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Mudge's Musings

Kitty Pals and BIG Friends

August 21st 2006 6:11 am
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Hey Everyone!

Well, my training is still going very well. I'm really good at sit and down, and now I'm working on heel, stay, come, watch, leave it, and stand. Whew...that's a lot to work on, but Mom keeps taking me for walks (which I love, except that she won't let me run up to greet everyone we see---including the people driving by in cars!) and working on heel. We're pretty sure the neighbors all think we're crazy because sometimes Mom stops in the middle of the block and makes me sit or just turns around and then turns back. (I kinda think she's a little weird, too...why can't we just keep walking??? And why can't I lag behind or head off toward a good smell or some interesting looking person?) I learn pretty fast, so my trainer says that if we keep at it, in 6 weeks I'll be ready to make a visit with her and big Buck (her therapy dog) to a rehab center near here that doesn't require certification--just a well-behaved dog with current shots :) (That's me!!!)

On Saturday I got to go to puppy class. Mom says I was a beast! Hey, I can't help it I knew what I was there for and those new puppies didn't! Mom said I scared the little schnoodle and the sheltie mix by running up to them and barking. Then she tried to hold on to me to settle me down, but I just wanted to play, so I thought I'd play tug with her hand (oops...sorry about the blood, Mom! I'm still working on "no bite" and my teeth really hurt sometimes!). She put me on my leash for a little bit and made me settle down. Then I played much better.

After that we went to Aunt Betsy's farm for the day. I got to go outside with furry cousin Maggie, which is always fun. Uncle Larry was building stalls in a barn. Mom says they're just the right size for me to live in cuz I'm gonna be a horse when I grow up!! I'm sorta confused about that...does that mean I'm going to grow a long nose and hooves??? Gosh! I hope not!

Speaking of horses, we went out to the stable where one of my skin cousin Steph's horses is boarded. Wow! There were lots of BIG friends in the field...a couple of them are biiiigggg draft horses. Maybe that's what I'm gonna be--a BIG DRAFT HORSE!!! I stood outside the fence and grazed with them for a few minutes, but I was real nice and didn't bark and scare the baby.

Then it was back to Aunt Betsy's to play with my very bestest friend in the whole world--Nemo the little orange kitten! He's lots of fun and likes it when I chase him around the house. He walks under my legs, but sometimes I sit on him. He also likes to get up on a chair and bat at my head. Mom worries that I scare him, but he always comes back for more, and most of the time he starts it!

Oh, and Daddy bought me a whole bag of bully sticks!!! I love my dad :)

Back to slobbering on the floor!!

Big Saint Slobbers,
Much Loved Mudge (awww..thanks, Mom!)


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