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hot time in the summer

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hello Diary

May 19th 2012 8:59 pm
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Hello Diary i talk to you tonight been so lonely on Dogster lately not many to talk to so i talk to you. How you been you asking me oh i been fine thanks you how have you been oh that great to here you think maybe you get diary of the day oh that might help you cross you paws. You like wedding diary i do if you every decided to get married Fancypants cafe the best place to do it we got a l0 minute wedding we can preform super fast and out the door. Hows the weather were you at that great its kind of hot were i at. You like games Dog Park USA got the best games too we got hang mutt that a fun game to play too. Humm Hummm wonder what everyone going to think cause i beganing talking to myself oh gosh i so lonely lately i started to talk to myself. That song playing in my head i mr lonelyyyyyyy.
Maybe tomorrow someone will come out and play with me. Ok i go sleep now


Trouble my middle name

May 16th 2012 10:14 am
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I totally confused why why did momma get so upset with me all i was doing was making me smell better. What you say did i do oh hee heee i rolled in dead worms and some other interesting things when i went for a walk. Than i see her water the vegetable garden and jumped in and played in the mud. I smell so good better that the high price perfume some put on and it was all free and all over the place. Plus I hear some pay lots of money to go to the spa and have a mud bath pssssss people its free all free just go out were you been watering your gardens there mudd everyone free free free. Wonder what other stuff i can find out here to get in trouble with oh oh i seen grandpa digging holes and putting plants over here i wonder i should help help ok i digggging diggging diggging digging boy they be happy with me now. Hello momma why she looking at me with that face EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i going to hide now byeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone


Were has the time gone

April 16th 2012 8:28 pm
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Today I lost one of my first dogster pal his name was Buddy. It breaks my heart I remember when i first came on how him and his sister Maggie welcome me and showed me around. I look up to Buddy like a big brother and Maggie as my big sister she used to call my sister Odie sweet Odie. I came on dogster i was but a young pup of 2 years old one of the youngest in the crowd i hung out with. Now with the passing of Buddy i have started to look around and realized most of my old pals have gone to the bridge. Wow i bet they having the biggest welcoming party up there right now for Buddy. I look in the mirror and see that i have gotten alot older i am but a shadow of my younger days i have started to get white around my face too. As i ponder and think now i know that i must start to teach the younger newer members of dogster and catser around like Buddy and Maggie did for me. The legecy has been passed down to me now and i must carry on were other have left off. I promise all the ones that came before me that i will do my best to carry on were they have left off. Come on youngest let me show you how it is done on dogster and cater so that some day you will be able to follow in my footsteps
Rest in Peace Buddy my pal for this is not good bye but i shall see you again some day
Your Pal Maxi


I so excited

October 21st 2011 9:26 am
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I so excited I going to on cruise ship Your Key to Happines with all my pals we going to the Galapagos Island on Oct. 28, 29, and 30 and everyone is invited. Best part of all is that we going to have a wedding for my son Toby and Reba. My little boy all grown up i kind of sad too but happy too cause he got a great gal in Reba. Wedding is on Oct 29 at 530 dogster catster time hope to see alot of my pals there. Click on here to see your inviation hope this works
come cruise with us


What a wonderful life

July 8th 2011 8:33 am
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I running around outside and thought yes want a wonderful life i have so many pups are in shelters and running the streets sad and alone. Just when i went for a walk i seen a hairy brown puppy lost momma tried to catch him but he ran away. Me look in the sky at night and say thank you to my auntie in heaven even is she not here on earth on i know she is watching over me and making sure i am safe. I so lucky too got the best sister in the whole world Odie she teaches me lots never go hungry when you on a walk cause there plenty of worms to eat for protein and for snack kitties droppings. I also learn how important it is to smell good so always roll in poop that makes your momma happy. But why i gets a bath everytime hummm never figure that out. I been blessed on dogster have fallen in love with two of the most beautiful gals on dogster my rosie posie she an angel now and her sister maggie su. I love you both with all my heart to been blessed in love twice is truly a wonderful life. Kissses for you both. Once when momma was sad and lonely her late sister said come and see what i found a great site were there is lots of fun and happiness called Dogster. Momma did not know much about computer than but with the help of her sister she got on and what a wonderful life we have had since.
Thanks to all my pals on dogster and catster for making it a wonderful life for me and my family threw the sad, happy, and fun times you have been there for us.
Ok time for me to go have some more fun see you around dogster and catster be good everyone hee heeee


Why oh Why

October 1st 2010 5:24 pm
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The other day i lost one of my dearest and oldest pals on dogster Beatrix. I started to look back on the first few days on dogster and all the first pals i had. My auntie pups mindy, phoebee, annie, and my dearest wife rosie and thought most of my oldest and dearest pals are on in heaven now. I blow them all kisses. It has started to be lonely without them i hear there paws running threw dogster and there memories are there too. But i asking God above why God I am still here and they are all gone. I know the reason for this now. It is like when i first came on dogster I was new and lonley and the ones that were here earlier took me aside and said maxi do not be scared and sad because you have no pals. Before you know it you will have lots and lots of pals and have tons of fun on now dogster and we will show you the way around. Now as the pups in heaven before me I am the one that has been chosen to lead the new pups and kitten around catster and dogster with the help of all my pals. So i say to all the new pups and kitties come take my hand i will lead you and show you the joy and happiness you can have on dogster and catster.


Please angels

May 28th 2010 5:39 am
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Dear Angels in Heaven
I write this letter to you Pretty Angels in Heaven cause my Beautiful Wife and Soulmate Rosie has gone to be with you now. I never ask for anything from anyone but this is so hard to do cause my heart is broken now. Please angels in heaven help my rosie cross the bridge to heaven and when that gate ups up could you all welcome her with open arms cause she maybe be lonely without me and her family. Please have a can of beans for her as a welcome gift she loved beans and i know you must have some very special beans cause they are made in heaven.Excuse her if she has lots of gas cause that gas is love gas too she has so much love to give with a heart of gold. Make sure you teach her to fly the clouds really good so she can come visit us one in awhile. I think she came last night while i was sleeping cause i felt her next to me saying Maxi it be alright now i with the angels and i am with you in spirit now and will forever live in your heart. Angel in Heaven you have gotten a very special angel in my rosie she got the biggest heart of gold she will protect you and be your guardian angel up there. It rain here last night i know now that it was the angels crying with joy cause my rosie has just arrived. Tell her i this is not good bye it is only see you later for i will be with her someday again and i know she be the first one at the gate of heaven to great me.
Thank you angels in heaven for taking care of my rosie posie tell i can get to heaven and be with her again.
Your pal forever and ever



April 27th 2010 8:46 pm
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Hello my name is maxi pad but most call me maxi cause it nicer. My name is very special to my cause it was the name my late auntie irene gave to me and i will always cherrish it cause it means that she will always be in my heart. I came to live in my forever and ever home when my momma and grandparents decided they need a playmate for my big sister odie. They found this ad in the paper saying chihuhua jack russell pups for sale. Thinking hummm Jack Russell be really nice to have heeee heeee. So my momma called my auntie irene said it late but we go look at the pups they got lost on the way and almost crashed but lucky they found the place it was out in the middle of nowere. The house were they found me was dogs all over most of the gal dogs were going to have pups. The man took them to were i was it was a tiny cage way way up high. They man said he was playing around with breeding different kinds of dogs see what comes out. Said you do not buy this PUP i going to take it to the pound cause no one wants to buy him. So momma and auntie looks into my little black eyes and huge head they smiled and said yes we take this cute little pup. On the way home they could not stop laughing at how funny i looked. I was so scared cause i had never been out of that tiny little cage all my life. When we got to my forever and ever home first time grandpa said was WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT is the matter with his head is it normal to be that huge. Hummm i think he loved me from the first time he seen me. Time has since gone by now its been 5 and half years since that day. Things have changed i have lost my auntie irene to that terrible disease cancer and will never forget the fun time i had jumping on her and making her dirty with mud. She went all over the country looking for that special cowboy and indian blanket for my chirstmas present that was her last christmas with us. I blow kisses in heaven now thank you auntie. My momma neiphew has grown up to be a teenager but he will always be my buddy he taught me all the bad things to do heeee heeee. My grandma is now very sick from a stroke so i sleep with her now and give her special love an attention. My grandpa is growing very old but still walks us 3 times a day that is our special time with him we talk about everything. My sister odie is my bodyguard and protects me from all the bad big dogs around. She very special too me. I give her kisses too. My momma has lost her job so she spends lots of time with us now and i love it but know she must find a job soon to help make ends meet. But i will enjoy the extra time we have together. What a wonderful life i have had made so many pals on dogster too. Who would of thought a big head pup in a little cage life would of turn out so great . I go to bed and pray every night that all the shelter pups and kitties find a forever and ever home as great as mine.
It is late here so i say good night and thanks for letting me enter this contest
your pal maxi pad



June 15th 2009 8:49 am
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What kind of ice cream would you be? I am a big bowl of rocky road ice cream. I like marshmallow nice and soft and fluffy and i all nutty too. Heeee need to tell what kind you are...sprinkles and toppings count for eyes and noses...I am tagging:

miss fancy............georgie..........litte bentley.......missy crissy....... ..& rosie..........Now y'all got tag 5 more!


what a year so far

October 4th 2008 9:00 pm
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Dear Diary:
It has been a long time since i wrote in my diary. What a year it has been so far a year is almost gone too my how time flys. Its been a year of joy and sorrow for me in my real life and on dogster. When i think life is going so smooth i seem to hit a bump in the road. I have had so much joy being on dogster this year i met the most wonderful gal in the whole wide world. On New Year Eve I ask her to marry me and in 10 minutes we were married. I could not think of life without my Rosie she my love of my life forever and ever. We now have welcome into our family three lovely children 2 girls and l boy. Dingles is our little boy he is just like me love to run and play hard and enjoys eatting worms. Our 2 gals our pooh angel and moses. Pooh angel is at the heaven bridge but will always be in our hearts. Moses is our brand new daughter and we are looking forward to getting to know her better. As with all the happiness I have had i have had so much sorrow too. So many pups I have known have gone to heaven. Sparky I miss you buddy but some day we will be together again. In real life too i lost my human auntie Irene i miss her so much it breaks my heart to think about her but I know she is in a heaven pain free and happy with all my dogster pals that are up there too. I have grown so much and learn so much on dogster too. I have now became admin. at fancypants cafe. Wow now i have become a leader and not a follower i have learn that i must always set a good example for other pups too. I have so many great pals too many to mention and they have become my forever and ever pals.
I better get going now so i say good bye diary and i see you later

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