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The Adventures of Jelly

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Freezing Rain

December 21st 2013 1:51 pm
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I haven't barked in about a week. There is really no excuse for that because Mommy isn't working right now. Mommy still says she is busy. Those silly peepoles.............

Anyways, now we are getting freezing rain and Mommy won't go outside. She tried to get me to potty on the deck and not to go down the stairs but I wouldn't do it. I showed her that on my four feet I can walk easily on the ice. Those peepoles are so silly to walk on two legs. I went down the stairs and up the stairs no problem. Now Mommy is shaking her head. She said she doesn't understand why I can't go up and down vinyl type stairs because it is slippery but I have no problem going up and down solid ice stairs. I don't know, I am just a small pup and don't understand those things. The thing I liked is all the snow is solid and I can walk on top of the snow all over the yard. I left a big poopy in one corner and a big yellow pee spot in the other corner. It really sticks out against the solid white ice. BOL! More freezing rain is coming tonight and tomorrow. Mommy is worried about power failures and is going to make sure we have candles and flashlights with new batteries. She is also worried about how she is going to get out of the house when this is all over but said she will worry about that when it comes. She heard about this freezing rain coming so she stocked up on groceries and said we can be stranded for a week and have lots of food. I just opened up a new bag of kibble so I would be good for a month. As long as I have my food and my Mommy I am good!

What type of weather are you pups getting?



December 14th 2013 9:55 am
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Mommy and I are having a nice Saturday. We slept in this morning and now we are doing a few chores. Mommy put some laundry in the machine. She stripped the big bed and said we will wash sheets too. This laundry stuff is pretty exhausting. She said as soon as we finish this diary entry it will be time for lunch. Yummy! Everything is fine at my place. Mommy said we are expected to get up to 17 cm of snow starting this afternoon, overnight and tomorrow morning. That is just over 6.5 inches of snow. That is lots of snow for a pup like me since I am only 10.25 inches at the shoulder. I will make Mommy shovel a potty place for me.

Zaidie, Mommy said snow is coming to your house too! See I know that Zaidie loves snow and wants it to arrive. Are any of you other pups getting snow? Do you like it the way Zaidie does or not so much like me?? I better nip at Mommy's heels to get going and make our lunch. Maybe I can get a tea party going again this evening............


Tea Party

December 13th 2013 7:52 pm
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This evening Mommy said we were going to have a tea party. What is that I was wondering? Mommy made tea in the tea pot and put a coat on the tea pot. She called it a tea cozy, crazy name. She put the tea pot with a container of milk and sugar beside our big chair. Then she got a plate of human cookies and my cookies. Mommy asked me to come and join the tea party. Mommy and I sat in the big chair and covered up. Mommy had tea and human cookies. I got some human cookie and my cookies. We enjoyed sitting there watching TV and having a tea party. If you get a chance you should have a tea party. Can we have another tea party Mommy?


Christmas and More

December 12th 2013 3:50 pm
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I haven't barked in awhile. Mommy and I have the house looking pretty good. We have about 95% of the unpacking and organizing done on the main floor. Mommy is busy going to fizzy-O-Ther-A-Pee every day and is getting better.

Yesterday Mommy and I put up the Christmas tree. Mommy loves this tree. It is four feet tall and comes in one piece. You just put it in the stand, fluff up the branches and plug it in and the lights go on. She just puts on a few decorations and garland and it is done. We also put up our stockings. I hope Santa Paws finds me in my new house.

This morning was very exciting. When I went out to potty there were three squirrels running around in the neighbours yard, two black and one grey. Bark, bark, bark, bark............ Those squirrels knew not to come to my yard!


Washing Machine is Dead

December 5th 2013 10:55 pm
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It has been a few days since I barked last. Everything is going along normally. Mommy goes to her fizzy-o-ther-a-pee every day. I do my regular sniffing around, napping, playing and being with Mommy.

Today I got some barking in because the washing machine fixer guy was here. It has now been determined that there is more wrong with the washer and it is not worth fixing. Mommy is actually happy to get rid of that high efficiency machine and put our top loader in it's place. The repair guy said he has a front loader high efficiency machine and wouldn't get another. He said he would buy a commercial top loader. He says they have "home editions" and come with a complete 3 year warranty.

Today got up to 12 C which is about 54 F. All our snow is now gone. We can't get over how green the grass looks.


Exciting Days Again

November 28th 2013 5:33 pm
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I have had an exciting few days. On Tuesday the two washing machine fixer guys came again. They had previously come and fixed the machine but when Mommy went to use it it was still broken. :( This time they tested everything in the machine and concluded that it was still the same problem and we just got a faulty part. Now they have to order the same part again from Toronto. The good news is this won't cost Mommy any more money. To hold us over they moved the high efficiency washer out and put in our top loader so we can still do laundry. Mommy says she loves her top loader and if it wasn't that we have already paid to fix the high efficiency washer she would tell them to forget it. Anyways, after that lengthy explanation which I think Mommy made me bark more for the peepoles because pups don't care about this stuff, I must say that it did make for some good barking. Those guys were going in and out of the house getting things so bark, bark, bark, bark.... Then we woke up on Wednesday morning to our first snow. Mommy is extra worried because this makes it extra slippery for her to walk. She did go outside and shoveled the snow off our deck, the stairs of the deck and a small area (and I mean small) for me to potty. I want a bigger area for my potty but I might have to be satisfied with this because of Mommy's foot. Later in the morning the snow guy came for the first time and did our driveway and shoveled the front. This was good for some barking. In the afternoon the furnace repair guys came to service our furnace and heat exchanger thingy. It was again lots of barking because those guys kept going out to their truck. They have to order a part for the heat exchanger thingy so they will be back for more barking action. Today (Thursday) an occupational therapist came to visit Mommy. Her job was to make sure that Mommy was managing fine. Mommy is doing really well and the occupational lady didn't have to do anything. Mommy now walks quite a bit in the house with no cane. She has no trouble going in and out of the shower. Stairs are still difficult but we are hopeful that will improve. I barked at the occupational lady too. After the occupational lady left Mommy and I sat in the big chair and watched a Christmas movie on TV. Wonderful!

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?


Exciting Day

November 25th 2013 11:41 am
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There has been lots of excitement around my house today. Mommy and I were woken up this morning with noise in the backyard. What is that? I sprung into action from a dead sleep. Mommy looked out the window and said it was just the fence guys fixing a couple of spots in the fence where Mommy thought I could escape. Nothing, that is something!!! Strange guys in my yard sawing and banging around is very serious and I have to get out there! Mommy eventually put me on my leash and out we went to talk to the guys, I barked at them so they would know who owned this yard. Eventually they left. Mommy said she was going to be late for he fizzy-O thing so she hustled and was out the door before I knew it. When she came home she had some bags with her because she had done some shopping. I was investigating the bags when our door bell rang and I ran to the door barking. It was the laundry repair guy again. Mommy put my gate up and left me in the kitchen to go downstairs with the repair guy. Bark, bark.bark.bark.............. Eventually that guy left. OMD, I can't keep track of everything. OK , what was I doing before he rudely interrupted me? Oh yea, what is in those bags? Most of the stuff was boring but there were treats for me, some nice soft treats and some crunchy cookies. Yummy!! Then Mommy noticed that I did a pee pee on the pee pee pad and she said I was good. I think the carpet pee-pee incident is forgotten.



November 24th 2013 9:52 pm
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I had a good weekend. Me and Mommy stayed home all weekend. Mommy put more of our stuff away and our house is looking better all the time. We also had time to nap in the big bed and to sit in the big chair and watch TV. On Sunday Mommy put ribs in the slow cooker so I got to smell that wonderful smell all day. I got a taste of the ribs but not very much. Mommy also gave me some of my healthy treats. Tomorrow we are back to the old schedule of Mommy going out every morning for her fizzy-o stuff.



November 22nd 2013 11:50 pm
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Friday was another typical day for me. Mommy went to fizzy-O-ther-a-pee in the morning. In the afternoon we went to look at another kennel. After the disaster yesterday I wasn't looking forward to this. This time I was pleasantly surprised. The kennel lady seemed very nice. This is just a real small kennel that takes 10 dogs maximum. It is nice and new with indoor and outdoor runs. There was radiant heat with heated floors. They also had air conditioning in the summer. Mommy and I agreed that this was a nice place and I could stay there. It isn't as nice as being with Mommy but as kennels go I could be happy there. The peepoles at the kennel breed pugs. I didn't get to see any of those pugs but I will have to let them know that when I am there I am the boss.


No Good!

November 21st 2013 6:02 pm
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Mommy and I went to check out the new kennel today and it didn't check out at all! It is not a place for a Princess pup like me. I don't need to get into details other then saying it was old and Mommy called it a fire trap and it had no air conditioning. Mommy says I can't stay in a kennel in southern Ontario unless we have air conditioning. Tomorrow we are going to look at another place. This place breeds and shows pugs so hopefully they will know how a Princess pup like me needs to be treated.

Otherwise we had a good day. Mommy went to fizzy-o-ther-a-pee this morning as usual. We were very tired after lunch so we had a nap before our car ride. This evening Mommy had some paper work to do so I napped while she worked. Now we are going to go and watch some TV before we go to bed.

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