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What a wonderful life . . . usually

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th 2006 8:00 pm
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. We didn't have any fireworks here . . . too much rain. The few times I've heard firecrackers go off in the past I didn't react. Mama was very relieved. We went out for our walkies today and both got all wet each time, but it was warm so we didn't mind. This evening mama took me to the dog park! Auntie Judith drove us, but as soon as it started to sprinkle she chickened out and went home. We hiked through the woods to the dog park and I got to play w/ the doggies whose owners aren't afraid of a little rain. Hope you had as much fun!

Tegan Ambrosia


Hey, don't tell!

July 2nd 2006 1:25 pm
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Dear Diary,

I have this bad habit according to the humans we know. Whenever mama goes into the ferret room to spend time with my brothers and sisters and our 2 house guests I tend to find a nice place and leave a present. Soooooooooo, today while she was changing the bedding in the cages I left her a present . . . Guess what mama did? She did a couple loads of ferret bedding and then ran the steam vacuum where I'd gone potty. I get no respect. I leave my mama a present and what does she do with it? Gets rid of it! All I want to do is to show her that she's mine, mine, mine, and what does she do? She ignores me and does housework or plays w/ the ferrets.

Now she's saying it's too hot to go to the dog park right now. Rats, this means we won't go until it cools off this evening. BOOOOOOORING!

Tegan Ambrosia, who believes you don't get mad, you get even!



July 1st 2006 7:56 am
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Mama and I slept late today and then got up to take a little walk. It is already quite hot out so mama says we can't go to the dog park. Sigh. Actually, I think she'd already planned to spend the day cleaning the apartment and washing clothes. I don't understand this fascination w/ cleaning. My idea of a good cleaning is licking off plates and dishes and pots. Today I scored a piece of french toast my mama dropped. She seriously considered just throwing it away (!) but then decided it would be terrible to waste such a delectible treat and called me in for "clean up". I love it when Mama calls "clean up", she doesn't do it nearly enough to suit me.

Talk to you later, dear diary!


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