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It all fun and games till......

Still Wheezie with one eye

June 27th 2007 6:53 am
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Well, I'm getting used to only seeing out of the left eye. When I get real excited I still bump into things but mom is there to check me out. You know I like bumping into things then mom gives me extra lovin'. Don't tell her.
Even with one eye I still passed my AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Mom was so happy, which worked out for me cause she cave me the biggest bone.


It's all fun and games till............

December 21st 2006 2:06 pm
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It was like any other day here on the homestead. All of us girls, Dad visiting his mom, were hanging out. The two younger humans are fun. He go outside, sometimes I go in the pool and beg the "occasional" snack and just keep cool. This day was special it was one of the humans birthday and there is ALWAYS cake to be had on these days. I was very excited as I usually am and when I get excited I spin, and spin and spin. Well I need to not spin so much at once. On this day a day that will change my life forever I should have stop after two rounds, but I didn't and something all humans hate even more than us dogs we had a vet visit in our future. I was spinning because we were getting ready to have a snack and I spun right into the wall. I really didn't know why everyone was in such a panic. Yea things were out of focus and fuzzy and I wasn't seeing very clear but I still didn't get it. Well the next thing I know I wake up with this cone on my head.
Here my Mom later told me my eye poped out of it socket and now I am blind in that eye. Mom and I still go to the nursing homes and libraries, and I still work in obedience class. Lucky for me I'd miss all the fun.
Puggly submitted,
Wheezie, with one I :)

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