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hot time in the summer

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june 25 2006

June 25th 2006 9:24 pm
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today was so hot but i found a ball to chase and had fun even if i became hot . today was my grandma's birthday i was sad because i did not get to see her. i have not been get to many dog pals yet i have become very sad. but tomorow is as new day and maybe i will get alot of them and i will become very happy again.


june 26, 2006

June 26th 2006 9:35 pm
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today i had a happy day. I got to eat leftover turkey from my grandma's birthday party it was so so good. I got to play in the mud and it felt good because it was so hot. I got l6 puppy pals from all over I did not think i was going to get any i am so happy. Thank you everybody. I better go its past my bed time i have to get up early to see if i have any more pals.


june 27, 2006

June 27th 2006 5:36 pm
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hi everbody it is me maxi pad. My cat brother oscar gave me a bath today it felt so good. I was starting to smell funny. After oscar gave me a bath i smell like fish. Made odie my sister will get up when she smells me because she love fish. Come on odie get up . It did not work she is still sleeping. What a lazy dog. I will try jumping on her. Oh no she is giving me that look. last time she did that i cried for an hour and peed on myself. I will go play with the cat. got to go


june 28,2006

June 28th 2006 8:56 pm
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i went on my web page and wow i have 21 pals almost as many as odie. See odie your not the only one they like. Oh she smiled at me gosh her teeth are getting really brown. Odie you need to brush them because you have bad breath. She said she does not care because her boyfriends like her any way. I have nice smelling breath how come i do not have any girlfriends. Now i am depressed. Who needs them anyway. I like my freedom. I can eat all the earthworms i want and roll in all kinds of dirty things and nobody will get mad at me. Oh i see a worm from the corn husks in the garbage oh that was so good. Got to go find some more bye. Maxs


june 29, 2006

June 29th 2006 5:48 pm
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My mommy went shopping today. guess what they brought me a new stuffed animal it looks like a tiger. Odie did not get anything she is mad. That ok she got a pretty pink collar last time and did not get anything so we are even. Odie said she sleeps alot because she is trying to get her beauty rest. I have news for you its not working. Ha Ha. I want to go see grandma but it is to hot and i can not stand the heat. I tried to sunbath with odie but i hated it and all i got was sweating and i did not get a tan. I think i will attacked the cat now and see if he will play i need some exercise i do not want to big like odie. Got to run. maxs


june 30, 2006

June 30th 2006 9:10 pm
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Its maxi pad the big bad dog. I have been good all day. Do not listen to odie cause she lies. we got a present in the mail i got the food bowls she got the placement. She said she was dancing like a princess i did not know a princess for so big. I tried to ride her but could not get my arms around her she too fat. She fell a sleep now i think i will try to steal her rawhide bone. i am moving slowly and quietly oh no she opened her eyes. I better run and hide. I am getting scared because 4th of july is coming i hate fireworks. they make me cry oh i hope i do not pee on myself. Maybe odie will protect me Maybe not she will sleep though the whole thing. Got to find a place to hide for the 4th of july. maxs


july 2. 2006

July 2nd 2006 3:46 pm
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hi did you miss me. It is so hot i just want to lay around like odie. I think i have fleas or i need a bath. I itch so bad i have white flakes coming out. It looks like snow. maybe i have dandruff. Here kitty kitty come and give me a bath. Oh that feels so good even though it stinks. Odie is looking for her big bone i hid it. Thats what she gets for sleeping all day. She should get up and play with me. But she has a sleeping problem. I do not have that i do not sleep at all. I just stay up and bark and bark. i like to do that because it make odie upset and she starts to cry. got to go find something to eat. maxs


july 3, 2006

July 3rd 2006 9:03 pm
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i am so happy today i got to play in the mud. i stuck my head in it and go all muddy you could not tell it was me. I so excited i heard grandmas is coming home to visit. I get first ride in her wheelchair no odie i do you can back to sleep. odie is so mean first when we went for a walk she peed on my head she did it on purpose i know it. She kick the grasson over me and smiled. Then when we came home she kept chasing me around the house like a wild women. I liked it better when she just slept. Oh no here she comes again got to go hide. Bye


july 4, 2006

July 4th 2006 9:30 pm
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it is so scary tonight there is big bad loud noises going on outside. it hurts my ears. Odie says she likes it i think she might be a little deaf because the noise does not brother her. Help me odie your suppose to protect your little brother. She said she getting tried and wants to go to sleep. What a big sister you are. where is the cat he will protect me oh no he is hiding to. maybe if i bark loud it will stop. it did not work. hurry up grandpa get out of the bath tub so you can carry me i am so scared. I will go in his bedroom and hid in his bed. i take so long in the bath gosh he should be done by now. I think he is sleeping in there. Oh here he comes i feel better already. Bye and have safe 4th of july. Maxi pad


july 5, 20006

July 5th 2006 9:14 pm
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i am so happy. odie and i got our first rosette it was from odie j. thanks odie j
just think alittle while ago i was sad because i did not think i was going to have any pal. now i got a rosette. Thanks again odie j. while i survied the fireworks boy was i scared. i hid in my bed all night. odie was sleeping so good in the hallway i got scared we would not move. i throught i lost my big sister but she was just tried and hot. she said i make her that way. i can not help it if it bounce of the wall all the time. after all i am half jack russell. odie looking for some leftover dinner but i ate it all it was so good it was leftover bbq. got to go the cat is crying for me to play

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