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Lesson To Be Learn

February 20th 2014 3:19 pm
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I as so happy they have decided to keep dogster and catster open we do not what the future holds but i am still happy.
Today i like to take a story with a lesson to everyone I hope its ok
i was at another site hope it ok to say and seen a support group and was remined of something. Here goes
One day a little Pup was walking home from school and some little pups decided to pick on him making his nose bleed and him cry for you see no one wanted to help him. So he wander home with his head down and crying suddenly he see a sign on a building said Support Group for those in Need of Help. He picked up his little paws and walk in the building asking for help and told his story. They all jump up and started to yell at him and tell him this is not a group for you your not our type and you look funny. Go Find you own group for pups like you. He ran out crying his heart out while he was running out they pups in the building started to wipe the place down so as not ti show he had been in there for they did not want there place tainted. Lesson here is please if you form a support group make if for everyone and not excluded anyone because of the way they are. Also too if someone ask for a pray let us pray for that pup no matter who it is everyone deserves to be treating with kindness and repect
Thank you


Farewell my Friends

January 18th 2014 1:35 pm
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I have spent my heart and soul on dogster. Many do not know this but my late aunt my momma late sister started this page up for me along with odie page. Everytime i log on i see her face full of excitment showing us how to do thing on here. When she passed her husband made the call to all her dogster pals and told them of her passing some say oh its just a website people taking threw there pets. Its more than that you see we became a family there care for one, support each other, laughed and many other things. I even got married on here meet my first wife roise posie she passed away and i will be leaving her here when i leave wipe tear off my face now. I have another love and married maggie su su breaks my heart question of our future is unknown. Meet so many pals on there i like to say thank you to each and everyone but if i miss one i do not want to make them feel bad. Thank you everyone for putting up with my craziness you all been so good to me. I been a great journey i will ride it to the end and when that time comes to say good bye a piece of my heart when be broken forever. I must go now momma is crying she been crying for 3 days i go hug her now for this is not just good bye to my friends here to my momma its is good bye to her late sister memories too. Taking my momma hand a waving good bye


I was Lonely

August 29th 2012 12:20 pm
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Momma been so busy doing paper work for grandpa and grandma that i gots lonely. She went somewere yesterday too i thinking i need some loving care too hee hee. So when she comes home i tuck my tail under and i say momma my tummy hurts too. She knows i got bad tummy she she give me kisses and hugss. I say momma i want to be carried too so she carry me around oh i not been carried in long time it was nice. I got some chicken and extra treats too. But she caught on soon cause i brought my ball so we can play catch and she said oh silly boy maxi was you messing with me hee heee. I said oh no it a miracle i see the ball and i was cured of my tummy ache. I know momma very busy lately and trys to make a special time for each of us too. I sorry momma i fooled you yesterday. I not do it again cause i know you got worried too. Me give you biggie hugs and kisses i love you momma for all you do for everyone. Your our hero too
your little wild boy


what a great idea

August 1st 2012 6:53 pm
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I love the free cake gift today. I been going around and asking alot to join my groups and if i see one that does not have a present or cake i been sending the one everyone deserves a cake today just to say you are loved on dogster or catster. What a wonderful idea this was i love it off to give out more cakes.


We going Cruising

July 22nd 2012 11:04 am
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I so excited finally Your key to Happiness Cruise Line decided to go on a trip again and this time we going to Ireland to hunt ghost i hear oh spooky. Me i going to go hunt for pot of gold oh oh this going to be fun. I hope to see lots of old and new faces on this cruise. Here is the lick to go and join the group and sign up we going to leave on July 27 at 6 dogster/catster time and coming back on that sunday.

See you on all the cruise

Your key to Happiness


I wish upon a star tonight

June 27th 2012 8:06 pm
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I dusting off a place on my mantle above my fireplace to place my diary of the day award right here between the pictures of my lovely angel wife rosie and my beautiful wife here on earth maggie i kiss both there pictures too love you both so much XOXOXOX.
i can hear the song playing called some were over the rainbow too

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.

Oh i wonder when i will get notified that i have won oh i better go write my acceptance speach too. I see you all later ant the award show



June 19th 2012 8:42 pm
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I am truly blessed for being adopted into a kind loving family.The decision was made by my momma, grandma, and my late aunt to get another sibling for Odie because she was having emotional issues. They say the day i came into there life was the day everything changed i am a very active pup and still am. They recuse me from a man that had me in a small cage for 2 months up high on a table first person i say was my late auntie looking at my goofy big head and funny black eyes. She told my momma we are not leaving here without him but my momma did not have enough money to pay for what the man wanted so my late auntie said do not worry and paid the rest of the money. She save me from the life of saddness i would of face if i had not been adopted. Thank you Auntie Irene you are my angel now in heaven. I want to make sure that when it is time for each and everyone of you to adopt a pet please go to the shelters and recuse and adopt a pet. Look in those eyes of those shelter pups and kitties they have so much love to give too you. Just as my aunt in heaven look into my eyes and seen the love i had to give to my family. . My momma has a big heart of gold just like my late aunt she will go without to make sure me and my sister odie and my cat brother ernie have everything we want in life. I am truly blessed and thankful they took the time to adopt that big head goofy looking dog. I am also proud of my real name even if some say it is not a good name MAXI PAD was given to me by my late aunt so i wear it with pride.
Please every pet deserves a chance at a lovely forever home too just like i have too.


I want to thank you for being my friends

June 3rd 2012 9:40 am
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Like my song on my page that is my motto in like i WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND. I posted in my last entry I was lonely and everyone came and made me not lonely no more thank you everyone. I like to Thank the Pal that taught me backgrounds too cause i now have passed on what i have learn to others and they are passing it on too that what pals are for. I Like to Thank the one show me the great site for picture making called pizap i never thought i would be able to make pictures i not as good as most but i can make a simple one now. Let to Thank all the admin. in two great groups fancypants cafe and dog park usa too. Thanks for making me a part of a group that has become family to me. Most of all Thanks to my Beautiful wife rosie in heaven and now my Beautiful wife Maggie for putting up with all my crazness hee heee. Oh thank you 42l6 pups that have friended me on dogster wow when i first came on no one wanted to be my pal now i got 42l6 pals. My goal is to get 48,000 pals hope to get that soon

Thank you everyone


hello Diary

May 19th 2012 8:59 pm
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Hello Diary i talk to you tonight been so lonely on Dogster lately not many to talk to so i talk to you. How you been you asking me oh i been fine thanks you how have you been oh that great to here you think maybe you get diary of the day oh that might help you cross you paws. You like wedding diary i do if you every decided to get married Fancypants cafe the best place to do it we got a l0 minute wedding we can preform super fast and out the door. Hows the weather were you at that great its kind of hot were i at. You like games Dog Park USA got the best games too we got hang mutt that a fun game to play too. Humm Hummm wonder what everyone going to think cause i beganing talking to myself oh gosh i so lonely lately i started to talk to myself. That song playing in my head i mr lonelyyyyyyy.
Maybe tomorrow someone will come out and play with me. Ok i go sleep now


Trouble my middle name

May 16th 2012 10:14 am
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I totally confused why why did momma get so upset with me all i was doing was making me smell better. What you say did i do oh hee heee i rolled in dead worms and some other interesting things when i went for a walk. Than i see her water the vegetable garden and jumped in and played in the mud. I smell so good better that the high price perfume some put on and it was all free and all over the place. Plus I hear some pay lots of money to go to the spa and have a mud bath pssssss people its free all free just go out were you been watering your gardens there mudd everyone free free free. Wonder what other stuff i can find out here to get in trouble with oh oh i seen grandpa digging holes and putting plants over here i wonder i should help help ok i digggging diggging diggging digging boy they be happy with me now. Hello momma why she looking at me with that face EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i going to hide now byeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone

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