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September 1st 2006 11:11 am
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Hee hee hee...Mudge is snoring on the floor like a truck, so I (Mudge's Mom), thought I'd take this opportunity to commandeer his diary to tell you the truth about our Mudgie.

Okay, the truth is...he's a FANTASTIC little guy and we couldn't be happier :) Oh, he's not perfect (and it's a good thing he's sleeping, cuz he'd tell you his is!), but he's pretty darn close. He's now a 25 lb bundle of love, licks, and those sharp little puppy teeth. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out that he's too big to play rough, so we're really working on that issue. He can be a little scarey when he comes flying across the floor at you and lunges for your arm/leg/sleeve/whatever he can get his teeth on. But, I must say he's getting better about biting when he plays. It's been a really long time since I've had a puppy...his older brother is I had forgotten what little stinkers they can be.

Mudge's "obedience" (that's such a funny word to use...I don't know that I'd call it "obedience" so much as "wanting to please" or "willing to partner with" or maybe just plain old compliance!) training is going pretty well. He's excellent at "heel." He doesn't pull on the leash at all and is great at staying right where he should, except when he starts to get tired, then he'll lag behind a bit. He remembers most of the time to sit when I stop. I can't believe how easy "stay" has been with him. That's usually a hard one for dogs, but he'll stay without breaking for quite a while when his leash is on (haven't tried it without yet). "Sit" and "down" are a piece of cake for him :) He's just a really smart little guy...too smart...

Lately he's decided that he can sometimes use his size to his advantage. When he knows he's about to be put in puppy time out (tied to the bathroom doorknob for not listening), he'll stage a lay down strike. He flops on his side or back and absolutely refuses to get up. Well, right now while I can still lift him it's not a huge issue...but pretty soon HE will be huge, and it will definitely be an issue. I'll have to ask my trainer what to do about that neat little trick.

Anyway, that snoring is getting quieter, so I'd better end this entry before he finds out I was in here :)

Snuggles to dogs everywhere,
--Mudge's Magnificent Mom (...uh oh....he's up...caught red handed!)


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