommy was so proud of me because I didn't do any dominate growling and snapping back. I do tend to do some of that because us Affie's are fearless and will tell other pups what we think. Mommy has been working on this all winter with me because she says I could get myself into serious trouble if a pup ever takes me on since I am so little. When I do the growling thing at other pups Mommy works with my clicker and treats and takes my attention away from doing bad behaviours and has me do good behaviours that get rewarded. It really worked here because I just paid attention to Mommy and totally ignored that growling, snarling pup! I was glad when that crazy pup was no longer near me. So we continued on our walk again. Then this car started to drive real slow near us and I thought we would be dealing with a crazy person now. Then we noticed that the car had a little white pup and the people in the car just wanted to see me. That crazy person jumped out of the car to say hello leaving her car door open and pretty much abandoning her car in the middle of the road. BOL!! I really liked that pup. Her name is Muffin and she is a little 6 lb poodle that is about a year older then me. The humans did their yapping thing again and I played with the pup although I think I may have had a bit too much energy for her. Do you know what breed that crazy person thought I was???? She asked my Mommy if I was a teacup poodle!! BOL!!! I know that Mommy had to use some self restraint on that one and she just answered very nicely and said I was an affenpinscher. I can understand that this person may not know I am an affenpinscher but to call me a teacup poodle is so silly! We then completed our walk. Boy, what a neighbourhood I live in!


A couple of things to growl about

April 13th 2007 11:01 pm
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I have not growled about that little grooming table lately but I will growl about it again today. When Mommy got home she put that little table up in the living room and sat in her comfy chair watching TV and grooming me. This is a little too easy for my liking! She can now sit in comfort and channel surf while she is grooming me.!!! That little table folds down so small that she keeps it handy upstairs all the time. I got no applications for the position of robber to steal this table - this table is so terrible even the robbers don't want it! My second plan was to get the garbage guys to take it but since Jennifer went to the Bridge I don't have anypup to help me with this plan so that won't work either. So for now it looks like I am going to have to tolerate getting tortured on that table!

After I got tortured on the grooming table Mommy asked me if I wanted to go for a car ride. Yahoo, I never say no to a car ride. We went to agility classes and I sure had a good time. First we were jumping small courses made up of only bar jumps. The bar jumps were moved into different spots and I was off leash and I had to follow Mommy's instruction as to which jump to jump because it changed every time I jumped. That sure was fun. Then we practiced going into the tunnel really fast, I sure liked that. Then we practiced the weave poles and I am getting pretty good. Mommy said we are not worrying about speed right now but accuracy. After that we did a small course that consisted of tunnels, bar jumps and weave poles. Then the class was over. That hour sure goes too fast!

I was sure looking forward to tomorrow because tomorrow is Saturday. Then it all got ruined because Mommy told me she had to go to work. She had been at a Convention all day Thursday and Friday and she said she has to go to it again on Saturday. Grrrrr..... this does not make me very happy.


My Toys are in the Computer!

April 12th 2007 7:19 pm
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I just can't figure it out pups but my toys are in the computer. I hear them crying to me in the computer and it makes me so sad. First I hear Eeyore and I get worried and I go and run to get him. Yep, he is still in my house but why is he in the computer??? Then I hear my bunny and I do the same thing and go and find my bunny. Yep, my bunny is here too! Then right after that I hear my Monkey and I take off to look for my Monkey. Thank dog, my Monkey is here safe and sound! Sometimes I even hear my loofa dog squeek and I go and make sure he is safe. If all that isn't enough I hear my Mommy's voice and her lips aren't moving but she is talking through the computer. Maybe she has learned how to be a ventriloquist??? Boy, that is a big word for me but that is what I think must have happened! Yep, she has to be a ventriloquist. I just can't figure out about my toys! Have they all learned how to be ventriloquists too???????


The Problem is Solved!

April 10th 2007 5:15 pm
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Yes pups we have solved the problem about the invisible butterflies. I guess I should say that Mommy solved the problem and I am so proud of her that she came up with the solution all by herself. Even computer people that Mommy knew didn't have the answer but Mommy thought and thought about it for the past few days. She said at work today she suddenly got the solution and it came to her like a bolt of lighting!!! BOL! She decided that it could be the browser that we were using and that she would try a different one when she got home. We had been using Avant Browser and she tried Internet Explorer and guess what pups??? It worked!!!! Yahoo, I can finally see all those pretty butterflies!!! Now Mommy is mumbling about having to find a different browser that will work. She was reading on the Internet today about how Internet Explorer is one of the worst for bad people to be able to get identity off the computer with so she wants to use something else. I am just a pup and I don't care about any of this, all I want to do is see the butterflies!!!

Today was a typical work day with Mommy going to work. This evening she has been adding more features to my site. Now I have a pretty duckie cursor and we have a little box that tells you our time and temperature. Mommy thought that some of my readers would really appreciate having the temperature thingy there because we had lots of questions about our weather this winter from pups. Mommy is so proud that she got one that is in F and C so all pups will understand what it is saying. Now pups you will be able to see when I am freezing and feel sorry for me!

I think Mommy has spend enough time on this computer and I am going to drag her away to play with me. Bark at you later!


Mommy is home again!

April 9th 2007 5:47 pm
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Today was another great day. Mommy was home from work again. Wow, I just couldn't believe that she would be home four days in a row! She did go out in the afternoon for awhile and left me at home alone but that is okay because I needed to catch up on some sleep. I love having Mommy at home but it makes my job much harder keeping track of her and I don't get my beauty sleep like I usually do! BOL!

As you can see Mommy changed my main page. There is a reason for all the changes which I will explain. First, the background which now is jellybeans. Mommy calls me her "little jellybean" and always tells me that black is her favourite flavour of jellybean. So jellybeans must be a real good thing so I think it is great to have jellybeans on my page. Then there is my rubber duckie song that I just love. I love, love, love squeaky toys so it sure is music in my ears to hear all that squeaking in the song. I also love my duckie so it is appropriate to have a duckie song. I just ignore the bath part because I don't like baths but you can't have everything!

Did you see my video with my booties on???? Mommy was being real mean to me there. It is warmer out and I don't have to wear booties but Mommy put them on my feet just to make a video so all the humans could laugh at me. That isn't very nice! Don't you think that was very mean?? I don't like my boots very much and I also don't like being confined to that concrete area. Mommy won't let me go in the big yard until all the snow melts and it is cleaned up. Spring is sure slow this year and I sure hope I get into the yard soon.


Happy Easter!

April 8th 2007 6:44 pm
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Happy Easter everypup! I hope you had a real nice day.

I had a really good couple of days and I have so much to bark about. That bad Mommy got home too late last night to type for me so now I have to do two days worth of diary entries in one. I wonder if I should fire Mommy as my typist and get a new typist??? Whatever, lets not worry about this now and lets bark about my days.

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday and I was such a good pup. In the morning I was sleeping curled right up with Mommy and I really encouraged her to sleep in. If you can't sleep in on your birthday then when can you? Everytime Mommy moved I would snuggle closer to her and I think I was successful and we slept for longer. I then gave Mommy lots of affie kisses and hugs. In the morning I played with her with my toys and I even let her win some of the games. I was being such a good pup for Mommy's birthday! In the afternoon Grandpa came over and they went out for awhile. After that they came back and sat and visited for awhile which I really liked. I made sure I entertained them very well with my toys. Mommy then left me at home and went out for supper. I was not too impressed with this part! I tried so hard to be cute all day and then Mommy goes out to eat and leaves me at home. She got home real late pups and I have to tattle on her and tell you it was 2 am when she got home. She had an ice cream cake for her birthday and she brought the left- overs home. She won't even let me have much of this because it is mostly chocolate. I do get to have a couple of laps of the vanilla part.

Today was Easter and I had a great time again. The Easter Bunny came and brought me a nice little basket. I got some of my favourite bagels, a goofy looking bunny that sings and a big bone shaped organic cookie. I will have to get Mommy to put a picture on my site with me and my Easter basket. It was a nice day and I spent lots of time outside playing. We had some company and Mommy made a really nice turkey dinner. Yummy, yummy!

I just can't believe how "techie" my Mommy is getting! BOL!!! She put a beautiful guest book up on both Jennifer's and my page. Please sign it pups and add your photo! I love looking at pictures of all the pups that look at my page. Then Mommy made our first video which was a hoot! To begin with Mommy had never made a video before and she had to read the book that came with our camera. Then she decided she didn't want to use the memory card for the camera that we use for pictures in case something went wrong. So she used the little memory card that came with the camera. Since it doesn't have much memory she did our video with a small number of pixels which I have no idea what that is. The end result is it is kind of grainy and Mommy says we will have to take a higher quality of video in the future. She wants to purchase another memory card that we will use just for videos that has much more memory. Regardless I think you got a pretty good look at three of my toys and your first view of me in action. I am an action kind of a pup. Watch my video and you will see the big basket that I have filled with toys. There are 80 toys in there pups! What do you think of our first video???


It is Mommy's Birthday Tomorrow!

April 6th 2007 8:15 pm
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Today was a really great day. Mommy and I stayed home today and had a great time. We relaxed, had an afternoon nap and played with my toys. It doesn't get any better then that! Mommy said that today was Good Friday and I would say every Friday is a good Friday because it is the end of the working week. Today was an extra Good Friday because Mommy was home.

I am so excited because tomorrow is Mommy's birthday. Mommy won't let me tell you how old she is and I had better keep my lips sealed if I want the Easter Bunny to come to see me. I am just a little pup so I don't have any money to buy her a gift and even if I did I can't get out to the store by myself. I have other things I can give her. I am going to give Mommy extra special affie kisses and hugs tomorrow. I am also going to play nice games with her and I will even let her win even though I could win. Doesn't that sound nice pups?

I am still upset because I can't see the pretty butterfly rosettes. My pal Zoe had to tell me about the butterfly rosettes that pups had given me. Mommy will see them at work on Tuesday and I think she should take me too so I can see them. I have p-mailed Dogster to see if they have any idea why I can't see the pretty butterflies. Mommy has also e-mailed her computer friend. I hope we solve this mystery soon.

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