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So much to little time!

August 11th 2006 12:30 pm
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Oh my! So much has been going on here!

I've started to figure out that I've got teeth and it feels really good when I bite stuff...the couch and chairs are my favorite, but a wiggling foot will do in a pinch. Unfortunately, that "training" thing started earlier this week. My trainer lady brought her big dog with her. His names is Buck and he was sooo mellow I thought he might just be a statue, but he moved once in a while, so I guess not. That trainer lady was really, really nice and smelled like about a bazillion different dogs. She gave me lots of love, but she also made me mind my manners...that means no biting. And, she taught Mom, Dad, and my two-legged siblings how to stop me from biting. DARN! But, I still kinda like training (shhh...don't tell anyone!), cuz I get lots of cheese and it also makes me really happy when Mom gives me lots of loves for something as silly as sitting or laying down. Gosh, Mom, any puppy can do THAT! Mom insists I'm a genius, and I guess I don't mind letting her think that.

Another cool thing about training (at least my mom thinks it's cool), is that she learned how to handle the disagreements between me and my crabby older brother. (I can't help it he's 12 and doesn't want to play! Those ears and that curly tail look like so much fun to tug on!) The bad news is that it means correcting me and not my brother. The trainer said something about him being the top dog and it has to stay that way. I don't care who ends up on top as long as I get to wrestle!!! Mom says that's not what it means and that I have to learn to, "BACK OFF!" (that's a direct quote from my mom and my brother!)

Then at the end of the training session the trainer lady let Buck show off for us. She said she wanted Mom to see what I'll be able to do some day. You see, Buck is a therapy dog and that's what Mom wants me to do, too. I can't wait because I heard something about lots of petting and kids...I LOVE kids! Anyway, Buck showed us how he responds to either voice commands or hand signals. Then he did this nifty thing where the trainer lady dropped a pen on the floor and asked him to pick it up and take it to my mom. He even took a toy dinosaur to my two-legged sister...he didn't even leave teeth marks (what fun was that? I'd have at least left a couple!). My whole family thought that was the coolest thing, so I can't wait to learn that some day, too. After all, I'm the coolest dog around, right? Mom says I'm not quite ready for that yet, so for now I'll stick to sit, down, no bite (rats!), not tugging on the leash, and not picking on my brother (double rats!).

Back to dreaming of cheese and tugging curly tails!

Wags and Wiggles,
Mudge the Mighty (...or Moosie...thanks, Mom....)


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