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Livin The Good Life

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The Year So Far...

October 16th 2010 4:06 pm
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It's been a long time since I've written in my diary (I know - bad Jackson! BOL), so let me catch you up on what's been going on...

This year I have officially retired as a blood donor dog. My retirement was simply due to my age and nothing else. Those are the rules. I would love to continue donating and the hospital staff agreed they would also love for me to continue donating, but per the rules, I have reached the retirement age of 8 years old. So, with a total of 13 blood donations in my short career, I am officially in retirement now.

Over the months I've really had to step up to be there for Mom. She's had it kinda rough this year so far and has really needed me. Mom has attended 3 funerals so far, pretty much every few months - 2 friends and a family member. The first one was for her friend Steve. Mom said he could light up a room with his smile and his booming laugh. Just his presence alone demanded your attention. Whenever I saw him, he always wrestled with me and was just super fun to be around. Mom and I will miss Steve very much. I asked Dutchess & Callie, who also knew him, to watch over him up in heaven. I know they won't let me down.

The 2nd funeral was for Lia, who is the sister of one of Mom's best friends, Chad. I didn't know her, we never got the chance to meet, but I do know and love her brother Chad, so I kinda feel like I knew her in a way. Lia was starting on a great path in life to better herself and the people around her; her sudden death was truly a tragedy. Even though I hear that Lia was one tough, little lady, I asked Dutchess & Callie to watch over her as well.
Both Lia and Steve were way too young to leave this world, especially so unexpected like they did. They both touched alot of people in their short time here and they will never be forgotten...

The 3rd, most recent, funeral was for Mom's great-grandma, Clara. This one the family was prepared for, but it's still never easy to lose a loved one. Mom told me she was 103 years old when she passed, just a few months shy of her 104th b-day. OMD, that's impressive! Mom said she lived a long and wonderful life surrounded by lots of family and friends. Clara had several grandchildren, great-grandchildren and also great-great grandchildren. Not many people can say that, so she was definitely blessed. I never got the chance to meet her, but Mom said she was a super-cool lady, a very old-school type. I was going to ask Dutchess & Callie to watch over her as well, but Mom told me not to worry about her. Apparently Clara's husband Otto was already waiting for her up in heaven. Mom said he was an awesome, awesome man who died too young. She has a few memories of him from her childhood, but not many. But all of her memories of him are wonderful. Mom is happy that the two of them are together again after almost 30 years of being apart.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite done with the sad news. This time I was personally affected as well as Mom. On 10/5 Mom had a vet come to the house (the same vet that came to send Dutchess to the Bridge) to send Pokey the cat to the Bridge. He was 17.5 years old and has been diabetic for the past 5 years, which Mom managed very well. But, the diabetes took quite a toll on him over the years and it was just the right thing to do. It was his time, as Mom said. I was sad to see him go to the Bridge, he was my pal.
I remember when Mom first brought me home to live with her, he was the first kitty that I met. I sniffed his butt while he was laying on the floor sleeping and he spun around so fast that he was just a black blur of hair and paws coming right at my face. And then just like that - BAM! - a stiff paw to the muzzle. I swear Pokey was part ninja - I've never seen a cat move that fast and with no warning! Thankfully, there were no claws, but I was still scared to death! I tucked my tail as far as I could possibly tuck it and hit the floor as if there was an incoming bomb! Then Pokey hissed & growled at me and I shook like a leaf, but didn't dare think of moving from my spot on the floor. It wasn't until Mom started laughing that I realized my shame and embarassment: I had just gotten my butt kicked by a 10lb. cat. So much for the "vicious dog" rap, huh? I immediately tried to make nice with Pokey, never a thought of trying to hurt him (after all he had ninja-like skills) but he was not having any of it. It took me 3 days before I could approach him without getting assaulted. After he finally let me close enough for a sniff, he and I were instant pals. And not a day went by that I didn't remember the power he had in those tiny paws. Nothin' but love and respect for the Pokey Monster, that's for sure!
So even though Mom and I are gonna miss the old kitty, Mom buried him in a nice, sunny spot in the back yard so that we could both go to visit him whenever we want. That makes us both feel better.

Okay, so I'm finally done with the bad news... thank dog! Aside from the sad times, Mom and I have been trying to have fun and just be as normal as possible. Mom takes me everywhere with her that she can, and I love it! I've been totally on my game, listening to Mom and continuing to impress her with my mad skills! BOL (And for that, I have been handsomely rewarded with a new supply of bully sticks! Yummy!!) Twice now I've caught a possum in the back yard, (probably the same one) and each time I have been very gentle with it and didn't hurt it. Each time Mom told me to drop it, I did. The 2nd time she was still in the house when I got ahold of it, so she had to open the window and tell me from inside the house while she got her shoes on. And both times she followed up with the 'leave it' command, and I did! I rocked! She was so proud of me! After she gave me the 'leave it' command on the 2nd possum catching, I actually walked away from it while it was still right there hissing at me! These little creatures are quite fascinating to me, so for me to listen so well in the face of all of that excitement, even I was proud of me! I was smiling my biggest bully smile after those adventures!

And finally, I saved the best for last... Next month is looking to be very exciting. Mom says I'm getting new doggie sister! Yay!! Her name is Tasha and she is 11 years old. She's currently in a foster home in Utah. Mom didn't think she stood a chance of adopting her because we live in WI, but she emailed the foster family anyway, and it turns out that Tasha's foster mom is originally from WI and will be coming here next month to visit family! What are the odds of that?! So, Tasha's foster parents are just going to bring her with when they come to WI so that Mom and I don't have to drive out to UT. How cool is that?! We're both super excited about this and can't wait to meet her! Mom said her foster mom described her as being just like me, but female of course. I LOVE the ladies, I'm so excited!! After Mom emailed with Tasha's foster mom, she said she got a wonderful feeling about this, that everything is going to work out. She said it feels really right to make Tasha a part of our family! YAY!! Good things are coming our way, I can feel it.

Well, I've talked enough in this diary entry so I'm gonna go now. But I'll be back.

R.I.P. Pokey Monster, you were one cool cat. Till we meet again someday...

Wags and Licks,


I Was A Good Boy!!

January 1st 2010 2:28 pm
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Well I must've been a super-good boy in '09, 'cause I got some really good loot for Christmas! Of course, Mom and I celebrated Christmas a little late since she was working long shifts all week, but I didn't mind.

On Sunday the 27th, Mom took me with her to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner with them and I played all day with their 3 doggies. I had soooo much fun!! As soon as we got home, I ate dinner, went out to do my business, and then fell fast asleep. Mom was going to give me my gifts when we got home that night, but I was too tired so she decided to wait until the next day. Mom was originally going to give me my gifts on Saturday after work, but she got home kinda late and ended up having to snow blow, and while she was finishing up with the snow, a friend stopped over.

So, finally on Monday I got the goods. I got a really big beef marrow bone from the butcher shop, a reindeer squeaky to replace my favorite one from last Christmas (which I promptly ripped wide open.. sorry, Mom), a stuffed Christmas bone that crinkles instead of squeaks, a new stuffed squeaky duck, and a giant box of all sorts of different kinds of bully stick chews. There are bone-shaped ones, pretzels, braids, tendons, beef tracheas, regular & thick bully sticks and even a curly one. Yuuuummmmy!!! I can't wait to eat them all!!! Plus there were some free treats thrown in the box, too. Two are kangaroo meat treats, one is salmon & veggies and the other is chicken & veggies. I told Mom she could give my pal Hera a kangaroo treat bag and a salmon & veggie treat bag since she's allergic to chicken and has to be on special food and can only have special treats (Mom made sure to ask Hera's dad if it was okay for her to have the treats first and those were the two kinds that he picked out for her).

Oooh, I also made a new friend. I just wish I could remember his name at the moment. We've only seen each other 2 or 3 times thru the fence, and I don't remember his people saying his name all that much. But then again, I am a dog and I really only care about my own name being called out. But I'll ask Mom later when she gets home from work. Anyway, he's about 11 weeks old and he lives right behind us. He's a husky mix and mom thinks he's so cute!! His people are really nice, too. They come up to the fence now to say Hi to me when they see me outside in the yard. I've officially won them over, they're now puddy in my paws!! BOL!!
I can't wait until they introduce us without the fence between us. Mom said that'll happen really soon. But Mom has been battling the flu so she isn't really up for playing outside in the cold right now. No worries, though. I'm a patient guy, I can wait...

Okay, well, Mom is going to be home soon, so I'm gonna go warm the couch until she gets here.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2010!!

Wags and Licks,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

December 25th 2009 9:15 am
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I want to wish every pup a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and safe) New Year!!

I hope Santa Paws was good to every pup this year. Mom said that I was a really good boy this year and promised that even though I didn't get to have my picture taken with Santa Paws when he was visiting the local pet stores, he would definitely be stopping at our house on Christmas Eve to bring me gifts. But, since Mom has had to work all week, today and tomorrow included, I won't be getting my presents until Saturday night after she gets home from work. That's okay, I can wait. I think. I hope. Ya know, come to think of it, I am all alone in the house today. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take a little look around and see what I can find. I'll be right back...

Okay, so I'm back. I looked everywhere in the house that I am allowed access to, which is every room except for the basement and the back bedroom where the cats' food is kept. So what did I find? You guessed it. NOTHING! Not even a scent! What the heck is going on here? Mom & Santa Paws must've hid those presents really well! They must know me too well by now!! BOL

Well, since I have no presents to look for now, I may as well take a nap to pass the time until Mom gets home...

Christmas wags and licks,


Dakota's link

November 20th 2009 8:35 am
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So I posted the link for Dakota's petition, but when I saved the diary entry, a space was automatically added in the petition address in the word 'for'. There was no space in the draft prior to saving it. Mom tried to fix it but she can't seem to figure out how to remove the space and she's just not computer savvy enough to make the link a direct clickable link. So, when you copy the link to paste it in your browser, check to make sure there are no spaces or extra characters added. After she deleted the space out, it connected to the petition just fine. If anyone can offer any assisstance as to how to help with this or how to make this a direct clickable link, please give us a bark.

Jackson & Mom (Shannon)


Please Help Dakota's Family

November 20th 2009 7:21 am
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Mom found this posted in the forums and read it to me. It made us really sad and angry, especially Mom because she immediately thought about how devastated she would be if this happened to me. PLEASE help this family get the justice they deserve for their beautiful Dakota. Dakota was an innocent victim and did not deserve this by any means; we need to be her voice.

Thank you,
Jackson & Mom (Shannon) r-dakota

RIP beautiful Dakota


I'm 7!

March 15th 2009 8:43 am
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Happy woofday to me
Happy woofday to me
Happy woofday to meeeeee
Happy woofday to me!

Yay! I'm 7 years old now!

So my official woofday was on the 11th, but I didn't get the chance to write in my diary until today. Mom and I started out the day (my day!) by sleeping in really late. I loved it! We never sleep in that late, but we both really needed the extra zzz's. After we got up, Mom had to leave to run an errand, and even though it was my special day I wasn't allowed to go with. The nerve! But after Mom got home, she sang to me and gave me my special woofday gifts. I got some yummy chicken flavored rawhide bones that I got to sample that night and lots of new squeaker toys. And Mom said that next week she's going to bake me a cake! Yummy, I can't wait!
My favorite squeaky toy is my duck. I decided to name him Ducky. (I know, original, right?!) Normally I don't give my toys names, but I thought he should have a name since I've been taking him everywhere with me lately. (I say no duck left behind!) Ducky even sounds like a real duck quacking when I bite his belly. He's so much fun to play with!! How did I ever manage all these years without a toy duck?! I just don't know! I mean, I got my very first duck months ago, but I killed him almost right away. I tore out that squeaky and then shook him so hard that the rest of his insides fell out! I still play with him even though he's just a shell of frabric now. Mom said she was going to try to sew him back together for me, but after playing with him so much, it would've been impossible. So now I have a brand new one! Thanks Mom! I also got a squeaky bone and something else that squeaks. I'm not really sure what it is, and I don't think Mom knows either, but it squeaks so I like it! I'm not picky!
Mom really wanted to bake a cake for me this week, but she found at the last minute that she didn't have the right pans to bake it with. She said she'll have more time next week, too. I can't wait! And I'm gonna be a good boy and share my cake. My pal, Enzo, also has the same woofday as me, so he definitely gets a piece of cake! I'm also going to take a piece over to my neighbor and good pal Chester. Chester is a really nice dog. He came from a shelter just like me. We always run the fence line together and stand on our back tippy toes to make us as tall as possible so we can meet nose to nose at the top of the fence.

The rest of the week consisted of lots of play time for me with Mom and Ducky, and even some play time with my snowman toy. He squeaks, too. I also helped Mom on Thursday when we woke up to find Pokey the cat in the middle of a diabetic reaction. This time Mom was a little more worried than normal, primarily because he's almost 16 years old and has really slowed down in the past year or so. Mom immediately fed him lots of Karo syrup to bring his blood suger level back up. After a few hours, he was acting like the grumpy old cat that he is. Good to have ya back, Pokey! Mom said no more insulin for him for awhile. For the rest of the day, Mom and I just hung out at home, her babysitting Pokey to make sure he wasn't going to slip back and have another reaction, and me still trying to perfect my hunting skills with that darn rabbit in the back yard! Holy dog is she fast! And she always seems to know when I'm coming. How does she do that?! Well, I think I'm going to ponder that for a while while I lay in my favorite sunny spot for my mid-morning nap!

Wags and Licks,


I Made A Stinky!!

March 1st 2009 2:11 pm
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A couple nights ago, Mom and I fell asleep together on the couch. No big deal, this happens quite often on the nights when Mom doesn't have to go to work the next day. So there we are, all snuggled up together and warm, sleeping soundly. Or at least I was. Mom woke up sometime around 4:45a.m. and was going to head off to bed for a few hours. I woke up and decided to follow her since this was normal time for her to be up on the days that she has to work, and I thought I might be getting fed soon.
Mom was just coming out of the bathroom when I caught up to her and she was heading for the bedroom, so I jumped up on the bed to wait for her. But I didn't lay down yet since all three of the kitties were sleeping on Mom's bed and I didn't want to step on them so I was looking for a spot where I could carefully lay down without disturbing them. And then Mom got this funny look on her face. She smelled something. Uh-oh. (You know the dog ALWAYS gets blamed in these situations!) She walked a little closer towards me and sniffed and then lifted up my tail. Immediately she told me to get off the bed. What? But.. But it's bedtime. B-E-D-time. Remember? I always sleep next to Mom at bedtime. What is going on here? I demand an explanation!
Well, it turns out that while I was sleeping ever so soundly on the couch with Mom, I must have had a very intense dream because I let out a little bit of one of my anal glands. Oops. Sorry Mom.
Now I don't have a problem with the smell of these particular glands (it must be a dog thing), but I guess Mom does. She wasn't mad at me for it, just grossed out. She said I smelled like poop! Ouch! See, I disagree with that. I, myself, do not smell like poop. I am a very good groomer and happen to smell very nice for a dog. Plus, Pokey the cat grooms me several times a day!
So, back to me NOT smelling like poop. I tried to tell Mom that I didn't smell like poop, it was just the smell of it in the air. She didn't buy it, not even for a second. Instead of Mom getting her p.j.'s on and going to bed, she was getting dressed again and taking me outside to go potty.
I went potty like a good boy and then we went back in the house. I was getting all set to go back to the bedroom to try to find a spot on the bed where I could curl up and go to sleep when I heard Mom walk up behind me and tell me not to even think about going up on the bed. Great. What's a dog gotta do to catch some ZZZ's around here? I suppose I could lay on the floor, but now Mom doesn't even want me doing that. She says I'll get that all stinky, too. Gee, thanks Mom.
So I can't lay on the bed, or any furniture for that matter, and I can't lay on the floor now either. Now what am I supposed to do? Well, what came next was totally unexpected...for me. Mom knew what was going to happen the whole time! Mom grabbed me and put me in the bathtub! I generally don't mind getting a bath, I just didn't expect it at 5 o'clock in the morning. Plus, I haven't had a bath recently because of my leg surgery and the cold winter weather.
But none of that was stopping Mom that morning! She scooped up all 70lbs. of me and put me right in the tub and got to work. She soaked me down with warm water and then lathered up a bunch of shampoo into my fur. She massaged me to make me relaxed while she got me all soapy, and then she scrubbed my butt! The whole thing! All the icky areas, too! Oh, the humiliation! Mom said she had to do it because she had to get rid of all the stinky stuff I let out. She was not about to have that smell ingrained into the furniture, bed and/or carpet. She said it was a good thing I was laying on a blanket when I let it out, so all Mom had to do was put the blanket in the wash.
After my bath, Mom sat up and watched TV for a little while and ate breakfast while she waited for me to completely dry (Mom would've used the blowdryer except that I'm afraid of it when it's pointed at me). After I finally dried, we both went and laid down together for a nice nap. And yes, I was allowed back on the bed! Yay!

Who smells like poop now, huh?!

Wags and Licks,


I Was Diary of the Day! Yay Me!

February 21st 2009 6:20 am
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Wow, I was picked as Diary of the Day yesterday! How cool is that?! But I missed it! I was so busy helping Mom around the house that I forgot to logon to Dogster. But imagine my surprise this morning when I logged on after Mom left for work and saw all the p-mails, rosettes and pup pal requests just for me! Yay!! I love Dogster!!
I do plan on answering each and everypup's p-mail, rosette and pup pal request individually so it looks like I have a lot of work to do this morning! I had a speech prepared especially for this day, but I seem to have for gotten what I wanted to say in all the excitement! Oh well, I was never really that good at speeches anyway! Dogster HQ - Thank You for picking me as Diary of the Day; it's a very cool honor to be chosen. To everyone that sent me p-mails, rosettes and pup pal requests - Thank You very much. You all had very nice things to say and I appreciate it. Mom does, too.
Other than being picked as Diary of the Day, I haven't had too much excitement lately. The weather has been kinda cold here lately, so I've just been hanging inside, playing with Mom. Oooh, I almost forgot! My good pal Enzo and his mom came over to see me! On Wednesday afternoon, Mom's friend Denise called to say she was coming over and asked if she could bring her pup Enzo. Mom said yes since I've been using my leg regularly like a good boy. Enzo is the first doggie guest that's been over to the house since my surgery. We didn't play chase or anything, but it was nice to socialize with someone of the doggie-kind! Lots of butt-sniffin going on! BOL!!! And after he left, I went all over the backyard and peed everywhere he did! MY backyard! (It's a guy thing!)
Well, I better get going now, I have lots of mail to answer before my mid-morning nap! (A routine is important, ya know!)

Wags and Licks,


Back On All Fours!

February 15th 2009 4:01 pm
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Hi everypup! It's been a while since I've had the chance to write, so I thought I'd take advantage of the few minutes I have right now. The first thing I want to mention is that I'm finally back on all four feet! Yay! I am walking on my leg (that had the surgery) with no problems anymore! Occasionally, after I get done running or if I just get up from sleeping, I might limp or just hold the leg up for a few minutes, but the vet said that's totally normal. Mom says that now I just have to build the muscle strength back up in that leg 'cause it's skinny compared to my other leg! But in my defense, it's been super cold here lately and I don't like going for walks when it's that cold out. Plus, Mom has been really sick for the past few weeks. First, she caught a really bad cold. Then, right as she was getting over it and starting to feel back to normal, she got hit with a really bad case of the flu. She said she's never had the flu as an adult, so it really hit her hard. Mom had no energy to do anything. But I didn't complain. I helped keep her warm and comfy by being the best snuggler I can be. We spent many hours snuggling on the couch together, me helping keep her warm with my outrageous body heat. I was a really good boy while Mom was sick; I am really good at entertaining myself! Mom said she is very proud of me for being so well behaved. I got lots of extra yummy treats for being so good!
Ooh, last week I got to go for a ride in the car! It was so fun! Mom took me to one of my favorite places: The Animal Emergency Center. I love going there - everyone is sooo nice to me and they give me a ton of cookies! Well, it was no different this time. I got lots of cookies just for giving up some of my blood. I would've given up my blood for no cookies at all, but they say the cookies help to convince me to keep coming back! Apparently they love my blood. Ok, whatever. I just know that it helps save other doggies' lives in emergency situations. That makes me feel really good. But this year will be my last year to donate my blood. That makes me sad. I guess I can only donate until I turn 8 years old, which is about another year away. My birthday is March 11th, and I'll turn 7 this year, but once I turn 8 I'm done. Just like that. No vote. Nothin'. I'm just out of the program. What about all of the doggies I've been helping over the years? Don't they get a say in this? Don't I get a say in this?! I'd really like to continue with this nice arrangement of exchange - blood for cookies - but I'm told it doesn't work like that. Mom knew from the beginning that there was an age cap, but it just seems like it went by so quickly. I guess I'll just really have to make the most of my last year as 'Donor Dog Extraordinaire'.
In my last diary entry, I mentioned that mom was looking at adopting another dog. Mya was her name. Well, someone else must've seen her true beauty also because she has been adopted. Mom was a little disappointed at first, but then she thought of how happy her new family must be to have her, and the disappointment went away. Mom said it must not have been meant to be. But it's not like there aren't thousands of other doggies out there looking for furever homes. I used to be one of those doggies until Mom found me. So, Mom has been looking alot on Petfinder to find the right doggie to add to our family. There are alot of profiles to read, but it's worth it. That's how she found me, after all. I know the next doggie to come into our family will be great. And I can't wait.

Well, I gotta go now, Mom will be home soon! Yay!

Wags and Licks,


More Presents!!

December 29th 2008 1:53 pm
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I just wanted to brag - I got more presents! Mom came home from work on Saturday bearing more gifts for me!! She stopped to pick up dog food on her way home and couldn't resist getting me two really cute Christmas squeaky toys. One is a snowman that has a rope toy that goes thru the legs and the other is a big squishy reindeer. Both have lots of little squeakies in them. I love squeakies!! Mom put them both on the floor for me to play with and I didnt know what to do first. So I just grabbed both and ran like the wind!! They're both really big, so I like to grab onto them and shake, shake, shake!
I also got more treats, too! Mom did such a good job hiding all my treats from me that she forgot about some of them! So now I have a huge bag of pig ears to gnaw on along with some yummy chicken rawhide bones and some Beggin Strips, in addition to everything I already got! Oh, and I also got a big bag of Charlie Bear Treats from my good pal Enzo and his mom. Thanks guys!! Christmas is pawsome!! But I think I'm going to be a good boy and save some of my treats/bones to share with the new doggie Mom has been talking about adopting. I always share my stuff, I'm very polite like that. But mostly, I like to share because I know how it feels to have to go without those nice things. So if I can make another doggie happy by sharing my goodies, then that's what I'm gonna do.. I'll keep you all posted on the possible new doggie situation! I'm keeping my paws crossed that it all works out and she can come home with us!!

I would like to wish everypup and their families a happy and safe New Year!

Wags and New Year Licks,

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