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The life and times of Kia

Staying in The House...

June 7th 2009 9:13 pm
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A few weeks ago Sasha and I had another argument. Sasha bit my knee, I bit her back and she limped for about two weeks. Any way, she really hurt my knee, it swelled up and I couldn't put it down, so Dad took me in the house to stay. I just love being in the house. I get lots of petting, get to lay at Dad or Mom's feet and watch TV. Dad sometimes puts dog movies on for me too. I get to hang out with Ruth and Granny during the day while mom and dad are at work. Oh, and I almost forgot the special food. I got fish with my kibble almost every night.
I stayed in the house for almost 2 weeks and was just limping a bit so dad put me in the dog yard with the rest of the dogs. I wanted back in the house, so just to see what would happen, when dad came home from work I was hopping on 3 legs again. Guess what? You got it I got to go back in the house.... 2 weeks this time....Then I made a mistake. I forgot and peed in the floor...not once, but twice. Mom was upset at me. The I forgot I was supposed to have a sore leg and dad put me back in the dog yard, but that's ok my leg was much better............Hmmm wonder if I started hopping again if I could go in the house......I just love living in the house....



Biting Dad

June 7th 2009 9:02 pm
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I would never bite Dad, or anybody else, but especially not Dad on purpose. However I did bite Dad, not once but twice.
The first time I bit Dad was after a scooter run and Dad stopped to buy us ice cream. Dad sometimes does that after a run. I just love ice cream. Sasha was still a pup and she did something wrong. I was trying to correct her with a muzzle bite and Dad got his arm in the way and well I accidentally bit Dad instead. Luckily it was cold out and Dad was wearing was wearing a heavy Carhart coat. I didn't break the skin, but Dad told me later that it bruised his arm. Dad wasn't even mad at me. He still bought me ice cream.
The second time was when Sasha and I were having an argument. Dad tried to break us up and he got his hand in the wrong place and I bit his hand. Now I know why they say, "Never bite the hand that feeds you." It didn't taste good. In fact it was awful. Took me most of a week to get the taste out of my mouth. Who would have thought Dad would taste so bad. He's a sweet guy and I love him, but whew what an awful taste...




August 29th 2008 12:15 pm
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Dad took us camping a couple of times this summer. While we were camping we pulled Dad on the scooter. On our last camping trips Dad took some human pups with us. Dad calls them his grandchildren. They are always a lot of fun. My job on this camping trip was took take Dad's grand daughter for a scooter run. I got really excited and ran really fast. She fell and hurt her knee. As soon as she fell I stopped and waited till Mom came and got her. One of Dad's Grandsons took me back to the camp and hooked me to my tie out. Dad sayed it was his fault not mine.

Mom had to take her into town to see the Vet and get stitches I felt sorry for her cause I had to get stitches once in my knee.



Today I went to school....

November 2nd 2007 4:11 pm
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Today Dad took us to Emerson School in Hoquiam, WA. We demonstrated our snowdog skills to the children in the first grade. I got to show them how good I am at putting on my harness. The children were real nice. They were quiet while Dad told them all about us and how we pull him in the snow. I had fun. The children asked some very good questions. Like how far can we run, does Dad have anymore dogs and where Dad takes us to play in the snow.
My brother Nook was noisy, but not as noisy as he was last year. I hope we can go to school again next year.


Fire works 2.. I really hate fireworks

July 5th 2006 5:19 pm
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Boy do I really hate fireworks. It's after the 4th and they are still going. The noise hurts my ears and scares me. I found a safe place today. Brianna, that's my Dad's grandaugthter, has been staying in a big house with a motor on it for the summer. I heard Dad call it a motor home. The door was open and it looked like a safe place so I went in and layed down on the bed. Brianna came in and tried to make me leave, she took my collar and pulled, but I told her to back off, this is my safe place. Then Mom came out and put a chain on my collar and tried to get me to leave, but I was stubborn. So she said she was going to call Dad. Mom came back out and said Dad told her to leave me there, It would be OK......I got my way....Yea! I love it when I get my way. Then Dad came out and asked me to get off the bed. Well when Dad asks you, you have to be good and mind. So I got off and Dad put me and Nook in the kennel and closed the door. That's a safe place too, so it's ok.... I sure wish they would stop the fireworks. Dad did tell me that next year he would get something from the vet to help me not be afraid..........we'll see....


I hate fireworks

July 5th 2006 12:03 pm
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Dad finally figured out why I have been trying to get out the last few days. It's the fireworks. The noise scares me and I just want to run and run and run...........Dad was nice and gave me a bone and locked me in the kennel where nothing could get me. I feel much safer now......


Taking a stroll

July 2nd 2006 8:23 pm
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Yesterday I dug out of my yard. I went to nice visit with the neighbors, but they wern't home, so I took a run down the road. I didn't get far because Dad came and got me and put me in the kennel. today Dad and Mom spent all morning working on the electric fence, but they must not have got it fixed cause me and sis went out again. We visited the neighbors yard, but Dad caught us. Then he worked on the fence some more. I think it might be fixed now.....Darn......

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