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Mudge's Musings

HOW MUCH Paper Towel?

July 26th 2006 7:17 am
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Mom refilled the paper towel rolls AGAIN this morning. She made sure she told me that she's gone through five rolls of paper towel since I came to live with her just a little over a week ago. Sheesh! I'm trying...I do go when I'm outside...I just like to do it again when I come back in! And, need I remind her that she uses paper towel for other things besides my messes?

Hee hee hee...Mom was perusing the Dogster pages this morning and did a search for other adorable Saint puppies like myself. Now, she knew I'd be somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 - 200 lbs when I'm all grown up (the breeder says almost all my fur daddy's pups reach the 200+ lb mark!), but she didn't know just how fast I'd work on getting there. I've already grown since coming to live in this great home, and today she discovered that most Saints reach between 80 and 90 lbs by six months! That's around the size of my cousin Maggie the Golden Retriever, and she's all grown up!

Speaking of Maggie, I visited her house on Monday. She's really really fast! Her dad bought her a Hyper Dog toy that is a sling shot to shoot tennis balls (Maggie's a little obsessed with those balls...she didn't even have time to play with me!). She'd go racing after those balls and I'd try really hard to keep up, but mostly I just tripped over my big feet and waited for her to come back. Maggie's a lucky dog -- she lives on a big farm with lots of room to run, run, run...not that I have any desire to do much of that. My Uncle Larry and Aunt Betsy gave me lots of loves and let me lay right next to the air conditioning vent in their kitchen...aaahhhhh. My no-fur cousin Steph thinks my chubby belly is funny....huh! I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy!! (really, really fluffy....MOM, stop taking over the keyboard!!!)

My new game at home is to sit on the other side of the baby gate and bark at my "big" brothers (they really don't look so big to me!). They're not quite sure they like me yet, so Mom keeps us separated to avoid any problems. She lets them out when I'm sleeping and Humphrey sniffs my toes. I hate it when she's in the kitchen with them! She goes in there and sits on the floor and gives them loves...I yell and yell, "Hey! Those are my kisses! What about me?" But, she just laughs at me and says the big boys need love, too. Geez, they get to sleep on the bed at night and sit on the couch...I don't get to do any of that! Mom says I'm too big to sit on the furniture and besides, she says she already has a 200 lb hairy, drooly thing in her bed -- she doesn't need another one! Is she talking about Dad???? I'm tellin!

Okay, back to my nap so I can grow some more...and some more...and some more! Watch out world, here comes MUDGE!!!

Licks, sniffs, nibbles (and some piddle, any extra paper towels?),
The Mudge Monster (...sigh...Mom says to sign it "Mudgie Wudgie"...what am I gonna do with her?)


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