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Mudge's Musings

Bully Sticks and Puppy Friends

July 23rd 2006 7:59 am
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Whew! It's been a busy couple of days around here. My non-furry brother had a birthday party...he's 10! That's one OLD dog! So, Mom spent alllll day Friday cleaning the house because Grandma and Grandpa were coming from someplace called Minnesota (I wonder if they have dogs there, too?). She also said my other Grandma was coming...I was hoping she'd bring Max the squeaky toy again, but she didn't :(

Well, I've decided cleaning isn't cool. I really really wanted to play with Mommy. When she wouldn't play, I decided to amuse myself with anything I could get my teeth on. Mom kept using that "N" word, but what was I supposed to do??? Then, just in the knick of time....da da da da....Super UPS Man showed up to save the day. He had a package with my name on it. was addressed to Mudge Smith. It was from my Aunt Bonnie who lives way far away from here in the land of Connecticut (I know they have dogs there, because I have a cousin named Farley). Inside the box was a couple of boxes of training treats and THE COOLEST toy I've ever sniffed -- a bully stick! Mom says it's kind of gross and stinky because it's a dried cow tendon, but I think it's the best thing since...well...Mom! I played with that thing for a really long time. I barked at it, chewed it, pounced on was GREAT!

Finally Grandma and Grandpa came and I got lots of pets again. I calmly accepted them and went back to my nap on the floor.

The next morning Mom and Dad took me to something called "puppy socialization class." They can call it whatever they want, but I call it FUN! I romped around a ring with six other puppies...okay, Mom just told me I'm lying...I don't really romp because I'm such a sleepy, calm little guy. But, I really did play some. I had to! Every time I went to one end of the ring to lay down, the whole pack of puppies would rush down and wake me up!! I made some new friends and showed everyone what a cute little bark I have. For some reason they laughed at it and said they hoped the bark will grow with me. Hmmm....I thought I sounded pretty fierce.

Mom says I was the "bell of the ball" at that class. The second all the other puppies were off their leashes, they came charging at me and sniffed me all over. I just sat there and let them do it. Then all the people who were standing around the ring or who dropped by to look at the puppies (the class is in this cool store with lots of puppy food and toys) wanted to pet me. They all commented on how darn cute I am. What can I say? They're right!!!

I came home super duper tired and slept most of the day...right through my big brother's birthday party!

Well, writing a diary entry really takes a lot out of a pup, so it's back to my nap and my bully stick.

Sniff ya later!
The Mudginator (pretty cool name, huh? Mom....stop name isn't PUDGE!)


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