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when i finally got out of bed


June 23rd 2012 1:44 pm
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Before i came to live in my forever home my momma and her parents had dog name moe joe he was not the most lovable dog but momma still loved him after all the bites and scared she got. When he passed away her niece and nephew were visiting it was july 4th and they cried and cried for him even said he went to heaven but some say different but all pets go to heaven the kids said. They thought that day they wanted to do something special for my grandparents give them a dog they could really love and kiss. So momma niece look in the paper and made alot of calls found a ad for a brown female chihuhua. She gather all her money she had bought with her hoping it was enough to buy that special little chihuhua for my grandparents. She told her momma to take her to his house were i was at she said to her momma psssssssss momma do not says were we going ok its going to be surprise. ok her momma said and winked. They went to look at me and first thing they said was oh my she sure is huge for a chihuhua they lady said oh she a special breed they get huge not many around. They said humm chihuhua suppose to have ear standing up she said oh no this kind there ears do not stand up. they said can we see the parents she said ohhhhhhhhh no the parents not here they far far far away. Neice and her momma though something not right cause this chihuhua sure is big and funny looking but as they was thinking they saw my big big sad brown eyes i have say please take me i will fill your heart will so much love and joy. At the moment they seen that they broke down in tears and said we will take her. When they took me to see my grandma and grandpa they said WHaattttt have you got there my neice carrying me and hardly moving cause i was so big and heavy said grandpa its a special chihuhua nothing like her in the whole wide world. He said i think you are right about that but soon he too seen my big brown eyes and i gave him the biggest kiss it could. He laughed and said this dog is name Odie after my momma best friend and my grandpa thinks of odie as his daughter too. He said i have the said color eyes and hair color just like my godmother odie. Year have passed now my fur on my face is no longer brown but has turn white with age. But one thing that has never changed is the love i have for everyone including the whole nieghborhood as i have turn into the nieghorhood dog. I bring joy and happeness to all the house around here if a child is sick or sad and they see me outside they will come and call me and i will go give them a kiss and even play in there house. There is an elderly care home here too i have been known to step on the mat and open the door and come to visit them too the joy it has brought to some of the patients there is very special to me. Please everyone if you looking for that special breed of dog do not turn a pup away cause they are not a full breed dog remember that there are lots of mix pups out there in recuses and shelter that need a home too. i am grateful to momma neice and aunt for taking the chance on me and i am repaying it back by putting a smile on everyone face

Barked by: Spikey (Dogster Member)

July 1st 2012 at 8:58 am

It was so touching to read this :)
Barked by: Gypsy Rose (Dogster Member)

July 7th 2012 at 4:10 pm

Odie we are kindred spirits. Kisses to your beans.




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