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Mudge's Musings

Mommy's Soooo Proud!

September 9th 2006 9:14 am
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The 6th was my last official doggy manners class with my trainer. I got to go out to her house where she lives with Buck and all her other labs. There were LOTS of doggies there and puppies, too! I was a really good boy and my trainer was totally impressed by how well I did with all the distraction. I walk so nicely on my leash :)- I even went in to where the puppies are and got to sniff them. I was a little freaked out at first by the puppy smells, but Mommy and Daddy and my furless siblings went in, too, so I figured it must be okay. Mom oohed and aahhed over how cute the puppies were, but she says I'm still the cutest.

I've been walking the kids to school every morning. It's really fun to hear so many people say, "What a cute puppy!" every single day. Mom says she's getting a little tired of hearing, "He looks just like Beethoven!" She says I don't look like Beethoven because I'm cuter!!!! Besides, I look just like ME -- 110% Mudge.

Mom's amazed at how many people around here own Saints because we've only seen one other one in our small town. Even my furless sister's teacher from last year has one and we never knew it! Mom says that's because we're so big when we grow up that people don't take us too many places. Huh! Not this pup! I'm going everywhere with my family :)- Of course, that may mean they have to get a bigger car...but I'm okay with that (Dad's not too thrilled, though!).

One awful woman actually walked up to Mom and told her she's going to hate me when I grow up. Mom was shocked to say the least since she doesn't even know this crazy woman! This woman says she has a Saint and she hates it. When Mom politely told her that it wasn't even possible that she could ever hate me, the woman kind of backed off and said, "Oh, well, I don't hate the dog. Just the hair." Yeah, whatever! That poor dog...I wouldn't want to live with that terrible person. Mom told her that's what vacuums and hardwood floors are for. After all, why on earth would you get a big hairy dog if you aren't willing to deal with the hair? People can be so awful to us dogs sometimes...I don't get it and neither do my people....

Another new development in my life is "the sit down strike." Hee hee....I'm getting really big now and I've figured out that if I plop down on the floor or ground, it's pretty hard to move me! So, when Mom tries to take me to time out, I plop! I think it's hilarious, but she doesn't (party pooper!). Mom admits it's kinda funny now because she can still pick me up, but she says that pretty soon she won't be able to, so the strikes have to stop. She doesn't seem to worried about it, though, because I'm getting to be so well trained that I listen really well.

Okay, back to my nap!

Love, Licks, and Sweet Puppy Eyes,
Mudge the Mush (Okay, Mom, that name's okay cuz I do like to give and get loves!)


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