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Audrey Hepburn's Happy Howls

YouTube Is MeTube

August 12th 2008 10:19 am
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Hello! There's a new video of me here:

In the first part Greta and I are watching a dog DVD with mice and birds. At first I cannot figure out where the critter sounds are coming from. I climb up on the seat to mom's vanity and look outside, then I look inside the vanity. Maybe there's mice in the make-up? Then I hop up on the bed, blocking Greta's view and finally I bark at the TV.

In the second part I dry myself off after bath time. I basically go completely insane. It is very funny and you must watch it!


Out in the Rain

August 6th 2008 11:47 am
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It is time to go out. It is not raining right now, but you can bet your paws that as soon as we get a few blocks away the skies will open and dump buckets of water on us. Then it will take centuries for us to dry out our fur. I have a special Puppy Dance. I fling myself on the Dog couch, which has pillows and fleeces. I roll around like a lunatic. Then I hop onto the bed. It has a fleece and a big quilt and six pillows. I roll around like a lunatic and knock all that stuff on the ground. Then I stand up and shake. It is a very effective way to dry off one’s fur.



July 9th 2008 11:20 am
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I can rotate my snuffler around in a circle. People cannot do that. I can smell all sorts of interesting things that happened many days ago and fascinating details about such events that would put “Access Hollywood” to shame. They should hire me. I am glamorous and have a nose for the news.


Grand Plans

July 8th 2008 11:05 am
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I am thinking of applying to graduate school. As I live north of the city of Boston, there are many possibilities. Of course there is Harvard University, Boston University, Boston College and Northeastern, but I think I will attend Suffolk University. That way I can hang around with all the politicians at City Hall.

I am very friendly and photogenic, so I would like to serve my country by running for public office. Lord knows, your average Afghan Hound would do a far more intelligent and responsible job than your average Massachusetts politician. I could easily serve as a State Representative and attend Suffolk at the same time as they are practically next door to one another.

An added bonus is that Boston Common is right across the street. I would be able to sniff interesting local folk who live there and business folk who might accidentally drop their sandwiches if I crept up from behind and said, “Bark!" in a loud voice. Also, your should forgive the expression, there are Hot Dog Carts. I am very sneaky and proficient when it comes to snagging wieners and other food items.


Bone Appetite

July 7th 2008 1:27 am
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I am not used to voicing my opinion. Greta always does that.

I would like to fly an airplane or maybe a space ship. I am very adventurous and not afraid of anything. It would be fun to be soaring up in the sky. I would also like to be in charge for a change.

I would also like to own a grocery store or a restaurant. Unlike most Afghan Hounds, I am food-centric. I have supersonic abilities for hearing wrappers being removed from food items. I am there! My high level of enthusiasm insures that I always get a taste. I will also devote hours to lick, lick, licking all of the food molecules off of the food item wrappers.

I enjoy reading cookbooks, and tasting the recipes in my imagination. I have also enjoyed eating cookbooks. When I was a puppy I ate everything else, too. Now that I am more mature, I just eat actual foods. I particularly enjoy items from the Bacon Family.


Finally Adding My Two Woofs

July 6th 2008 7:43 am
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Hello. I am Audrey Hepburn and unlike my famous namesake, a glorious blond. My auntie Greta Garbo is always emailing and blogging and barking, so I am pretty much off the hook. Normally, all I have to do is look cute. Then I get cookies. I thought that it was time that I put in my two woofs.

It is difficult being the puppy even though I am five years old. Greta always leads the way. “We must go THIS way,” and off she goes determinedly, dragging mom and myself behind on our walks.

Sometimes it is not easy being the Beta dog. We have a dog couch in our bedroom. I have a booster seat throw pillow that resides on the left side of the couch. I perch on it, then plant my snout on my paws on the back of the couch and observe the neighborhood.

Sometimes when Greta is grumpy, she naps in the bottom of the closet. Then I sprawl out upside down across the entire dog couch. Greta will wake up and decide that she must guard the property. I must go squish myself up on my little pillow with my remaining shreds of dignity. I do not complain or bark or growl. I move. Greta is in charge. I rather enjoy being an irresponsible overgrown puppy.

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