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The Adventures of Jelly

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Mommy bought me presents!

May 4th 2007 6:46 pm
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Today when Mommy came home she had a bag and yep it was presents for me! Yahoo! Mommy bought me a pretty pink pair of doggles which are doggy sun glasses. They are so cool! Mommy says I will be the coolest pup riding in my bicycle basket and wearing my doggles! She bought me a special bandana too. At first I thought it was a boring bandana to wear around my neck that would choke me but I found out that it is a very special bandana. There is special material in that bandana that when it is soaked in water it becomes very cool and I mean it as temperature cool. You soak it in water for 15 to 30 minutes and it is suppose to stay cool for hours. You can make it last longer by putting it in the fridge for awhile after soaking it in water. I really don't like the heat and I think when it gets hot I am really going to like my bandana. I am an affenpinscher and have a short muzzle so I am prone to heat stroke. I was almost suffering from heat stroke last year when I was at a really hot doggy show so my Mommy is very, very careful with me in the heat. Then Mommy bought me some of the yummiest treats that I have ever had. They are Wellness Wellbars bitesize and are made with peanuts and honey. They are called bitesize but since I am such a little pup each bitesize piece is a big cookie for me.

Mommy then decided to take pictures of me with my pretty pink doggles and my special pink bandana. Don't I look ready for summer? She also took a picture of my pretty Diva charm with my new red collar that I got last weekend. Do you think I am a diva???

I am so happy that the weekend is here. Mommy has the whole weekend off and I am so much looking forward to spending time with her.


Bad People Broke Into Our Car!

May 3rd 2007 8:14 pm
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Yep, that is right pups, today a bad person or persons broke into our car. My Mommy was at work and when she came out in the afternoon to go on one of her road trips she found that someone had broke into our car. The window was smashed and there is glass all over right where I put my little bum. The dash was all pulled apart and the radio/CD player was stolen. It is a great big mess! I love the radio/CD player because we play music when we are out cruising on the roads. I am so mad that I would bark and bite whoever did this. Mommy says that our insurance will help to pay to get our car fixed and get a new radio. She says we have to pay something called a deductible ($200.00) and some depreciation on our radio. I am so mad because Mommy could have bought me lots of toys and treats with that money. I sure hope she gets the car fixed soon. If I ride in the car now I will get all wet if it is raining and I could freeze too.

I am sure having a bad day. Not only does Mommy get home real late but she had the bad news about the car. She said she had to work again tonight. She said she had a 5 pm meeting which was a supper meeting (that sure sounds like work) and then she had a 7 pm meeting. I have been to meetings and they don't sound like work to me. Tomorrow is Friday and I sure hope Mommy comes home early.


Mommy is not telling me the truth!

May 2nd 2007 7:04 pm
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My Mommy has started a new temporary job this week. She still has her old job to go back to but she is doing this new job that she says she really likes. She tells me how hard she works but I don't really believe her. She gets to drive around the province in the car and get paid for it! I wish I could get paid for driving around. I love car rides and I would sure love to get paid for doing that. Yesterday she had to go for a meeting to a town called Gimli which is about 105 km from our house. Take a look at the pictures pups and tell me what you think. It sure doesn't look much like work to go there. She drove all the way there, had a 1 1/2 hr meeting and then drove all the way back. Then last week she was gone all week to a place called Elkhorn Resort and tried to tell me that was work. That place is another holiday resort place - Mommy must think I am stupid to see the word resort in the name and think I will believe she is working. Look at these pictures too pups. Now you tell me, does this not look like a holiday???? All this fun and I am left at home!

Mommy was late coming home tonight and she used the excuse that she had work to do. She did come out in the backyard and played with me which was so much fun. She took the video that is now on my page of me playing outside.

I better go because I want my supper. Bark at you later pups!


Quiet Day

April 30th 2007 11:02 pm
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Today was a quiet day being that it is Monday and Mommy had to go to work. She said she is doing a different job for the next month which takes more time and effort on Mommy's part. Everything is new to Mommy so she has lots more reading and preparing to do. Tonight she had some files to read but she brought them home so she could be with me. I spent most of the evening sleeping and playing with my toys while Mommy was reading. I was sure glad that Mommy came home to spend her time with me.


Back to the Doggy Show

April 29th 2007 10:16 pm
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I was at the Doggy Show today again. I had a great time! I got to go for a car ride and then I played with Reese when I got to the building. You can see a video that my Mommy made of me playing with Reese. I then got to go into the doggy show ring and I sure loved it. My Mommy said I did not win today but to be honest I don't see the difference. Regardless I get to go in the ring and have fun and I get some ribbons that I don't get to play with. Then we went home and were home for lunch. We had an afternoon nap and I also played outside. Mommy made another video of me playing with my new rooster. What do you think of my rooster??


I Went to a Doggy Show!

April 28th 2007 10:35 pm
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I sure had a good time today. My Mommy took me to a doggy show and my Auntie Lorna showed me. I won Best of Winners today and got another point towards my championship. Hurray!!! I got to play in the exercise pen with my buddy Reese and then play in the doggy show ring. I don't like the grooming part very much so we won't talk about that. After I was finished in the show ring my Mommy took me shopping at all the little shops that had booths set up. Mommy is so excited because she bought a scrap booking kit that has a beautiful album with bones on it and all kinds of doggy pages and doggy stickers. She said she is going to make a scrap book with pictures of me. I feel kind of special about that. Mommy also bought me a pretty red collar that is made of rolled leather. Mommy says she likes the rolled leather collars because the coat doesn't mat as easily under it. I also got a "Diva" tag to hang from my new collar. I look so cool with my new collar on and my "Diva" tag hanging on my neck. Mommy also bought me some all natural insect repellent for this summer. Then the best thing ever was when Mommy bought me a plush rooster that says," Cock a Dootle Doo". I sure love that toy! I was sure a lucky pup today getting all these wonderful gifts! After that the humans put out food and my Mommy gave me some cheese and some crackers. Yummy, yummy!

Mommy and I were so tired when we got home that we both feel asleep for a couple of hours. After that Mommy had to wash the top of my neck and head to remove some junk that they put in my coat today. Again she pulled out that little grooming table and sat in the living room and used that hot blowy thing to make my head dry. Grrrrrrrrrr....... Then I ate a big supper! I now have to go to bed because I have to get up by 5:30 am to go to another doggy show. I will bark at you again tomorrow pups!


I Am Home!

April 27th 2007 11:57 pm
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Mommy got home today after taking her course. She came to get me at my Auntie Lorna's house. I was outside when she arrived and I couldn't believe it when I walked in and found her in the living room. I got all excited, wagged my tail like crazy and I gave my Mommy all kinds of kisses. I also growled at the other pups to tell them to stay away from my Mommy. I had a great time at my Auntie Lorna's house visiting with my doggie family but I was still very happy to go home with my Mommy. As soon as I walked into the door I went to see all my precious toys and I was very happy to find that they were all there. I played with Eeoyre, my Monkey, my bunny, my Loofa dog and some of my small squeakies. I then went and had a sleep in my favourite doggy bed in the living room. Now I am ready to go and sleep in bed with Mommy. I will bark at you tomorrow pups.


Good-Bye Pups!

April 22nd 2007 12:35 am
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Good-Bye Pups and I will see you in a week. My Mommy has to go out of town this week because she is taking a course. She is going to some fancy resort place at Riding Mountain National Park. That sure doesn't sound like work to me! Tonight she took out that big box with the zippers and started to put her clothes in there. She was mumbling something about not knowing what to pack this time of year. I am going to stay at my Auntie Lorna's (my breeder) house. I am looking forward to seeing all my family and especially my doggy Mommy and doggy Daddy. My Auntie Lorna is even going to take me to doggy school on Tuesday. I am going to miss my Mommy and I know my Mommy is going to really miss me.

I hope my secretary (my Mommy) is able to get on a computer while she is away so she can keep up with my correspondence. We don't have a lap top computer so Mommy is going to have to look for a hotel computer.

Did you see my latest video where I bark? My pal Zoe wanted to see me bark so we took the video. Mommy had bought a bigger memory card and took a better quality video then the first three that she took. She says that she is not happy with the quality of videos from the digital camera and that we should buy a camcorder. Now let me see how this all goes - a free membership to dogster, then a digital camera, then a paid Plus membership, then high speed internet to do my Dogster page and now looking at buying a lap top computer to take out of town so we can stay up to date and a camcorder for my videos. BOL, BOL!!!!! This is as bad as the story about the curio cabinet that Jennifer barked about in her diary.

See you in a week pups and I am certain I will have lots to bark about!


Agility Class Night

April 20th 2007 8:26 pm
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Today is Friday so that means I get to go to agility classes. I was so excited about going to classes when Mommy got home. I was zooming all over the house and playing with my toys and was just in general in an extra super good mood. Mommy then ruins it but insisting on torturing me again. First she takes the Dremel and grinds down the nails on my front paws and if that wasn't bad enough she puts me on that little grooming table and bushes me. Let's not waste time on this torture but let's get going to school! Finally we left and Mommy said we would have lots of time to get there. First we stopped at the pet supply store and bought some more yummy treats for me. We tried to buy some last night when we bought my food but that store didn't have what we wanted. We then started to drive to classes. We got all caught up in a big traffic jam on Portage Ave which is another major street in Winnipeg. The lanes were blocked with a big fire truck and an ambulance and they only had one lane that was moving. It looked like some poor person may have got hit by a car. It took us a long time to get through there but we just kept going. We ended up getting to class just in time. I had a great time in class. We worked on the dog walk and the tunnel which I did really well. We then set up a little course of ten obstacles and I did a pretty good job. Let me see if I can remember the order - bar jump, bar jump, bar jump, dog walk, tunnel, bar jump, weave poles, bar jump, dog walk and finally a tunnel. It was so much fun!


Thank-You Mystery Pup!

April 19th 2007 8:47 pm
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We were looking at our account page tonight and noticed that we had 40 extra zealies. Some kind pup must have given us a gift. We looked through our p-mail and through Mommy's e-mail to see if there was an indication of where they came from but there wasn't. We are just so touched that some kind pup would purchase some zealies for us. We would really like to know who you are so we could thank-you in "dog" but respect it also if you choose to stay anonymous. Thank-you so, sooooo much! You truly are a kind and thoughtful pup.

Today ended up being a real good day. As usual Mommy went to work, kind of reminds me of "Ground Hog Day" the movie. Every day is the same as the next, over and over and over. Tonight I knew that Mommy was going out so I tried a totally new tactic on her. I started playing and playing and acting just as cute as I possibly could. I know she was going to leave me home but at the last minute she said, "What the heck, do you want to come Jelly??!". Wow, I couldn't believe it - my new tactic worked and I am going out. Now the big question was, "Where am I going????" It is obviously somewhere that Mommy wasn't going to take me so it likely wouldn't be doggy school. I jumped in my crate and in the car I went and we were off. We ended up in a parkade downtown and Mommy said I was going to a meeting. I have been to meetings before so I know what that is. It is rather boring actually because it is people sitting around a table and talking. We walked out of the parkade and then we walked down Broadway which is a pretty major street in Winnipeg. We then went into this big building and into the elevator which took us up to the 7th floor. If you have never been on an elevator pups it is just a real big box that lifts you up lots of floors and you don't have to go up the stairs. It kind of gives your tummy a funny feeling and you feel like you are moving but it is okay. We then got off on the 7th floor and went through a couple of doors and into something the humans called a boardroom. That is just a fancy name for a room with the biggest table that I have ever seen with lots of chairs around it. We were one of the last ones to arrive so we sat at the table and the humans started to talk. I sat on my Mommy's knee and put my front paws on the table and watched the humans. They were talking and laughing. The nice lady who sat beside me would pat me periodically and say nice things to me. I gave her some kisses on her hand and a big kiss right on her face! The humans passed around paper that they stared at. I stared at it too but I sure couldn't see anything interesting about it. It didn't even smell exceptionally good. They were doing something called "voting". Some person would say something and another person would "second" it and then all the humans held up their hands. Wow, I can do that too and Mommy let me show them how I can hold up my paw. After about an hour of that, the meeting was over. There was another meeting going on in another room down the hall and a nice lady invited me in. I got introduced to all the humans but we didn't stay very long. I wonder if this is what Mommy does all day when she leaves me??? Well, we then got back in our car and we made another stop and this time I knew where we were, we were at a doggy food store. Mommy bought me a bag of doggy food and the nice man behind the counter gave me a real yummy treat that he said was "duck and potatoe". It sure was good because I ate it up real quick. After that we made yet another stop and we got our first ice cream of the season. Yummy, yummy! Then it was back home. I gobbled up my supper and now I am ready for a good nights sleep!

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