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The Big Friendly Oaf

I am a winner!

August 4th 2008 8:45 am
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Well this was a huge weekend!

Saturday, my dad and I drove out to this park that was hosting some sort of gala (from my new word a day calender) to celebrate the park opening. I got TONS of free stuff, including a BIG HUGE BAG OF FOOD! It was not just any food, but some of the really expensive stuff that Mom and Dad usually only get small portions for me of.

I was also made official treat taster for the afternoon... Atleast thats what I was lead to believe (maybe now that I think about it, it wasn't that special of a title..oh well.)

Oh and also, I met another Saint who looked like me, but he was shorter and weighed a whole lot more! He may have had girth but I could still out run him and most of his Great Dane pals! Those silly Westside dogs got nothin' on us Eastside Pups, Toss it up for No-Po (that's North Portland.)

Yesterday was fun too! Mom and Dad took me for another long walk to this little Mexican eating place. It was full of smells and "samples" of people food. There were also some other pups there, but I got nipped at for sniffing some chicks butt. What? I thought you were kinda cute, and might want to be part of my harem (another Word-a-day.)

Now the evening was kinda odd though... I thought I heard my girlfriend next door, but she didn't come running when I called for her. So I just went back inside where dad was burning a perfectly fine pizza. But before I could steal a piece when he wasn't looking, Kula came dashing in! I had to try and knock the piece out of dad's hand before she could steal it. This didn't work, because Kula let out this blood-curdling cry!

"HHHHEEEEEELLLLPPP!" she yelled,"my tail HURTS!"

I saw her trying to wag her tail, but it looked bent. She was in a ton of pain, and kept trying to wag it, but it hurt her too much. Mom was trying to feel if it was broken, but Kula would let her touch it. Kula ran back home, and Dad ran next door to tell her Mom and Dad. Her Mom and Dad rushed her over to the emergency care. Several hours later, Mom got a call from Kula's mom, and the doctor said it was something called "Swimmer's Tail." Apparently, she was swimming all weekend and got like a cramp or something and it got irritated. So they put her on a bunch of drugs to kill the pain and knock her out. I often wonder if they are the same drugs dad takes on the weekend (you know, liquid form, in a brown bottle) because he gets just as loopy as she does!

So Kula is OK, My dad drank too much, I have a big huge bag of Dog Food, and life is good! I am just plain worn out, back to sleep....


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